Season 6 The Musical | League of Legends Community Collab

You seem lost my friend
You really do Like you’ve been hit with a bag of bricks
I am here to guide you through The mystery of Season 6
Um, no thank you Oh masteries have been revamped
But worry not They saved the names
Rift Herald in Baron camp But top is still the boring lane
Changes to some ADCs Like Caitlin’s trap and Kog’Maw’s barf
Quinn can fly with blazing speed But Graves still can’t have his Cigar
Give it back! Imma find you Imma take you down
There’s a New class of champion called Juggernauts
Say howdy To Mordekaiser, Garen, Skarner, Darius and
Il-lo-lo-aye-eye Il-la-lo
And Illinois I’m viable!
I’m vi-viable! No you’re not
You’re really not, dude Use your eyes to look and see
The future’s bright and full of dreams Now we wait, our hearts aflame
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