Rep. Kelly recognizes the Tupelo Police Athletic League

Mr. Speaker, today, I rise to recognize the
incredible work being done by the Tupelo Police Athletic League. The Police Athletic League is a national organization
that allows members of the police force to expand community outreach and connect with
young people and their parents through athletics and other school-related activities. This organization has reduced juvenile crime
and teaches our youth to appreciate and trust police officers. During the National Police Athletic League
Conference, Major Anthony Hill of the Tupelo Police Department was named the National 2016
Male Volunteer of the year. Additionally, Tupelo Police Department’s
Lt. Michael Russell was appointed to the Police Athletic League’s National Executive Board. I want to thank Major Anthony Hill and Lt.
Michael Russell, among others, not only for their dedication to this program, but for
their work to leave Tupelo a better place than they found it. I have worked with both of these officers
firsthand. As a city prosecutor, I have seen the love and dedication they have for
the community and the youth. The countless hours of overtime, nights, and weekends they
spent away from their families to make sure they help our youth. Police officers across this country make countless
sacrifices to both protect and improve our communities. Thank you for all that you do,
Major Hill and Lt. Russell. Mr. Speaker, I yield back.