Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski Surprises A Bullied Female Football Player With A Life-Changing Opportunity

(crowd applauding and cheering) – But first I have to talk about something I am obsessed with. There is a twelve year old girl in Rhode Island who’s changing the game of football with her 2020 vision. Sadly while she’s focused on
playing a sport she loves, others are focused on making fun of her for being a girl in a boy sports. Now she’s standing up to
her bullies in a big way. Y’all say hi to Quinn
and her mom Christine. Y’all stand up for her. (crowd cheering) So Quinn, what made you decide to wanna try out for the team? – Since I was two years old, I’ve been playing football
with my dad and my sister and my brother in the backyard. I begged my mom to play. And last year I started to play. – Oh my gosh! I love– And you are cute as a button as well. (crowd laughing) Just way to go mom’s ovaries. (crowd laughing) People made fun of you though for playing football. That must have kinda hurt, right? That sucks. When you love to do something
and people make fun of you? – Yeah. – [Kelly] Yeah. Not the boys on your team though, right? – No. – At least they better stand up for you. I’ll find them. Give me their names and their numbers, of their parents, ’cause they’re young. But I mean Christine, was that kinda scary for you? Like, her playing football? Were you excited ’cause you
know she loves football? – She does. And it actually took me a long time before I allowed her to
sign up for football. I signed her up for cheerleading it didn’t go over so well. So finally last year, I did let her sign up. This is her second season playing. She’s doing really good and she loves it. So I want her to follow
her dream whatever it is. (crowd cheering) – You’re a great mama! Yeah! So Quinn, what is your 2020 vision for your football career? You love it, so you wanna keep playing? – Yeah. This year, when I met Doctor Jen Welter, she told me that my game has
to speak louder than my gender. And when she said that, I really want to go to
all her camps next year. And I’m playing flag
football in the spring and hopefully there’s enough players to make a thirteen new
players for the Braves. – Well hopefully this helps, and get more players on that field. That’s amazing! Thank you so much Quinn for just being such an awesome woman, young woman. (crowd cheering) Keep being you! Keep doing you! How are you enjoying the show? You liking the show so far? – Yeah. – [Kelly] All right. All right. Well all week, we’re
celebrating our 2020 visions. And earlier, Quinn told
us that she’s been bullied for playing football on
her middle school team. But in this new year, she’s refusing to let
her haters slow her down. And the haters are about
to be real jealous of you. I’m just saying. So Quinn I forgot to ask you. Do you have a favorite NFL player? – Rob Gronkowski. – Oh interesting. Well, Rob Gronkowski. I’ve met him before. We worked together once. He’s the three time Superbowl winning Titan for the Patriots, right? Am I right? – Yeah. (crowd cheering) – I don’t know sports ball but I’ve definitely heard of him and worked with him. Probably because he’s standing
behind those doors up there. That’s probably why. C’mon out Rob! (crowd cheering loudly) (upbeat music) – Hey Quinn, give me a big hug. How you doing? How you doin’ mom? (crowd cheering) You also get a signed
jersey for you right here. – [Kelly] Yeah! – Yes. Here you go. Thank you for being so strong. – So Rob, do you have any like, an encouraging words for her? – Some encouraging words. First of, you gotta take
it easy on the boys. I saw you. (crowd laughing) You know you’re stiff arming on them soft. But you know, when living out your dreams and when living out your passion, don’t ever let anyone else tell you what you can or cannot do. Hands down. (crowd cheering) So keep doing you, Quinn! – So Rob is about to make
Quinn’s dreams come true y’all. He wants to elevate her 2020 vision and help her take her football
skills to the next level by mentoring her for a whole year. – Yeah. (crowd clapping and cheering) – Is that cool? Are you cool with that? – Yeah. – Are you cool with it? She’s cool with it? (crowd cheering) Bye bye Quinn. One more, yeah. – She is so so shocked. She was so nervous. She’s like, she looks to her mom and she’s like, Oh my gosh. Have a seat. Come on over. You can sit right beside me. This is Louise. This is Jena. – Hello, I’m Jena.
– How you doing? Yes, you too! – I feel like every time I see you, I just feel like more and
more like an umbalumpa. You’re so tall. (crowd laughing) – Me too. So we all remember you played, My Security Guard. When I hosted the Billboards, you were hilarious. Nobody knew about my appendix, then I was rushed to the
hospital was like horrible. But you were so kind. You were so funny. Do you like doing stuff like that? – Yes. I like doing stuff like that. I just got out of the game of football. As a football player, you wanna be part of the
music industry and stuff while you’re playing. And vice versa. It was my opportunity to
go to a Billboard’s Award. You were hosting. We got to work together
but I was mind boggled with how much you were doing at one time. It was insane. You were hosting. You were talking over there. You were singing a song. I was like, This is incredible. Kelly, you are talented. – Oh my God! Thank you! (crowd cheering) – You were too, though. – You nailed it! Unbelievable. – But in defensive, that’s what I thought, you were amazing. Because I grew being on
stage and doing stuff like since I was a kid. So I’m very comfortable that where I’m at. But to come from like, another world, and be like, Yeah this is normal. (laughing) That’s how I feel about acting. I’m like, I just wanna barf. Makes me so nervous. What do you have plan for
the Superbowl this year? I hear you something cool going on? – Yes I do. I will be hosting a
music festival actually. And we have a lot of big performers. We got D Blow, we got Rick Ross playing, we got Flo Rida playing, we got DJ Carni, we got my boy DJ Blough playing. And Cascade, he’s had lining too. And you know, I’m hosting. I’m not really sure what
I’m doing there yet. – You’re gonna do great! – But I know they’ll be performing. I mean, I just gotta show
up and probably dance. Do what I do. Bring the energy. That’s what I gotta do. (crowd clapping) Bring the energy. – I think you were really
great on the Billboards and you’re gonna be really great at this. It’s is really you just
have to find people that are comfortable on their skin. And comfortable being
themselves in front of people. And you’re super comfortable to yourself. I think that’s the key. – [Rob] Yes, that is true. That is key. – Yeah. No matter what
anybody says you’re like, Nah I’m cool. I’m rocking this. You like it or not. But you also, now that you’re not playing, you’re working with a few companies. What– – Yes. I am an owner of Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, and now we have partnered up with Byte. That could straighten out your teeth. So who wouldn’t want
straightened teeth while whitening your teeth at the same time? So it’s fantastic. It’s gonna be great. So we partner up with Byte. And it’s gonna be fantastic. – That’s amazing. (crowd applauding) – A smile can change everything. – I was getting hit all over my teeth. They’re going this way,
one was going that way. I’m walking around like this. So I had to straighten them back out. Make them pearl white too. – It’ll change the people’s personalities. They feel like they can’t smile ’cause they don’t like their smile. I know plenty of friends
that either have like stains, or something has happened in there, and it changes their
personality when they fix that. – Yeah. And then they talk like
this sometimes too. I’m like, who cares just be you. – [Kelly] Yeah that’s cool. Okay. Well Rob wants everyone to have their brightest smile in 2020, so he’s sending everyone
in my audience home with this Byte and Snow Teeth kit. (applause) You all get one! (crowd cheering) – [Kelly] You get one! – [Rob] You’ll get one! You get one! You get one! – [Kelly] All right y’all. – You all get one! (crowd cheering) You all get one! (crowd cheering) You all get one! – All right! Coming up. You are basically me in male form.