Samsung Gear Sport or Gear S3 Which should you buy? What is the difference?

hello again YouTube that's mr. analytical here with another video on the popular samsung's smartwatches so what I wanted to do today was really to compare the Samsung gear s 3 with the Samsung gear sport for all you guys or maybe right there trying to say which one to buy coming up to Christmas night or at any other time I want to just look at each compare their specs compare the things that actually make a difference to your buying decision I'm not going to go into every detail on all the different apps and all because a lot of them are quite similar so I just want to have to do with the million points that would actually change your decision on which watch you'll actually need to buy to get the best for your own use so really let's jump straight in well do a quick shot of ROM dine on on the specs and then as we go we'll pick out the information that will make a difference to your decision so first of all we'll talk about the racks or physical size so you can see that their gear SV is the bigger device and it comes in at 46 by 49 I'm almost 13 millimeters deep so it's a slightly deeper of the tee and the gear sport them is eleven point six millimeters deep so it's slightly not just as they but it's really only a millimeter or two unit and you can see it's slightly longer on this side and they both have a back button which is the top one here which is your back button and the both have a home button and you can see they've always have a nice bright display the watch this before you're all asking is called future health and one underscore one future health one on which corners the watch fears who are quite liked it there it's quite useful watch this and you'll see that and my upcoming watch this video and it'll be able to show you there what it does there's not enough annoying difference but if you have a small wrist it is worth taking that into account my wrist is 6 centimeters across on the top there so that's the gear s3 on there the gear sport them it's just that little bit smaller so if you maybe are a bigger person you know bigger rest you might get away easier with the s3 or if you like a big watch there's three easy one to go for if you want something smaller more compact or a member year early and your wrists more fine and you might like them the smaller look of the sport in terms of their width there's about 10 grams of difference roughly speaking if you buy the frontier there's obviously frontier and there's a classic version which is a silver version of the s3 so the silver version which is called classic is 57 grams on the s3 and this one that you see here is the frontier and at where 62 grams and that's compared to the sport which way as 50 grams sooner about 10 grams the difference and what I've noticed is that if you're doing intense workout or activity like for example last night I was doing crossfit really and that was an activity called wall balls and we had actually through 9 kilogram ball up to a nine foot target and when I was doing that I was wearing the gear as you can see here and what I find was that the the impact you know every time I threw a ball and then the watch was actually you know banging up and dying on my rest here so in terms of of that the sport would be better if you're doing a lot of intense activity in terms of that later we're on the smaller diameter feeis that it wouldn't be sore off on your wrist just under not heavy movement of intense exercise but that's just something for you to weigh up yourself and see if that's important to you so as I say that they sports slightly later moving on then to the sensors there's nothing really to compare here so we could almost just skip that and say you know they're both the same so pretty much we've got the accelerometer inside which detects your movements and so on a gyroscopic sensor barometer which gives your altimeter barometer altimeter the heart rate monitor on both and what I've heard is that the the gear sport has that takes in the kind elevation in terms of your heart rate so it may be slightly more accurate I haven't really seen much difference on that and we have a light sensor so you can even see there if I cover the screen that the devices go off so let's pop them back on again you'll notice my display isn't going off and I intend that's because I'm using an app called flaunt it and that luckily the watch is always on we're moving on to the actual display then we've got very similar display on here so they're both 360 pixels by 360 pixels and they're both AMOLED displays the boats have Corning Gorilla Glass and you can do always-on on both of the watches so really the only difference on the display is their actual their size so on the s3 we've got one point three inches or 33 millimeters on the sport we've got one point two inches or thirty point two millimeters so there is two point eight millimeters difference in terms of the diameter of the the watch spheres so that's two point eight millimeters difference so you can't see one slightly bigger than the other and typically sub doesn't make that much definitely that the response and the use from the displays and turns then in terms of connectivity both of bluetooth both of Wi-Fi both near-field connect the s3 has magnetic secure transmission technology in size that means it can mimic your magnetic signal from a card like a credit card and it also has NS NFC is a near faith connect for doing Samsung pay the gear sport has the near-field connector that doesn't seem to have the magnetic secure transmission technology so it's not something that's important to you that's worth bearing in mind so jumping on them T something that's going to split opinion here they gear s3 has a built-in speaker and the gear sport does not so you can see on the underside of the s3 you see three little dots there and they are basically the speaker speaker holes so that does two things the speaker hose mean that you've got signed on the device but it also means that the waterproofing is in this grade but we'll discuss the water everything later but in terms of signed that means you can receive your phone call and you can actually swipe across on the watch and actually talk to the watch and hear the sound coming from the watch of the person that you're calling on the gear sport when you receive a call you can swipe to decide again to accept the call and the call will then be received on your phone but you can't talk to the watch there is a microphone hole on the side here and that microphone hole is used for things like s voice for responding the masts and so on so it can hear you the watch can hear you but that's not used in the telephone calls in C of another video there where a deaq's ETA can receive a call and show how that works so but on the s3 you'll be swiping and you can talk to the watch or send it to your phone on the export you do have to send it to your phone or to your Bluetooth headset if you have one and you can talk obviously through blue seas headset after you accept the call on your support let's say you check out my video on receiving calls on the the gear sport and you'll see how that works we've got the water resistance which would be another key talking point I'm not on the split opinion the Samsung gear s 3 it's water and dust resistant to ip68 reeling and that means basically you can you know get Japs of water on the watch and I'm going to impact it now it does say in the information on the gear s3 that you shouldn't use it in the shower but I beg to differ because I want to use my watch without having to worry about taking it off and also I shard was my watch for over a year and that's pretty much every day and under hot water park chars any type of shower that you can imagine not an issue no sign that sees don't typically try and use the screen in the shower because that sort of binds it about with the impact of the water running on it again I have another video discussing if you can shower with the gear s3 and where you can see me in the shower with the watch and see what's going on there you can check that all night if you only won the charr then you've nothing to worry about but any more than that you know if you're going swimming and stuff it's starting to be a bit risky I have a friend who has used their gear s3 swimming in the sea with no impact but that's up at your own risk but I can't confirm that showering will be no problem and the gear sport however it's 5 atmospheres or 50 meter water resistant so that's a different you can take this into your swimming pool into the sea wherever you want there's no speaker hones to be impact on that so you'll have no issues there if you're a keen swimmer that might swing you towards the the gear sport because of the the water proofing the gear s3 was typically on a Tizen 2 operating system but it's now been upgraded in the last week to Tizen 3.0 so you'll see now we do have the same quick settings menu and so on and there's a movie do another video at some point showing what the upgraded features are of the gear s3 now that it has Tizen 3 so both watches are running Tizen 3 so they're both gonna be exactly the same in terms of their functionality and so on seam software so in terms of sports tracking then I can have another video it shows the two watches as ideal walk and has them both displaying their heart rate and so on since the s3 has got my Tizen 3 it has continuous heart rate monitoring and you'll see there at the examples every so often but when you're doing some sport you ll see that at those continually monitor your heart rate so you'll notice on the back of the gear sport we have a bulge therefore the heart rate sensor and that does mean that those make better contact with your wrist so you'll have the gear s3 quite tight on your wrist and you know there still can be a gap depending on the shape of your wrist like if the rest has no very bony rest or whatever then you know it could be setting off the surface of your skin but with the protrusion on the gear sport that's inclined to be more accurate so a find out good in terms of getting better contact so that might push you if you're a really sporty person and you want to continually use heartrate that might push you slightly towards the sport but they're both you know I'll quit there neither of them are really what I would call really strong fitness trackers they're you know they were trying to be fast of all words and in terms of the fact that their sport are smartwatches and letting us watch is so true you do have some trade-offs there you have to expect so in terms of battery life and there's not much difference here but you've 380 milliamp hour battery in the s3 and you have a 300 million power battery and the gear sport so there's a wee bit of a difference there I haven't actually noticed much difference in terms of when I'm using them what you need to do of these watches is if you want to get the battery life I do need to be smart with your connection settings and so on so what what I would typically do if a madman from at my desk and my phone setting in front of me there's no point really in having it continually connected to produce and so on so you can turn on flight move there which is just having that little arrow playing and that'll ask you to on turn on flight move that will see if your battery because it's cutting off all contact everything and you can keep your GPS off as well you can have GPS as a setting on this screen as well you can have it you can add at this quick settings menu just by pressing and holding on there and pressing a little Maina same to remove one of the icons and for example little kitten on there so you can turn on and off your GPS signal so it's being smart with your battery like when you go to bed at night if you're wearing the watch to use for your alarm that Ike ID so you see here I have an alarm set for 6:30 and that gives you a little time here and I for how long it is until your alarm is gonna go off which is quite useful so what you need to do when you go to bed then is put it in do not disturb mode so that your watch isn't you know turning off and on or alerting you in the middle of the night so that's saving battery as well it's not disturbing your sleep the other thing is you can set the bezel will rotate you know against your bed closed if you're not careful so there's a new setting and tizen 3 which lets you disable that action so you can just go down to device and you can say Basile wakeup off and that means that if your watch is sleeping when you turn the bezel it won't turn back on so it means when you're twisting and turning at night that you're not losing battery power because the screen is turning off and on so I'll see youse full-feature so in terms of battery life either of them is good compared to many smartwatches out there which you'll really only get a day off typically so it's really just up to yourselves at that point so really in summary we've got the gear s3 on the Left we've got the gear sport on the right and what should you buy so they're pretty much both naira in the same price because the gears were to be night for a while you can pick it up but and and UK here where I am that's two hundred and forty nine pines for the ESV and 299 Pines for the sport so this were slightly more expensive probably because it's new but apart from that in America at the pricing might be slightly different for you guys over there but it's coarse comparing the price as you make your decision so the key things remember R is the s3 has a speaker the sport has no speakers who think of it well adapt is important for you the s3 is heavier and it's bigger so that's important if the size is important that you want to keep it small or whatever that's another factor in your decision and the other thing is the waterproofing so the s3 you can shower with it and so on you can use it and you know splashing around whatever but in terms of going swimming or underwater work then you need to be going straight for the sport for that reason and sticking with the sport to get the 50 meters water resistance there so really that's the key differences a lot of the other things are don't really matter that much and won't really make much difference to you and then obviously the software is the same as we've said so so guys I hope you find this useful and if you have any other questions on either the watches let me know if it helps you make your decision but they both you know give your notifications in a similar way the most try activity in a similar way you know there isn't really an awful lot of difference except those key things that have pointed out the speaker the waterproofing and so on so guys hope you've enjoyed that review and hopefully that's helped you make your decision and we helped you be able to pick one or the other of these two great smart watches if you do you want three there's links below which drop in the Amazon where you can pick up these boxes you can buy them directly from something of course so guys thanks for watching I hope you find that useful and I'll be back soon with another video thank you