“Send Her Back” & Trump’s Divisive 2020 Strategy – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– It’s no secret what’s
happening you know? If it were a secret it would
be harder to try and understand you know, Donald
Trump versus The Squad and him telling them
to go back to where they came from and send them
back and the whole thing. Telling them they can
leave if they complain. It would be a lot easier to deal with you
didn’t know what it was but it’s almost harder
because you know what it is. Fundamentally Trump’s plan is to paint these congresswomen as the most unamerican
people possible right. And you can disagree with
their views you know, like Ilhan Omar has said
some controversial things you know, Ocasio-Cortez has
a different idea of America which is not
unamerican you know, Ayanna Pressley I think
the crowd didn’t boo because they don’t
know her and also, if you seen her, she’s got the most centrist views
of the four right. But regardless of that. They’re still Americans. You know what I
mean, that’s what America’s always been
about fundamentally is, having that ability to have that discourse and different
ideas and then, the ideas fight it out you know. Kick the people out because
they don’t agree with the idea. In fact, I believe
part of America’s story is the people coming here
because where they were, the people were like, why don’t
you leave because of those shitty, they were like you
don’t like the ideas leave and they were like
we gotta go somewhere where people don’t say this. You know what I mean? And then now that’s gonna
be the story of America? But Donald trump is using that. He’s going I’m gonna say
these people aren’t American. This isn’t America. They don’t love America. As opposed to they
have a different idea for what America should be. And then his plan,
then he ties them to the Presidential candidates
and then it becomes a race about do you love America,
do you not love America? He appeals specifically to
that portion of white voters who’ve determined the
electoral college in the last election, he tries to keep
them, goes I’m with you, not with these people. You know who these people are. And that’s what
shapes the election. And what’s tough is, is that on the one hand, you almost know like, AOC,
Ayanna Pressley, The Squad, you almost know
that like all they, there’s like different
messaging that they could use to counter that narrative but
then they would have to bend almost in a way to
the will of Trump and it’s like you
don’t wanna do that. But what sucks about America
is you’ve got electoral college so it’s like, do you
run the best campaign For the country? Or do you try and do
things that politically help you to win those
three swing states? And that’s I feel like
eternally going to be the thing that curses America and it’s
politics is that you’re not truly running to be the best
candidate for all of America. You’re trying to
game the system. You know, you’re trying to
put in that little cheat code, up, up, down, down, left,
right, left, right, A B A B– (audience laughing) That’s what you’re trying to do. And as long as that’s the case, I don’t think you will
be in a healthy space. It will always be a contrived,
journey to get those votes ‘cos that’s all
Donald Trump cares, he just goes I don’t
care about popular votes, I don’t care about
the most people, I don’t care about minorities, because in these states, I win these people, I win it all. And that’s the plan and I know it sounds like
a crazy theory but it’s a hunch I have and it’s
also something that he tweeted. So, yeah. (audience laughing) (audience applause) (upbeat music)