Small but united: Understanding the four-congresswomen ‘squad’

-The recent tweets and words
from the President are simply a continuation of his
racist and xenophobic playbook. -This is the agenda
of white nationalists. -This is a disruptive
distraction from the issues of care,
concern, and consequence
to the American people. -He does not know how
to defend his policies, so what he does
is attack us personally. -The Squad is four members
of Congress who have a lot in common. They all got elected in 2018. A number of them overthrew
sitting Democratic lawmakers to win their primary. They’re all relatively young. They’re all savvy
on social media, and they’re all women of color
who tend to skew toward the liberal spectrum
of Democratic politics. They kind of appropriated
this name from pop culture and gave it to themselves. It’s like a term
that refers to a clique, a tight-knit community, but it’s something they’ve used
to bestow on their supporters, as well — a way to signal,
like, that you’re with them. President Trump has gone
all in on trying to paint the Democratic party
as socialists, which helps his reelection
chances, polls right now show, and he’s using Ocasio-Cortez
as example one. Like, if Conservatives
don’t go out and vote in 2020, you’re gonna end up with people
like her governing America. Pelosi and these liberal
lawmakers have been battling out in public of this border
aid bill and their vote. President Trump jumped in
and tried to exacerbate these divisions
between this liberal lawmakers and their House
Democratic leader, which led him to this tweet, accusing these women
of being immigrants and telling them to go back
to their countries of origin. -It doesn’t concern me because
many people agree with me, and all I’m saying — they
want to leave, they can leave. -The Republicans have gone
all out in trying to villainize
these four lawmakers, but within liberal circles,
they’re beloved. They have a lot of influence. Within the halls of Congress,
even within their own party, there’s a lot
of potent criticism that these women
haven’t been able to change
the outcome of legislation. Pelosi called them these
four voices that are unable
to sway progressives to vote against legislation. They’re just out there
being protest no-votes. Most recently, these four women
voted against a border aid bill. They said it didn’t go
far enough to protect migrant children. Nancy Pelosi has accused them of not being aware
of the dynamics of Congress. It’s not like Pelosi
and these women have been clashing on stuff. For example, Ocasio-Cortez voted
for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. She said she was the most
progressive candidate that she wanted to see
as House Speaker. Pelosi understands
these women’s power and have had conversations
with them about strategy, but in the long term,
I think they’re more at odds with how to govern the House
than they are united. By branding themselves
as The Squad, these four lawmakers
have developed a really visible coalition. They may be small,
but they’re united, and that makes a lot of what
they do front-page news, and when President Trump has
gone after just one of them, for example, they’ve rallied
around each other and backed up that person.