Self Passing Soccer Move (Explained)

[Best Soccer Tricks] [Self Passing Soccer Move] Okay so now I’m going to show you it in
this slow motion okay. [Self Passing Soccer Trick] Important, it’s not the set up being like
a pass where you put the ball next to you put the foot next to the ball. You
have to put it in front of it. Like you’re doing… it front of it okay.
And then you have to pass it and you have to hit this part over here. Not
completely in the back, but this part okay. So when you hit this part, it’s going to
end… the ball is going to go in front and it’s going to elevate.
So again, put your foot a little bit in front okay
as opposed to next to the ball, the right way of making a good pass but here we’re
doing a self pass. So you come like this. In slow motion. Pam. Kick And take a shot at goal. One more time. [Self passing soccer move.] And you take a shot. Okay, so now let’s do it faster. [Self passing soccer trick with a kick towards the goal] That’s it guys, just make sure you do the
technique first, like I was doing slowly and then you do it fast. It’s going to come
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