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We’re going to launch this jon boat in small
lakes that we’ve never fished before.. To fish for pike in lily pads, you’ll
need a certain type of lures. Yeah, this one is really alert. If you zoom in you can see which
coves that has a lot of lily pads. Another take!
– That’s what’s so fun with summer fishing. A decent pike. Awesome.
– Good job Niclas. Damn.. Today we’re out on a little
adventure. It’s me, Philip Swiden.. ..and our friend Niclas Edström
from “Team Flytväst”. The idea is to travel around with a jon boat. We’re going to launch this jon boat in small
lakes that we’ve never fished before. We had some problems
earlier this morning. The first lake that we tried was located
in the middle of the woods.. ..and every time we tried to use
a road to get down to the lake.. ..we we’re stopped by bars, so
we had to switch to this lake. There’s a lot of lily pads around here. When fishing for pike in the lily pads,
you’ll need a certain type of lures. This is the lure we’re going to start fishing with,
it’s a “Hidehook”, and I’ve actually never.. ..tried it before, so it’s going to be
interesting to see if it will deliver. As you can see here,
the hooks are hidden. When a pike takes the
lure the hook comes out.. ..but when you just retrieve it, the hook
will stay hidden and avoid snags. When a pike grabs the lure they’ll get
hooked up, and the hook can rotate freely. With the help of this design, you’ll be able to
fish in more dense vegetation than usual. Since it’s new lakes that we’ve never
fished before, we don’t know the depth. I like to know about the conditions and how
it looks beneath the surface when I’m fishing. The more information you have,
the better the fishing will be. So we brought our “Deeper Sonar”.
Earlier we had a rather large sonar.. ..but then we needed a large
car battery that weigh a lot. But now we’ve got ourselves a
mount for the “Deeper Sonar”. ..and then you just put the sonar on the
surface, and connect it to your phone. I will soon show you how it’s done. The “Deeped Sonar” is very lightweight,
so you can easily bring it with you.. this small type of lakes, without
having to carry any heavy equipment. An easy way to bring a sonar and be
able to scan the depth, which is perfect. I connected my “Deeper Sonar”
through WiFi in my phone first. When that’s done, you start the app. Which is right over here. The previous time I used
it while I was ice fishing.. I had it set to “Ice fishing mode”,
but now we’re fishing from a boat.. I’ll set it to “Boat mode” instead. When
that’s done, you just go back two times. And here you can see the
temperature and the depth. But now we’re out fishing among the lily pads,
so there’s only one meter of depth here. It’s time to start fishing now. I’m going to start with this one, because I don’t
think that the color really matters that much.. ..when you’re fishing this
shallow with a fast retrieve. You’ll get more of a reaction
strike from the pike. I usually try out lakes like this during
summer to see if they might deliver. And then during the winter, you can
use that knowledge to locate the fish.. ..when ice fishing, because it can
be hard to find the fish sometimes. So try out a lake during summer, and you can ice
fish during the winter where you found the fish. I’m going to start with the color “Motor Oil Green”,
because the water is a bit dark.. I think it will give off a nice
sillhouette against the sky, in this water. This one’s.. It’s quite decent. Yes, 3.. 3,5 kilos. Damn, he really hammered it. Damn, look at that large head. Damn..
What a head. That one is pretty nice.
A decent pike. Around 3 kilos.
– Yes, and a large head. Maybe it ate a duck? Fun. This one was alert. Damn.. Splasher. Come on, sink, sink.. Swim.. I started fishing a bit
deeper with the lure.. ..and I just made a few turns with the
handle, and a nice fish took the lure. Around 3 kilos. This one is really alert. Very alert. This one got hooked up really good. There we go. It took on a “Hidehook”
in the color “Natural Smoke”. That one must weigh 4 kilos.
– It was a really strong fish.. ..that will go back now. When the weather is really hot like now,
you have to put them back pretty quick. So we put this one back right away. Watch this.. No problems. A nice summer pike. Now we’ve fished the entire lake more
or less, and arrived at an in- or outlet.. ..and we thought we’d spend a bit more
time at this spot, because it’s usually.. ..really good when there’s some circulation
and the water is more rich in oxygen. Now it’s time to fish this spot. I’ve had
a couple of strikes down here and.. ..Niclas got his 4 kilo fish here, so
there seem to be a lot more activity.. ..down here compared
to the rest of the lake. So that seems promising. I’m used to trying out
a lot of different lakes.. ..and it’s usually pretty good to fish
around in- and outlets like this. The water is more rich in
oxygen around this spots. A lot of fish is gathering here now as
well when the wind is blowing over here. So we’ll just keep on hammering
and see what happens. Oh, I had one there. No!
– There was one there. I thought I had one there, but no hookup,
then I made a twitch and got another take. It’s easy and smooth to
unhook single hooks. You don’t need a plier
most of the time. That was fun. Nice. When fishing during summer,
the days tend to get really long.. could fish for 18 hours
straight if you wanted to. It’s the middle of the day right now and it’s
really hot, I think it’s around 27 or 28 degrees. So we thought that we should go to the
shore, take it easy and rest for a while.. ..and then we’re going
to grill a fillet of pork. We also have some potato sallad.
So we’ll eat, relax and enjoy the sun. We’re hoping to have better fishing
later on when it’s not as hot. While we’re waiting for the
coal to get a good glow.. ..I’ve taken out my phone, and
I’m looking at Google Maps.. ..since we never fished this lake before, so we
don’t really know which spots that holds fish. We want to fish among lily pads,
so I brought out the map right here. When you zoom in you can clearly see
which coves that has a lot of lily pads.. ..and which coves that doesn’t
have any lily pads at all. A good tip when you’re fishing in
lakes you’ve never fished before.. to make sure to plan out
your fishing before you go out. Now it’s time to cook our food, and then we’ll
try out two coves that looks extra promising. We’re going to go out and fish them
right away and give it all we’ve got. There! There. It wasn’t a big one.. Yes. No need to unhook it. Nice. I just caught this pike
near to that sunken tree. Sunken trees like that attracts a lot
of baitfish, which in turn attracts pike. Another strike!
– What? Damn.
– It’s still there. Crazy pike. Every time we’re out recording a new episode of
Team Galant, we stumble upon a dead animals. We’ve found dead pigs, dead
swans a couple of times.. ..and this time we found
a dead pike as well. Now we’re standing around
30 meters from the shore.. ..and there’s lily pads at the
surface around 10 meters out.. ..followed by lily pad free water,
and we have no idea how deep it is. So we take out the “Deeper Sonar” and have a look,
and as you can see, it’s almost 2 meters deep.. ..and you can see vegetation at the
bottom, which means that we can fish.. ..effectively all the way from
the shoreline in to our boat. But, if it was around 5-6 meters
of depth under us instead.. ..since we’re fishing with “Hidehook”,
a lure that goes very, very shallow.. ..if it was 5-6 meters of depth beneath us now,
the pike would most likely stand at the bottom.. ..and quite a lot is required for the
pike to rise up and take the lure. It’s not impossible, but we want to fish
as effectively as possible, but if it really.. ..was 5-6 meters deep here right now,
I would’ve fished the first 10 meters.. ..where I know there’s lily pads, and then the
last 10 meters, I would’ve made a fast retrieve. That way, you’ll always be
fishing the most effective way. The wind started blowing really hard
now, so I put on the same color.. Philip caught almost all of his
pike with today. This silvery one. Then this one took the
lure, a nice looking pike.. around 3,5 to 4 kilos. But it’s nice that
they’re getting bigger. Now the question is if we can
get one of the really big ones. But you’ll never know. I think that right now,
the really big ones.. ..are standing outside of here at the deep
edges. And when it get’s darker in the.. ..evening and night, they’ll move up
to more shallow waters to hunt. But right now, I think it’s pretty hard to
catch a big one while fishing shallow. ..but you’ll never know, so we’ll just
keep on fishing and hope for the best. Now we let this one
go and hope that.. didn’t die when it hit the head against
the boat, and then we’ll keep on fishing. We’ve just arrived
at a new location. It’s shallow in here and there’s a deep
edge close to it, so we tried to.. ..put a lead weight on the lure. Because there’s a couple of
meters outside the shallow part.. ..were we wanted to fish
our lures a bit deeper. Now we can fish both the shallow lily pad area
and then the deep edge right outside of it. This one was a really
strong summer pike. It was quite decent. It’s the biggest one today.
– Yes, it’s the biggest one. Nice. Good job. It’s.. Let’s see here now.. There she goes. There. Good job Niclas.
– Nice! I think we should do a couple of more
casts here and catch a bigger one. Now we have a fish on,
we saw that it was.. ..a huge amount of roach jumping
out of the water, so we did a cast. We removed the lead weight, because
this one wasn’t standing as deep. And then a small one took the lure. That’s what’s.. That’s what’s so much
fun with summer fishing. You get hard takes. You can fish.. ..long days and the pike will
put up a really good fight. Then you just quickly unhook it. And then.. let it go. This silver color keeps on delivering, and I think
the reason this color works so good today is.. ..that it’s sunny outside, with almost no
clouds in the sky, and as you can see.. ..there’s a lot of silver flakes, and I
think they reflect the light really well.. this water, which attracts these.. ..strong, angry.. ..and.. ..nice looking post-spawn pike. They’re very aggressive, so they want something
that’s fast, attractive and visible from far. Then we just let it go. And then we’ll keep on fishing this cove.. ..and when we’re done with that we’ll
try a bit further out again and see.. ..if we might catch a big
one now towards the end. We’re just going to do a couple more casts,
and then we’re going to take up the boat.. ..and carry it up that hill, put
it on the trailer and go home. I think the fishing have been really fun, we’ve
caught a lot of fish, a lot of them very strong.. ..and we also got a couple of
really cool takes in the surface. It has been warm, relaxing and nice.
Exactly what fishing should be like. If you want to see more fishing
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