RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 3 – Magic Show | Rooster Teeth

RWBY CHIBI *Applause* [Jaune] Thank you all for coming I am the amazing Jaune! Master of the magic arts And this is my lovely assistent, Ruby! I said, my lovely assistent, Ruby! Ruby! What are you waiting for?! [Ruby] TA DAA [Ruby] I am Ruby the Great, mistress of the magic arts! [Jaune] What are you doing here making me look bad? [Ruby] Okay, number one: You don’t need any help to do that And B, I am not your assistant. I am a magical partner [Jaune] The amazing Jaune will not stand for this! [Ruby] Well, Ruby the Great also will not stand for… whatever it is you’re not standing for! [Jaune] And you leave me no choice. This calls for a magicoff! Ruby: Well, get yourself something nice kid Yang: Oehh, sweet! Sun: Pretty cheap dude Jaune: All right, everything else was just a warm-up This is the main event Behold, as I summon forth an amazing creature from my hat! *Struggles* Jaune: Velvet!? Velvet: Hey, watch the ears! How do you like it, huh! Feel good?! You like that! Jaune: Sorry! I didn’t know! Ruby: Well, that was pretty good. Jaune: Thank you! Thank you so much! The amazing Jaune will be here all week! Jaune: Oooow! *Aggressive ear-pulling* Pyrrha: Oww! Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you will have good luck! ♪Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you will have good luck!♪ Ruby: Way ahead of you! Torchwick: *EVIL LAUGH* We’re going to destroy you, Red! Hope you prepared to lose! Ruby: HA We’re always prepared Well, not to lose Just, I am just not prepared in general! Cinder: It is too late to turn back now! There is no escape for any of you! Yang: We don’t know the meaning of the word Cinder: Which word? Yang: Take your pick Jaune: Yup! Probably Emerald: I like your dress Weiss: Thank you Nora: All right I wanna nice clean game! Or, you know, just a game, I guess Mercury: Let’s do this! Blake: It is already done! Mercury: What is that supposed to mean? Blake: What is your face supposed to mean? Mercury: What? *whistle noise* Blake: Heeey! Mercury: Oops Nora: Well, that was the only ball, sooo I guess it is a tie-game Let’s go home everyone! Everyone: AWWW Torchwick: WHAT! NOO! We trained for weeks! We could have actually won for once! Ruby: Oh well, I guess now we will never know Good game everyone! Mercury: I am sorry, it went up by mistake, okay? But hey, at least I kinda ruined their fun That’s a kinda victory, right? an evil victory? *flop* I thought this wasn’t a contact sport