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welcome in to outkick the show Friday edition this is probably gonna be my final I'll kick the show for at least a week I'm leaving for Colorado with my family on this weekend and so want to knock out this show and then I'm gonna kick back and go on vacation and West's major happenings go on next week your boy will just be taking it easy with his family but in the meantime bunch of stuff I wanted to get to major stories breaking yesterday all day long I spent yesterday going to see spider-man taking my kid for ice cream total dad day by the time I get home boom insanity is rolling out so I want to run through everything my name is clay Travis this is out kick the show appreciate all of you hanging out I hope you have a good weekend Friday edition up early today and I want to start with Russell wet we're headed let me give you a road map gonna talk Westbrook to the Rockettes Chris Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunder a Senate hearing on women's sports pay which demonstrates that we are represented by some of the dumbest people that have ever existed in our modern republic Mike Vrabel says he would cut off his dick chaney if it means that the Titans would win a Super Bowl and Trump blocking ruling I think it's a really intriguing ruling I believe out of the second circuit and stranger things three which I'm obsessed with no spoilers coming from me on stranger things three but just the overall context of the show so far so we start with Westbrook to me Russell Westbrook to the Rockets is a big win for the Rockets because they are able to get rid of an aging undersized point guard and Chris Paul that they had committed 38 million 41 million and 44 million dollars to over the next three years I also think it's emblematic of larger issues I see in society but in particular with with the NBA do you think about this for a minute Chris Paul managed to force his way off of the best team that he's ever played for with the best chance that he's ever had to win a championship so he can go play for a lottery team now in Oklahoma City he managed to make his entire life situation worse because for whatever reason he couldn't get it long with James Harden not about you but if you told me right now clay you are guaranteed to make a hundred and twenty million dollars plus but you have to work with somebody that isn't your best friend over the next three years do you think you could do it my answer would be yes I don't think there's ever been anybody that was so awful that I've ever had to work forth in my life that if you guaranteed me 38 million dollars 41 million dollars and 44 million dollars I wouldn't be able to make it work particularly if that team was good enough to contend for a championship like the Houston Rockets have been for the last two years now now because Chris Paul has forced himself out of the actual running for a championship even if he doesn't end up at Oklahoma City long term whatever team trades for him is not going to be able to actually win a championship and so as a result I think this is an utterly awful decision by Chris Paul I think that he is going to fade into career obsolescence in his thirty fourth 35th and 36th year and I think the Rockets got a better younger player in Russell Westbrook now how is Westbrook going to get along with James Harden we have no idea will they at some point because as NBA Days of Our Lives General Hospital as the world turns whatever you want to call it will they likely end up feuding at some point in time yes but I think the Rockets are taking a swing and trying to win a chain bein ship while they can based on all of the available teams that are out there that have a shot at the championship this is great for the NBA the Clippers at three and a half to one Lakers at four and a half to one bucks at six to one rockets at nine to one 76ers ten to one Warriors 13 to one Jazz 15 to one Nuggets 19 to one Celtics 27 to one those numbers can be a little bit different depending on where you look but what you should know is there are now eight teams that are under 20 to 1 to win the NBA title last year at this time there were three and there's no prohibitive favorite overall that is a big win for the NBA props to Darrell Moray I think the Houston Rockets got better I think that it is going to be a solid addition to to Houston that makes them a little bit better good enough to win a championship I'm not sure but I am curious to see how it all shakes out and it continues to be what I think has been a very good offseason for the NBA in terms of creating drama all right the and yes Oklahoma City now has an inordinate a number of first-round draft picks I think they should let Billy Donovan go I'm not sure there's a college job that he wants right now but if he had knowing that Oklahoma City was going to trade away Paul George that they were gonna trade away Russell Westbrook and that effectively his entire coaching job was gonna boil down to a bunch of young guys in a rebuild I think he a hundred percent would have left and there's no way he would have continued to coach the Oklahoma City Thunder alright ah now I think this is the funniest line that has maybe ever been delivered by an NFL head coach Mike Vrabel went on a podcast with Taylor LaJuan and with and with the linebacker from the Titans whose name is immediately escaping me even though I have tweeted him will Compton will Compton and Taylor the line their own podcast and they had Mike Vrabel the head coach of the Titans on and they asked him would you cut off your dick chaney in order to win a championship and a Super Bowl and he said without even hardly thinking about it yes I would cut off my dick chaney in order to win a championship and they said why would you be willing to do that and he said look I've been married 20 years I don't really need it anyway that is a phenomenal line all right in a year and a decade and a generation when NFL head coaches almost never say anything that could ever be classified as being funny that is a legit legitimately funny line from Mike Vrabel I absolutely thought it was hysterical and then somebody immediately hopped onto my Twitter feed and said oh that is transphobic and I was like transphobic that is not transphobic that is penis cut off phobic as in if you have a dick you don't want it to get cut off because you have a dick right just like you wouldn't want to get your arm cut off because you have an arm or you wouldn't want to get your leg cut off because you have an r-la right it's not transphobic to want to keep your penis all right there's words and this obsession with being perpetually offended is unbelievable I will say this remember john bobbitt john bobbitt had the had the unfortunate mishap with Lorena Bobbitt and by unfortunate mishap I mean that Lorena Bobbitt cut his dick off you remember when john bobbitt got his dick cut off Lorena Bobbitt threw it out the window and then I swear to God if you're not familiar with this story from the 90s they went and they found his dick and they reattached it through surgery and it worked and john bobbitt later starred in a porn movie with a reattached penis that worked fine a hundred percent I've said this for but I can only imagine can you imagine if you had the misfortune for your wife to cut your dick off and then for her to throw it out the window and then for them not to be able to find it I think that would just be an ultimate insult that would be the ultimate indignity you get your dick cut off you tell them where your dick got thrown and everybody's walking around like I can't see it I can't find it can you tell me how big it is that would be the ultimate insult if your dick got chopped off your wife threw it out the window and all these dudes are walking around in the bushes trying to find your dick and they can't find it cause it's not big enough that would be the ultimate insult anyway Bobbitt got his dick back and Mike Vrabel delivered an unbelievable an unbelievable wine again he would cut his dick off to win a Super Bowl he said because he's been married 20 years and he's not using it anyway all right I get driven insane sometimes by the stupidity of elected officials in this country the latest to dumb elected officials are to women who are in the Senate one from Nevada the other from the state of Minnesota and they have decided that they want to hold Senate hearings Senate hearings on whether or not women are being underpaid in pro sports and athletics in general this drives me insane because it's basic economics all right this is not complicated if you have ever understood how business works at all you are paid based on the revenue that you produce the profit that you produce it doesn't matter that you might do the same job as someone else it matters how much money you make doing this job okay as part of their hearings they say and I'm reading directly off of their Senate release on this request for a hearing last year in the women's WNBA the maximum veteran player Sally salary was a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars while the men earned a minimum of five hundred and eighty two thousand dollars okay that's because I want you to follow along with me here people like the NBA they spend their money to watch NBA games this is not the case with the WNBA the only reason the WNBA exists is because the NBA is willing to lose millions of dollars in marketing money and otherwise support for the NBA to keep the WNBA afloat if you like something support it if you do not like something ignore it but don't come to me and argue that the reason why WNBA players make less than NBA players is because of sexism it's because most WNBA players don't have fans and most WNBA teams don't have fans either the league only exists because the NBA subsidizes it women's sports in general are primarily supported by men men like sports more than women do I'm sorry if all of these facts are offensive to you if women liked sports as much as men do and if women wanted to go watch women's athletes play sports the women who play those sports would make a lot more money women's sports are not as entertaining as men sports because male athletes are bigger stronger faster and better in every sport if we eliminated the distinction between men's and women's sports in the world no woman would ever win a medal at the Olympics in anything that's because men are better at sports than women it doesn't mean you can't enjoy women's sports it doesn't mean you can't spend your money on men women's sports but it does mean arguing that everything is sexist is not in fact a reality women's models make more than male models do that's not because of sexism it's because the market supports female models more than it does male models women make more pornography women make more in porno movies than men do there are lots of work jobs where a sex can make more money than another sex because the interest is more pronounced in that field than others okay that's the truth and so when I see things like this this this this ridiculous report that the Senate is looking into they also say the ladies professional Golf Association this year only makes 70 million to distribute that's only one-fifth what the men received that's because men like golf more than women and even women oftentimes would rather watch men play golf than they would women this is so insanely stupid that it boggles my mind again to reiterate what we said yesterday Megan Rapinoe and the u.s. women played in the World Cup which produced a hundred and thirty-one million dollars in total revenue in the World Cup that was most recently completed the men's world cup produced six billion dollars sixty times as much money women actually received 20% of their overall revenue as money prize money men received only 7% per revenue dollar produced women were actually paid three times as much as men were in the World Cup all of this is insanity furthermore I want to dive back into this Megan Rapinoe story in my mailbag today got a great story but bono you know from u2 he used to rip george bush senior and george w bush all the time and then you know what happened george w bush invited him to come and meet with him in person and when they met in person they determined that they actually had something in common and that thing that they had in common was caring about the spread of aids and trying to protect people who had all sorts of issues with the AIDS virus as a result they ended up meeting in 2003 this is george w bush they started a program in africa Bono did in conjunction with the United States and George W Bush called PEPFAR that 14 years later has saved over 11 million lives Bono is not a Republican but he recognized that when the president offered him an opportunity to meet that maybe they could come together from two divergent perspectives as two people who are different often do and find common ground that could lead to a betterment of overall society I am incredibly troubled by the culture we have created in America where instead interacting with people you disagree with you demonize them and try to cancel then politics is the art of the possible Joe Biden is being ripped for working with Democratic senators he worked with Democratic senators because that's his job when you're a senator you don't only work with your own party you work with both parties and as part of working together ideally you can get good things done for the country the idea that Megan Rapinoe won't meet with Donald Trump because she doesn't respect him is to me a fundamental flaw of our political process failing to meet with someone is not a point of pride it should not be praised in our society today it should be ridiculed take it outside of the world of politics whatever you do for a living you probably interact on a regular basis with tons of people who have different political opinions than you do imagine if you did what Megan Rapinoe is doing in your own office or your own way of life for instance imagine that you are a nurse and you are working with a doctor and you have divergent opinions on how to apply the Second Amendment and you have a conversation about that and you decide you don't agree with each other and the nurse or the doctor goes to their boss and says I can no longer operate and make new knees or new hips with this nurse because we have different opinions on the Second Amendment every single person on the planet who is a boss would tell you to suck it up and go back to work whether you agree or disagree on the Second Amendment doesn't mean you can't do good work putting in a knee or a hip and I'm just using a hospital as an exam because you have two people working side-by-side imagine that two mechanics are working on a car one of them is a hardcore Hillary person the other is a hardcore Trump person can you imagine if they couldn't work together to fix the engine because they had a difference of opinion on abortion that would be absurd we work together all the time to make things better at our jobs with people we disagree with I think we all have an obligation to reach across the aisle and try to find things that we agree on as opposed to trying to make everyone that we disagree with appear to be a vile human being undeserving of any kind of attention support or remote human interaction and therefore we try to cancel them out the Bono and George W Bush example is a great one maybe Megan Rapinoe and Donald Trump could find something that they could work together on that could ultimately lead to a betterment of the country much like in that bono example the 11 million lives that were saved because george w bush reached out to bono was willing to meet with him and because bono didn't say no your republican i hate you you exclude me and exclude other people like me i refuse to ever meet with you the way to respond to an outreach hand is not with a clenched fist it's with another outreach hand you might find out that you like each other and i tend to think that Rapinoe and trump probably would like each other because they're both brash outspoken cocky arrogant believers in themselves and often times trust one of those people you like other people even if you don't agree with them who are also brash outspoken cocky and maybe a little bit arrogant because you respect other people who are willing to put their their selves on the line for what they believe in it's frustrating all right I am fascinated legally by this decision that just came down from the second sort Court of Appeals about Donald Trump not being able to block people on Twitter okay this is intriguing and fascinating okay because it's gonna apply to all elected officials what should the rule be as it pertains to blocking people on social media the court has said that you are not allowed to do it and so I am curious in general about this I think the Twitter block function is broken if I were a judge I would permit people being blocked but I wouldn't allow the block to occur that doesn't allow people to see what you tweet all right I'm stunned sometimes by the number of soft triggered people I have never met who have blocked me on Twitter in our same industry sports media somebody will share an opinion or a news story and I'll go because I want to read it and somebody hasn't blocked me and I'm like I've never even interacted with that person I don't even know who that person is and yet I have somehow gotten blocked too there it doesn't make any sense to me that you should be able to block your tweets from being seen by somebody else muting does not work because it still allows people to comment underneath my thing would be if you block someone all you do is disallow them from commenting in your comment threads I can see the need having had the need to block people in comment threads who make the comments unreadable I can see the need to block someone in the comment threads from being able to comment but I have no interest in blocking someone from being able to read everything that I tweet and so if I were Twitter I would alright gonna have to block that guy same thing I block people who'd say and do dumb things like that is my entire purpose in this show right this is not a free form this is my show if you want to come here and I happen to look over and I happen to see somebody saying the same thing over and over again or being incredibly annoying I will wipe you out you can watch my show if you would like you don't have a right to comment this is my audience why would I give you an opportunity to reach my audience and that's my point on Twitter if you want to tweet to your audience you have a right to do it but I wouldn't allow you to show up at my radio station and stand outside screaming outdoors your opinion to respond to every comment that I make on the radio it's my show it's my Twitter feed okay you are entitled to have your own show and you are entitled to have your own Twitter feed and you can comment as much as you possibly want on a variety of subjects but you should have to build your own audience you shouldn't be able to just come into my audience and try to talk to them unless I invite you in like by calling the show or something like that this is pretty straightforward it's easy it's not difficult to understand so I think Twitter is getting this wrong I do agree with the court decision that you shouldn't be able to block people if you are a political figure based on the way that Twitter uses the block function now but again the analogy that I would make that's pretty straightforward is I'm fine with you reading my opinions but you don't have any ability any ability at all look I'm gonna take a couple more people out I'm gonna take a couple more people out if you don't have any ability at all to come in and decide to engage the overall process yeah I block people you sent me 20 tweets in a row I'm probably gonna block you if you get in my comment threads and you're annoying and people are having to fight with you all the time I'm probably gonna block you that's life but I'm fine with you reading whatever I say I don't have any larger issue with it that's life I'd be fine doing a show without comments at all but if I look over and I happen to see that you're being annoying boom you're gone and I can scroll up and see the comments boom easy to find all right final thoughts I love stranger things 3 I love it with every fabric of my being all right there we go dead I will kill you right for people who don't know every now and then I come in and just wipe you out and I wipe you out forever ok you are gone if you want to create a new account you can create a new account and look like a psycho my standard is pretty straightforward don't suck don't be annoying D BAM all right so that's the truth stranger things 3 is phenomenal I love it I never would have believed that I would be so nostalgic for in 1980s mall before I never would have believed that I would be sitting around like my god Sam Goody looks incredible Orange Julius it is phenomenal uh chess King remember Chesky Waldenbooks it is absolutely phenomenal to be able to watch this show I'm not gonna give you any spoilers right now but it is incredible and I would tell you all first season second season I love it the 1980s were so much fun to live through now let me say this I couldn't believe this when I realized it my kids loved watching this show now do you know that 1985 which is I believe the year this this new show is set in 1985 is halfway between 1951 and 2019 in other words 1985 when you were a kid was as close to 1951 as today is to 1985 and I was born in 1979 and this still blows my mind I was born closer to World War two ending then I was than I am to 2019 I want you to think about that for a second I was born as a 40 year old man now closer to World War two ending than I am to the present day that had my mind spun in a big way it's incredible to even think about think about that if you were born in 1980 you were born closer to the end of World War two to d-day then you are to the modern day now I just blew a lot of people's minds right now they haven't even done the math themselves think about that if you were born in 1980 you are closer to d-day then you are to 2019 I mean seriously tell me that didn't blow all your minds right now that is pretty wild so anyway I love all of you life is indeed short don't waste it I want to close with a message cuz I'm gonna be gone probably for several days they have found what emotion is the most popular in all of life in making you feel better okay it's not a car it's not a girl not a boy not a house nothing it's gratitude gratitude is the most Val Yubel emotion that exists in our world today if you pause for one minute every morning when your alarm goes off or when you wake up and think about what you are grateful for your mind will be infinitely more powerful and your day will be infinitely better than it otherwise would be and if you don't have a lot of great things going on in your life right now let me tell you you are living in America probably today if you were watching this there are people dying to get into this country we have such a poor appreciation for how good we have it because most people don't know how bad much of the rest of the world has it but every single day people are dying to try to get into the country that you were fortunate enough and I was fortunate enough to be born into regardless of your economic conditions regardless of your job regardless of your wife or girlfriend there are seven billion people in the world and you were one of the 320 million who were born or managed to become probably if you're watching this a citizen in the United States every single one of us should be grateful for that and there probably are a lot of other things you are grateful for as well I love all of you my name is clay Travis this has been out kick the show dmap unless you need to s back I will see all of you on the flip side after I'm out in Colorado for a week kisses from me go watch stranger things 3 hope all of you have fantastic Friday's fantastic weeks ahead and can manage the deal without having me around all the time alright I'll see you guys love you but we'll have you see you guys bye Facebook