Raptors vs Warriors Game 3 | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions

Wow what are you let me down bells were $520,000 of jewelry Oh what bitch he got robbed today I don't win but it was robbed see that's it being wrong five hundred and twenty thousand dollars hey Sean good thing something yes ma'am we're live your lawyer and captain trips is the first person in the chat what's up no Charm City flock Conor McDonald sports action sports erections tropical minion what's up buddy Rob Navarro it's risk what's up hell Lord what's up buddy alpha easy works hairy McNuggets midnight mania trouble so know what time it is what time is it it's good time today it's gonna be great guys papa coat what's up bro are you doing as the logical comments Ronnie Jake the badass New York Phenom what's up buddy what's good guys let's go Raptors we're gonna see Raptors win Game three out of sheer desire and need to win Charm City flock is ready for the call we're gonna see who I was first what's up Phil when Z says I knew well welcome buddy new person already yeah welcome welcome bun you guys are still offline for me says alpha Evie really that's where offline that's weird hmm I don't know um scrappy-doo found dead in Miami Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo from Scooby Doo he was a little suit a little Scooby a little kid I'm up killing me out scrappy-doo right sure yeah a cartoon was found dead I'm confused regulars klay Thompson is active I have not got that notification yet so is it official official oh what the hell's happened to my back oh my god are you okay oh shit I just had like a fucking sharp pain in my lower back you know what someone said that's official I'm gonna look Shawn the sandwich was going on man New York phenomenon says I'm ready for this game all too hey what's up Scott Thomas hey Sean today is Scott Thomas's birthday wait wait hey man roaches same birthday it's both their birthdays also everybody had a chat right now what's nice a happy birthday to Scott Thomas is in the tent I'm birthday buddy baby says happy birthday to Scott get a beer first guy got yo get one I'll get one here in a little bit for y'all Wars I always see all I see on ESPN is warriors one Thompson two sick Game three there's nothing on here that anything about him officially playing but I'm gonna I'll keep once I get it once I get a tweet I'll let y'all know but I don't see anything official official yeah guys damn Alfie me he says Scott's birthday is more important than roaches it just gotta click guy says thank you I mean yeah you're welcome clay is playing I haven't got an official word they just said he's questionable so if you had a good birthday Scott chairs brother yeah there you go I'm drinking root beer I'll grab the actual beer here a little bit mmm Big Mike what's up man I'm not any sheriff roaches in here so Zach boy what's going on it says klay Thompson is active for game three since it's risk hmm Shawn's looking for that right now where where did you see it cuz I looked on you spin when is the game beginning well I give me about 35 minutes about 35 minutes yeah guys so we like to do this so we can talk about some other news I mean like Gerald McCoy last time we went live Joe McCoy signed with the Carolina Panthers yeah you let that move I mean dude he's staying with in a division he's going to Carolina so I like a two-way thing right it's two things I like it because yeah he's gonna get his revenge on Tampa right you see what Tampa did where they did Sean well they sat in Downton dama casue right yes and they when they signed sue they gave Gerald McCoy's old number to him what yeah let's sit like oh yeah isn't that gonna fucked up like oh they fucked up um that's you just literally disrespect him in a little bit right oh no they fucked up now that being said what I was looking like he was about is that he said that he wanted to go to contender he wants to win and go to the playoffs and try to win a Super Bowl I know fits the Panthers but that's gonna be tough they're in a tough division and if I was him I would've gone on the Browns or Ravens cuz those are the three teams use down to Panthers Browns or Ravens and I would probably go to the Browns so I'm just kind of confused like no offense the Panthers not trying to take a shot y'all but you've got the Saints in your division right then you got a LAN in your division well I think I have a better year so it's gonna be really tough at the best I see them being the third third team in that division so let's check this out man look up right now projected lineup Bruce Irvin don't repo Joe McCall Poe in Jellico in the inside yeah with Bruce Irvin on the outside with Brian burns yeah do is a great great deal ein that's a great deeds pretty sick yeah and speaking of which uh Prince can't beaten he's in the chat right now ah huge Panthers fan yeah and we got to all donation first from Hell or two four sevens has been up since 3:00 a.m. but I'm here so is the wifey awesome night mr. and mrs. hell Lord welcome to the lodge thank you guys so much appreciate you and it's money's in the house corrupt Ramon's is in the house awesome he says he's the best mod Q Susan here yeah Jessica's in here and they Simonelli Fox 87 sin here he says what's up Raptors need one of these wins in Oakland and you know what tonight would be probably the best opportunity to do so giving the injury concerns of the Warriors yeah OD he's out for the rest of the final out with some of the fractures he's got a front you got a fracture with it spread cartilage though like it was I don't know what it was but yeah hopefully he's gonna be okay Josh who has the most points in this game well it's II I'm gonna say Steph Curry has the most points yeah it's gonna be step over all in the entire game not saying they're necessarily gonna win but he's definitely had the most points I would say because he's gonna have to be on jessica says she received her shirt today her sports for sure oh yeah she said so long yeah I did see that message on Instagram – Jessica hopefully you're liking it yeah yeah oh mods ready to slay it tonight's it's Connor McDonald yeah man I mean these NBA Finals have been absolutely crazy yeah and like I said after the stream last game oh that's the stream that I'll never forget ever because one it was very frustrating that you know YouTube was you have experiencing a whole lot of problems and they were trying to fuck us up they ass yeah I mean and then by the time we went live yeah pretty much went well for everybody yeah but we were having problems for three quarters of the game yep where people could not see or hear us but most people so far in the NBA playoffs watching that's some of the most likes yeah we had yep so all things considered you guys came through for us man and you all kicked ass and we could not be more appreciative about it I'll never forget that stream that was crazy y'all the ones that stuck with us and bared with us through the rough time in the beginning yeah y'all are ill oh geez there were certain ologies who could not see or hear us but we're still in the chat yeah ma during and that's that's that's that really and we love y'all so much for that art make peace with the to all the nations looking forward to another great stream keep it up thank you re shake that it's gonna be great a buddy gonna be a great game yeah be a great game and you know look I don't wish injuries upon anyone right but yeah let's be real yep these injuries concerns to the Golden State Warriors and having an NBA Finals it's been terrible to see but it's kind of added this in intrigue to NBA Finals oh yeah they they look absolutely beatable oh yeah and so it's this is crazy because and it's not just happening to the role players but it's happening some stars so they could be taken down because of this stuff they yeah the Raptors could take advantage and they certainly could but at the same time if they gonna say warriors end up pulling out throw I'm still sticking with worse so are you yeah they end up pulling through this would be one of their most impressive championship wins yes that they have gotten and nobody better ever question Steph Curry yet I'm just because a lot of people be questioning him over the last couple years right with Kevin Durant there and it's just he still got Kardos in the house and and he says hello Jim he's ready for his uh Toronto Raptors to get this wind here I mean when ya to get this win here on the road well they I don't know this is it certainly I'm kind of leaning towards the Raptors for tonight if clay plays this is a great opportunity to get this win a road win right here right now same three I was actually talking to Jeremy yesterday and we're talking about that he's like man Toronto but a good thing this is the one good thing that's going for the Warriors is that I'm probably gonna pick the Raptors but the one thing that's going for the Warriors is that they're at home and when you're at home I always have everybody need some players to step up some role players right when you're at home your role players play a lot better cuz they feel the crowd behind them great cook with all the energy and look at quick cook our last game in Toronto he was he was pretty damn good hit hit those crucial threes there the second half exactly so you don't think that these role players gonna get more of an energy boost being at home they're comfortable they're they're used to it yours their own home court yeah but at the same time yes they have some major injuries so I am probably go raptors and bashleyf clay sits and you know what this is a perfect opportunity for siakam to get back into things a little better to look like yeah how he did in Game one yeah he cuz they completely shut him down in Game two which was very impressive by the Warriors were making adjustment I'm looking forward to seeing how DeMarcus Cousins plays here in Game three Game one he was limit to eight just a little over eight minutes yeah and he just looked like he couldn't be on the court he came to absolutely different story you could argue that he was the MVP of Game two yeah four they gonna say warriors he was phenomenal crucial rebounds crucial second-chance opportunities scoring playing defense clogging up the lane yeah making trouble for Gasol but in Game three here at home let's see how he looks man alpha TV says guys interesting fact I found out yesterday Greek freak was in my hometown apparently his girlfriend lives here I don't watch basketball book Wow he was within walking distance from my workplace what dude I would run over and she said yeah he's a nice guy from what I've heard we got $2 nice room from Nick don't guess who's graduating tomorrow hey Maz Bo hey you – what's up buddy congratulations man graduating whoa what's up man it's awesome man grass miss uh nowhere how you doing Kathleen Burgess welcome Kauai eating free in Toronto what's going on crazy mofo crazies in here that are easiest mofo anonymous fucker how you doing man cush Master welcome thank you so much for being in here Jason Morgan the meme gods in here what's up Jason wha Morgan didn't we just celebrate Richards birthday like a year ago I know right he's such a new kid make our even in the chat he's probably you know celebrating his birthday maybe I'll be waddling around like a hippo don't they have any friends Oh me 50 letters only man cheap bastard bastard two dollars buys 50 letters what does that mean I'm guessing like typing Louis I'm not like oh okay yeah cuz you can't you can't type when you donate a dollar which is ridiculous yeah be down if you donate anything she be able to type I think so oh thanks for that $2.00 she ate that sage Bauer welcome just stomps isn't here Renee isn't here Rocha I didn't hear anything about how he didn't have any friends no he has friends there best fuzz that Toy Story you know but hey Rocha everybody in the chat wish a happy 23rd birthday to the amazing Rocha happy birthday buddy Rocha you have babe says happy birthday Rocha yeah you've been with us for well over two years guys well over two years man and we love you buddy hey buddy a lot of you guys in the Mod Squad there's nothing and nobody like you guys you guys are truly one of a kind each of you Rocha you're hilarious dude Roger you're definitely one of your golden content we love you and let's sing happy birthday – they may have happy birthday to Rocha happy birthday to Rocha happy birthday to Rosita happy birthday to you Rocha here have some beer cuz you know you got fucked up last weekend but down here some more hey you go the funny thing is how do we both say more mm there's no hesitation there well you have $5 from L Lord says McCoy to Carolina you chose a wrong South team how's that black gold a hash sign who that yeah well y'all weren't interested in them just sayin thank you hello anybody so much and once again say hi to mrs. Heller for ya yeah uh we're just a dilly dilly dilly fucking dilly bullies bullies uh I do have a good singer voice Jessica in fact I was gonna actually audition for the very first American Idol and I was projected to go all the way but then I hurt my ankle yeah they just he just couldn't do it no couldn't do it man Simon was like you know just clowning me on the outside I was I was in an excruciating pain it's terrible yeah the struggles of ankle boxing seven we do not have a snapchat we deserve as netjet do what I say people said that it's been a confirmed that click Tom's playing but yet I have not got one notification did you go to Google I figure I'm chef nor someone who tweeted it out let's go Raptors is a mochi Elysees warriors Jason Morgan says my birthday was the same day as a quadruple dunk I didn't feel like celebrating that was a rough birthday buddy I remember that that was your birthday the quad doink and now that I'm living in for me thanks everyone my only wish is for our damn warriors winces Rocha well Rocha huh it could be a tough one to get here tonight considering the injuries and Klay Thompson's not playing he says how did the worst play adjust with klay Thompson not playing that's good saying that right now on television that's what they're saying no it says the bottom click times will be active active active but then they how would they adjust with him not playing so he's active from probably available uh-huh but I wonder if he's doing any playing time well because when they didn't say he's starting I don't know we're up to see um because I saw we got any fucking notifications for I know I'm say Jeff what's up known I knew Brougham hey hey what's up buddy clay is playing yeah so he's active so we'll see what happens Oh Macbeth the Alamo remember the Alamo that was like my favorite thing growing up cuz I was I was from the Alamo so as I always when I was growing you were born in the Alamo Wow – were you born in the Church of the alignments shortest I'll get hurt in the Alamo add that to the whole Sports fury lore yeah Shawn was born in the Alamo yes okay are we gonna go that I was born the Alamo guys arctor what's up dude hi doing everybody what's up Josh Jordan Dominique Rick copper what's going on he was he was born with that uh Davy Crockett hat yeah let's go Carrie's going to the Lakers ghost killer you keep on saying that that there's a possibility before like Steven Naismith I said he's more interested he's interested in the nets and the Knicks so we'll see Sean ball what's up buddy I haven't seen it official yet Rogers just told me that the Cubs just signed Craig Kimbrel I don't see anything official on that they they were strongly pushing it but I have no the lefties are seeding the last tweet I've seen about it was well no just sent us a Twitter DM breaking news but roaches no bullshit Roach is always on point with that so thank you for $2 no maybe no one sent us a tweet about it okay I think we got a donation – yeah oh that's the one I just check again oh thanks No thank you no I'll check it right now America this game man Toronto ain't going down without a fight yeah dude I switch to the injuries man it's gonna be tough yeah it is no I'm just set that break I can roll all the good good yes cubs in agreement with free agent closer Korea Kimbrel pending physical sources tell the athletic congratulations uh holy shit well that's some good news to wake up to bitch why can't they say some of them are Rangers the Rangers are going out of business the Rangers actually been doing pretty good really yeah I was a king PJ what's up buddy see eSports yeah what's a what's up how long until the game the game should start about 20-25 minutes yeah great signing Josh great signing yes Raja dude we needed that that was amazing man and I mean look we've been on fucking fire ever since maybe we started off fucking like shit yes we were dog shit yeah y'all lost us and then we listen Shauna was born in the Alamo you know I'm Mexican right I love Baskin so I'm not taking over just I'm gonna take over your Alamo again that look Mexican does that matter Joe Josh any predictions were super showdown on Friday brother dude I don't think I'm gonna even watch it man wait what the super showdown on Friday cuz first off I have to work and that's right of your were streaming oh it's tomorrow that's right yeah June 7th yeah I don't really care for the show man even even Brock vs. mm-hmm I'm not bracha Goldberg burrs on taker no those shoddy shows I just don't I don't get into him so Goldberg versus Undertaker that's gonna be a squash match first off there's way too fucking late Oh DDP said something down he said something and that was like fucking on point with the as far as all right they're right picture oh yeah he says probably and he says I'm not gonna watch the Saudi a paper or Saudi Arabia pay-per-views if I'm kind of feels gross narrative Lee doesn't make any sense it doesn't advance in his storylines so what's my buy-in versus Baron Corbin bra I mean Goldberg versus Undertaker I'll pass and I was like yeah man those were good points I kind of agree yeah they they don't advance any storylines they don't do anything there's nothing that benefits it's just to put on a show out there it's just expand the brand that's all it is which I don't blame them for it but it doesn't benefit the stories that everybody's trying to follow um what's up Thor says it's in hearing what's up thought it's me it's me it's DDP bang bang you know it's funny DDP said that when he calls himself that nobody really references the old wrestler that was named DJ Diamond Dallas Page nobody ever no one ever does he said that and I was like yeah Nathan says can you shout out me and JJ please we are drinking with you well shut up Nathan aim JJ JJ Cheers gross I'll be drinking a beer in a second yeah Jonathan we signed Kimbrough man that's fucking awesome dude go Cubs go Jeremy shows in the houses what's up guys I'm divorced now but hanging out with my friends the sports URI what dude um amen we're here for you man heydo for what the hell Jesus Chico you're with Lacey yeah what's going on Jeffy bro yeah thanks for being here dude what's here baby let's drink some beers and you're not welcome but you know you got the Sportster nation with you man two dollar donation or hell Lord my predictor is super super so Nana's I won't watch count me in with that I don't think anybody's gonna count me in with that I don't like anybody yeah I just got that notification Kimbrel the Cubs you just not good yeah just now yeah yeah oh I broke we got another man from Eric Martinez what turn of it very time let's go oh yeah baby we have 465 people up in this motherfucking shot already the beers are called I got cheese's tonight that I brought from work yeah yes you want aggressive got angry yes yes I got cheese sticks you got a fucking fraud oh my bad I was expecting pubs not Jesus does they have Jesus in the Alamo maybe if you guys had cheese that's y'all would have one Hey the end of the day we second they sacrifice their lives for the greater good and then they won the United Texas can't wait for you guys to get back into fantasy football streams baby we can't wait neither we can't wait for football dude I love it yeah love NBA the NBA streams have been absolutely fun and I love calling the games I truly do but a footballs are number one sport football week we literally and then just love just watching football even it's not even our just our teams or anything we just love it fantasy football is just so good and we can't wait to mom can't wait to mock like a mother literally right after the made playoffs are done I'm mocking right away George says what's that longtime fan can you shut up me and my curse Quan Quan what's up Jordan what's up buddy hello over another two dollars I got sick of watching NXT and takeover and then eventually aew right when they came on Bowl television on TNT that's what happened on October I think oh yeah Jesus what flavors is corrupt what flavor kind of cheese different flavors no there isn't there is no different flavor cheese's there's just cheese's I guarantee there's some flavors I think there's see there's cheese's original I see that right there peanut butter Shawn yes ma'am I cannot find my fucking Jesus dude are you serious did you leave that work there okay I found him there over here something first yeah okay I got my cheese's she's this original for these guys there's mozzarella cheese it's wait what no way I don't know about that that sounds dangerous um Cheetos got different flavors cheetos cheetos that choices I didn't know I wasn't aware yeah Nick how's Josh or guys how we doing tonight fellas what's good Mod Squad and silver gang oh my god Nick Howard always shows love to the Civic gang yes that's the people who in the chat who are not moderators your names are in silver so I like that Nick Howard does it wrinkle house are not going it's fucking amazing the Chicago Cubs just signed Kimber oh dude we needed that motherfucker we need them and it's Game three I got beer I got fucking cheese it Kimbrel cheers ACL a next day no Jesus crisis but I'm just saying that's your luck though that house that my luck it's him let's get me injured doesn't matter know that look at you ever just like open the baggie just go mmm there's something up with you and cheese okay cheesy yeah I like to eat cheese just like Khalil mac would eat a whole lot of cheese you have Jesus season when he's sex everyone Rogers a good ten times you sure he not she said I'm just it's just a question everybody was that wondering it you know what 500 likes and I'm gonna RKO Sean no let's drop it who's Thomas my mother likes that we're already almost at 500 let's drop it a fire doesn't not work that's not that's not fair uh waiting for my pizza to deliver oh why you gotta bring up pizza bro why you got being a pizza cuz he's waiting for his pizza pizza pizza oh not that Oh Roger just uh what [Laughter] vodka 2.0 with a $2 donation of ripp Oracle Arena the oldest Arena going bang bang what was about time the sir last year and that's why the Warriors kind of wanted to top it off with a victory and win the whole thing but we're gonna see the Raptors over in that yeah bye bye work low-rank you so much about food gonna Jim go on I just checked into ADM right now Paul Pierce this is from Barstow he says uh ball bears finally admits what we already knew he pooped his band's name baby bottles so wait what happened do you remember when he remember when he went down that and rating fuckin acted like he was killed and she went there and they had to like carry him and he put him on a wheelchair and he rolled to the back do you remember that on then he came back and was fucked the conspiracy was that he actually shit his pants and that and he only overreacted that way so that way he can be carried out onto a wheelchair so no one could see that he actually should his pants that's the conspiracy and there's even a photo of a brown spot right on his ass but he dish to dispense interesting Wow until he finally admitted he pooped his pants he pooped his pants well we've had a friend do that before oh yeah that's right okay ball yeah I wasn't there you're the one that told me the story I just right I forgot all about that oh wait wasn't there no I was there any I was like he just took off a ranch right now we're like middle of a game here's a hook I think really the fuck happen if like well there he goes it's are you like realizing you left the stove on or something we didn't know what the fuck just happened he literally just started running this is big-oh filming for the best book or just running really Andrew wait oh my god moving game just pops off and we just don't roll away like where's that motherfucker rollin why did he just run away no way like we turned out he should his man yeah he told us like a few like couple months later I think we didn't see him for a while only two versed with a bottle of H I didn't come to the screening here about discussing cheeseheads hashtag that bears exactly right man I'm just saying I eat so much cheese he should be a cheese head I'm almost full of cheese damn it um Roger says well this sucks what sucks what sucks what sucks Josh was seen at Walmart in Dallas master percent you saw Josh in a Walmart first of all you're not gonna find me in a Walmart in Dallas no way were you in a Walmart recently though what if he's just talking on the area I can't remove the last time I was in a woman who goes to Walmart I always go to Kroger there's one more closer to me oh no the whole time I would go to Walmart is the the one that's open 24/7 oh yeah I don't know master percent is talking out of this uh can't be doing here what's up King yeah BJ's are here Shaun Livingston guys tuning into the jet Shaun Livingston on YouTube is king PJ he also plays for tonight but he's not playing an NBA Finals and hot a cognizant ears of urination was good ha take what's up I'll take are you ready for tonight bro oh you are you ready voice they said bargains I just Biswas all Game of Thrones of the season seven I wouldn't want you to make bro yeah just stop right there you're good you're good Jason where should it go some Walmart with this playstation headset everywhere what's up Sully s what's up buddy Sal a go-go main so no or Nelson have you guys watch Godzilla king of monsters no I have not seen it yet you saw I've seen it oh maybe next weekend no this weekend this weekend go this weekend I loved it man it was fucking great man I want to watch the last Saturday morning mmm hop takaki talking some shit I feel bad that roaches team just catching an L on his birthday well javi when the Warriors beat you guys in Game two mm-hmm we were all looking for you Roach I was looking for you in the stream yeah he looking he was one the trash talk yeah yeah what hot take to new for a second and he left cuz he knew him work out but uh yeah I think I'm seeing it Friday uh what like the guys Ella you've got to man it you know other Godzilla movies have been pretty fucking cheesy but this one was great man I loved it I'm so glad that the NBA season is almost over I just want football pro says it's money oh no you know what I don't know why you're glad the NBA seasons almost over I like that NBA's like it goes past the NFL so it gives us something to do imagine we didn't have the NBA right now what would we be doing sucking thumbs I think the NBA seasons I've been getting better man yeah oh yeah this year was a good season good playoffs much better than years past and that's what we were talking about prior to the season even started yeah that the NBA you looks like it has a bright future man yes it seems like there's a lot more parity in the NBA coming oh a lot of new young talent coming yeah so we both said that before the season started and we look look we're getting we're actually getting a good NBA Finals good even during the regular season the Warriors look beatable can you grab me a beer Thanks so it through the regular season the Warriors we're getting beat even with Kevin right like they weren't didn't look a blue zombie and that's because the talent level of these other teams was getting better there's a lot more relevant teams today than was just five years ago please head up my son además says blue blaze I knew okay oh they're doing okay now right now clay isn't playing almost well see he's active but he's not gonna be starting you saw the movie Thor Godzilla yeah it was amazing Jeremy Lin should play why yeah yeah why should you play yeah imma getting any playing time I don't think I've seen him at all in the put in the playoffs garbage dump garbage garbage time yeah I'm surprised what was I gonna say I don't even saying Rocha TPJ says Rocha if you leave the stream and we start winning don't bother coming back also remember I call your name and you don't fucking say anything birthday or not I'm showing the video mm-hmm we're gonna show look man I wasn't gonna do it but then Shawn saw those comments have you talking shit about them so we're doing it yeah sorry buddy it's going down Bo I have been waiting to show people oh they're not but you know what I gotta it's gonna happen sometimes I don't care her wins but for some reason I don't want a Canadian Cena wins this big scampi it's all about America now people are saying Clay is officially ruled out it said on the bottom of the s-band that he is active but they they probably we're gonna play him I never agreed says Rocha like I said man it's out of my hands bro oh shit so Pharrell it's out of my hands nothing I can do about it nothing I can do about it nope what so people are saying clay is out so they've they changed it again after they told you yesterday inators active no changing they make up their fucking minds Metallica's playing wow look at man so since we have about five minutes till game starts I guess let's go over who we think is gonna win just wow let me tell you someone tell us – no klay Thompson what's it what's the word on Iggy nothing I'm guessing he's playing okay um I think I'm gonna stick with I must say the Raptors went tonight almost hit a bad first one tonight cuz I say there's gonna be a six game serious they get this win here I'm not very hesitant about it I'm gonna go Raptors but I would not be surprised that this is a close game and that curry does not go off for about 40 or 50 points I think I think he didn't go off that much I think because you know I was saying this week how about how Steph Curry's not like showing to be that kind of play that little bran was or Jordan was he waiting disrespect man's gonna have a good game Quinn cooks and I have a good game and draymond Green is gonna have a much better game he's gonna be more aggressive with the ball I think with no clay there so it's it's gonna be a close game it's Incredible Hulk late Steph Curry is like the best one of the best point guards yeah in NBA history and he just they shit on his name as much as they can on the mainstream media man just to get views I guess but here we got a reader's donation my lord this is who y'all got tonight guy says hello to for 700 you know what you're going Raptors I'm filling Raptors you know what fuck it give me the Warriors you don't worry I'm gonna go worse I'm convinced like step cars me golf or 45 points tonight see this is my piggy this this is the game the Raptors should win right yeah this is the opportunity for them to take advantage and get a road win right here right now yeah this is there's not a better opportunity right that's why I was missing like let me lean towards the Raptors but then again I'm like you know what give me the Warriors fucking I want to go worries but it's just like with the injury to clay and no KD and and no Looney and I don't like that that's why of course but I'm gonna go Raptors but I could see it still see the worst should be the rapture should win this game if they don't win this game remember what you said prior to series 5 game series and I was like really you're not gonna give the Raptors two games if they lose this game tonight I think it's done then you're gonna be right yeah you're gonna be right five games because I think whoever won this is gonna be a huge game the Warriors win this game I think it's gonna be over in five definitely so because clay is gonna come back next game and then possibly Katie it's over but that's who we got we want to know your guys's last chance is the last chance yeah hold on let's see the community tab you know it's gonna change 2.6 thousand votes are in and the Warriors won the poll 52 percent over the Raptors forty eight percent let's see how much that changes after the game let us know in the chat who y'all got Toronto or gold state let us know Raptors or warriors let us know right now go go go go go go come on come on uh it's a multi-year deal for Kimbrel by the way Oh what's up yeah I didn't I didn't even think to know what the details were yeah I don't know the details but I just see know him just tell us that no one's on top of it thank you buddy no yeah wouldn't what are you saying the detail he just says multi-year deal it doesn't say anything more of course Kings going with the Warriors I mean you're playing in the game bro yeah Oh $2.00 nation hello a smart man Josh gonna say wins tonight because of the chef chef curry he's gonna be cooking man you know Josh the feeling's mutual so that's why we get along yeah well if you hate it so much why don't you do some of it we want to get silly tonight oh my god I don't think beers have you already had I'm only on my second are you sure we have 261 lives before the game even starts let's get those lights up let's go let's go Cheers I'm sort of tell Adelie the chat guys let's go gala dinner what what's that suddenly Hank Hill from the fuckin the hill over here Yoli Bobby propane propane accessories I'm starting to think that Paul Pierce was has a dysfunctional asshole sharted in the final lot and farted to on live TV did he also fought on TV oh my god oh my god I wouldn't doubt it um Philly five hundreds in the live stream we were just talking about the quad door got a little earlier yeah we're talking about what what are you doing with your life um that guy payback still coming for you Philly you don't know when you don't know how but it's coming Robin it's gonna be a motherfucker to rap the ass remember how he likes to do those uh you were sauces fuck tonight man all the process exams yeah oh he's always keen to process it exactly it's gonna be worse de tulum DJ needs it with a Canadian to all the nations of Lady Cavs you got this game a baby I think you're right about comment of the night yeah thank you so much hey Jenny David says where's the chicken alfredo awesome you know what because of a Scott Thomas his birthday today I was thinking of checking out Fredo because remember that time he's not talking about chicken for Alfred he wouldn't shut the fuck up about chicken alfredo but it's the past it's great I was this close to getting some chicken alfredo straight off Billy says you're offering to give him a process of exam no I'm not saying I'm saying that's what he likes that's what he likes oh my god Cassini is in the chat holy shit we haven't seen Ksenia and so long what's up Ksenia what I feel like it's been like probably over a year how you doing what's up uh we hit the render life already had 300 likes Nathan that's that's right Nick ah we're gonna get him right thank you and where we got thousand people in here you don't go look at that guy's oh he tried he tried to draw the foul right there stupid right yeah so him and drawing that foul calls him to be hurt yep that's how he landed cuz he almost did the splits and fucking pulled that quad or hamster sorry god damn 1000 in the chat before the game starts some dad's watch jump guys hey hopefully all having a great time let's go baby let's have a girl let's have a great time tonight yes yes let's have a great time tonight sounds like a fucking song it sounds like you're about to bust into a fucking melody key webs of the house T well you know the party can't get started to see webs here we're good what up t way up we're all set mob symbol a symbol T waves got it he's like Captain America yeah I think so I think he's Captain America he's like the clean-cut mom and who's Iron Man Thor Thor and T web now Thor is Thor Thor story that's right so who's the iron hammer situation for the top three who's who's a third they can fight for it we could do that Joker in Dark Knight and make him fight for that third always yeah yeah only once right okay well throw a little fucking little shaking down there what was your Jesus my money's on Jason Morgan he's old he can get really ignorant yeah you know what actually that would make sense cuz he's always cracking the jokes he's very witty that's Iron Man yeah that works how you been it out of trouble started sitting in CAD America screwed everything up you didn't screw anything up Philly we don't know team anyone but the Golden State what the GS I mean Junior the Masters i play-by-play go Wars is Dale oh thank you thank you I'm going with your warriors tonight despite everything yes let's fight everything Shawn uh-huh with uh with the safe pick I'm going with the Raptors they're actors yeah I just I have to go with you know you know or with the television I think the Mod Squad is missing somebody mm-hmm she has heart make peace Oh what could it be art thank you for the donation appreciate your love buddy hey Carlos is what's going on boys we come with a to sweet bro what's up man uh Alfred two shots a police shot the police police police Melissa says hi hey Melissa sup Melissa are you ready for a game three I'm ready then you just scared her off oh boy click I'm gonna go watch Johnny Tong sports uh okay case swishes have y'all been Josh Arden hey we been good man work actually suck this week yeah so to be off tonight I had to work Monday and that was a rough one almost got into two different fights I had to stay after and I had the fucking talk with the boxes of shit shit went down Monday night into Tuesday morning he was tell me about it it was ridiculous mouths laughing but hey it's absolutely worth it cuz now I get to be here tonight with you guys with all the ladies and gentlemen from the Chad let's go uh hello Gary's from Philippines owe so much to everybody for the Philippines take up for watching shit hats off to y'all thank y'all thank you so much for being here thank you so much the weirdness is on a hundred today huh I don't know man I'm ready for beard number drunk job did you give the bosses stokoe sir no actually the managers had my back it was the fucking clients that I got into it with yeah I just had my back except for one who was a fucking piece of shit fuck you Andy you piece of shit that's why they yelled and those clients I wish I knew exactly who they were and what businesses they were with yeah because if I did I'd be shitting all over those businesses right now I should've got shit I've got in there use the power of leisure nation for evil Shawn should be like let me see if you're on the list oh what's your name no actually is that is that you right here and healings in gonna dock the dock fuck you Wow the people's elbow yeah and then and then the fucking frog splash like Eddie Guerrero off the fucking top of the hall my second story mmm [Laughter] everybody turn you on – you did Daniel either Josh Capone and my boss Chicago Josh Capone yeah Josh Capone that's a new name you know I'm fucking tired of you like Robert DeNiro in that one bet boom all right Franta wins this game I will buy five cases of beer damn ray for us right over yourself you're getting five cases of beer go burn it drink all that by yourself we could play some beer pong yes you know we'll kick some ass I got in the garage I got Chicago Bulls beer pong Teddy needs that Chicago Bulls beer pong table let's go yet y'all definitely virgins yeah not not according your mama uh Mars bars is it dude your man your mom has hallucis buckle I've ever seen it I mean it was really a weird I was like bro come look at this okay look at this I can just stick my whole foot that oh it's not looking safe I double wrapped it y'all jug is fuck no unfortunately not yet uh we don't get drunk guys unfortunately the game start yet no it has not started yet I think I'll probably start over here in about seven minutes seven hours of minutes whatever yeah it's said eight o'clock on the schedule but you know they always start like 15 minutes after so love from Singapore what's up man Singapore like 1.4 thousand people in here are already I don't even know how to act right now uh my hands I know this though the road to 72k is tonight we're at 71 873 we hit 72 K tonight I'm dropping I'm drop kicking everyone even your girlfriend yeah everyone's good drop kick God girlfriend is everyone oh my god uh too many war bandwagons oh no at the end of the day men the words out had a very loyal fan base even when they were really bad so are some people jump me on the bandwagon yeah but I wouldn't say their whole fan base a lot of their fan bases family MIG tell Legion says hi Josh on man cave Legion are you really a MIG tower or is that just like you do you want to make Thomas no what's that a MIG tau is our group of men who swear off women completely come pletely like what I mean like they can t be friends of them yeah like they don't need women in their lives they don't have sex with them they don't date them they don't do anything with women nothing can do it I can't do it hello to 475 all the nations y'all street y'all are street prophets 2.0 cuz y'all bring the swag like nobody can't let's go let's go I like it oh I think we just lost subs on that one pride but fuck them all hello lord thank you so much yeah can't think enough dude other ages we appreciate that miss how Lord I'm imagining you right by your side right there now you guys are sitting on the couch you're like these young fellows here oh fucking crazy but we love them are made pieces I've seen you guys drug several times come on man don't like we've never actually been drunk though we've been have we buzzed how we felt like was worried on the brink of it yeah but we've never been actually drunk mm-hmm so we've been bust some good old memes as hi all right start like a cow lorry daddy green Leonard stock and Gasol Steph Curry limited Iguodala green and cousins okay so Shaun Livingston is starting in the place we're clean awesome King PJ that's right all right guys and we're about to be underway oh my god for to a commentary yeah with a $1 donation thank you so much buddy guys are you ready hit that like button on are you ready I am ready let's get ready and the tip is off and Charlotte Lu is the tip strolling the Gosei waters and they're all white and the Raptors in they're all black and then you got Danny Green I mean Teddy green Gemma green to Steph Curry swinging around Marcos cousins now shot lives in the right short corner up to steph curry for three oh shit rims out here comes Kyle Lowry and the Raptors here top of the key against limousine pulls up the jumper draws the foul he'll be shooting two free throws that's a foul on Livingston 11:36 left to go in the first quarter here we go good move by Lowry to start off the game hello 2 for 7 with two other nations we actually are in laughing emojis Cole did we knew it thank you so much thank you um you see how Jaguars is in here he says love you guys man for real dough ah for real for real this time but rolled up okay we love you too you see if Jaguar we love you too man and and bro we might see some advice from you man so we not might need you to hit us up yes on YouTube we need advice on YouTube yep and Laurie knocks out the first free-throw second one is in as well making it to nothing Raptors in the lead 11:30 to let that go in the first quarter roars back the other way dream out green here on top gotta box y'all come now to the left wing Steph Curry now to DeMarcus Cousins cousin swings out to draymond for three ease air ball short but there's Steph Curry in the paint to heaven we'll have to let us get back to curry for a baseline jumper for two good wow that's one you you try to play it unless it has a pass that was a passive step curry in the paint yeah I love a no front-load to go in the first quarter on the right corner dream Danny Green is fouled by Steph Curry hmm uh you guys ever hear about the red pill about the red pill or blue pill the red pill truth man yes 11:03 left to go is gonna be a pass in bounded by Kawhi Leonard just yeah come back to winter now to Gasol in the right short corner cuz it's guarding him seven is shooting the shot clock out to Lowery back to Gasol five to shoot Gasol looking flustered pulls out the jumper over cousins and that is blocked but it's always wanting a Wow and we're gonna see a late whistle are they gonna call this a late on cousins there's no fucking way yeah that is late ass whistle they already caught the fucking air block okay here goes a jumper right cousins clearly thousand that is a foul that's what my problem is I think that whistle was so late I guess other ref was expecting another rep for college maybe or maybe he'd lost his whistle I don't know yeah Jeff if you have to go in the first quarter and the Raptors are back at the free-throw line Gasol first one is in and they regained the lead 3 to 2 uh they called it too late what the fuck yeah it's and that was a right call it was just like I hate when they make those bad whistles like late whistles I mean I agree King Rocha that was late man I was late and the second free throw is in 10 49 left to go in the first quarter it's a two-point game Steph Curry brings up brings it up for the gold state warriors and he's met by Lori things a deep three straightaway guard split oh that's bad news for the Raptors splash bad news guys if he's hitting those they're in trouble five two for Golden State in the Leafs y'all come in the payback in town it with dog goes up and it goes in okay good move there by Iggy I mean not by Iggy but say Akasaka six to five Toronto in the lead and you with the ball now download to dream on dream on here and the right post kicks it out to Iggy for three no good rebounded by Danny Green he got led to Cowell re 1007 left to go in the first quarter Lowery almost I'm not putting up a jumper he'll give to Gasol he's used to write straightaway no good rebound a bike the Warriors here comes Steph Curry to the frontcourt Curry's when the defense into the lane off the glass no good full rebounded by Danny Green 9:53 left to go in the first quarter it is a one-point game Toronto in the lead they're back this other way on the offensive end Leonard on the right wing now I'll take a sauce swings it to Lori Lori pump fake pass to Danny Green who shoots for the quarter three good ok Andy green getting it in last couple games he's been hitting the shots 905 is the score 933 left to go in the first quarter Steph Curry to DeMarcus Cousins he'll shoot this wing three and he's fouled that's three free throws coming up for DeMarcus Cousins the foul goes on Marcus all males to dodge his fuck Greg such Craig fuck Greg fuck Craig thank you for the to Elevation Mayo – where's the foul I don't know about that god I was a flop by a cuz he was beyond the art right yeah that's gonna be three free throws yes thank you so much for the two doll donation anybody first free-throw is good for boogie making it a three-point game 6 to 9 where's the foul so uh because we barely touched him after the shot that's the first foul for Toronto that was Gasol's first and goal state warriors already have three fouls yeah Cousins has one so Cousins has one let me stay with one curry with one and boogie misses the last free throw not 28 up to go in the first quarter as Lowry brings it up for the Toronto Raptors they lead by two 921 left to go in the first quarter now to see a comeback to Lori on the left wing outside now to the left short corner Gasol working on DeMarcus Cousins backing them down into the paint he got by to shoot goes up it rose in got sauce putting it work in the pink against cousins back the other way Danny Green with the ball top of the key gets it out to Iggy nine minutes enough to go 11 7 is the score he gives it up to Sean lemons 10 King PJ now to Steph Curry back out to livers and swings it to cousins so away from the ball and I don't understand what the whistle is wait wait wait wait there they're conferring what are they talking about here the fuck just happened ok they're trying to say backcourt violation but he was at the backcourt when he passes episode what the fuck are these rest doing they thought it was a backward violation they reviewed it it's not so it stays with watch their ball ball is inbounded carl re 60 on the shot clock takes away up tothe guarded by Livingston 837 left to go in the first quarter now to Kawhi Leonard who hasn't scored yet in this game on the right outside wing quarter by dream on here comes the screen by Lori Leonard to the lane goes up with one hand no good and it gets rebuttal by siakam now back to Leonard footer up god good rebound by siakam and good putback by Leonard 818 left to go in the first quarter 13 to 7 is a score draymond will shoot the corner three no good rebound by Gasol outlet to Larry 809 left to go in the first quarter of Lowry pulls up the jumper straightaway three no good rebounded by boogie come on guys you got to get your shit together cousins into the frontcourt now to meet him is Gasol on a nice pass Oh nice pass to listen to draymond back to Livingston baseline shot no good rebounded by Danny Green so they can't find who's their second score is gonna be 7:40 able to go in the first quarter Gasol has the top of key download to see akhom on the back door now in the right short corner Shaun Livingston to guard him spin move goes up with one hand off the glass good good move by siakam timeout by Golden State 737 of the go the score is 15 to 7 and you best believe the Raptors are absolutely taking advantage of the fact there's no klay Thompson here tonight to gold say it looks like they can't figure out who's gonna be their second guy on their offense right obviously we know steps gonna gets points but who's gonna be that other guy just step up and take on that role and we're seeing strong limbs they can't do it Dre moms are missing it wide open threes no just says good game we aren't winning this you guys just relax just relax there's only it's only 737 left to go Lake George way to work just relax because let me tell you something when I have seen from the Golden State Warriors yeah and some open shots they just gonna not come in yeah I just gotta not come they'll be they'll get it going I had Toronto tonight how do you to bigger Mike but I would still own kathal or everyone has scored for the Toronto Raptors in the starting lineup yes for 4ci I'm too for Leonard for Fergus all to free Lowery three from Danny Green that's great news for the Raptors and then for the Warriors it's just been all staff with five points and cousins with two yep I don't one yeah yeah those are from the free-throw yeah uh clay cart Cartier says I got sixty on this game let's go with Lowery yeah 60 on the game so you're picking Toronto I'm guessing cuz you're saying go Lowery don't say bad words buddy we are adults to all the mates from hello to four sevens of Toronto is always so good in the first quarter that's actually true that has been sure that's very mature so we'll see how it continues very you know I mean the Golden State how many times guys come on Rocha you know I don't know if it's reverse psychology or says it's already over he's a Wars fan but how many times have they came back from these double-digit deficits going into the second half so many do this probably not worried at all I did what bat three games in a row to close out the series against uh Portland like it's just been non-stop comeback today so to know the rates from hell or sister oh no that's when I just read and we got a $2 nation known three years forty five mil for Kimbrel okay thank you so much know they appreciate the two other nation and thanks for the update man so always count on you guys he's been 15 million a year how you like that yeah Jay Sean there's no way a winning for them they lost playing this game and Katie is off for the season I still I still will not count them out I drink usually when it's away he stays at Toronto at the Jurassic Park so he's probably not this game but now it's still the gold say words man I still think that they still were able to close that last game you know without KD or without clay clay went out last game I'm still did pretty good my my el Scorcho says a wife bandwagons warriors in Game of Thrones go Rutgers okay so she's a bandwagon warrior fan okay Sean is the drinkers the biggest curse remaining in sports would you say um cuz I think the Maddie curse went away a long long time ago I think cuz though what I mean has it where you say something's gonna happen with Patrick mahomes well just think about it Tom Brady a couple years ago he lost his Super Bowl the Eagles mm-hmm then um who had it last year Antonio Brown look at what happened to brown it's all drama I mean just because you make the man cover doesn't mean you're gonna win the Super Bowl so I wouldn't say I'm us I'm saying like something bad happens to Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl heartbreak to the Eagles who was playing against a backup quarterback all right I'm just saying like something bad happened Antonio Brown look what happened Oh Sonny's having to leave the Steelers IRA back from timeout here never show a Steph Curry get some words of encouragement from Kevin Durant as he was heading out towards the court yep klay Thompson having a seat on the bench look I mean he just looks absolutely he was upset that he can't be in his game yeah he wants to play all right we're back here from time now Steph Curry has a ball now to DeMarcus Cousins top of the key go to by Gasol 12 on the shot clock cousin still has it in his hands now he'll give up to Shawn little sit on the left wing Mari in front of them back out to cousins he'll shoot the straightaway three over Gasol and that is gonna be an air ball but I think I think there was a contact there or block or something maybe not Dakota's 999 how y'all how you doing guys hope all is well we go to great great man thank you so much with $10 donations love you so nice of you we appreciate that man thank you so much for being here 704 left to go in the first quarter Leonard out to Gasol top the key drives the lane he's splitting the defense he kicks it out to the corner and siakam jackals got limited on him four to shoot Shaka who's got to shoot this ball three to one step-back jumper for two good oh my god see akka it's going down we're seeing game one time see ah come here yeah man yeah man yeah yeah hell or $2 that's what a be one of those Shawn oh it's true all right Steph Curry driving the lane Oh bless and good oversee ahkam we're gonna see MVP like a fucking Steph Curry we got things started left to go here in the first quarter Gasol top of the key so to the right-wing siakam guarded by dream on backing him down now into the paint on the right high post Cousins help defense ciacco kicks it to Gasol he'll draw the lane and he lays it in that's what we saw a lot of a game one horrible defense we saw a lot of that in Game one 6:10 love to go in the first quarter using their height advantage it's a 10-point game Steph Curry off the screen straightaway three God smush smush they're gonna need that from stuff tonight Jeff Gurner with ten points ready baby seven-point game Lowry here on the left corner kicks it to the top of the key Gasol straightaway three is no good that's back to the way Steph Curry pulls up the triple for three and that's no good rebounded no it goes out of bounds we're gonna say it's Raptors ball knocked away by cousins if words might curry and repeat oh yeah definitely alex Martinez definitely buddy splashes shown guys we have over 2,000 people in here already thank y'all so much for hanging out with us tonight guys 542 left to go first corner siakam frames it up for the Toronto Raptors they are leading by seven dominating in the first course Yakima to the paint and the ball gets knocked away on the bounce will remain Raptors ball with 16 of shot clock see something there Shawn I was just saying I was thinking that one out of on siakam look like draymond hit it off of his arm but they didn't call 534 remains in this first quarter LEM Siddons in the bench and this will be a baseline in by the pass from Lori to Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Leonard and they're gonna say he stepped out of bounds yeah that is a turnover that's warriors ball great defense our dream on Arthur Kawhi Leonard where's the impact of him so forth how did he gain poises he has he's got to – hey this reminds you a lot of game one no remember he didn't really do much the role players are stepping up exactly five Gasol getting points of the paint Jaco going crazy Ziggy baseline pass a quick hook fourth quarter three no good rebound is there by bogie kicks out to Steph Curry he steps up for jumper for two yes Cory is on fire tonight he is cookin 14 points to 19 is the score Laurie for two straight away good 5:07 up to go in the first quarter 21 14 still a seven-point game we see the donation draymond Green kicks it to quick cook on the right corner corner by Kyle Lowry now at the top of the key piggy left wing bogus all right on his ass hands it back off to Iggy pictures of the corner step card for three as he pulls down no good and it's tempted way and it's gonna be Kawhi Leonard who comes up with it and brings it to the front court Leonard the 10-degree for a wide-open corner three guard nothing but the bottom of the net okay Danny Green with six points that's his second three all right we got final donation from Buddha monkey says judge some mom made cookies when we are done I left some of the bedside table for you to pick up some and some it's a milk do I come over someone cooking milk milk and cookies me thank you so much man flat donation we appreciate ya thank you to you hell lord thank you so much photo yeah thank you guys and it looks like we got a way for the ball foul I'm not shown who but to Danny Green is came to play these last couple games man he's been hitting some shots Danny Green Danny Green all right 420 for them to go here in this fourth first quarter first quarter man I don't know if he's gonna be happy about this no he is he's got to be he's got to be mm-hmm hot egg fox 87 Cardinal who else horses the rapper's fan Danny Green hurry down low nice feet to Bogut who throws it down shake hurry before 11 left to go in the first quarter back to the way Lari to Gasol top of the key found the pass looks like a quick cook I guess Lowery thank you all who everyone yeah exactly the Thor exactly thank everyone that donated y'all are awesome over 20 I'm gonna 2700 people in here 2600 people in here they go so much right oh my fucking god knows what whatever he's doing that on Facebook about getting wrong blocked all right back to the way Gasol nice feed from Kawhi Leonard and he throws it down 3:54 let me go here in the first quarter 26:16 10-point game draymond Green here on the left short quarter gotta by Kawhi Leonard now kicks out two-step curry into the paint not to quit cook he wasn't ready for it goes out of Bounce I've turnover that is Raptors ball 3:45 with the go in the first quarter you can't make mistakes like this always got to be ready for the pass and they got to clean up their interior defense right now man this all has got way too many easy cut layups Steph Curry man someone's gotta step up for him in ya 339 left to go in the first quarter shocking with a ball left winning outside Quinn cook in front of him that's a mismatch draymond with the help defense kicking out to Lori now to Gasol installed back in town man just shoot it over him he does no good rebounded by it rose out of bounds and that's I don't dream on as he was fighting with Kawhi Leonard but that's let me wrap this bobble 14 the shot clock 326 left to go from Korea with love you guys are amazing Stephen Kim thank you so much for watching from South Korea thank you buddy South Korea much love 320 final to go Lori inbounds is shocking for a corner three no good rebound by Bogut at the draymond Green he pushes it up court 3:20 months ago Tremont into the pink he tries to pass it hard to – Alonzo kitty but he goes out of bounds as a turnover right back they give it right back to Toronto fuckin here siakam to Leonard pump fake at the straightaway 3i gets a lot so McKinney dribbling now into the paint kicks out to the corner shot comes Yakima in front of Trent draymond Green right there see Ockham hands it off to Gasol against Bogut in the paint running around jumper up no good Steph Curry with the rebound – for the – lot to go in the first come on curry showing what you're cooking it's a 10-point game Steph curve right here double team now out to Bogut Bogut looking bad for curry but he'll go to draymond Green swings it to a loss over Kenya and he'll Drive baseline use double team and gets turned over a good shit man police down court to its Jakob floater up no good rebounded by Steph Curry little late help them out here hey Alonzo took quick cook these guys can't just fucking get a bucket here they can't even get a good shot off – Steph Curry off the screen three know be bonded by Kawhi Leonard 2:19 not to go in the first quarter Leonard brings it up court 10-point game Leonard into the paint no good and they're gonna call a foul against Steph Curry's side another late call cuz I didn't hear the whistle uh late ask ya I didn't even hear the what's on my side fourth quarter of close games or oh there's Alma something's um what's up Marcus Jane so yes my favorite two people with their gorgeous eyes such beautiful eyes we have beautiful eyes according to Marcus thank you thank you uh yeah Raptors are scoring much all turnovers but warriors man they can't nobody else could buy a bucket nobody oh yeah sorry coccyx hockey everybody you're brand new to the stream yeah sure you subscribe to that notification belt we will be back on Friday night for Game four yes we will but well Toronto have the lead in the series going into Game four because right now they're leading by ten points yeah yeah give props to the rafters man all the sixteen points with a go to State Warriors Steph Curry has 14 of them I mean 12 of them so it's 12 of them two points some cousins and two points off of Bogut someone's got to step up here guys this is not look and he has five rebounds already very serious he's our leading rebounder my god someone help this dude out keep BJ I agree man these late falls are pissing off there's some late whistles being blown here yeah I'm really bad uh real hoodie says not not that easy without your all-star teammates well yeah no we're not saying that it's it's gonna be easy but someone we're saying someone has a step up Curry's doing his part someone else has got to step up and for him um give a shout out huge shout out to some content creators who were Raptors fans Fox 87 hot take hockey was the chat right now yes sir card oh can you think of anybody else who's a Toronto's fan who is a concentrator Luca Luca Jesus Christ I look alive right now to Luca let me see go Lucas I was insert carnal stream go look at Luka hey and we have over 500 likes thank y'all so much I already hidden that like weird have 500 by the before the first quarter even is am I drunk why do i type in Luka why'd I type in Luke oh no you're weird it's the water border for yeah the water report oh he is life nice drop that line for him hello – were set went to college Josh he says every chef cooks alone no one is to eat the food exactly he needs people to help out I was gonna say looking good right now but I don't wanna jinx it I'm not gonna do so for him I'm not gonna change it I'm not gonna I'm not gonna jinx it for him yeah uh Jerry months sucks no dream on is a triple double machine he's averaging a triple-double I think in the playoffs Oh Josh your favorite person just don't fill a pot holder with a 99-cent donation Thank You Philly 500 thank you so much for that donate another one and another $0.99 donation I wonder what he's doing right now hmm watch it he's gonna have a smartass remark but next one yeah probably I don't even know what I'm doing anymore don't pull too much here I bet the cable you almost pulled your iPad I don't even know what I'm doing anymore that's that story Verla well thank you fella finally for that donation we appreciate you as these would be great when you have three other old stars in lineup Steph is great even with no other all-stars in the lineup what you talking about uh $1.99 for art make peace thank you so much buddy we have 600 now likes no way I just said 500 now we have no we better honest oh my god we do how much oh okay really following through with a non-integer here's some money for a new job risky Jersey I I knew that was coming I knew it you asshole I knew that was coming you need another what $130 more to go yeah you fucking dick I'm an asshole well thank you for that night I don't we appreciate that you need a lot more than that cuz you know it takes a lot more for the family for those who don't know Philly 500 he is an Eagles youtuber and he burned my true Biscay Jersey and Kawhi Leonard knocks down the second free throw it's making the 2816 208 left to go here in the first quarter Bogut to draymond Green on the left outside wing guarded by Kawhi Leonard now to quake cook top of the key green to meet him here goes to screen by curry vamp Elite will stick on him now pass out to curry against Danny Green drive the leg kicks out to the corner Alonzo bikini for three and he knocks it in go baby oh god damn door we go it's gotta be McKenney or Quinn cook step up let's go oh really Jada badass right that's weird dude that is weird that is really weird all right Kawhi Leonard off the screen into the paint off Oh the layup real easy one Oh Steph Curry with the outlet pass the quick hook and he lays it in how did Kawhi Leonard miss like the easiest leave I've seen all night that was disgusting I can't believe it this is a 21/28 ballgame Cornell top of the key moving off the screen into the pit against Bogut he'll shoot it over he draws the foul smart he got buggin up in there can't do that wait where was the foul hey jump in there Lucy yeah I saw I saw some may be contacting the lower body but I did see there's a lower body yeah they bumped him when he came down oh yeah uh Raptors going to blow another lead we'll see I picked the Raptors a win from oh I promise this stream is better than ABC those those t web damn Ryan fuckin the keys the lashing baby yeah nobody out there yes you're right come on baby the best moist live streamers here on YouTube I need a fucking other fear the gods and Kawhi Leonard here Atticus on lines 29 21 second free throw good it's good it's good it's a good oh let's go baby 3.1 thousand people in here thinking guys so much smack that like and subscribe if you haven't yet here we go Steph Curry into the lane off the glass but he's fouled he'll be shooting two free-throws yes one oh wait let the go in the first quarter is a nine point game he could cut up to seven here Steph Curry headed back to the free-throw line he has been the workhorse horse no doubt about it 12 points six rebounds three assists he knows that's why I like curry new in this game he's gonna have to fucking make everything happen and he's making it all happen as he's at the free-throw line he's getting MVP chants from the crowd first free-throw is good that gives him 13 points for the game so far Patrick McCall has checked in for the Red Rose Jesus Christ what I want to see him play like one think belly knee thank you so much very compost as we're the best Thank You Man Steph Curry with the second free throw is good alright seven-point game twenty three dirty and both teams are in the bonus with a remainder of the 105 left to go in the first quarter Van Vleet into the frontcourt guarded by Quinn cook 16 the shot clock he's looking for quad letter and he gets it to him on the left wing he'll drive right here and he'll go strong and throws it down with the clock now had no chance with the clock no chance they call it and one yes dad I'll even hear the whistle what they caught it and one that's a foul against Jordan Bell that's a foul so here's a three-point play opportunity for Kawhi Leonard at the free-throw line it's up and good 55 seconds remaining ten point game once again can't be Maine those stupid fouls Steph Curry to the freeze into the frontcourt right there 59 seconds 50 seconds remaining sorry now Detroit Bill down inside to LA supplicating out draymond puts up the shot and his foul he's flexing on them here comes a three point play for draymond nice opportunities there I like it I like this game is unfair now it's not it's fair ma'am yeah I mean what can you do about injuries you know Gosei is dealing with some injuries yep what can you do but play it through that's not the rapper's fault no draymond knocks down the free throw make it a three-point opportunity there 26:33 41 seconds remaining in the first quarter while I let it into the frontcourt now and quiet gives it to Patrick McCall pump fake brings it up now he'll kick it out to dint agree for a corner three no good rebounded by Alonzo McKinney 27 seconds remaining in the first quarter 33 26 he'll give up the step curry who will bring in the frontcourt everybody on their feet let's go about a five-second difference between game clock and shot clock shot clock at 10 seconds Steph Curry pull up a shot how did he make that he did carry 17 points for Steph Curry oh my god 29:33 McCall Danny Green pump fake shot from the corner for three good answers right back what a fucking that's a third three-pointer from Danny Green and that's gonna end the first quarter as draymond eve that up yeah 36:29 Steph Curry brought it within four points I'm a because he said because you got bumped maybe they let it go Steph Curry hit step three right and then dream I'm in Danny Green answers back with a three of his own Danny Green that's his boy he's got he had three three-pointers he's got at least nine points yeah easy it's got nine points 3 for 4 from three-point land Wow Danny Green Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard are the leading scorers right now Gasol has eight points of four from Laurie six from siakam nothing off the bench so far yeah 17 points for Steph Curry three from Danny Green I mean draymond Green I'm gonna keep doing that dream on and then three from Alonzo McKinney two from Bogut and two from Quinn cook nice now uh Kevin Cabrera I want to make a respond to this he says guys down with twitch you can watch there because there is no copyright there is still copyright on twitch we are affiliates on Twitch and we still cannot show the game or broadcast gain it's a copyrighted that's state law nobody's above the government law that's federal law just wanted to confirm that I'll let you know that Kevin we have a 399 Josh I'll wait till justice Bagley I didn't read that one air dribble by curry though yeah that was that was a little bit of a carry you can't go bug above like that well I think they let it go cuz it got bumped but it's all good uh-oh let me update the quarter real quick Josh we got donation you got to read your favorite player a person your favorite person in the world right now it's from Philly 500 he says how'd you read this this is for the taxes for the true brisket Jersey oh there's a lot more than that buddy oh I can't wait to get this fucker back and Zachary damn I can't wait to get this fucker back with a ten dollar donation he says hey guys it's your no more fan I support you guys 100% Thank You Zachary man we appreciate that buddy thank you thank you so much metal donation we love you mom I love you appreciate that man yeah hey guys we are just less than 30 away from hitting 72k no you're lying yeah we're 25 away do it man we're gonna hit sisa some best buff that's it I probably I probably fucked it all up come on Sean drink up for curry forty five points to drop in the basket yeah Mia I said it I said earlier that me and Josh both agreed that he's probably gonna be driving 45 to 50 points uh tonight so I don't I don't know it yeah what we are 25 wait 21 that's crazy it's ready dude and how many less you got we got 731 likes already Wow God I think we're gonna hit a thousand likes before halftime I think we will I think we're gonna head lines I think they like us Josh according to them it's already halftime what okay dude how they how does VN fuck up like that man that's hilarious Johnson's I know y'all see it see what Shawn what do we what we miss ya roaches has a thanks to you ding Matt exactly keep giving them one you know what I want to trip risky jerseys I want a blue one and a white one what though hopping away with the patch what the 100 whatever year patch yeah yeah yeah see ya oh we're back for the second quarter guys cholera has the ball now to Van Vleet Van Vleet on top now to the right-wing outside daddy green now feeds it down low to see Occam backing down Iggy into the paint turn around puts it up one-handed and he goes in what a move there by see outcomes remind me a lot of game once y'all come came to play today yes he has 11:33 left to go in the second 38:29 live us in with the ball PJ what's he gonna do he'll give it to Iggy now downloaded cousins he'll go up off the class and it's good no foul there he wanted one but he wants him to get it how did he get that goat I don't know how did he get out of fault but hey at least got made of made a seven point game lorry driving the baseline kicked into the corn for van flea for three yes nothing but the bottom of the net nine for Van Vliet neither way Iggy top of the key Lowery on him 13 to shoot under 11 minutes of the go now to DeMarcus Cousins Ibaka is guarding him it rolls out of bounds Ibaka saying that's not on cousins but they're gonna say that it's warriors ball Chuck I finished watching season two a very cavalry cavil cavil re with Jay Cutler I've never seen him but play but he sure is funny oh he's a funny dude while inbound atutor rep go from lemons did he put the jumper no good DeMarcus Cousins grabs the rebound and there's gonna be a whistle here is that gonna be a foul against Toronto a loose ball I think so yeah Kevin Mexico's in here what's up Kim Kim what's up Kim I you do a girl can we go the three-point line exactly Paulie about it from Iggy to DeMarcus Cousins kicks out the giraffe go all fake steps up now to live driving baseline goes up no good but they're gonna call a foul against the Raptors way late what is what's up with all these late calls that's about time I lay call went warriors way that is this true Touche Touche concern Touche are they Mexican I'm makin I'm not what if I started coming dating the rest of the game like this yeah what's up position Charlie nice thing at the free-throw line for reals though this fool come up to make it yet not yeah see there you go it's Thompson playing Hollow Jack no Thompson is uh is not playing they decided to sit him that's probably best his hamstrings are very dangerous uh your mom was really dangerous samurai she is she's a boost she's a beast sell those that knocks down the second free-throw making it 33 41 1044 left to go in the second Van Vleet into the frontcourt for the Toronto Raptors Quinn cook in front of him 17 on the shot clock Raptors they're in absolute control novice Jakob see how come who goes up and he is fouled they say fellas out about there saying that no it's a foul gives direct oh and the crowd has been chanting defense will you guys give it like roaches six guard the three-point line already let's see this foul I can see this foul oh yeah Jeff go you put your arms down man no baby just me as any two kids let me refresh we did seventy-two thousand subscriber baby oh my god we did it cheers we get 70 mm thank you guys so much cheers oh you guys have some too Wow thank y'all so much revered by the new subscribers y'all are awesome welcome sports your nation baby and all y'all new people we will be turn on your notifications guys we will be live Friday see like up knocks out the second free-throw making it a tape 10-point game once again 10:30 left to go limited into the frontcourt now without Steph Curry man this is gonna be a struggle yeah DeMarcus Cousins on the left short quarter now down to lemon stand off the glass house a tough shot of a bad shot here come the rafters of the Loree head to the front court who give up the siakam bat to Laurie swings on the corner on family for three no good rebounded by Iggy 10:09 let the go in the second can the Warriors try to just stay alive at Steph Curry is on the bench quick cook two cousins top of the key cousins oh this passage of Remco they were not on in sync and the ball goes out of bounds it's Raptors ball they're just playing just they're playing horrible there's way like shit right now get your shit together down like shit right now oh what a pass I know God Liotta what a pass what do you think is gonna win the championship I'm sticking with the Warriors I said warriors and 6su siakam has the ball now hands it off to Powell swings it to Kyle Lowry off the string screen back to Powell top of the key Navis Yocum 947 month ago shocking with a ball against Rocco he'll take him off the dribble off the glass it's good time out warriors 942 other go in the second see akhom is looking like Game one he stopped he's got 12 points he had 30 some points in Game one this is hesitancy Jochum is the leading scorer for the Raptors 12 points he is murdering nobody can stay in front of this guy so the second units right here a little bit no quieter on the court Ram no Steph Curry no draymond Green it's a 45 yeah 33 game but like I said the Warriors have came back from deficits like that before going into the second half so hey there's still plenty of game left I'm not counting out the Warriors at all Steph Curry he is looking on fire tonight he's got 17 points already spicy P man that's right spicy P oh and just once they thank you guys so much again for all the support you guys have given us set of two thousand subscribers and what a journey this is continuing to be this is incredible thank you guys so much and to all the new people hey this is what we do we kick back relax we're laid-back where you try to make it fun for you guys we go live also for other sports as well especially if you're NFL fan you don't want to miss our streams fantasy football content we welcome you guys all to the OGS who have been here since damn near the beginning we love you guys and man what a right shout-out to the Mod Squad you guys have been kicking ass we just hit 72 K babe yeah yeah it's awesome it's awesome so thank you guys so much appreciate you we love you huh Josh you need to RKO Sean now right now give more okay all right now XO wants to know who would ever make this a full-time job that would be fucking awesome that would be great out that'd be a dream job that'd be a dream come true but honestly but you know who knows then who knows what knows what happened honestly maybe one day he's spread the word about the sports for you man that's the first way you guys are gonna support us just keep spreading the word the more people that show up yeah you know the more successful we can be but whether we go full-time or not we're always gonna be here we're always gonna continue doing this and having fun yeah having some cold drinks chillin with you guys we're gonna do it it's all about just hanging out with y'all man is that we love live streaming because we just love just it's just so much more fun to interact with you but so far it's 45 33 942 not to go in the second quarter and the Raptors are an absolute control mass yeah calmly yeah 12 points so there's got to be some adjustments being made here the Raptors are you got it they got a guard everything man I've seen so many easy layups I see Ockham I've see some easy layers by Gasol yeah they do but they are not putting they got a they gotta attack a little bit more but be smart with it I've seen Shawn lumison and some of these guys attack and they're forcing the shots they're going into double teams triple teams because Marc Gasol's is clogging up a lane they gotta do something draymond greens got step up they got clean up these turnovers yeah they a Golden State already has five turnovers that's gotta be cleaned up and we're back from timeout 937 left to go in the second quarter Warriors have the ball DeMarcus Cousins to Quinn cook Kyle Lowry staying on state see how the aggressive defense that the Toronto Raptors are putting on even though they're up right now they're stay there at the ends if they're down biting all those points quick cook pulls of the jumper he gets it to go over siakam nice that was a tough shot though I like it 917 up to go in the second quarter 45:35 Lawrie with the ball out to the top of the key Ibaka hands it off to Danny Green Danny Green to Lori 40 on the shot clock he'll take the jumper over Livingston for three good Lari from downtown that's not good oh how he's hitting shots to under nine minutes left to go 35 48 quick cook to DeMarcus Cousins he'll hand it off to Quinn cook and there's gonna be a whistle away from the ball three seconds three seconds but look it man look at this Lorie with space hits it right in for the LEM instead from the perimeter what is that mark Jackson always say hands down man down right nobody always says like that's what happens man Sean Luci cannot back off like that give any room to you guys shooter like that alright quick cook will shoot this free throw here because there was a three-second violation against the Raptors 852 left to go in the second quarter Steph Curry has to come back in the game and he is yeah yeah alright kseniya you're out here alright Ksenia city is leaving I need more sleep have this dream thank you so much the city for being in here I'm glad you came back it's been a while so hopefully you see you again soon all right ball is better from limited to DeMarcus Cousins he'll go to draymond Green who always also check back in green back to cousins cousins to live instead he throws it down two-handed that's I want to see ya did it dunking BJ the ball movement is gonna have to be key here 10-point game 8:35 left to go in the second Laurie right here on the left Oh short corner kicks it out to see a club in the paint off the glass good high glass to Jameson with a one dollar donation thank you so much Jamie sale much Jameson appreciate you love you man draymond Green has it right here on the outside now into the inside kicks it out to cheer up co he'll shoot the three from the wing no good rebounded by Danny Green – they already points to eight minutes left ain't no wait love to go in the second edit Green will give it to Norman Powell but they were gonna say he stepped out of bounds another saying a family Danny Green what I did he push did you knock him did he grab what'd he do I don't know John chokeslam Shana 2k likes you got it I mean Jesus oh yeah Danny Green came in bumped Steph Curry he can't run into him at this channel would get more views than than them if they was stream their announcers would be ashamed oh yeah a mess of the goat in this second quarter 52-38 cousins right here on the top of the key now – limited limited to the paint and draymond he'll give this Steph Curry for a jumper for the free throw line no good rebounded by Lori 7:47 of the go in the second quarter Lori into the frontcourt here at top of the key downloading Ibaka going strong to the lane and he's fouled that's two free throws coming up for Ibaka 52-38 look the paints is wide open every time their defense is without play their defensely sole out of whack they don't know what to do Daniel says very good Thank You Man yeah josh is the best was pretty amazing the games were fun to watch you damn right hurt me right Herbert let's go oh you got Philly damn dingbat we've got I don't get a show who's got you girl just kidding you're blocking the knocks out in the first free throw make it a 51:38 7:42 the second no not really I'm Johnny I got your baggy burns at your bestie Jersey Perry's an Eagles fan fuck'em he deserves sorry that's the first point by Ibaka by the way oh here comes the second free-throw and it is good 14-point game we see the donation how long we're gonna get to right here the second limited brings it up for the gold State Warriors man 3852 at home this is tough to see live us into Curry two cousins go into the pit going up struck all denied by a buck up circle ciacco to the frontcourt not to Leonard Leonard kicks it this jacket for quarter three no good rebound II know it goes out of bells and they're gonna say it's dude Raptor wait who whose was it that was a fucking goaltend look off the backboard how are they not calling that a goaltender should have been a goat in that should have been a goaltend I saw it alright Raptors Boston Leonard in bounces for the sidelines to lari lari move off the screen from Gasol top of the kid cousins in front of him that's a mismatch eight seconds left on the shot clock six now kicks it to Leonard in the corner Gordon by Steph Curry three to shoot he's got to shoot it up he does from the corner and it's gonna go out about as it hits a backboard top of the board and over now we had $20 from hell lawyer says y'all y'all say thanks to us but thank you all guys y'all could do anything with this time but choose to entertain and make millions smile everyday and you guys are generally funny entertaining you guys deserve it thank you so much wow dude hello I'm sorry Sean hello thank you so much alert that's a hell of a fucking thing to say man and thank you so much thank you buddy that really touches the heart yeah thank you so much man my clogged heart clogged arteries thank you so much man back all the way draymond Green Drive to the pain he losing control falls down here comes the Toronto Raptors that's a turnover glory into the paint Oh took a huge bump and that Warriors come up with those shoot Steph Curry to Lonzo McKinney against Leonard driving baseline pass to Levison to Bogut back to curry on the left wing guarded by Van Vliet 6:30 filed to go behaves it up here shot rebounded by Leonard Leonard into the pain goes up and lays it in offensive foul offensive dream I was there to draw that oh my god what a fucking call fire like something going the war was that enough it's a foul yeah that was often I guess the replay on that here goes a replay yeah although he'll know the heel of his foot though was touching that fucking like it was beyond that line the restricted area see that yeah that's true that's very true Wow I don't know these refs are horrible I don't know about that call we got dollar a dollar oh five 105 from logic comics thank you so much buddy appreciate that these arrests have been kind of trash man these these fucking resident trash I'm getting really frustrated for these no goaltend it was an obvious Bolton it will do it fucking close we hit 1000 likes man what that's awesome thank you guys so much thank you guys we appreciate that we'd love you guys that's amazing thank you guys guys guys you have no idea how much that our channels are growing and growing that's that's right there is the reason why y'all he's not like I'll sharing y'all even comedy that counts as interactions that helps out an algorithm and that's how it works we are found by more people our goal is to hit like 75 maybe by the end of the playoffs we'll see dude they have you cool man why you guys do revenues job guys just watch don't overreacting about ref calls me shut the fuck up we're calling what we can't have an opinion now shut up shut up dude I just shut up there's a bad call for both sides of the team so we're not favoring anybody so we're not be buy-in and then just shut the fuck up there's mouth burgers like this don't one it was a clearer Eagleton shut up it's facts two dollars where our makepeace should be a mount ball what empty ball rules no blood no foul no blood no foul that's uh that was the old school way that's old street ball right there I grew up watching man yeah that's what I grew up watching um Sean you're drunk already bud drink moderately this is Ray Sean's only had he's only the second beer only barely on my second beer belly Oh people congratulate us on Twitter thing you guys so much shelli's congrats man George Abraham on Twitter was saying great work he put us on the big screen this is his picture of us on the big screen Oh tell him thank you tell me we look damn good on that big screen – what sexy motherfucker of Magdalene oh I'm sorry I mispronounced that says I subscribed thank you for subscribing we appreciate that thank you thank you so much Michael Jordan from Alaska what what shot isn't drunk Sean not even buzzed literally this is my second beer you guys let's count root beer no Mae says you guys are entertaining make me laugh I'm sitting here at work and I have to suppress my laughter Oakland girl working in Thailand hey just don't get in trouble you know we don't want you get in trouble giggling over there but we appreciate you the Cryptkeeper from never remember tells from the crip oh yeah guy creep me the fuck out bro like every when I was a kid and I turn that shit on TV channel no no I'm done the opening credits always creeped me that's what I'm talking yeah yeah I could watch it man music dude and then seen the skeleton like look at you uh what will you do if is guess if you guys hit 35km we're gonna break everything and we're back from the timeout draymond Green has it for the goals like Wars hands off the Steph Curry Naoto Alonzo McKinney – Bogut on the right outside wing down low – Iggy backing down ventilate he should have took advantage of that yep now – Bogut now – Alonzo bikini on the owner driving baseline kicks out – Iggy Iggy into the paint kicks it out to a lonesome what are they doing now the dream on for three the air ball that's Jeff Locke violation how many fucking passes oh my god those stupid offense the funny thing is I picked the fucking the practice of wid I just want to see a good why did he take a that advantage over van please her fucking idiots I don't know I meant pissed off I'm not even worried I'm getting pissed six minutes left to go 3852 but the Raptors are playing tremendous defense yes Gasol kicks it to the right outside wing siakam now back out to a family top of the key guarded by Steph Curry 9 on the shot clock 540 enough to go here comes the screen by Sock'em manfully moving off the double screen they're now in the paint wheeling and dealing puts up a one-handed no good rebounded by draymond he'll push it up quickly into the frontcourt trim onto the paint now the eggie almost knocked away while the Raptors kicks it out to Steph Curry on the outside right wing now to the corner moms on mckinney for three no good rebounded by family picture fucking shot you piece of shit you're wide open you Canada Laurie from deep three no good I thought he was gonna hit that – you know what you deserve to hit dead dream on take that in the right short corner the over and Laurie goes up but Alonzo McKinney is there to get the board he goes back up with he misses it it gets tipped back out Steph Curry's there to grab it 5:08 let the go now – Alonzo McKinney kicks it out to Iggy for us straightaway three no good they can't buy a bucket and there's gonna be a whistle on the rebound it was not a good call and that's gonna guess who don't even stream on over the back on Kyle Lowry I don't know watch that this is over the bag this is that's not over the back this is ugly basketball yeah this is ugly basketball yes that's very did you see over the back you can't go over a guy that fell on the ground that's not bad for the 230 a for 15 I love the goat here in the second quarter ball inbound a to Lori he'll bring it up for the Toronto Raptors and right now shooting from the field 43% to Ronald 37% for Golden State now to Gasol guarded by Bogut he'll draw the foul Bogut what the fuck were you doing ok ok what the fuck were you doing he's a rookie oh wait he's not why is it making rookie mistakes why you being so aggressive right there putting your fucking hands all up in him of course he's gonna draw the foul that was smart move by Gasol smart move by Gasol oh I don't like the body language and the faces that I'm saying from the gonna say warriors man I don't like it 4:44 and I don't you don't see it you don't really see it now ball inbounded Kawhi Leonard has the ball Leonard now to the corner Van Vleet into the paint kicks it down low to see Occam he'll pick it up Hill puts it up no good rebound it there by Iggy and they're called foul on Marcus off I guess Diggy I guess he pushed them maybe yeah he marker so I don't see it well he did fall to the ground yeah I don't know this is sad to watch it's getting really pissed off and we're not in warrior fans but we just but I'm still saying it's the game still not over like Thor said said the games still not over if the worst can overcome this fucking deficit both teams are in the bonus Steph Curry has the ball if they go to overcome this this be great Steph Curry to Tremont and he lays it in making it a 12-point game for 20 months ago time out by Toronto if they overcome this deficit we've seen them do it before it now we've never seen them do it with al Clay you involved yeah and against Toronto which is one of the best defensive teams right it'll be tough but if if the Warriors can overcome this deficit once again and they get this win here at home in the second half man this will be one of the best comebacks it's got it being so short-handed and you know a nobody prom in NBA final stage a lot of people probably giving them a chance without clay but this team still got you gotta remember there's still courage dream on these guys are still great players hi Jerry how you doing thanks for being here Oh Jerry Oh Jerry baby wasn't that a song really yeah the four seasons all right endless tonight a four season ever I haven't ever heard of them you've never heard of the Four Seasons I don't chop you up fucking break you Valley now whenever you how do you not know a judge you can't give me shade only no other names the Frank Frankie Valli oh uh no chance robbers don't win Game three no chance Raptors don't win Game three so you're saying the words will win well right now the Raptors have the advantage right now it's it's gonna be interesting to see what second-half adjustments the words make at halftime because right now is not looking good for them right now their defense looked sluggish nobody's putting up points besides curry mainly so we're gonna have to wait and see how do we get the ball back Lauer's bring up the wall here we go past it to see how come y'all gonna Gasol top of the key guarded by Bogut hands it off to fucking Lauri off the screen from Gasol into the paint now down low to Sock'em puts up the floater no good rebound by Bogut don't let the steph curry under four minutes of the go 12-point deficit here for the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry being double team out to Iggy on the left outside wing 12 on the shot clock guarded by siakam he'll go to draymond on the right side wing now to Quinn cook Quentin into the paint puts it up that was an ugly ugly shot and that's Raptors rebound here comes quite later back the other way 333 left to go in the second quarter Leonard against Bogut into the paint he hasn't been all that you know fucking on anything he's not really going at all he has got going now but he did he didn't need to let it rest with the deal cats lose the ball and Ray Vaughan's there to pick you up there come the Warriors draymond to Iggy to the corner to quick coffee driving baseline to draymond he goes up and he's fouled by Gasol alright they can cut this down to 10 points today almost lock that up how many thousands Gasol had that's at least two that I know of that's a good start foul Oh a 13 up to go in the second quarter drema at the free-throw line because they're in the bonus oh yeah while inner trying to split the defense there and went right off a bogus knee yep yeah draymond the free throw line 3:30 not to go in the second quarter hey what's up Philippines are you doing bad things are in the house Sean sell them on and just to the Pinoys and the kuya's and the octane yeah welcome guys Yosh what am i doing I don't know John you're dancing man you busting a move bust a move Josh calm down almost a little Bob will lose bro amen maybe draymond Green knocks down the last free throw right there I'll see that 42 let's move now bounced the tour to Robins haven't scored anything in the last for 30 minutes rafters with the ball everyone on their feet chanting defense live for a deep three guess Kyle Lowry from d3 let's go to 50 let the go in the second quarter Steph Curry driving the lane and he is fouled he'll be headed to the free-throw line mm-hmm Oh get up get up Steph get up Steph 240 miles to go in the second quarter it's a 13-point game we're like oh man they haven't scored shit from the field for a long time and here's Larry some Lauren said fuck you bitch bio king bochi here this guy's jinxing your team right now fuck him ROG is like it's my birthday and I'll cry if I want punching air right now that's what he's doing yeah Jerry we were from Texas we're located in Dallas Texas baby and Steph Curry knocks down the first free throw 249 left to go Steph Curry man you better be all right bro you're eight 18 points 18 points now for Steph you didn't kind of quite here in the second quarter he knocks down the second free throw to 14 I love the go here comes Kyle in the car and to the frontcourt Golden State's they are trailing by 11 everyone chanting D third third Leonard here comes the double-team Leonard he will go to a buckle on the corner right side five to shoot he'll give it back to Leonard he's got three to shoot he's being adulty he'll heave it up with him downtown air ball Steph Curry gets the rebound here come the Warriors Olaf curry with the jump over three what a fucking shot Wow flash shooters roll you all fun optical that got everybody on their feet Lari into the paint no good it gets but and curry cuz of the rebound wait oh they're going out of bounds are they standing stepped out yeah they're same Raptors ball with two minutes at the goat Steph Curry you are fucking something else look at those dribbles he is quick early man he felt siakam right there he knew he had to do it quick man alright baseline amount of pass from Laurie to Leonard and draymond was there to make it hard from Leonard to it block on the right wing and you know gets gonna drop it off at the foul ball get drunk the offensive foul shit oh my god chipton you feel it yeah do you feel do you feel do you feel yeah it's happening I don't know where to go from there 47 55 Oh Steph Curry with the ball go to state has eight turnovers of Toronto seven and now there's gonna be a whistle here on Lowry that's gonna be two free-throws cuz they are in the bonus foul on Kyle I know I pick the Raptors to win why I just want this a bigger game no I'm just glad that words are getting back into it yeah welcome always welcoming of all the new people hey everybody I've got a new to the channel welcome to sports your nation baby this afternoon Steph Curry knocks at the first free throw 4855 seven-point game chuny we've gained a lot of subscribers tonight and i just want to say if you are new turn your notifications as we go live we're gonna go live for every single NBA Finals and other sports and a fellow wrestling holly above guys Steph Curry misses the second free throw he's a bum he's up slack they should have never drafted him just kidding well 42 other go in the second quarter remember both teams are on the bonus Leonard with the ball now to Lowry back to Leonard on the right outside wing going to by Iggy into the paint Leonard kings of the corner for siakam three no good rebounded by Quinn cook here come the Warriors Oh dream on dream on taking Lois take it away here come the rozzers and turn over Leonard who thought of us through the three he will over a quick cook no good rebounded by Bogut here come the layers again 1/10 of the ghost curry for three oh they call it sound cook that was a bad call hey it looks like him and Lauer just collided look yo that's a stupid fucking cartoon no call that's a no call i'll lowry threw himself into cook that's a fat stupid call right there these brats are fucking terrible one off five months ago in the second quarter that was a bad call that's a no call Y minute left to go in the second 4855 Leonard with the ball here on the left outside wing driving here in the paint kicks out to the course Jakob and there's gonna be a whistle and that's offensive foul make up call make a call makeup call yep that's a makeup call alright curry Rocha that was a dumb fucking call bro that was a bad call i SF has hit the three yeah he hit the three right there too I don't care if you're even if you're a Raptors fan I hate that you you you can't argue against that call right there that was I mean as far as like saying that it was a bad call they can't argue against that was a bad call I'll say this this has been one of the worst officiated games I've seen in a very long time in NBA Finals anyways alright here comes the Warriors back to the way draymond Green in the paint going over Ibaka no good rebound by sockem 42 seconds remaining in the second shot come here into the frontcourt now double team now Jordan Bell just on him now to Ibaka bakit kicks it to Lori Lowry for three good Larry is pinning it from downtown oh my god he says you're not the only one cooking 32 seconds Steph Curry draws the foul now they're gonna count those the truth are they gonna catch those shitty fuckers if they do that's three that could BES three free-throws he'd never put the ball back way wait the referee just put his hand what was that two or three didn't tell it like it was a three halo I'd go to three 31 seconds I think they're close to shooting fell Sean yeah I think I think he said three yeah that's gotta be a she never put the ball back down he was yeah thirty one point four seconds remaining Steph Curry at the free-throw line first one is up good yeah I can tell see me Kevin Owens of course we can see you buddy of course Lowry it's a splash he splashes some buckets – that's the third foul on Lauren – he got a foul trouble last game and that accounted – yeah it's a foul on floor right there Oh Steph Curry makes the second free throw it's eight-point game a single digits single digits by some defense yeah 23 seconds remaining Lowry with the ball Quinn cook in front of them everybody here at Oracle on their feet chanting defense Lori here driving into the pain goes up off the glass good Larry is something right in a second he's showing up tonight 10 seconds remaining Steph Curry no shot clock now six five Steph Curry – quick cook driving baseline lob – Iggy he lays it in nice fucking 50 to 60 and the Warriors I'm gonna still there but that's the end of the half 52 to 60 Wow hey you know what all things considered go state you're only down by eight Steph Curry has 25 points that's the most career high in a files first half really and a half for him for him for ham 25 25 gram what do we say 40 40 50 point game five 50 points now for Steph Curry did not pace for 50 hey you know what hey what I saw what we saw for the first half of Steph Curry needs help yes I mean cuz I saw wide open shots from Quinn cook Iggy dramas ins draymond like airball Alonzo McKinney guys taking wide open shots and not not get him in yeah now there were some shots that were wide open that they did not gain but to run Raptors for the most part I've been playing phenomenal defense man making it making it tough for the most part for going state to get some good looks up yeah and hey man good kudos on that my good defense you know what this reminds us game is reminded me a lot of game one regarding Elkin game 1c aqua took over man he was lead scorer he had 37 points and then game 2 he kind of he wasn't there he wasn't there and so this game he's really asserting himself he's pushing the issue and we're seeing it he's he's got how many points 14 this guy's on point run fourteen points from ciacco 15 from Lhari 9 from Danny Green he is 3 for 4 from downtown 9 points from Kawhi Leonard he's 5 to 5 for the free throw and he's 2 for 7 from the field so Kawhi Leonard he's not really getting going much involved in the game on the office of science things but the role players just like they did for him and game 1 stepping up for him yes but right now shooting from the field Toronto is 47% 38% from downtown and they're 100 percent from the free-throw line 13 for 13 25 points for Steph Curry for the goal State Warriors the second highest scorer is Danny Green with 7 points – from Iggy to 4 from cousins for from Livingston 3 from Alonso McKinney 5 from Quinn cook 2 from Bogut they are shooting 38.5% for the field 26 from beyond the arc and 88 from the free-throw line King PJ said we stepped it up towards the end of the quarter we always come out good at halftime I think we could still win those games oh yeah I think you guys could still win this game yeah definitely can Wesley ice yeah look it was about like seven minutes left it go mm-hmm in the second quarter say a game is far from over yeah yeah ah we're down by I think 14 points but 14 points is nothing for the Warriors right two threes and it's single digits you know y'all will hit threes like fucking nothing so but it's halftime and let's see here we have at halftime man we shit well gained over 200 subs is the first quarter thank you guys so much and we have one point two thousand lines so the road to 2k Lex is alive and well we want to thank you guys so damn much for being here there's a lot of streams going on right now and the fact that you guys are hanging out with us it's great and we're hoping having a good time yes really we're putting on a good show for you guys and there goes all y'all's ears so we apologize uh Magdalena 62-52 dummies yeah yeah that's what we have on the board that's the score yeah uh Magdalena so this is my first time watching guys but now I will even more you guys are amazing please you guys will make my day come true a dream come true please do this for me I love I love you all so much you guys are so funny thank you I do what for you or you just read the comments cuz Magdalena and actly Magdalena thank you so much for being here and I got some cheez-its and I'm really happy I'm a happy boy mm-hmm no come back tonight LeBron Finn I don't know man I wouldn't put anything past of words ever all right family man sir how long have you been friends it was about it was about 11 years ago yeah that I found Shawn he was dropped off by the mothership Sean's an alien yep I was uh I was at a bar in downtown Dallas yep I went out to the to the alley to go take a piss because the bathroom was full right and so I went outside to the to the alleyway to take a piss and there was a spaceship they came and they dropped off Sean into the dumpster and Sean was like hey what's up I was like what's going on man and I was like are you an alien he's like yeah like you wanna be friends he's like all right that's how our friendship happened yeah and it's blossomed into this yeah uh Dallas Texas rules damn right it does Benjamin and that's what we're living baby let's go by eating hot cheetos while watching this hot cheetos I almost bought some hot cheetos today at work here's how's that the vending machine and I was looking at it and I was hot cheetos and I almost got it Sherri you want some Jesus Jerry okay awesome uh Curtis is how many beers have you had now Sean this is strolling my second beer I only have four yeah I don't I'm not gonna drink that much cuz I got a drive home I finally have work the next day over I don't have to drive home I would be drinking I'd drink a lot more did you guys go to the same school no I taught myself but if but if we like hit like crazy milestone I might have to chug some beers but wait if we have like 75 K at night I will chug some beer and I did just beat I have to have to write it's a milestone where less than 800 way from 73 okay oh my god you're right we're about 750 we shit that's crazy all right Neptune what's up man have been here in a while but don't want to buy a pay-per-view so hanging up dude gave me we're hanging out with his buddy uh drinking Jose Cuervo while watch you guys in the game on TV at the same time so that's a huge compliment man when people tell us that they're watching the game and they still will watch us and they'll mute the TV cuz they fuck the commentators the TV cuz they're boring yourself man that's a huge compliment to us we love y'all so much love you long time what quarter it's halftime after jalapeno cheddar brah a jalapeno cheddar do I love jalapeno cheddar sausages or whatever brats yeah that's all they're so fun good i grilled him out of the day I actually had some leftovers from gülen's birthday or someone's girlfriend's birthday party I fuckin grilled meth on the day of it fuck says can I get a little mondo shoutout you know what else did a little mondo for mondo burger yeah home of the big booty burgers palm with the Big Buddha Burger home with the big burger what's he gonna do for Jack I picked the worst one I picked the Raptors away well we dived end of the day we just want to save your game Shane we love you too hey um little pump doing halftime show I don't know Shauna's hungry me hungry me one food me gonna get mad it break everything okay you guys are better than real calm there thank you buddy welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order Rocha you watch that out loud that shit man oh you know Rose Keenan Gale was a shit yeah I just moved Euler's text from out of state I love Texas I look forward to running into your shoe store you listen you looked on the other side though you have to graduate your dad I doubt he runs us at the grocery store movie unless you go shopping like at 3:00 4:00 o'clock in the morning oh yeah Josh Josh doesn't go until 3:00 go steady Thank You Jen you know maximus Brandis is in Afghanistan they can't get any of the reddit streams to work and you guys are livesand Maximus thank you buddy thank you for hanging out with this man all the way from Madison Maximus Aurelius wasn't that guy from gladiator for that either Yeah right my favorite movies Maximus Brandon oh man shot see I'm guessing in the military men shout to you thank you for your service please twist yeah thank you for service bro 2016 7 rotor says I'm just listening to you guys like a podcast while watching nice having people to react with laugh my ass off amen we're in your ears right now are soothing boys just right in your ears just so good burger what are you guys with the USA and the reason I'm asking is because you guys are fat so am I so don't worry yeah we're from the us buddy you by the way thoughts on who knees who who need up on the Iron Throne and go on Game of Thrones eat up who need up I don't need dude no that's like no I'm bro I was disappointed season 8 dude I don't like how things ended up I got so much to say about that I was so pissed off how it ended I told Josh I will not watch season a season 8 does not exist to me well all the way up to battle Winterfell I'll watch and then after that it's over it's that yeah I know this is this NBA stream but how do you do this G Hobbs are gonna base this mattress hey look you know what map we doubtlessly Hobbs going into last year and they proved us wrong they could bleep for this one Pete Carroll I'm in showed why he is who he is he kept that defense going even though they lost so many pieces of doom we thought their deal is gonna be trashed so you know what fuck man Seahawks I think they are a contender to win the division yeah although I would say this man the San Francisco 49ers in that division the NFC West I have them stepping up big time this year see though I do the big reason why I don't have him seven up big time this year is because of the Seahawks and the Rams in that division it's gonna be tough because of those two teams can the Jets make the world cup this er so WC what's that that World Cup I don't know well championship it's a Super Bowl Super Bowl championship I don't know man I don't know what the Jets are gonna be like right now I mean we're gonna do our season predictions for every single NFL team and we're gonna go more in depth and everything where I look and stuff but um yeah I don't know man I have a feeling that they're gonna do better yeah they're gonna be like uh they got more weapons maybe maybe they're an eight-man team like the AFC I could this Phoenix watch it I'm gonna see Dark Phoenix but um before I see that I don't know no I still got see Godzilla king of the monsters you've got it you better go watch that first don't you ever threaten me again about a movie I just said you better watch that first Charlie you put your gun like this you better go watch it Godzilla king of the monsters that is not what's in my hand well whoa dude like what happen put the gun away he's lying Shawn put the gun away for those who are not watching what I'm really listening shawn has a gun I repeat shawn has a gun who's pointing it right at me he's threatening my life please somebody do something this isn't fucking Shawn please stop taking off your clothes stop it Shawn this isn't Sunday where people only can hear Shawn is why are you licking your lips stop it why are you naked with the gun and licking your lips uh-uh paroled says Sean you look like the guy who delivers my pizza now cuz I'm not that guy because if I did I wouldn't delivered I do you know yeah how would you I would be the worst delivery guy ever we've been called into the office Josh lucky Kabir yeah why is it every single delivery hasn't one slice missing for their pizza every single time a strange dude does a pizza shrink when it's cooked maybe I should be the same way to know really that wrote ya Rocha would be an asshole like you he would out like the other guy at the guy he's delivering for is an asshole like listen it's not like I ate the whole thing you should be happy man those kids start with an extra cash you're a fucking dick dude get over yourself it's my first day sean is hammered I'm not enclosed man I'm not even buzzing this is literally my second beer I haven't look I don't drink have my second beer yet mr. Rocha says you're damn right Russia is that guy he is that guy did you watch Russia's own videos from his other channel I'll watch a couple I watched all the ones that they posted oh I know Joe Rocha was adorable I mean as as that's us as entertainer would say he could not pronounce his double use and ours correctly thank you the wall like he would say like so he would be like the Warriors he would talk like that really yeah but now he didn't taller that way anymore except I saw you can't say ariana grande I did see that but it was hilarious King that said he said Keane was like Rocha why is your voice deeper back then when you're younger like what happened like is that true with his voice deeper than it is right now no he was worse oh you guys can show those on the channel if you want I've never had to do that in the last call by the way guys who are brand new stick them around for last call we're gonna hang out we're gonna be a little bit of the game and just hang out with you guys hello from Mexico says Carlos what's up buddy Rama he co-wrote you said he wants mr. love fury for his birthday and that's why he's on your team Packers with new tat with new defense mg toe I was I was big on the Packers he was last year I with all the draft picks and none of them really played through that well but they did get us Darius Smith yeah that's the same right so that's how you say his name is Darius I like him man I do I think there D one's gonna be better it's got it all starts with a pass rush what let's try to pick up traction when you're cheesy yeah Josh you should know you're mr. Qi said himself legit where are you going oh oh you're just giving roads of shit I just saw the message and I was a damn was he really like that what like well Kane will say he was just joking about his voice made deeper when he's younger oh but I was gonna say what happened this ball gets sucked up I gave you guys from oh yeah I don't know he went that he had reverse puberty yeah I guess person to show them they would they would make great content okay they weren't they were a gold content dude hollow sound that night that you showed those in the group chat yeah I was having like the worst night ever at work and that shit just brighten up my day I needed that that was great you're gold man I'll have to check that out I'm watching now we're back for the second half ladies and gentlemen as Toronto Raptors we'll start things off here in the second they had the ball here the second half Gasol backing down DeMarcus Cousins here on the left short corner into the paint he'll go up and he draws the foul to start things off here in the second half as a cousins foul on Gasol shall please chat to you Wyatt chat to you buddy yes it was crazy mofo dude it was it was something man it was some and Gasol is at the free-throw line the foul was on DeMarcus Cousins and guys we have 1.3 thousand lights keep hitting that light but if your joiners your enjoy the live stream we want to get the 2k tonight thank you so let's keep hitting that like button for your bowl only if you having a good time until a dilly guys go solve knocks down the first free-throw making a 6152 1144 left to go in this third quarter this was the first possession of the second half and it was a foul by DeMarcus Cousins Gasol knocks down the second so here comes Steph Curry who has been tremendous tonight with 25 points in the first half he'll give the dream on strength into the Shaun Livingston on the left outside wing now to DeMarcus Cousins the right high post taking us all into the paint goes up with a double-team no and he couldn't get it draymond clean up when he couldn't so here comes Lauri back the other way to siakam now to Leonard he cuts it to Lane lays it in easy to easy 64-52 there we'll start the era we'll start here for Golden State a transition defense 11 12 left to go in the third Iggy now to draymond left outside wing down low to DeMarcus Cousins he's got the double-team Oh Laster Livingston is stolen by Van Vleet fucking outlet to Lorie 11 minutes left to go Lauri backing down Steph Curry right here on the right short corner and curry knocks it away out of bounds staying what's a runnable fortunate shot clock 1055 remaining oh we have one point 4k like sound thank y'all so much all y'all fucking beautiful alright come on come on go and stay where's the defense at man alright y'all come in bounces from the sideline to Gasol now to Leonard Leonard to Lori into the paint and he'll swing it up to Gasol driving baseline going up and lays it in easy easy what could he got past pack he got passed by cousins and there was nobody else to stop a little point let him go by him piece of shit defense draymond Green back in town Kawhi Leonard kicks it to Iggy for a corner three good bye Iggy they needed that good shot let's go first bucking a thing in the night right 10:25 meetings I'm sorry first three though it's an 11-point game Gasol top of the key now to see how come right wing agui agui agui staying in front of them but it gets knocked out of bounds by Iggy it will stay with Toronto with 15 on the shot clock 10:50 not to go in the third quarter 11-point deficit here for Golden State I see some people eyes and show the game we can have because of copyright purposes baseline ain't about a pass from Lara to the inside of em fleets here on the left corner now out to the left wing Giacomo swings it to Gasol swings it to the right wing lari lari moving up a screen from Gasol he'll kick it back out to Gasol he'll pump fake on cousins kick it out – Lori – Beverly for three no good and rebound by cousins there we go come on now 54 remaining in the third cousins now to drain – Stef curry curry pulls out the floater from the baseline good off the glass and it is a single digit lead once again he's just crafty with that fucking 942 remaining in the third quarter Leonard with the ball top of the key now to Gasol Gasol blue Van Vleet into the paint 13 on the shot clock now the siakam on the baseline right side here comes the double-team draymond will stay on him ciacco you got six to shoot good defense and they're gonna call out a bounce on siakam georgie by dre mom that was details because of dream on we gotta fight out donation from Sean for know my boy Sean from high school my high school buddy $5 thank you son thank you so much Charlie buddy appreciate that oh nice feed them cousins to the inside – curry any lays it in it is a 59 66 ball hey okay seven old run by going state in the last minute 32 910 remaining in a third quarter Scott Thompson let's get five K in the stream let's go baby happy birthday once again to Scott Thomas Gasol gets stripped away by visits here comes Steph Curry into the frontcourt a 58 remaining curry in the lane now the cousins because this goes up no good and it gets rebounded by y'all come no foul causes and care for everyone call that TV keeps you I argue with the rest siakam to let it 4-3 look 10 point game we got $2 donate from diehard Ryan Serhant great stream guys thank you buddy we love you man thank you a36 remaining in the third quarter Jenny draymond Green here now to DeMarcus Cousins cousins in front of this all kicks out to Livingston now to the corner Iggy shot for three good egg wa taala another banger from downtown seven-point game 8:20 left to go in the third the crowd is getting hyped Lorie here driving in the baseline against Shawn leviston good defense there kicks out to the sawed out of em bleep Van Vleet off the screen from Gasol back to Gasol pocket pass kicks it to Lori and from the corner and he shoots for three oh my god another three tonight by Lori's the three-point barrage right now 18 points he's four from six from down count out Jesus Christ I was choked and curry misses the floater here here comes Larry back the other way Lori to Leonard on the right outside wing Livingston on him 744 remaining he'll take him off the dribble into the paint going up strong and he's fouled that's two free throws coming for Leonard 7:42 every time every time go to state tries to get some momentum Toronto has quieted it they've closed it down about seven points twice now and every time raptors answer man and they're answering in a big way by hitting threes and quieting that crowd right when the crowd gets into it man they just right out of it battle the three is he exactly super-super AV Leonard at the free-throw line oh he missed his first free throw they made finals Wow he had the longest streak of no no mrs. in history and he finally missed it Wow Wow uh you guys are the best as Lewis Thank You Lewis we appreciate that buddy appreciate all y'all you're beautiful you're amazing that y'all bring it out with us hit that like subscribe if you haven't done so and turn notifications guys hit that share button baby highs my mama shout out to your mama DNZ my love's Ernie shuts mama here we go free throw second is made by Kawhi Leonard he may that one yay 11-point game yep here comes Shawn Livingston into the frontcourt for the goal state wars hands it off to Iggy Iggy to draymond Green dream on at the free throw line kicks it out to Steph Curry for straightaway three no good rebounded by Leonard it is an 11-point game 727 remaining the third quarter Leonard out to Lori for Oppo fake Shh he'll give it a go software three no good and that gets reminded by Iggy come on warriors you got to get something going down to the inside cousins now now to Livingston he goes up no good rebounded by Iggy Iggy to Steph Curry for wide open quarter 3 no come come rebound by the Raptors you think the hard ones we're not the easy ones Leonard from straightaway three no good oh my god six would be far remaining in the third quarter curry with the ball curry into the lane going up being aggressive no good eggy kicks it back out to step away for a quick shot from downtown God splash you know what I'm realizing splosh curry has a fall down after he shoots it to make it go in fuckin blush what a shot Steph baby read this common please we just did Nathan chassis of 733 timeout I mean 77365 that's the 6:30 remaining left to go a timeout Steph Curry has 32 points what a fucking game guys eight point game baby let's go who is not enjoying this game right now come on the words just won't go away uh it's far from over it exactly guys exactly let's go Josh she'll be one the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life uh how many points does curry have someone asked it start you points start some points 32 points yeah this guy's gonna have 50 by the end of the day yeah yes holy shit we called it uh don't need three when you're up by twelve y'all are nobodies up on twelve are now spiced Patriot uh you're so blatantly biased how yeah that's right by the hour you know I'm a Bulls fan I'm definitely biasing this one and Maz fan and I picked the Raptors don't win the game hey guys do it listen if you're having a good time make sure you smack that like but for us we at how many likes 1.4 thousand I have a refreshing so I don't know I am warning there's a whole bunch of you who haven't hit that like yet yeah was about 1.4 not my baby hit that like if that's your oh and we haven't said this yet go follow our social medias we have Twitter Instagram Facebook this scored we even have a twitch we're gonna start streaming again soon on so go give us a following on links are in the description box down below go follow the mr. love fury uh pornhub account go do that yeah and if y'all ever know if y'all follow us we fall back and if you want to message us we do message back to it might takes a little bit but we do message back hi Christine how you doing what's up girls going on don't listen to these new basketball fans they just started watching there's moss money exactly people just want to find something thanks for the for this guy's as Joe in sorry for mispronounced that thank you thank you for hanging out y'all won't go say to win Sean actually picked the register win so I picked the rapper's win I I just want when I'm getting excited when the wars are kind of creeping back in the games I'm happy that it's a great game of course you can have a shadow Demetri Lin they have so much for being here we appreciate you die hard Giants fan what's going on bro how you doing dude sunny beats one's a half full Oh everybody doing it every single one of these people are gonna like if you did it oh you do better though that was a good one that was good let's go I have three times let's go smash I like guys who flip it Jeff beat of the world we got domination Russian boss thank you so much the dollar donation buddy we appreciate it man um where's the clock we haven't figured out how to do a clock yet guys because we're manually update the score so we haven't figure out it waited we're looking into investing in a clock tower yeah yeah we're looking into it man we are looking into again promise Linda Jones love the channel first-time viewer well welcome Hey if you are new let us know in the chat we want to shout y'all out so let us know guys let us new now we're back Gasol in bounces of Van Vleet 627 let the go in the third quarter all right here we go now to Gasol at the free-throw line back out to Van Vleet top of the key here comes a screen by Gasol Van Vleet will shoot the shot off the screen good for three he's on point tonight or this whole series TST says yo Shawn cuz I guess I'm not fuck me I guess but he says hi Shawn alright back the other way curry into the lane lays it in curry 34 points downs coming in six minutes out to go o 558 left to go here in the third quarter Kawhi Leonard has the ball bright outside wing now to lari lari on the right corner back to Leonard again Steph Curry into the paint he take up the shot Lata Leonard he does and he goes in what are you waiting for what he's dancing he's showboating dancing dance dollar from angel Martinez thank you so much all right Danny Green oh the lovely Iggy oh quit up margin it with $2 Nation hey can you get Murch that are some warrior colors well we have our March ops the description box down below and you have a bunch of color options all right Beverly here thank you so much for donation guys appreciate that by 20 to go Beverly to Gasol now to the left outside wing Lorie off the screen from Gasol curry on him five to shoot to Gasol back to Lori on a baseline shot no good rebounded by draymond here come the Golden State Warriors down by nine draymond took quick hook in the corner brings it into the paint and he'll bring it onto the right side outside wings now it's a steph curry curry working on Leonard draws the foul no shots 456 up they go in the third quarter and Steph Curry was fouled by Leonard we got another dog donation from angel Martinez day awesome thank you so much it is so close so close I could come on the free throws and almost not a shooting foul guys not a shooting foul 454 left to go here in the third quarter ball inbounded the Steph Curry on the right out right corner here Van Vleet guarding him driving the baseline he loses control Van Vleet steals the ball 447 left to go in the third BAMF lead back to the way now the siakam left short corner biggie on him backing him down going up Bogut's there to block it Oh bulky with the health defense here comes the warden stream on back to the way in the paint goes up and lays it in no foul but dream on Oh getting it done of the paint and we got a seven point game seen this before let's see if they can get closer that's nine points for draymond Leonard here off the screen from Gasol top of the key now to the inside Gasol being worked by Andrew Bogut five to shoot he'll give it to Van Vleet quick cook to guard him he'll pull the jumper over Bogut that was a crazy shot we lost a shoe where's the foot dude what a fuck is shot man every time they answer man Raptors every time I get to that seven point more with a seven-point mark alright 350 love to go Steph Cory pulls up a tough shot and they can't get it to go bogus there to grab the board Bogut back out to draymond Green – Iggy for 300 good this time 337 of the go in the third 7180 ciacco back to the way to Leonard straightaway three over draymond God oh and right back to 12 points four wheels just seven Wow go to state kids fucking themselves in the foot every time they get to within that seven-point deficit mark they just keep fucking falling into that same trap 3:23 time I'll go to state wow what a game curry can't go down the bench we can't fucking do it I can't he can't go sit on the bench what a fucking dude Raptors are just they're weathering the storm and they're answering the call Arsenal FC says first time lachchi love in the commentary from jamaica thank you so much else and guys make sure you hit that like and share its that share button guys yeah let help us grow hitting that share button get our names out there that's the best way you can shows hey we have 60 100 people that in here we have one point six thousand likes a keep smashing that fucking Josh okay okay if you have any good but die hard jazz fan he said go Raptors so now how Jasmine he's going for the Raptors I think everybody says we're fans better be we got a $2 donation Jarius Jerris this game is on fire $2 from Canada thank you so much this game is on fire man this is awesome game for those who are brand-new we will be live on Friday as well so subscribe turn the notification bell the road to 71 it was 73 game we hit send it to ya support of 73 K band yeah we're less than a seven hundred weight hey what could be better hanging out with you guys on a Friday night that's coming up Friday it's gonna be cool and I'll have work Saturday so I can have more than a couple beers which I might actually have another one I'm my girl ride Curtis this is a stick-up Josh hit that like oh my god Josh when I was watching the stream people were just left for their Lily what the f– are these guys doing I don't know but I get worked stickum I put him in the head put them in you know we should do what we should put the fucking screen to black and white oh I should start narrating for every time you hit that like button it gives food to Craig who lives in our garage and then Shawn you take your head out and you just like start asking for likes so please donate a like today help help outbreak who lives in our garage wherever you like he gets he gets food in a blanket and a pillow and possibly a fan it is getting hot out here it's Texas he's tired of hunting rats in the garage guys here's a fuckin anteater Texas obviously yeah man thank you guys so much for the Philippines solemn up to you guys for tuning in from the top Tehran city I'm sorry if I mispronounced it I did I just did Marcus solver fighters MEP no fucking way that without it's not gonna happen it's gonna be a Raptors win it's gonna be obviously a quiet Leonard if Warriors win it's gonna be clay clay sorry Steph Lee says we know yeah come on do it like Steph go it's gotta be unexpected though you know she gets ski masks yeah she gets ski masks all right see like stick up I remember Django where they had the holes that cut right oh god I love that movie the rappers want to win sub and a summons – Prescott typical Cowboys fans always gotta make it about themselves hey watch it okay I always gotta make it about themselves watch it okay I'm a cowboy fan watch your face watch my face Alex Kyra what's uh what's up man he says remember who was injured from the warriors yeah we're bad for the time outs draymond Green has the ball top the King swings out to her eating it to the inside he's Bogut and he lays it in good feed air by curry that's how you want to come out of a timeout 73 83 ten point game step up the defense here folks dream on on Lowery here comes Van Vleet I think I said the screen but here comes Ibaka with a screen Lori moves off of it and down into the inside back out to Leonard for a three no rebounded by draymond out let the Steph Curry 250 let the go Steph Curry into the paint here on the baseline cakes at the Bogut Bogut he'll go up over the double-team and good Bogut okay Bogut four straight points yeah like 75 83 let's go hey Shawny we get a single digit lead here Jonathan Leonard to Lori back to Leonard on the inside Leonard kicks it out to family swings it to Lori pump fake on dream on No Oh they draw the foul are you good call that was a good call Green came in there way too aggressive Oh God – should not be a shooting foul gosh darn it should be on the Sean stop this that's disgusting shop put your clothes back on you're disgusting I hope Mexico wins what if Mexico does get an NBA team ball in bounce offend fleet now to Danny Green he'll shoot the three straight away yo Danny Green another three it's just answer man hey just answering 11 point game once again hit pitch they want to win 86 75 then agreed 12 points 4 for 5 from downtown Steph Curry into the paint goes up there 3 is there is that it is that it Wow could that just be it I don't know man I don't know what's gonna happen now 10 degrees knocking shots in Steph Curry trying to lay no good broken although I get to follow and there goes Danny Green what the rebound outlet to Leonard 1:35 remaining 8935 Leonard draws a foul that's two free throws coming up 89 75 14-point game Wow un-fuckin'-believable Danny Green man that was that five threes tonight one Danny Oh Danny Green that is 5 for 6 from downtown Oh 5 or 6 this guy is putting on a show he's looking like San Antonio Spurs 2016 yeah this is what we were waiting on man where is this Danny Green been all playoffs Leonard knocks down the first free throw that's ball games as Rocha I mean Leonard I mean I mean nothing but Danny grain knocking down back-to-back threes like that 5 or 6 in downtown – you hate large fries ketchup yeah apple pie yeah Bogut down to the inside of curry and he lays it in good feed there by Bogut yeah cut all the nature from Sean again science at 5 back to the way Lori for thought no good Leonard grabs the board Leonard into the paint kicks out the dead agree for another three no good rebounded by and it's not a bounce we're seeing Raptors bought that was not the way out of Danny Green's hands now yeah fuck thanks Shawn for the donation man I was curry yeah say yes Shana Sonic's at five the SuperSonics I could see that happening the Bulls ruined them Danny Green to Ibaka back to green 104 let's go in the third quarter now to Leonard Leonard against Lanza McKinney goes to a buck up puts it up no good and they're gonna call a foul against go to state let them play rest this is annoying me man I haven't seen this many fouls call in the fucking Finals game in my life in a final series we've seen Sony goddamn whistles how do all the other games though this is the worst woman worst fucking officiate game I've seen so far this finals Cavs of six as they count that bowls in four sweet pop boom there you go Leonard knocks in the first one it rolls in cheese you know Louis your Bulls in four I'm as a zero because the other team's gonna forfeit they won't want to play my Mavs I apologize for this guy he's from outer space that was pretty clever you know everybody say is sweeps a fuck devil team forfeits Leonard knocks down one up everybody 55 seconds remaining in the third 77 93 Steph Curry for from straightaway three and that's a splash that's a splash but don't you feel like the crowds not even into it anymore I think they've already realized I'm probably gonna finish strong the last 45 seconds Larry what the ball draymond Green on him don't be too aggressive a bucket with the screen now Jordan Bell on a glory on the right outside wing nine the shoot Lori King takes all the dribble into the pink oh it's fucking blood but letters there to grab it rosetta dream on he shoots it up good oh that's it dream on I mean a fucking day green not shit from downtown 18 points over 6 for 8 from downtown I think my are you fucking kidding me Steph Curry here I here at top of the key with the fancy dribbling and they're gonna be it's gonna be a whistle away from the ball three seconds call yeah defensive three seconds do Danny Green again Danny Green again Leonard saves the ball mm-hmm gives it to Danny and he shoots another three and hey I'm going to give a shout out to Danny Green for realizing there was only a couple seconds left on the shot clock hey guys the shot clock never reset it so that was a good veteran move realizing how much time Plus uh Sean isn't it 81 points well they just scored the free throw so it's 81 points now yeah there's a youtube delay yeah sixteen point one seconds remaining the third quarter it's a 15-point game Quinn cook is gonna inbound this Toronto is in the bonus cook in bounces for the sidelines to Stef curry curry double-teamed right here out to JEP go now to Quinn cook seven to shoot step-back jumper for two straight away good top shot by Quinn cook shot thought back the other way Kyle Lowry into the frontcourt lump-sum one McKinney in front of them both pass him goes into the lane puts it up no good rebounded by the Warriors and that ends the third quarter with a 13-point lead by the Toronto Raptors and the x-factor in this game is well you know what Danny Green 18 points Lowry with 18 12 from Gasol 24 from Leonard 14 from siakam so then the entire starting lineup double-digit points doing tremendous work but even though Danny Green may not be the leading scorer but nobody expects him to put up these kind of points so he's got to be the the MVP of this game right now your mama's gonna be the MVP of this and you know it's crazy is that typically the Warriors are usually a better third quarter team and they got outscored by the Raptors man oh thank you ah take and you know what you guys are looking pretty damn good going into the fourth quarter guys we have 6400 people up in here we have one point eight thousand likes you know I hit that like button if you're enjoying the stream if if you're a brand-new subscribe to a notification bell we are just over five hundred away from hitting 73,000 drivers our goal was to hit standing 5k by the end of the entire playoffs so that's looking good and well and we just want to thank you guys so much for joining us here tonight we will be back here on Friday and for the rest of this series so subscribe to the notification bell welcome to this West urination Delhi Delhi love every single one of y'all yeah an umbrella let's cheers Cheers love y'all so much guys welcome to Sports urination double bacon cheeseburger double bacon cheeseburger I'm going with the bacon tonight you feel like bacon huh you know you don't want to trouble me 6 1 1 K yeah guys thank you so much for all six hours of people in here right now y'all realize be peace y'all hanging out with this we're almost at 2k likes thank y'all so much we can't think we literally can never thank y'all enough for hanging out with us yo y'all have no idea how much fun we have uh it's Katie playing no he's not rise up as your L says y'all you guys are awesome no y'all are awesome y'all make this so much fun for us seriously decent burp you're bound to lose this one bandwagons was a bandwagon uh big day I turned off the game obvious I hate to see them lose like this nah man you got to stick with it though man see Nia Josh are big believers that man as a fan you've got to stick with it man you can't turn off the game you can't you our stick win and ya went with their team and lose with their team saw me and Josh are man he's got to take away that match total support yeah do it look at that a water burger commercial it's a sign from God oh my god good old baby Jesus bring me a double cheese bacon cheese give it to me God you want gotta give us some huh cheeseburger yeah Mowen dirty uh how much time's left a whole quarter twelve minutes left in the fourth quarter drink real beer drinkin eighteen we dope it will tell us a Canadian beer that's out here in Texas we'll get it we'll try but nobody's told us shit sorry Schuyler says who should the master be in the offseason Kemba Walker and what's that other guy's name lucha bitch that's not a guy that Josh thinking that possibly Dallas when you offer uh hi guys I see y'all while we see you to clone teen we literally see you I see you there's a two-way camera yeah put on your fucking clothes we could see all of you creeper some of you are just disgusting I'm just gonna say man clays that boy just who's got the plastic all over his fucking couches oh yeah kind of creep that where he real killer status we're back for the fourth quarter he into the paint Jaws the foul he'll be shooting two free-throws that's gonna be on Danny Green we got two dollar donation – from angel a one's Roman his Raptors in six unless both clay and Katie return I expect clay to be back for Game four warrior stolen six but I'm still thinking more Ted says are you seeing our message I see you yeah hi guys if we miss your message we're not trying to like literally ignore you so we have so many comments flying by and you know down the first free-throw chunni 11:44 let's go in this fourth quarter here bro yeah ma it's a wrap Oh Iggy misses the second come read throw 11 ford enough to go in the fourth quarter 84 96 a 12-point game here comes Van Vliet into the frontcourt on the left outside wing now to see Ockham Jordan Bell on his ass now to Danny Green he'll catch his shoots for the three no good he's short and a gay chase down the ball into the front court now to quick cook he pulls the jumper for two good it is a 10-point game 1122 go what if we see a comeback right here what if we see a comeback oh I'm so nervous 9 points for a quick cook everyone's getting hyped right now good fan fan fleets to the bucket going up Jordan Bell shakes not to quit cook he goes up and he's bought by Danny Green no Goten gotta go strong man Oh see awesome SIOC Rebecca the way to Fleet to Danny Green against Steph Curry baseline passing a bucket on the right corner now to see on the right way against Queen Cooke that's a mismatch he trips up into the court and screen Cooke steals it push it push it quick cook into the frontcourt cook goes up lays it in oh it's blocked it's BOTS but he goes out of bounds that's Warriors ball what a block by Serge Ibaka what a block who said it was go sinning oh that could have been that was over the rim that was close that's close I can see why they were saying that cuz that was a little bit over the rent that one wasn't ooh oh man we're almost at 2k likes doing serious oh thank y'all so much guys let's go 1.9 let's go let's go let's get be getting those likes up baby 10:37 left to go in the fourth quarter 10-point game it is warriors ball with 16 on the shot clock are we about to witness a comeback this idea what does anyone believe the words can come back quick Cooke was out on the sidelines to Iggy 15 on the shot clock now to Steph Curry Steph Curry on top of the key he puts it up and he that's gonna be a fella gets a bunker that's three free throws coming up for Steph Curry we got down from die our Giants fan thank you buddy thank you so much and I knew it thank you so much die hard thank you die hard thank you that was a donation oh fucking foul appreciate you as Steph Curry draws the father of a buckle that's three free throws what's the matter baby what cuz he doing did you take the tunnel oh yeah headache Rocha says we have proof that you wish Steph would have a career injury you want to swing that Charm City flock oh you don't ever want to wish that yeah you never wants that buddy for a future job Steph Curry buzzer beater 3 for the dub I saw that I caught it I actually got it all right here we go 87 now 96 that's funny I got a free throw all these Trudeau's they coded to seven it's that fucking number and then then then Toronto goes into five right there push it back to 12 yeah watch Steph Curry second free-throw is good 88 96 oh Jesus I wonder if that's what's gonna happen oh mama guys we're almost 500 wavering 73k can we assume to 3k tonight oh I don't know maybe we'll see and curry knocks down the last free throw making an eighty nine ninety six seven point game we've been down this road so many times of this game so far here comes the Raptors everybody on their feet in Oakland Ibaka puts up the jumper for two good 98-89 now they're gonna hit 310 13 of the go here Steph Curry has the ball on the left corner now two cousins cousins to Iggy he'll shoot for a three no good rebounded by Ibaka man if we haven't seen this already time again see yah c'mon the left outside wing not forty four remaining ciacco on the left corner now to them bleats Van Vleet to Lorene eight to shoot here comes a screen by Ibaka Lari to Ibaka in the paint kicks out the Teddy Graham 300 good block is there to got the rebound and he wasn't back up it is a 102-89 ballgame 11 points I mean it's a Liars Steph Curry – Iggy downloaded cousins goes up and he is blocked by a buck up we can ask anyway Jesus fuckin Christ Jesus Christ and there's a whistle timeout Golden State are you fuckin – every time you get to seven points you fuck it up every time you say that train was never late oh my god this game might be allowing yeah cousins ass that was lazy my cousins on that last possession go up strong man you're a big ol dude bitch dan he's our cousin he's gonna be back bitch shark our cousins a bum ass bitch he's a baby back bitch what say to his face – hey hey no tough a tough man I wanna I want to get cousins to fight Shawn let's go Shawn take his ass out he would kill with one damn know he'll know he was one he's too soft he gonna be able to hit me man you saw lazy is there there is no coming back from gonna State Warriors there's nine 21 let the go now there's a lot of time they cut it within seven which death guard hit those three free throws but then just like every single time in this game when they got to seven the Raptors answered back every single time Thor says he hopes he gets no better she said thank you Shawn would do shit the Boogie he would kill Shawn shit right down that shit watch bug you uh boogie post Achilles injury is like Celtics check Thank You most most money he said my money's on Shawn exactly you know what I'm talking about and then Shawn pulls out a gun nah hell nah now real me if don't use weapons brave maybe let's go let's go yeah so he'll ask me to shoot him I had this guy threatened know like fight me all right let's fight don't bring my bet all right you bring your bad little bitch and I'll show you how a real man fights I'll beat your ass my fist he never showed up it happened in high school cuz he tried to fucking uh talk to my girl behind my back oh damn yeah my girl told me and I was a ha this motherfucker bout to get it you know why he didn't show up cuz he's with your girl still you know my girl my girl with me no uh 9:21 let the go yes 9:21 of the go 24 points of leonard 18 from gasol ad from lori 14 from c akka we got a donation there the hard drives lines are the finals are you guys gonna stream bay swamp reverse route some games here in the summertime yeah we're gonna find some good we won't find some good matchups so we're in sprinkle some don't expect a whole ton of fucking in em I like every other everyday they receive some MLB games but we're going to get beginning into fantasy football and we're gonna be doing our season prediction videos and stuff like that so you know those will be coming out too let's see thank you says a lot Louis yeah hey preciate you meant and thank you so much for being here all the new people that are in here right now we appreciate you guys and if you're having a good time again best way to support us other than subscribing to a notification boom hey hit that like button for you guys it really has on the channel and we really appreciate it lets us know that we're doing a good job and we will be live on friday yes we will be live on 44 game for hopefully klay Thompson is back for that one we'll see what happens with KD and if you're brand new yeah subscribe to application bail so that way when we go live on Friday you're right here hanging out and we're gonna have a good time as always final score is gonna be 1 1901 11 it's probably gonna be like at 7 point game at then I feel like sevens are like the hooking number right now I wish I could have gone to high school with Josh and Shawn's a store I was a fucking asshole in high school a straight-up asshole in high school I was a nice guy I was a dick I didn't give a fuck about anything Lori on the amount of pass drives it on the baseline and gets knocked out of bounds there as a foul called on Jordan Bell Jesus 9:13 have to go in the fourth quarter oh my god these Cubs are flying by guys we have 8 point something Kagan here whatever man all the time I rating is 9:30 not to go in the fourth quarter Lori was fouled do you like toots mm Liza we like – let's go let's hit three K tonight baby ho baby welcomes what's your nation hey Ben fleet will inbound this for the sidelines to Lauri on the outside guard out by Iggy 9:10 left to go Lori's got seven to shoot he is staying in front of a 5-4 pull through the chipper for three no good and draymond there to grab the board here come the Warriors back the other way on the left outside wing Dre mom with Allah and I was terrible to Jordan Bell here goes around earth SIOC up toeside down with an assist from Van Vleet what fucking stupid plays is it dream on that was stupid dude back the other way Steph Curry to quit cook 8:37 left to go in the fourth quarter 89 102 is the score curry now baffling the ball on the right corner to Quinn cook he'll catch a shoot from downtown bad shot bad shot you ain't you ain't staff or clay stop that shot come with the ball into the frontcourt on the left outside wing I just I just don't like anything that I'm seen from going state shock him going down and it's blocked there good defense by Bell here comes Awards the other way draymond with another law passed the Iggy and that almost got taken away again what is dream on doing where the ball goes up the Steph Curry he's gonna buy Laurie on the outside ate the shoe God Lowery can't guard him floater up Steph Curry puts it in Steph Curry has 45 points playoff career-high tonight 747 of the goal in the fourth 91 102 it's 11 point game Laurie to event Lee on the right outside wing back to Laurie swings it to the left corner shot come into the paint kicks it back out to Laurie pump fake step-back jumper for three god by Laurie where's this Lowery been at all playoffs this guys showing up in the finals but nowhere on the other rest of Wales Mauri with 21 points draymond to quick cook on the right corner back out to Steph Curry on the right corner guarded by siakam 14 shoot baseline floater that's terrible God that is rebounded by Laurie outlet to see akhom see akhom and that's gonna be a blocking foul against draymond yeah see Ness is over I'm not like what I'm seeing from no now it's over now this is fucking oh yeah they're not doing anything good no they're not doing anything good right now and and curtain rod so Schatz is doing everything right Curry's forcing shots because he knows he has to and it's looking very sloppy now Toronto has all the confidence they have all the momentum 7-eleven left to go in the fourth quarter it's a 14-point game ball inbounded to Lori 707 let's go in the fourth and he's guarded by draymond Green 15 on the shot clock here comes a screen by Ibaka switch on defense now Jordan Bell on Lori down in the inside Ibaka he'll go up and he gets it in and the foul on that count are they County are County that's not can one for a bucket with a three-point play opportunity he was on the ground when he got bumped I didn't like that call oh my god dude yeah this is done and this is what I was afraid of with no klay Thompson no Looney this is yeah this is bad the time remaining is 658 658 is remaining in this ballgame yeah we appreciate all the people who are subscribing here not fucking awesome we are just a over 415 away from hitting 73 K and we just want to thank you guys just thank you so much oh they changed it so it is a common foul or just on the floor foul all right how many are we away Oh 415 Wow thank y'all so much guys we get it so d3k tie that we crazy bad thank you guys so much with a bottom our hearts cheering I'm gonna go clog those arteries here after this game with a double bacon cheeseburger Leonard inbounds this from the sidelines to Ibaka now to Van Vleet 655 remaining in the fourth quarter Van Vleet to Lori Lori into the paint four to shoot fadeaway jumper is done god damn Lowry is honored tonight can miss 23 points nobody cousins right now dream on to the outside a loss of a katydid Quinn cook driving into the paint kicks it to dream on for three yes oh my god Trey him on with the splash hidden air ball three that's a first Lauri having the game was life yes he is he is absolutely this is the most important game for him in his career yep 12 points for draymond Green 617 to go in the fourth quarter Lowry on the drive kicks it out to Leonard Leonard puffs fake on Quinn cook brings it up folder in good point to Leonard Leonard you know 26 points but a quiet 26 blasts Steph Curry has the ball now the dream on the left outside wing now to Bogut Bogut kicks it out to the right corner Quinn cook driving baseline kicks it to the top of the key stolen by draymond I don't know what in the fuck he was looking at Van Vleet down to Leonard Leonard guarded by 11th no Steph Curry he'll take the advantage and lays it in off the glass time I'll go to state and folks this is over that is gas right now he's come out at all five 41 left to go in this quarter and it's a timeout by Golden State yeah curry is guest right now guys how many minutes does curry have curry he has he's played 39 minutes fuck him and draymond three got 45 points fuck and shit he is gassed right now so Steph Curry had 45 points draymond Green 12 points 11 from Iguodala nine points Quinn cook for from cousins award from limited so remember I was saying cousins it was interesting because in Game one of course he was laminating rusty and everyone at that game to he look good you could argue he will that the MVP of the Warriors for them yeah yeah – but what was he gonna look like in Game three and he can keep that going can he say consistent and he has it and just hasn't has done shit man he's been very lazy and that's why he's not in the game right now yeah yes Steph Curry has 39 minutes in this game 39 guys 30 fucking nine and there's still five minutes left that's ridiculous he's barely been out of this game and just right now only two other people who says career in double digits we said if they're gonna have any chance of winning this game there's role players would have to step up and they haven't done shit and they're at home – so the role players shouldn't feel more energy they should be coming alive but nothing they literally only have 18 points off the bench that's huge and they say Steph is one of the great all-time I don't think so he's one of the greatest shooting shooters of all time yeah he is look what he's gone right here he's got 45 points how step not one of the great great shooters you gotta get props like you can't put this on sevens than anything he could lose on his breast man yeah go and say we're sabotaging the finals what house Golden State Warriors sabotaging the finals but are they solve attaching themselves because of the injuries I mean they're injured and I mean you guys got you got key guys that are injured right now yeah what's the time Ella the time left 541 541 541 left to go and guys yeah keep smashing the shit of that like button we have let's see how many nice we got we got 2.3 thousand likes thank you guys so much thank you and we're just um well that's a 400 away now yeah we're less than 400 away from him 73k I think what even though this game wasn't ever really entirely close I think closest ever guy was like seven points for the majority of the game writing much yeah but nonetheless you guys came in here you guys hung out with us we hope that you had a great time well we will be back for Game four on Friday night we'll be right back here so turn on a notification I'm back subscribe baby come back and hang out with us and welcome sports your nation guys welcome baby thank you bye our dreams for him thank you so much the kings of Leicester – king of the last year you I'm gonna go I want to gab another beer you guys think I should grab a beer I've had quite a bit of drink tonight I haven't ate any food see or no Sarah no go ahead cuz I'll be driving you a water murder later yeah yo you're on your third beer yeah Sean's the designated driver tonight every night every night well is it cuz you always wake up and you don't you don't eat because you just make it right for the stream mmhmm yeah losing with without KD helps Lacey winning with with winning with losing with Katie oh okay I see what's a wedding without Katie hurts it's okay I understand Sophie since he's out he could be like well that's why you know they didn't win chocolate beer I'll chug a beer three thousand likes I hate when we December third cake our mo we're back for the timeout pump-fake driving in the inside and he is blocked ball goes out of Bounce good defense still by Ibaka on the route there's five thirty left to go in the fourth quarter warriors ball with 12 on the shot clock nice strep go blocked by Ibaka vodkas on it man that's a three blocks from him tonight yeah this guy crushing it man ball inbounded from Milan Samba came from the sideline Oh Nick I am gonna get my grub on okay there Steph Curry pulls up the jumper for three no good Drago grass aboard now the trademark straight away three good nothing but the bottom of the net where was this earlier in the fucking game nothing but that bad I'm not done yet here's fucking air balling all this fucking threes earlier sorry about that thing I come back well they pull a combat like like I think clippers dead on them oh yeah 5:05 in the first round of playoffs 504 left to go later for a baseline shot good over Alonzo McKinney for 58 let the go in the fourth quarter 97 113 Steph Curry with the ball 45 points tonight Leonard has 30 points now Steph Curry both of the floater and it's blocked it's what Ibaka with another block this guy's this is the old bacca bacca block Steph Curry's floater this is the old Ibaka ball inbounded rep go top of the cage Repco to Steph Curry right outside wing driving to the bank kicks out to the corner Lanza bikini pulls up for three no good rebounded by the core for 34 remaining in the fourth Leonard top of the key going to buy draymond 50 on the shot clock take all the jello in the paint hold it up no good here goes Tremont outlet to JEP go and it gets knocked out of bounds there by who was it goes eka white I think it was the coup I go no sorry it was Larry I couldn't see who was four blocks were Ibaka yeah he came to play Kingslayer with Katie and clay come back y'all finished we'll see well that's why it's same all right ball is gonna be inbound from the baseline from Drive go to Bogut on the right outside wing Bogut to Steph Curry on the right corner kicks out to Drago wide open three goodbye direct go for 12 remaining 13 point game I think you could call this one a game unless there's an absolute implosion here by the Toronto Raptors Laurie off the screen from Ibaka here top of the key eight to shoot passes it to Leonard into the paint not the way all their games draymond Green and the Warriors draymond going up strong plot way Ibaka but drip goes their drink me number there's gonna be a whistle Ibaka is a fucking five six blocks six six blocks he blocked that dream oh that's a goaltend that's another goal Chandi got away with that hit backboard first oh my god 347 left to go in this ballgame drop go first free throw is good hey guys keep in that light but we're almost there to 301 just a little less than 500 away we're less than 300 or so do their Kate oh my god we should have like a ticker like a countdown I know we need you know very cool huh well we just want to say thank you guys hey y'all guys thank you so much ladies and gentlemen thank you so much almost a thousand subscribers gained here tonight Wow and we'll just never be thankful for it thank you it's been a crazy it's been crazy guys and we want to get we want to give a huge shout out to the Mod Squad yes for just kicking ass these entire playoffs young especially in the finals y'all are dealing with thousands of people in the chat mod squad we can't thank you guys enough TV or Seth we want to ride without you all you guys no long you guys have been kicking ass man yeah dude know who's here so we can shout out loud I know there's oh man okay just listen I thought of a way at least for us to know what time it is so the solution is that you guys should manually put a 1 digit number of the minute in that quarter Wow but does that really help them I'm sure there's a way I'm sure those away and we're gonna find that out hopefully your students are awesome but let's go Raptors let's go says Nava plays and eight I don't know where all you guys are from let us know what you guys are from the new people let us know where you're from yeah next double chats you two I know you've been here man time remaining is three 47 left to go 347 left to go guys how to you crazy mofo what's up Ichigo has gone buddy Mei crazy mofo math squad you guys want me to get you something from Whataburger oh yeah you guys want a burger some chicken tenders the chicken tender back is amazing a patty milk alright Whataburger oh yeah all right drop go is at the free-throw line cuz he was found 347 left to go in the fourth quarter and second free-throw is up and no good you piece of fucking absolute garbage piece of shit Oh dream on steals it I'll also bikini gets it and there's gonna be a foul oh my god and he'll shoot two free-throws Alonso McKinney I'm thinking that they're getting into it now 12 per game you think maybe they have a chance thank you well the points is nothing they look he's got a tail on so McKinney comes in strong Ibaka is right there he draws the foul Alonzo McKinney shooting two free throws over 341 let the go oh you about to see some fuckery happening right here and a lotta McKinney this is the fuckin free-throw he misses the free throw fuck you you asshole fuck you you piece of shit you garbage ass motherfucker how are you gonna miss the free-throw right here when you're trying to rally your garbage dude fuck you he's not actually garbage but he pisses me off missing that first you can't be missing these you can't be win when you're trying to make a comeback what they say is most important is scoring he missed boop boop um but Bogut tips it in but they're called violation on that that's not they're gonna call violation I'll also bikini miss both of them what a pussy baby bag bitch the moment got too big for him he got too scared he missed it bullet comes in there and tips it in with her two called lane violation on that man another gonna call it over the rim over the rim yeah offensive bull sinning all right Wow 101 113 Van Vliet to Kawhi Leonard hands it up to Lowry they can't do shit right oh oh a nigga stole away back and get stolen away by curry Oh Sal there's a foul against Danny Green what that's a foul 327 remaining attendee then any green foul Steph Curry as he stole the ball the ball was past Danny Green Steph Curry he can't he catches it and the Danny Green foul step while he's on the ground ain't good defense by Steph Curry there and good sacrifice you see him diving for that ball man even though he's putting a lot of minutes he's exhausting he's still putting in that effort baby let's go my god oh my god Steph Curry at the hombre oh yeah the bonus yeah that was it I also want to put him on the penalty shit oh you know he ain't gonna miss he puts the first one up and in imagine if fuckin along some bikini maybe the first one you that second a jeanette fucking drip go ahead the second one bonus go to Said's in the bonus so yes any fouls made by the torn Raptors that's a free throws for the Warriors the deaded Green is out he's checking out buddy check out and cuz he's got 5,000 Oh 103 113 as Steph Curry makes that second free throw to 324 remain in the fourth quarter can we see some defense here everyone rising to their feet in Larina Lori with the ball on the left outside wing now to Gasol Gasol quarter budget he press it to the corner Laury Laury work in the left wing now he's got three to shoot now to Gasol over Bogut and it goes in clock it's all you fucking genius some great 257 to go in the fourth quarter draymond kids it to the wing drop go for three no good you oh no stolen by Steph Curry curry pulls at the three no good chased down by a loss of a kidney and waiting he's gonna jump off the ball jump ball between curry and Lori as they dive for it tell me the Warriors don't want this they're hustling no Steph Curry wants it but McKenney was going after that too though he was diving Wow unbelievable show them your heart curry let's go on a bull Lee the Bulls wow what a game guys you're having a good time hopefully y'all hit that like hit that share welcome force your nation baby boy that's a 300 away from him so does their K let's go let's go baby let's go baby 3,000 lines we talking to fuckin beer tonight we're just less than 300 away from that shout to the Mod Squad once again time remaining it's 241 let the go in the fourth quarter and we're gonna have a jump ball as it's gonna be between Steph Curry and come on Kyle out Larry Steph Curry is playing tremendous yes he is yes he is you gotta give him respect man 47 points 42 minutes played 42 minutes played oh my god how many there's only 48 minutes in the game right so think about that for a second and there's still about three minutes left here a little bit less but all right here we go here comes the tip between Laurie and Steph Curry 241 left to go in the fourth quarter and the Warriors win the tip here comes draymond into the frontcourt nine to shoot though 8 7 to bogey-bogey he's got it all Bogut back to dream on dream on driving it to the paint goes up off the glass plays a ten to twenty seven remaining ten point game ten point game Warriors are in the bonus to just remember two timeouts for both teams by the way oh shit Draiman with 17 points seven rebounds and four assists everyone screaming here at Oracle Lori with the ball guarded by Lonzo McKinney 10 on the shot clock takes the dribble into the paint Lori passes to the quarter family for three no oh he gets his own rebound Bogut what the fuck were you doing go get him rebound stupid fuck Lori has it on the left outside wing and he draws the foul shot when I bet or no they're saying on the floor okay 4.7 seconds remain on the shot clock no they're gonna reset it 153 remaining in the fourth they're gonna inbound this well if it's in batter they should it should only be 14 how in the fuck did Bogut not get that rebound how the fuck did you not get that rebound Bogut that was a piece of shit man piece of shit why is this shot clock at 24 should be 14 yeah that's what they're changing it to okay they just changed it cool sounds like they got money on Golden State one Billy three remaining now Laura in bounces of every week 12 on the shot clock and 150 remaining along some bikini guarding up top fambly with it six to shoot now pass it to the cloth the clock guarded by Steph Curry and Alonzo McKinney pass back out to family he shoots at the buzzer oh it goes in at the Buzzard what a shot what a fucking shot timeout gold state that's they only have one timeout remaining holy fuck what a shot van fleet from deep from deep oh I like it traveled by Kawhi yeah that's a lot of people like I traveled by Kawhi I saw some people getting mad in the crowd by Kawhi Leonard it probably was but I don't know man that could be that could be event it's a 13-point game with like less than two minutes right minutes 37 I think that's game that was the nail in the coffin guys that was a dagger Wow 13-point game 137 left to go in the fourth quarter yeah we might not even see Steph Curry into the ballgame when we come back who knows but josh is a boss man Sean's in Mavericks man yes Bob Ross so for those who are thinking we're biased yes we are no it's good yeah I picked the Raptors a win and Josh McClure is but he also said this is the game that they can win on the road if they had a capitalize here so it's this has been a great game yeah and yeah again oh what a crazy game man Steph Curry 47 points on 43 minutes he played out his heart in this game yeah Steph Curry did and the rest of the role players didn't really show up draymond Green had 17 points but five of those points came very very late yeah I took him a while to get into double digits seven rebounds and four assists I mean the row players just really did know I can really step up outside you know Steph Curry on a consistent basis I was expecting water draymond Green draymond Green only has four assists I was expecting a triple-double he's been averaging a triple-double of us in the playoffs since Durant went down and look he's not is just not there tonight he's got how many four turnovers guys keep hitting that light but we are just a little less than 200 away from 3k likes yeah so let's do it again 200 way from 73k can we hit 3k lights and 73 came again subscribers tonight well blessed okay let's go baby let's go beer let's go where's Drake at he's back in Toronto hanging out with the fans and the Raptors come back with 137 left to go way cook huh the Warriors yeah yeah they pulled they pulled the starters man they pull the starters all they have yeah yeah it's over it's fucking over 127 love to go Steph Curry is out it's a good party Oh Jordan bill throws it down 1:22 remaining over at 1:07 1:18 both teams in the bonus siakam has it drip go guarding him 15 on the shot clock here on the right outside siakam getting by him into the paint kicks it out to Lauri sweeter to Gasol for three good yep it's awkward Marcus saw knocks it from down town baby nick says that's that's game that's blouses blouse lobsters big well they pulled the starter so you knew they weren't even gone over that's from right y'all know that's wrong right nope what where's that from blouses oh my god drab coat drives the lane and he has found so that's gonna be two free-throws oh we spent a long time so I watched it so I'll watch that this is huge for the Raptors it is Thor this gets them back home field advantage in the playoffs Scirocco knocks at door free throw but man this is what tough loss here for the gonna say warriors yeah I mean look what can you do when you have so many guys are injured the injury bug hit you guys here Steph Curry he played his heart out he tried man he literally played pretty much the whole game say what can he do right exactly nobody can ever fucking hate on a career no Repco knocks down the second free-throw and we hit 3,000 likes oh yeah we did it thank y'all so much guys yellow fucking awesome 45 seconds remaining in this fourth quarter Jeremy Lin is in the game oh my god see I come down in the paint puts it in good feed there by Gasol 123 109 35 seconds remaining this game just be over with Arnie yeah Gasol gets the rebound right there but look it good win here by Toronto they did exactly what they should have done what what's expected of them this was their best go with an opportunity if they're gonna get a road win this is the one they had to do it in yep everything all the stars lined up for then to get this and they got the job done they play phenomenal Kyle Lowry came out and he played amazing 23 points he was 5 for 9 from downtown Danny Green 18 points he was 6 for 10 from downtown he murdered it man 18 points from siakam 30 from Kawhi Leonard 17 from Gasol so the starting lineup emerged all just fucking murdered exactly 11 points off the bench from Van bleats so the Raptors getting it done here and that's it we got a fight automation from Bryan's as well you do live commentary of NBA Draft that would be awesome we will be live yes for the NBA Draft and you don't want to miss it because it is gonna be something special so again Bryan you tell all those new people that are in here right now to subscribe to our notification because not only do they not want to miss the rest of the NBA series live streams from us but the NBA Draft is amazing yeah thank you for the $5 buddy we had $6.99 from Diedrich since the six and six thank you so much from Canada thank you so much Dietrich we appreciate that buddy the Raptors they look at good right now they took back home field a home court advantage and a blendness finals and that's that they needed that but yeah Golden State Warriors again the box score right here 17 from Danny Green draymond Green 7 rebounds 4 assists 2 steals 11 from Iggy for from cousins terrible game for from limousine terrible game 47 from curry 47 like damn near half the points from the Warriors 2 from Bell two six from JEP go three from Alonzo McKinney six from Bogut nine from quick cook they shot 40 percent from the field 34 from downtown 83% from the free-throw line how many turnovers do they have they had 13 turnovers tonight so they cleaned up their turnovers yeah that's less what they had last time but it's just they just could not get anything close every time they got two seven points Raptors bounced back and just every time man it went from 7 to 11 or 12 points like that in the snap just you hate to see it but man you got to give props to Danny Green for Kyle Lowry for showing up tonight and putting in the work they were leaving him open on the at the three-point line and they were draining every single one we got a $20 and 99 cent donation Josh from boots from from Canada is like no problem guys much love man much love to you buddy we appreciate that man thank you so much so much buddy appreciate that so much that means a lot to us Thank You yeah thank you you're also doing man I just feel so bad for Durant not doing it started curry for literally putting in all that time all that work and people are gonna talk shit about him people are gonna shout touch telling them people like those guys on those morning talk shows on ESPN and Fox and stuff like that we're gonna talk shit about oh oh Steph Curry I mean you can't say he's like you can't put him up there with the Jordans and the Kobe's and Shaq's yeah or LeBron James because look this is opportunity to put it on his shoulders and they couldn't get the win and I think that's fair at all this guy had where's that where's that all right Steph Curry he had eight rebounds you know he had the most rebounds he's a leading rebounder yeah he wasn't doing shit yeah you're right um typically this guy draymond Green usually leads the team and assists right nope it was curry curry did everything everything we had you daughter named Joey Vasquez war is finished with 109 three games in a row wait what no way is that true we finish with what so the Warriors 109 Sunday 109 Thursday 109 how the fuck did you notice that Joey that's Chloe that's crazier Joe this one's donation thank you buddy that was crazy I never I did not notice that I was like no fuck girl I have not noticed that three games in a row in one of them wait they want eggs for midnight meeting says y'all bring it every day totally its period time baby thank you so much midnight mania yeah even though the game wasn't all that great it was still a fun time hanging out with you guys man yeah King fee Jace's our offense and defense is both much worse for that play I still think we can win in six if Katie there's a two-way stud and him him being out there man this guy solidifies that defense we saw how bad that evens was the day I was wide open lanes then wide-open threes every time they try to adjust one one thing or the other was open and Raptors took advantage everyone in Grapevine Texas loves y'all keep it up everyone in Grapevine Texas loves y'all keep this schooler Cyrus hey yeah we're the D of dumb yeah shot – yo um how are y'all stings are we streaming were stream for like maybe a 15 minutes give or take 70 73 K is so close how far are we away from somebody there pain we are about a hundred and one subscribers away from Sony they're caveman man figure hit that tonight I don't know if we will but we did that we crazy uh curry show scored 100 he choked yeah okay your ear hurts go 200 he's a bum and he's a bad man he should have pulled out who did the who scored a hundred it was it a bull Russell yeah fuck but that was back in the day man that was just too easy for him that's okay warrior Stefan kuroh you're the best even without clay and Durant fighting curry gonna start something and I think I'm Filipino yeah first I think prissy yeah man scepter is dude man he's awesome y'all might get on later probably crumb gonna eat some food baby gonna gonna go grab a beer now gonna go grab a beer yeah Bob Rogers I can't time people out Sports Khairy um I'm not sure why you are a mod buddy I don't see why you can can't um wilt well Oh Wilt Chamberlain not Bill Russell sorry will yeah my bad I knew is one of the great big men I couldn't remember that's my bed my being my B I'm mister Jason Vaughn's a superfluid commentary that's what he sounds like I'm telling you like I have a sixth sense for this stuff oh yeah Congrats the locks the Raptor fans ha ha take Luke Luke got waterboy report Drake Drake let's see ya this is the Taco Tuesday well it's not Tuesday it's Wednesday I love Taco Tuesday though uh curry wasted a great game hope you save someone with that for Game four yeah you'll be fine I think clay will be back for Game four K or KD ah Josh looks hungry I am so fucking hungry dude Josh wolf cub when we start streaming has eight at all Brendan what's up man did you guys hear the cub signed uh Craig yeah dude Braille yeah um no I'm in Rocha brought that to to us yeah which was awesome Jake should pull up to Game five with a mouth guard and chew on it that's justice I'm I don't understand what that means Dollard Nathan Jamison thank you so much buddy we appreciate that man Jamison mcdougal man here also man Game four gonna be fun Mike Mayer weirds me oh it is it's gonna be a lot of fun clay will be back yeah clay will be back oh man this is this is looking like a seven game series if if Katie doesn't come back yeah but you know what I kind of hope he doesn't because it makes it more fun it makes its may the series have been great with makes it makes it more fun yeah sure it'll go to game seven man if wait if Katie never comes so Ashley called while saying he's getting really late again on Monday or Tuesday are you talking about KD is Dan so he's definitely not gonna play this Friday and then if he's gonna evaluate it again on Monday or Tuesday then he's definitely not gonna play off for the monday game so at the best he could come back as game six Wow Jameson appreciate that man we appreciate that and someone said I will see you Monday yeah yeah we'll see you guys Friday night we'll see you guys Friday night yeah yeah if y'all are new I'm very turn on location pissed I typically work Fridays but I switched tomorrow's shift yeah for Friday so I'll be working tomorrow and I will be off on Friday won't be here yes shout out to Nick shout out to Nick for switching those shifts with me man I the time out blood and said error I don't know why I did that I don't know we contact you too I have no idea what's going on with that uh some bagged wagons are here's is a Charlaine probably for both teams yeah uh PD is playing Friday I don't know about that Colby apparently Korn Ashland he's not being revaluate until Monday so he's definitely not gonna play and thoroughly until Thursday uh or maybe Monday I don't know nick is the MVP since Thor Seth the game wasn't fair at all yes it was yes it was how they're not fair it's part of the is part of the sports people get injured you got to play through the next man's step up that's not that's not the Toronto Raptors for that Raptors fault it's not their fault that's where your thoughts on aew wrestling amazing Alex it's exciting and it's great for business sounded there Kate wait until Friday well yeah we're about 80 away I don't think we have 80 people that haven't subbed in here yet so yeah somebody there okay we'll probably wait yeah yeah we're 80 away so it's all good man good 72k tonight was a game over a thousand subscribers tonight guys that was awesome thank you so much man yes you have no idea how much that means to us guys yeah really don't when there's the next w/e stream I don't know Archer oh I think that I think the last one will probably be SummerSlam yeah or maybe thinking about streaming that aew show the pay-per-view that's gonna be in Chicago with one where CM Punk might show up oh but if that's not the last one then probably SummerSlam because once the NFL season starts there's not gonna be any doubt any streams yeah uh clay will play Friday Francis that's that's what everybody's thinking because you know he's question we're going into today and so there was their show they almost show Rocha sold Channel okay yeah all those videos where was that yeah all right Roger we're gonna show your fucking wraps have been terrible on both sides all series Eddie you are exactly right man this game piss me the fuck off man I was gonna some heated these wrestlers stupid calls man they missed to goaltending – goaltending against the against the Warriors or against the Raptors the Raptors Ibaka said to his blocks were actually goal tens it's ridiculous yeah I think about show him on man ones NBA Draft is June 2020 it's a Thursday yeah so many salty go so were your friends all right I didn't want to see a lot of salty ones honestly three Shawn I always thought – I only saw two gold tens for sure ones that hit the backboard first yeah there there was there was their third maybe I missed a for third one I don't remember okay they don't bother to call traveling anymore I know there's a couple travels he missed on curry they missed one a carry and they also missed a one on a qui all right Rocha in here yeah no I don't know I'm gonna show his channel his old channel that's a lie Sean Katie can return game for north source has said he is being evaluated on Monday well that's why I said I just said it according to Ashland I I never said I like I'm gonna saying if that's true then he's not coming back until Game six but uh Ashland said that that's what they said on TV I don't know but I'm just saying with years old what's in all video over the amazing Roadshow let's do it just get the volume up 23rd birthday oh he's here there we go don't yell at us Rocha oh let me throw the volume alright this is this is six years ago this is back when he was I think 16 years ago he's 1213 years ago he oh I have to say one thing what why is he sound like Angelica oh my god that's odd does he not sound like Angelica I'm a king confirmed 'no still see not sound like Angelica alright here's another one I was kind of tired I want to show you today they've been a while but doesn't exist anymore that doesn't exist anymore that account no but that's tell me that's not gold how about them apples how about them apples he says how about them apples he says oh my god Rocha that is golden bro telling you oh my god those golden content mam telling you oh the fuck is this guy that is the amazing Rocha who was a moderator on our chat yeah and it's his 23rd birthday today yeah so we have to give him we got to embarrass him a little bit oh man if you guys haven't done so yet wish him happy birthday and King says he does sound like Angelica I knew it videos how about them apples baby that was hilarious that face I wrote chip makes means like that little smarty that shit was so much funny how about them apples that was that's golden man oh my god we got 5 more videos like that oh my goodness made everyone everyone spam in the chat with apples apples of the chat apples of chick just show the video Patrick sent in Skype that's not to Rocha the one where he does the ice bucket challenge is that the one you're referring to I'll show it if Rocha said that's okay when I listen to that video of young Rocha I want to buy him a BB gun oh god dude if Roger says it's cool I will he does the ice bucket Johns you did you ever do the ice bucket challenge no me neither nobody ever challenged me so I didn't do it I would have done it it's only to challenge me Nick challenged me last night like dude come on man it's like six years ago that's like longer than that shit dose of different challenge no not having sorry says Rocha okay all right bro I think it is a water no no he does another one and he just he runs funny with his arms but where's that it's on skype and it's in the group chat and I think the reason the main reason why he doesn't want that to be shown is because it don't tell anybody please he's wearing his Sacramento Kings Jersey video okay I won't tell anybody yeah yeah uh stop hiring so many fat people so sinister Oh why fat people run the world fuck did you know back in the day that if you're a fat that meant you were rich because you could eat good did you not that was actually true you know back in the 1920s and 30s the people that were overweight were people that had money hmm make a people are starving more skinny fuck Rocha drop that shit he what he would he would he's a dick like that doesn't a coward man he would do it anyway uh Connor MacDonald says I own Rocha I I prove you could show it he owns I remember a Connors his daddy you have more yeah you do have more vids on that account man does he really oh yeah he's got he's got several more – we gotta watch more you won't watch another one yeah okay guys you can watch another one let's see he only has a few on this OH let's go with the picks Super Bowl picks into the very top okay here we go oh my god Ravens to beat he was the 2730 that's my pick and then we'll have the horrible I'll be back next week if anything changes he'll be back next week video how about them apples yo from now on every time roaches parts in the jab I see some apples in there yeah what is my voice I don't know Rosa I don't know we've been asking you that for unit for like two years now Rocha your pre-puberty voices Arturo there are a lot of missed calls in this game what do you guys think there was a ton of a call no way to me over calls to our Kingston that's a screenshot of the video it's a video oh I guess yeah that's the vide he doesn't want me to show it but I'm gonna watch it on streams II I'm glad I never made videos when I was younger so Josh is Sean and plus my nuts on my birthday good Josh remember Cory parky why does he run like that it's not core to make fun with kids disabilities [Laughter] oh for the serious Francis I said were the six men were six this is the best the best was of this armament that's how he moves what he's that's how his body he said he said he would beat you in a 40-yard dash okay running like that oh that never would happen buddy with a t-rex are bad allowed no Josh no she is donkey 56.9 nine he says roaches 2013 sounds like he's 12 yeah I know I remember the first time that he invited me to put PlayStation he sent me a message he's a make a joint join and let's play some PlayStation I was our he's like hey uh my voice though I'm like what the first thing before I even join the party he said there yeah he's like but yeah some bad his voice I don't remember exactly what he said but I was like all right and then I joined us I'm 22 I'm 22 don't tell my Nana at white hair I'm an honest fan Sean got six glasses understand Mike how about them apples how about the map every time roaches joins the chat we have to talk about we have to have apples have to be spammed thank you so much about donation by the way oh just that guy I would love to have in my crew any day of the week Oh wrote just gold man tell him one of these days I'm gonna put together a sitcom or some sort of reality TV show starring Roger cuz this – it is golden content he's really if you guys he streams once in a while on video gaming maybe he must you know I don't know but y'all should go subscribe to amazing Rocha he's a funny fucking fucking hilarious dude $22.00 nation from Rocha why are you down ready on your birthday man just daily freakin D I love you guys chill birthday do we love you – love you – you should not be told anything on your own birthday we love you too buddy man we hope you had a great birthday I know the Warriors lost for you man but hey what can you do you guys have your arms you know y'all will be fine yeah but man you lobby dude and glad we can like you know just a little bit know if you guys are play tonight if I uh babes got work tomorrow so I got nothing to do tonight so yeah just gonna go get something to eat and then I should beyond about an hour so we're gonna be out of here in about five minutes guys Magdalena I suppose I have to go I'm sorry I love you guys it was so it was so to be with you guys please give me a shout out before I leave shout to you and she says my dad is in the military that comes home tomorrow and I'm also very much Magdalena Magdalena thank you so much for tuning in tonight we're glad you had a good time and we're so happy that your dad's coming back home – fucking awesome you know so shot to you and now you have a good night you tell me this tell him tell him I said to sweet thank you for uh a Warrior's l didn't affect my birthday I think he expected it this way I may be up late so if I am I will tune into rocha stream yeah but if Roger down the stream and maybe King PJ will or Nick Howard or the the the QC yeah what up thou Rocha says Rocha our King says Rocha and Eddie wouldn't be able to reach the top shelf t-rex and arms and midget a midget that's true oh it's Carson in here oh shit I don't know Carson was in here where's Carson Carson Daly no Carson I don't know it's pretty what's up man I'll let these guys have free drinks in the in for an hour then put them in a sumo match I would do one of those sumo matches with this fat suit well the fat sir will run at each other home bounce off both die Rocha ah I'll do that buddy I'll do that I'll do that man Hugh grasses you guys are awesome thank you buddy max mega Lina so she's crying why are you crying Oh donkey fifty six is Carson oh I don't know um you know I'm gonna gonna join and have some stories to tell you guys be mine he's got stories is that some story meanwhile you're getting down and I are so then we better cut this so that we can get some to eat and so now we can jump on yeah it's it's 11 o'clock now it's 9 p.m. on the west coast or deutsches birthday yes so alright guys we wanted to say once again thank you so much for joining us or night and happy birthday to the amazing Rocha our buddy our good friend wait wait wait wait before we do that we have to do it to them it's on his birthday right timing out remove moderator remove them for moderator all right we removed Rocha from moderator because it's a tradition we always unmod Rocha so we'll do that and we're about to modern back here in a second but it's a tradition thank you have a good night to Jamison Charm City fuck mod squad you guys kicked ass always always guys always says we love every single one of y'all and we can't wait till Friday it's already good time oh my god Nick crazy muffled got his ass it's riscuta says charm said he fought got his it that's like a birthday spanking this birthday Spanky's there you go sir card to fucking go everybody got him no roaches a semester on Twitter Shawn you fuck hey birthday spankings Shawn yeah to Rocha how about them apples yeah how about them apples guys we'll see y'all later let me take Josh to go get some water burger you know I should be on PlayStation guys we should put in place and I don't know we're gonna play I'll probably get on to once I get home after I walk to the pub all right guys