RWJBarnabas Health Athletic Performance Center Preview Tour

hi I'm Pat Hobbs I'm athletic director here at Rutgers University and I'm standing with Barry Ostrowski the CEO of RWJ Barnabas health this is the athletic performance center which their investment has enabled us to do it's going to have a gate it's going to be a game-changer for our student-athletes for clinical care you're gonna get the very best in sports medicine here we're standing in the lobby of this structure and Barry what do you think so far it's unbelievable the massive size of this and more importantly what this will do for our student-athletes and by way of health care as well as giving them the kind of practice facilities that they deserve I'm afraid for far too long we haven't produced as a state those facilities and resources necessary to have world-class athletes and frankly in New Jersey we have world-class athletes and at Rutgers we have world-class students and so this is just for us a wonderful opportunity to invest in a great University and your leadership the Department of Athletics has really been an incredible attraction for us so congratulations Pat I'd love to see the building as we walk around but this is a very special investment for our system it couldn't be a better partnership I agree thank you all right let's go see the building let's do that let's do them so now Barry we're in the sports performance sports medicine suite we've got three exam law offices here rooms for specialists we've got our x-ray I think the x-ray is here it's the only x-ray on the campus we'll be dealing with nutrition all of those preventative things game-changer for our students fantastic they deserve comprehensive health care and this will do it under the eyes of specialists of understand what athletes need that's really terrific and it is an attraction I would hope for us to recruit the best and the brightest to come here look around this place if you don't get excited about Rutgers University that's true I can't help you all right so now we're in the strength and conditioning space it's about 8,000 square feet of space state-of-the-art equipment even here when you see this we'll have a turf track inlaid about a 40 yard turf tracking laid and one of the things and notice is you see over here with these glass windows are that all opens up so that we can actually use the outside as well so now we're in the wrestling room and you just look at the size of this room and we can see the mats are actually being delivered today to be put down this is probably three times larger than their current room which is in the basement of the old barn as you know and everything that's in here will be at a scale that is just different for our kids well you know we're a national powerhouse in wrestling absolutely absolutely is a standard that we ought to have [Applause] so now we're in one of the basketball practice areas this is the women's practice area the men's will be complete in a couple of weeks what you see it's a full court in half so you have at any one time you can have up to eight practice stations going I will have the obviously the big stanchion baskets will come in later we'll have the graphics in here but and this floor is exactly the floor that's on the floor of the rack so we have the map of New Jersey right in the middle of the floor and obviously you can see what a difference this will make for our student-athletes and having round-the-clock ability to practice in this gym so now we're in the men's basketball area which floor is going down again you see the natural light that comes in to all of these spaces which is so important and then you look over here we're really excited about this that's our closing room up there so that'll be a beautiful conference room outside here there's an envier seating area for scouts who want to come and look at our players and so at the end of your tour with the family they'll go up and sit there and talk about hey how about the coming starlit night so the students come in here they get a workout down in a strengthened area before they finished basketball wrestling and gymnastics practice and our other student athletes as well who will still be housed in Iraq they come over here this is where they'll get their nutrition that's astok this is unbelievable very now we're in the gymnastics area everything we've seen so far is incredibly impressive and this is just gonna be equally impressive you look around this room and you see the scale of this that's with the pits where our kids they'll be able to train in very very safe environment they'll have a locker room that'll be right off of this area and then right up here suspended over will be our coaches offices and a lounge area for our student athletes this really takes our gymnastics program from probably arguably that one of the worst facilities in the nation to one of the best fantastic congratulations okay thank you thank you very much get the pledge cards oh wait let's go won't we they have some