Real Salt Lake Soccer Surprise – Random Acts

♪♪ Today is the day! I am in full
delivery man mode and I’m ready to
surprise Gary at lunch. I’m going to head in and
get a perfect vantage point so I can know when
to radio you in. Sounds good. Yep. ♪♪ ♪♪ Man over walkie-talkie:
Yeah, they’re parking right now. ♪♪ Okay, there they are. I don’t know if you can see,
but they’re right behind me. Oh, yeah. My name’s Chris,
I’ll be your server today. Okay, Will,
we’re ready for you. Steven over walkie-talkie:
He’s in the lobby.
He’s looking around.Gary?Entering room in 10 seconds.Staples? Will:Staples?Gary:Yeah.You’re the Staples? Gary Staples? I’ve got a delivery
for you here. If you could just sign for me
right there. Where is this coming from? I don’t know. I just… Gary:How did they
track me down here?
I just work forthe company,
I’m sorr,
I don’t know how they..
It’s from Rio Tinto? Rio Tinto, yeah. [indistinct] There you go. Thank you so much. That is for you. That one’s for me. That one’s for you. You guys enjoy
your meal, huh? All:Thank you.That’s kinda weird. Whoa. Man 1:Twelve VIP tickets?Woman 1:Twelve!Are you serious?Please cometo the tickt
booth on the west side of Rio Tinto today at 12:30
to pick up your tickets. So, Whitney and Steven are about
to come into the restaurant right now to reveal the surprise
that it was actually them
that gave them the tickets.Hey! There they are! What’s up? Joining us, huh? We got some cheap flights
last night. Well, that’s pretty cool. You a little surprised? Yeah. All right. We wanted to do a little
double surprise there. I thought somebody was trying
to serve me papers for some awful reason.Are you sure
it’s legit though? Man 1:VI.I gotta go so I can go
greet the family and friends over at the stadium. Hey Dad, should we go
get your tickets?Okay everyone,
let’s get on the move.
Over to the stadium,
everyone to the stadium.
Okay,so they have just
left the restaurant. They’re headed over to this
ticket window right now. And we’re ready for them. I’m going to check on the crowdand make sure that
they’re ready to go.
Hey everybody!Listen up!We’re gonna do a run-through.I’m gonna come out.
I’m gonna be Gary, and as I turn around– This is like standing up,
going crazy,like I want you
to hit that
10. Is that cool? All right, here we go. This has been an amazing day. I’m Gary. Oh, this is so good. I’m just so crazy. [crowd screams and yells] Okay, that’s wonderful. Okay, we’re go on the crowd.
We’re go on the crowd. Perfect. We are almost set here, so–All right, Will,
he’s coming through.
He should be there
any second.
All right everybody,
he’s walking up like right now, so… Let’s get ready. Hey, how’s it going?How you doing?How can I help you? We won the ticket VIP thing. Can I see that? Gary:Yeah.Will:I don’t think I’ve ever
seen one of these.
What was your name? Gary Staples. You know, I… I don’t know
how this one works.I’m kinda new here.Let me grab my boss,
and he’ll come help you out. Is that cool?Give me one second.Hey, boss!So, is it Gary Staples? Hey, good to see you,
my man. Hey, we were expecting you. How you doin’? Hey, how are you? Hey, can you wait
right there? Yeah. I wanna bring these tickets
out to you. How are you? How are you, my man? This is the show Random Acts. You were nominated by
one of your employees, Karen, and she told us just
how many people love you and appreciate you for the
good person you are, and– I appreciate that. Yeah. Well, thank you. And so– What do you say about we take
a little tour of this thing? Let’s find out where
these tickets are. Let’s do it. Appreciate it. You guys gotta
win tomorrow. I know.
That’s the plan. We’ll be cheering you on. That’s awesome. Gary, we’ve been
expecting you. Hey. We’re happy to have you here. You’re the man. Thank you. Appreciate that. Great to be here. Oh man. Go RSL, huh? Yes. Now, where the
magic happens. Wow, here’s the tunnel. It’s one of the best entrances
in all the league. He’s coming. Gary, at Random Acts,
like I said, we support and honor awesome,
amazing people. So, your seats are going
to be right over there. Wow. That’ll be
with your family. But you know, there’s so
many more people that love you and care about you and
you’ve touched their lives and we thought they should
be here with you, Gary. So go ahead
and turn around. [crowd cheers loudly] Crowd chants:WE LOVE GARY!WE LOVE GARY!
WE LOVE GARY! This is awesome. Not too often you get your
own cheering section, huh? We love Gary! Whoo! These are the players that you’ve coached
throughout the years. ♪♪ Gary:How are you doing?Good. Wow, good to see you. Hi, Coach. Good to see you. You guys are making me cry. Quit it. Hey Jasmine, good to see you.When I turned around
and saw all those people–
[laughs]cheering, cheering me on.I mean, there’s not
much better support
you can ever receive
in your life.
Your very own shirt. Number 7. [cheering] That’s pretty awesome. Will:Every time we do
one of these,
I think it’s just going
to be kinda routine,
but thenwhen I meet the person and I see what a good
person they are and how much people
genuinely love them, it hits me every time,
and Gary…has left a legacy.Gary:We all have ups
and downs in life.
It’s nice to have
somebody lift you up
and take you to the next level
and let you know you are loved
and cared about by other people.Keep up the good work. I love you, man. This is what heaven
feels like, huh? It does. Lots of love.All right, everybody,
that’s our show. A huge thank-you
to Real Salt Lake, who made all of this possible. Everybody shout “Random Acts”
on three. One, two, three! RANDOM ACTS! Whoo! Hey, great show man,
great show. You want a game? Yeah, you want
to switch? Yeah, let’s
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