Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor: Installation Video

congratulations on your purchase of the Samsung smart camera before beginning your installation read the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with all the contents in addition you'll need a drill and drill bits of various sizes an AC detector screws sealant for the base safety goggles for eye protection and a ladder you may also need fish tape and extension cord and cabling your exact needs will depend on the specific location where you are installing the smart cam HD outdoor camera first you'll want to check all contents of the box to confirm that nothing is missing next you'll want to set up your camera to ensure that everything is in working order connect the camera cable and power adapter to the camera hub then power the unit by plugging it into the outlet download the smart cam application onto your tablet or mobile device and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the camera now that you have gathered all the necessary tools and have set up the camera on your mobile device you're ready to install the smart cam HD outdoor Scout the exterior of the house for the best location for the camera try to choose a location on the siding of the house or on a doorframe the ideal location provides both a clear field of view of the entryway and is within close proximity to an indoor outlet that the 26-foot camera cable can reach once you have picked your location pan the camera around to find the absolute best camera frame being transmitted to your mobile device and mark that position next unplug the camera so the wire is ready to go through the wall once the hole is drilled now make sure the location you selected is between two studs and there are no electrical outlets too close to where you will drill you'll also want to use an AC detector to check if any electrical lines are running near the area you will be drilling you may have to reposition the camera to find the perfect spot after you have marked the location position the camera so that the hole in the mount is facing down this is to prevent water from seeping into the camera mount ensure the mount is lined up in this way before marking the holes now you are ready to drill as a precaution turn your circuit breaker off never wear loose clothing or dingaling jewelry which could catch in the drill and always wear eye protection for dust and debris next use a 5/8 inch drill bit to drill the cable hole in the wall you may need to drill a separate hole in the interior of your home if the wall is thick or if the cable going into the exterior location is in a different place than where it is on the interior wall if that is the case make a small hole in the sheetrock where you want to pull the wire through typically at the bottom of the wall feed the camera cable through the hole into the interior of your home you may need to use fish tape to pull the camera cable through the wall for wood siding you can mount your camera directly to the wood without any anchors for aluminum brick or vinyl siding drill the marked mounting holes and insert the anchors into the holes ensure the screws are long enough for your installation align the camera to the wall and drill screws into place carefully adds sealant around the camera mount hole to avoid any potential water damage tack or staple the cable down out of sight along the doorframe in the interior seal around the hole with the sealant as well reconnect the camera cable and power adapter to the outlet you may turn the power back on and test your Samsung smart cam HD outdoor camera to ensure it is operating properly you can now enjoy the security of knowing that your smart cam camera allows you to safely monitor your home's front door from anywhere anytime the smart cam HD outdoor camera will alert you to exactly who is outside your home at the touch of a button on your mobile device once your smart cam camera is set up you can also add a second camera to monitor other areas around your home be sure to check out the entire lineup of smart cam cameras to monitor your loved ones caregivers and other sensitive locations giving you the total home security solution