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11A3, get the prize Fighting Chubby. I believe you can do it Hurry up Thu Chi Hey! What are you doing? What? We do nothing You guys play dirty, I will tell the teacher Be careful with me Forget it Nghi looks tired and Thu Chi is also in pain We can’t run anymore Omg, from morning till now, our class only has Bao Long’s medal Now our class has two subjects. In both subjects we have to win a prize to have a chance to enter the top But if the running is durable, our class cannot run What will we do now? Hey Minh Anh. Playing like that is cheating But they played dirty first Oh, okay And the last subject, fighting We have to play with our own strength I got it Got what? Minh Anh Huh? Triet had a heart condition but you let him play. Now he’s out of breath Breathe! So tired He is breathing Okay! Now focus on the last game All the girls Fighting Fighting guys Pull hard in. You just need to pull once really hard Miss Tam Are you waiting for something miraculous to happen to your class? Let’s see. I’m just scared if your class loses then please don’t cry It will be weird if students see it Good luck.. next time Fighting guys Pull it hard. Fighting Okay The two teams gathered! Women’s wrestling finals Ready? Fighting Hold on everyone Teacher! We win Her foot is dislocated and she can’t walk Are you okay? Okay. Put her down You’re okay? Are you hurt? I’m fine But.. What a pity! If we win this game, there will be prizes Sorry everyone It’s nothing Sir. I want to play it again What’s wrong? Because while we were playing a moment ago, in the other team, Minh Anh tripped and fell My class won but not glorious I suggest re-playing, sir Okay So, the two teams prepare to play again You play very fair It’s nothing Guys, do it again So we can do it again, but our class .. Let’s replace Hien Huh? I am so weak. How can I pull? Don’t worry. You can do it That’s right! Fighting Fighting This is our chance. It is impossible to ignore it Fighting Hien Fighting Fighting There is nothing to be afraid of. Focus our minds Fighting Hien Hien. Remember to bend your leg to the ground and keep your feet steady. When the teacher blows, pull. Do not rush Hey guys. We won earlier so we can win now. Got it? This time, I think the other team seems very determined Fighting That’s right. Must be very focused Fighting The following are the results of the 2019 sports festival 3rd prize for the whole school With 3 medals Belongs to class 12A1 The second prize with 6 medals Don’t be sad everyone Today we played like that, we tried our best Hien, you are the best today You dare to join these games, you have surpassed yourself I’m very proud of you guys Miss Our class lost but what to be proud of? Although our class doesn’t have a prize, but I feel that after this competition, our class is more united and always fighting hard So I decide to take you guys to eat That’s our Miss Tam Luckily our class loses, if we win, nothing sure that we have something to eat Hien. Is your hand okay? No matter what, tell it to everyone. we will be worried Especially, the school decided to give a fair play award. And it belongs to class 11A3 High five again We have the money. Let’s go eat 11A3 up here to receive the award please Let’s go Let me Minh Anh Lend me your phone to watch a movie My phone is out of battery It’s coming to the good part So angry Here Thank you I log in with my FPT play account VIP account is awesome Login multiple accounts at once it’s okay? Of course This FPT Play account can log in 5 devices at the same time Hey guys The fair play prize that our class won yesterday Was thanks to me Why thanks to you? You didn’t see it? In the most difficult time, the whole class was trying to fight Suddenly I heard from my house that my family’s short-haired Egyptian crossbreed cat gave birth to 3 normal kitten I was startled and ran home to see why she could give birth to 3 normal cats But I was thinking about my friends, I was thinking about our class so I gave up everything to stay with everyone. The school knew it was about to give me a fair play, a try prize But I said no The glory is divided for the whole class Because I don’t want the rest to be humiliated How much sin, let me suffer Stop lying Frankly speaking to you, yesterday our class was awarded thanks to me Did you see? Although I had a sore throat yesterday, I tried and screamed to cheer you up That’s right. Because you had a sore throat, our class had only won fair play prize What do you mean? Everyone was trying, fighting Suddenly seeing you have a sore throat we must worry about you. We were distracted So I couldn’t concentrate on playing In the game of Bao Long , if you had screamed by your husky voice in there He would have lost You guys are so bullshit Our class won the prize because our class is united Minh Anh is right Yesterday was an important day. I have to record it Omg You still keep the guestbook like that? Of course. I will keep going until I am old When I look back, I will have fun So let me borrow it See if there are any new updates Hurry up She really keeps it Omg, it has Update Cuong Nghi What’s this? With hobbies Study, study and study *Read the poem* Personal advantage: Modest, less talkative, do more Be quiet, let me study There is more Hate the most is a lie Don’t like to brag Did Nghi write it? Exactly me I never brag At times when I told my family to go to Paris and then back That is my family’s annual travel itinerary So I wrote the truth The fault is that my family is traveling too much I don’t believe he wrote that He probably credits his future dreams Hey I’ve already told you I wrote the truth Not like Bich Dao What are you saying? I told you Live, remove the mask please Wearing a mask, life is very heavy. Got it? Mask what? Thick make-up on your face Omg I hope your husband will work as a carpenter or hodman later Relate what? They can carve your face Sorry but go to school today, so I just do a little makeup If you speak anymore I will slap your face Oh I know. But importantly, your thick makeup yesterday didn’t have any cleansing Done then today you use light makeup again, tomorrow you make light makeup again Lots of light make up, it becomes a mist Then it will become dinosaur bones, fossil bones Have to be chiseled out Omg, I’m so angry with him Ignore him. Watch this What’s this? Wow, Hien is also very formidable She’s a amorous person Cross out Hoa and fill in with T You guys are exorbitant What’s so excessive? Hey Lesson is about to start, where are you going? Maybe go find T to tell this Hien What’s up? Take me to the infirmary What’s wrong with you? My legs are *numb* (started by T in Vietnamese) Hien What? Do you have paper in your notebook? For what? Give me a *sheet* of paper, please (started by T too) You guys are so excessive Mr. Thien Ah Ms. Tam? From now on, I won’t take care of the class for you anymore I’m so tired of you. Why you have to pick an argument with me all the time? The book says so What book is it? The art.. It’s my business Why do you care? That’s fine In general because I usually see you getting up early and not having breakfast So today I have a packet of sticky rice and the Mirinda Take it, please Thank you And.. Tomorrow I would like to invite you to a cafe to thank you Remember to come Goodbye Do you find the book effective? Very effective Just a little bit I couldn’t stand it anymore What is the next step? The next step is you have to be silent What? You have to be quiet with Ms. Tam for a while How can I? Very difficult to be like today I have to go ahead But the book says so No way Trying so hard that I’ve been exhausted now If the opportunity comes, it must be seized OK What about the book? Tear it off Hien Why don’t you go to class but sit here? Does your hand still hurt? It’s better, thank you Are you reading book? This isn’t the book. It’s a guestbook What is guestbook? Take a sit Here Guestbook is to save the information, memories of student time It’s so interesting You haven’t written it yet right? So write it for me Right there It has a template already. You just need to write the same Dream is to be a person I wrote wrong? I just thought your dream .. it’s good Hobbies: Protecting Minh Anh This is not written like this How to write? Hobbies such as singing, dancing or painting Write what you do in your free time Like me, I often read books Me too Where do you often read book? I often read books at Minh Anh’s house, at the library, at the bookstore I usually read 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade textbooks You really funny Hey What? Go away What are you looking at? Over there Don’t you see? T of Hien No way. There are many people named T Because you don’t know I sit next to Hien You know, every time she looks at Triet, her eyes are like that And then she smiles all the time I’m 100% sure She likes Triet No, it is not Let’s see who is right and who is wrong. Wait for that Are you free this weekend? We go to the bookstore Okay But can I still keep my hobby of protecting Minh Anh? That’s fine Thank you Minh Anh. Lend me a motorbike For what? I go to the bookstore with Hien Go to the bookstore with Hien? Great What’s wrong, Minh Anh? Sweep the floor, wipe the house, do the laundry, dry the clothes, wash the dishes and you finished? I have finished it all Stepmother in Tam Cam is really like you Don’t respond to me that way But no Why not? You ask too much If you want to go then go by yourself. I will not lend you my motorbike You want to be human. Be self-sufficient I don’t lend you money either Here is your salary this month you work for me, Robert Use it sparingly Grandma He’s a robot. Why did you give money to him? He must have the money to buy bits and pieces You give him money, he will use it indiscriminately He told me that he was going to read books. Indiscriminate what? And you Already lazy to study and now want to prevent him? You should go Yes, goodbye Grandma I go to read books now, Minh Anh Triet Sorry for being late Was there any traffic when you got here? I walked so there was no traffic Is your house near here? Minh Anh’s house 3 kilometers away from here I walked 6km/h, the total time was 35 minutes So you can come home with me later It’s okay Let show me the books you read Okay, follow me Where is it? I read a lot of Vietnamese literature, and foreign literature is about 10 books You read lots of books Unlike Minh Anh. Now she’s definitely watching Doraemon at home Do you know all of Minh Anh’s schedule? Minh Anh and I are very close Minh Anh is lucky to have a cousin like you by her side I have to stay by Minh Anh side to protect her I’ll protect you too Because Hien is Minh Anh’s friend, also my friend Here’s my motorbike You can put it here It’s for you Besides Minh Anh, you are the person to give me a gift Thank you Let’s go Hien
Huh? Let me drive you Okay Ah no You have heart disease, you can’t ride a bicycle Let me drive Hien Huh? Heart disease can’t drive? Of course Let’s go home Get on Hien What’s wrong, Triet? Is there any case in which a person with heart disease can drive? No, it isn’t When you’re tired, tell me to drive I can drive Shall you put your feet up? Put my feet up? You drive not very safe Let me keep your balance Okay Hien What’s wrong, Triet? Why haven’t we gone yet? Why haven’t we gone yet, Triet? Because you haven’t stepped yet So let’s go Are you sure you can drive? Or let me drive for our safety Yeah, of course I can drive As long as you don’t let go