Roadrunners pro team supports Tucson Adult Hockey League kickoff

and finally the Tucson adult hockey league has been going on for over a dozen years and his players from all age ranges and all walks of life we were talking from young adults to the age of eight years old and the league has always shared the TCC with the Roadrunners and you have a club team and tonight dozens of players and their families turned out to celebrate their season it was also the opportunity to get up close and personal with this guy dusty the road runner many many more the big celebration all went down at O’Malley’s on 4th Avenue just north of downtown Tucson of course the Tucson Road Runners as a pro franchise also enjoys the continued support from the community the 2-ton adult hockey he does a great job we’re thankful to be here and supporting them tonight for their great kickoff event Youth old hockey you believe is in its 13th season now they’ve obviously done great things over the TCC this will be our fourth season in the fall so they’ve got us beat in terms of seniority so I think it only seems natural that we do what we can to help support them because it’s now lit for those in the community to play hockey that’s right play hockey but don’t play hooky whoo we’ll be right back with a Lee and a last look at your weather