Sạc Pin Trái Tim – Tập 14 – Phim Tình Cảm | Hi Team – FAPtv

The teacher asked you to go to the board For what? I don’t know how to do it Follow and comfort Hien If I say it wrong but make you happy, I will keep saying it wrong Have you asked for my permission yet but you agree to go with her? Hey. Don’t hug in public I have read the park’s rules but there are no rules saying hugging is not allowed If you and Minh Anh are not cousins People will think that you have feelings for her If I’m not your Master.. I still take care of you I’ll never leave you I’ve tried my best What are we going to do now? I mean The patient.. Must work very careful when going home Eat well Light work And especially stay away from strong emotions Stop kidding. I honestly asked I tell the truth Here Last time he said the same thing His 439302 compound is on the rise That’s the PubChem code of Oxytocin With chemical formula is C43H66N12O12S2 That compound is .. Can you speak human language? I don’t understand what you said It’s the love hormone What? It means.. If he continues to have loving feelings This compound will soar It will affect his parts I think, his learning about emotions You should look back on that What? To prevent oxytocin from causing bad effects The first way is to let him be free of emotions The second way is to prevent it completely Minh Anh Minh Anh OMG Thank you What’s wrong with you? Nothing Sugar, milk, soft drinks Only soft drinks is missing. Coming back to Mrs. Nam to buy is enough Minh Anh Huh? We should buy soft drinks first and buy these things later would be more convenient Why didn’t you say that at the time? You decided, I just listened to your words You’ll follow me no matter where I go or how far? That’s right. Because you’re my Master And I don’t feel tired I’ll ask you this Seriously asking Do you like to be free? I don’t know But as far as I know, people like freedom very much So now.. I will leave you free You don’t want to be my Master anymore? I just want you to be free to learn so you can more understand human emotions I still don’t know what you mean Now I’ll leave you free for 1 month In that one month you can be comfortable
and be free to do whatever you want Yes, Minh Anh This is not an order but a suggestion. You have the right to decide to do it or not I decide to follow this suggestion So I can do all the things I like, right? That’s right. You can try all the things you like *Drug* Hey! Do not get involved in vices I heard it has many emotions Bullshit! Don’t you see it’s banned? I see it says ‘Drug, should be tried even once’ What? The tree hides the word Don’t try even once Where is the word ‘should’ you read? I see a word that is hidden by the tree, so I added it by myself Great Added it by yourself? Hey! Let me tell you what you can’t do Social evils, stimulants, prostitutes, robbers You must not fight, got it? Why can’t I fight? OMG. You are Robot. How about you beat someone else to death? If I hit other people but not die, it’s okay, right? Naughty! Don’t be naughty! If you fight, I’ll sell you like scrap metal Okay! I promise you I will never hit people Put your little finger up Promise is like that, got it? So this is the custom promised by humans Let’s go home Minh Anh. Soft drink! I forgot. Let’s go Hey Why are you walking around? I feel dizzy I feel, freedom is boring. I don’t know what to do all day Please force me to do something to make me less bored I don’t know Can I borrow the story book? What are you doing? I imitate you Give up all the housework, study