Ranking The FUTURES Of All 30 NBA Teams

welcome back everybody my name is Tucker and in today's video I'm gonna be ranking the future of all 30 teams across the NBA and I felt like instead of just doing like a 30 through 1 list video it would make more sense to put them into tears as I have over on this website now something to keep in mind here when I'm talking about the future of these teams I'm thinking about within the next two and three years what are these teams gonna look like two to three years from now and how those should be those teams should be ranked 1 through 5 in terms of a tiered list now another thing to keep in mind this should go without saying obviously this is very subjective these are my opinions so please be respectful of them as well as other people's in the comments section and make this more of a discussion rather than just screaming and yelling at each other if you think that one person or another is incorrect but we're gonna go ahead and get started I'm just gonna go through a team by team here as opposed to going by tier and the first scene is the Orlando Magic and I'm gonna put them in the B tier in terms of a two to three-year window into the future the reason for this is because they certainly have some good young players like Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon Nicola Vukovich got reassigned he's still in his prime they have no Bamba mark how folks could end up being something and all of those guys should end up being good NBA players with the exception of fault – I'm still not sold on returning from the injury it's just they don't necessarily have like a big-time store player that would cause me to put them in a slot or at least the possibility of getting a big-time star player I don't see any of these guys on the roster currently as being like a first or second team All NBA guy even though Vukovich was just an all-star so that's why they're in the B tier rather than the a tier but still a good future ahead for them the next team is gonna be the LA Lakers and this one is a little bit tricky because two years from now they could still have LeBron if he resigns two years from now LeBron could be on a different team if he decides to leave we also did a hundred percent know that Anthony Davis is going to re-sign with them so here's my thinking I think Anthony Davis is almost guaranteed to re-sign with the Lakers this offseason so they're going to have him over the next two and three years he'll sign a five-year contract so two and three years from now they're still gonna have Anthony Davis LeBron question mark and beyond ad things are pretty much a question mark and they've given up so many those future first-round picks so I'm going to put them in the C category simply because Anthony Davis should be such a good player for them over the next couple of years and they're going to have him to prop up their future but everything else around that is kind of questionable so they're gonna go in the seats here next is the Boston Celtics and even though they've experienced some issues losing Al Horford losing Kyrie Irving Gordon Hayward struggling returned from his injury I'm gonna put them in the B tier and the reason for that is simply Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown Kemba Walker to a certain extent but more so two and three years from now I'm thinking about how good Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown are going to be should they decide to resign them which I would imagine they will in addition to having control over Memphis his first-round pick either this coming off season or the following that's a huge deal so they always seem to have assets and I've still believe in the Brad Stevens standing Ainge combination despite the issues that they had last season so I'm gonna put them in the B slot next is the Golden State Warriors and this one is a little bit tough because two and three years from now we don't really know what Steph and klay and draymond are going to look like we don't know if they're still going to have dream on but I'm also going to put them in the B tier because they do have Dan's little rustle either as a trade asset or as a player on the court he's someone that's going to help them along term again whether they trade him or they keep him and Steph and klay at least are still going to be really good players two in three years from now even if they do end up losing draymond and free agency in the 2020 offseason they're still going to be good so I'm gonna put them in the B category next is our first member of the eighth year and that is the Oklahoma City Thunder and this has everything to do with just the massive amount of draft picks that they have in addition to having Shea gilja's Alexander on the roster the Thunder in addition to the pelicans which I'm going to talk about later as well teams that have a ton of draft picks over the next five to six years every single time a star player comes up that wants to be traded wants to be moved those teams are going to be involved in going to be able to make moves for those stars and that is a huge boost to their potential for the future so the Thunder in my opinion at least have to be in the a category next is the Brooklyn Nets and this is another tricky one kind of similar to the Warriors but I'm going to put them in the B category as well simply because if we're looking at a two to three year window two to three years into the future Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are still going to be under tract in that time period assuming one of them doesn't get traded or anything so without having actually seen them on the court even with the question marks about kairi's leadership or whatever issues he might cause with roster in addition to not really knowing how Kevin Durant is going to come back this is still a team that has those two guys on the roster and they have Jared Allen and and and Spencer Dinwiddie in Carroll Evert and even though some of those contracts might run out in the next two and three years they'll have the opportunity to resign them so I'm pointing them in the B category next is the Chicago Bulls and this is another one that I kind of struggled with because it's similar to the magic in a sense where they have good young players obviously the magic had more success last year than the Bulls have had at any point and their current rebuild but I still find myself really believing in this Bulls group if they can figure out a way to get another like really really high caliber star player I don't think that any of the players on their roster right now similar what I talked about with the magic are going to be a first or second team All NBA player at any point in their careers so once they find that guy this team should be a lot better but in terms of their future prospects two or three years from now I still think they're gonna be in the B category I still think they're gonna be really good with Kobe white and Zach Lavine to a certain extent but mostly lousy marking it and Wendell Carter jr. in the frontcourt I think they're going to be amazing so they're gonna go in the B category next is the Miami Heat and I'm actually gonna put them all the way down here at the e-cat agoI there's a couple of reasons for this the Jimmy Butler trade even though in the short term it should work out they're gonna have him over for years they only had to give up Josh Richardson which you could certainly make the case was worth it in terms of a future projection standpoint they have lost multiple first-round picks in the future that they owe to teams like the Thunder they have Jimmy Butler is really their only high-caliber player he's had some injury issues they could potentially end up making another trade for like Chris Paul or something that would add another kind of short-term gain long-term loss star quote-unquote to their team and losing players like Josh Richardson who was on a good contract certainly hurts their future potential and then they still really basically just have justice Winslow and then BAM Adebayo in Tyler here oh we don't really know how any of those guys are going to work out in terms of potentially being all-stars in the future so I know it seems kind of harsh to put them there but in two of two to three years down the road the fact that they don't have their own draft picks it's gonna be tough for them to build something sustainable in that time period so they're gonna go all the way down in the East line next up now is the Houston Rockets and they're gonna go in the D category and there's a couple of reasons for this first of all they gave away some draft picks for the russell westbrook chris paul trade and that's going to hurt them long term and secondly the longevity of players like harden in russell westbrook or kind of up in the air at this point and i'm not a hundred percent sold on those two guys still being like all NBA caliber players two or three years from now they're getting a little bit older russ as specifically he's had some knee issues knee issue injuries in the past so i'm not a hundred percent sold on their future like i said the traffic and they don't really have a ton of young players to be excited about on the roster outside of maybe click capella so they're gonna go in the D category despite the fact that they are a really good team right now that's kind of a differentiation that I probably should have mentioned in the beginning of the video just because the team is really good right now like the Rockets and maybe even potentially the heat doesn't necessarily mean that they have a good future as evidenced by this chart so far next up is another team that's gonna go in the category and that is the Charlotte Hornets they just they've screwed up pretty much everything over the last four years in terms of building their team they haven't really hit on any draft picks they weren't able to surround Kimmel Walker with a good enough team to capitalize on his well below market value contract they didn't make the proper trades they overpaid in free agency and as a result they really don't have that much to look forward to Campbell left Jeremy Lamb left those were their two leading scorers from last season they just lost them without anything in return they've got Myles bridges who could end up being good Malik monk maybe it did bring in Terry Rozier in the offseason but there's no one player that you can point to on this roster and say I know that this guy is gonna be a good NBA player not a single one and so they're gonna have to go in my opinion all the way down in the e spot next is the New Orleans pelicans and just like the Thunder they're gonna have to go up in the a slot like there's no other place for them to go because they have so many future draft picks and then obviously in the pelicans case more so than the thunders case they have a some really good young players on the roster like Zion like Brandon Ingram like Alonso that could end up being good and then they still have a true holiday trait to make if they want to as well down the line to build on their pile Bassets oh I don't really need to talk a ton about the pelicans and why they're in the a slide nor the Thunder because it's pretty obvious at this point next it's gonna be the New York Knicks and this is again it's another tough one because it's not that they don't have some promising players on the roster Mitchell Robinson could be good a lot of career could be good Kevin Knox could be good RJ berry could be good I'm just not really sold on any of those guys I'm probably most sold on Mitchell Robinson but beyond that I'm not really sure so they have to go in the C slot in my opinion despite some of the youth that they have on the roster just by having to release Randle and Bobby Portis and guys like that I'm not convinced that those guys are all that long-term of an option for this team like two and three years from now I would not be surprised if none of them are on the roster it seems like they're kind of targeting 2021 free agency which has never really worked out for them in a big you know all them be a huge star kind of way and then I'm not convinced that any of their young guys are gonna turn into anything either so they have to go in the C slot next is the Sacramento Kings and this is a team that I've actually talked myself into putting in the a spot and the big comparison that I can see coming out of this is why did I put the Kings in the a spot but I didn't put the Bulls in the a spot because they both have a somewhat level amount of young talent and the reason for this is I just I think that they're young guys have more upside and I saw I've seen more real evidence of them being all-star caliber young players that I have the Bulls so deer and Fox I'm sold on Buddy hield I'm sold on I'm starting actually even like Marvin Bagley as well and I don't know they I just I have such a better sense of where the Kings are going as an organization which is weird to say I believe in them as an organization more than I do the Bulls which again is weird to say and it's closed like the Bulls were actually pretty close to being in the 8th spot and they came to relatively close to being in the B slot but I just I just believe in the D Aaron Fox Buddy hield Marvin Bagley maybe even Bogdanovich group more than I do the zach lavine Coby Wyatt window quarter and Lolly marketing group from the Bulls next is the Portland Trail Blazers and this is one of those difficult ones where it's like this team is good now but what does their future look like but I'm still gonna put them in the B category simply because again if we're looking at a two to three year window CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard are still going to be really good in that timetable they still have their future pigs they do actually have a little bit of flexibility as well in terms of calf space to maybe add to that over the next couple of years so they're gonna go in that B spot next is the Phoenix Suns and I don't know what to do with this team honestly like you could make a case for anywhere in the BC and D range in my opinion you could make a case that the Phoenix Sun should go there in terms of their future because yes they have Devin Booker but he's on a max contract which kind of brings down his value compared to being on a rookie deal even though he's still a very good player they've got DeAndre eighth and last year's number one overall pick who looked very very good beyond that you're not really a hundred percent sold on anybody in their roster but I'm gonna be kind and I'm gonna put them in the B category as well because I still believe in that combination being really really good down the road it just I'm questioning whether they're owners all that committed to winning whether they're going to be able to put a proper team around these guys some of the moves that they've made even as recently as a couple of weeks ago aren't all that promising but I'm still going to put them in the B category next the LA Clippers another weird one we don't really know if Kauai and PG are still gonna be on the team in three years they gave away future picks they gave away show you getting shaky oh just Alexander but I'm still gonna have put them in the B slot like there's every possibility that they resize both of those guys two years from now and they're continuing to be really good as they probably will be over the next couple of seasons I almost put them in the C slide just because of the injury issues with both of those guys co eyes like things that he dealt with with the Spurs and then Paul George obviously with the severe leg injury and then having both of his shoulders operated on so I almost put them in the C category but in the end they went to the V slide next the Utah Jazz the B category is getting very very full but there's just there's no other place for me to put these kinds of teams that are good right now that are going to be good in the future but don't have some crazy trove of assets like those teams at the top to really specifically the pelicans and Thunder so I'm gonna put them in the B slot as well they've got down to the Mitchell should be a really good player long-term probably in all NBA caliber guy at some point in his career they've got Rudy Gobert as well they've got the flexibility moving forward once Joe Ingalls comes off of his contract once Gobert comes off of his contract to make some other moves if they wanted to or just continue to bring this screw back in two years Mike Conley's they will be up so they have some space and some moves to make even though they don't have really any other like good young players on their roster outside of Gobert and mitchell unless dante exum turns into something but i have to just put them in the b slot because they're still going to be really good over the next two and three years next the San Antonio Spurs and they're gonna go in the C category and I think I'm probably gonna take some heat for this I don't really know what's going on with their logo I'm probably gonna take some heat for this but here's my thinking so they've got you know they've got white they've got Murray they've got Lonnie Walker and those are those are certainly good players like I don't want to take anything away from them and they're still dispersed it's still Gregg Popovich for now it's still the Spurs organization they can still definitely build something around those guys but they just they don't have the high upside young talent that it takes to be a little bit higher up on this list that's all there is to it it's nothing personal it's not anything against them just it's just a talent issue in terms of their youth which is why they're at the C slot next the Minnesota Timberwolves they're gonna go in the same place I don't really believe in anything they're doing outside of karl-anthony towns and maybe you can talk me in joshua kogi is a future piece as well Andrew Wiggins is just not a very good player nor asset at this point even though he could turn into something down the road not convinced that anything really is gonna go well in Minnesota outside of karl-anthony towns and he really brings them up from what could be a lot worse into the C category next the Memphis Grizzlies and I'm gonna put them in a slot as well because even though they're missing their first-round pick either next year or the following and that's a huge blow to them I love the chair and Jackson jr. John Moran and now apparently Brandon Clarke combination that they have going Grayson Allen could be a piece for them they've got future picks from the Jazz I just I really like what Memphis is doing I think they have a bright future when it comes to their young players and some of the future picks that they have and even though like I said they're gonna lose their pick either next year the following their any age lot for me the Denver Nuggets are another team that's a little bit difficult to figure out but I'm gonna put them in the B slot and the only reason they're not in the a slot is I'm not a hundred percent convinced that Jamal Murray is going to turn into like an all NBA caliber guy and just having nikola yogic as a future player and then obviously like you're Harrison and potential Michael Porter jr. Bulbul we don't really know what's gonna come of those guys Harris how to down here in Porter Jr bull bull have never played a game in the NBA so it's kind of tough to to put them into this conversation so the Nuggets are right there they could maybe be an A team if you talk to me a year from now but right now they're in the Beast slot next Dallas Mavericks again be slightly they've got Luka they've got porzingis I think they're gonna be able to do some really big things with that combination over the next couple years but you don't really know how porzingis is going to come back from his injury and they gave up multiple future first-round picks to the Knicks which is going to cause some issues for me personally so they're gonna go in the B slot next is the Toronto Raptors they're gonna go in the C slot simply because yes they have Pascal saqqaq and they have og and an OB they have some assets and they have a ton of flexibility next offseason but beyond that I see I struggle to see a path that really makes them like like a top four seed in the East over the next couple of seasons unless something unforeseen happens and I just don't really see them having the mobility the assets to make that happen so they're gonna go in the C slot next Milwaukee Bucks I'm putting them in the C slot and really the reason is just I'm putting in them and the B slot excuse me and it's just because a Yanis like he is going to be in contention for the title of the best player in the world over the next five seasons and apart from that yeah it's like they lost Malcolm Brogdon this offseason who could have been a big future piece for them that's a big loss they don't have the luxury of you know having another really outstanding young player to go along with the honest but they've got Chris Middleton they've got guys like Brook Lopez they've got complementary options at least and then it's again it's just a Yanis builds up this team's future so much and that allows them to go in the B slot the Indiana Pacers another one that's kind of tough they have the flexibility to have Victor Oladipo is gonna be good and again it's getting very crowded but they're gonna have to go in to be slot and you can rank any of these teams however you want to in the Beast slot but it's just it really is true that there's so many teams that are right on the cusp of either being having a really good future or right on the customer maybe having a slightly mediocre one in the C category but for the Pacers specifically I believe in the future of Oladipo coming back from that injury and again they just got the flexibility they've got the younger players like Myles Turner and about a sabonis to really be something two or three years from now the Detroit Pistons are next up and I'm gonna put them in the D category and the reason for this is again lack of young talent like Andre Drummond is a good player but he's not gonna be anything extremely outstanding over the next couple of seasons Blake Griffin's getting older Reggie Jackson is his effectiveness has been relatively limited and beyond that I mean it's Luke canard and then maybe some of the draft picks from this year but I just don't really see a huge future for the Pistons after that is the Cleveland Cavaliers they do have Darius Carlin they've got Colin sex and they can potentially make a Kevin Love trade they're gonna go in the C slot because they do have two good young players but beyond that they have some issues now they have stockpiled some assets because they've been able to take on some salaries for certain teams and they could get some more in the Kevin Love trade which is why they're gonna go in the C slot as opposed to the D category next the Atlanta Hawks are going to go up in the a category and the reason for this is because they've got Trey young they've got John Collins I've got Kevin herder they've got cameras they've got DeAndre hunter and they've just got the makings of a team that not only has talent and young talent but a team that also fits together and you can see how it's kind of all gonna work in your head just looking at it rather than just having all these good young pieces that actually fits together really well so they're definitely in my opinion one of the brightest future teams in the league then you've got the Washington Wizards and they're going all the way down in the East lot from me reason being the John Wall contract is awful they have no other assets on their roster apart from Bradley Beal that's a trade they're probably gonna have to make to get bumped up in any kind of future setting and I almost put them in the D category because Bradley Beal is so good in such a good trade asset but when you look at the rest of the roster they've got nothing so they have to be in my opinion in the e category and then we've got the Philadelphia 76ers we're gonna go in a familiar spot right there in the B category they've got Tobias Harris they've got Joel and B that got Ben Simmons you could kind of talk me into honestly the a slot for the 76ers the issue with that though is just that the expense of this roster over the next couple of seasons is going to be extreme withdrawal and beed being on a big contract then Simmons recently signing a max Tobias Harris being on a near max Josh Richardson's gonna need a new deal in the next couple of seasons so in terms of a talent if it was just Talent you didn't have to consider a contract the 76ers were probably beating a slot but they're probably going to have some to make some constants and decisions on some of their bigger contracts over the next several years unless they're willing to pay like two hundred million dollars in payroll much free tax so that's going to be my tier list you can see the whole thing right here for the future of the NBA all 30 teams ranked in five different tiers in terms of their future possibilities as I said in the intro of you guys have a difference of opinion completely okay be sure to let me know down in the comment section below but these are just my opinions on the future of all 30 teams in the NBA and I thank you all very much for watching I hope you guys enjoy today's video once again my name is Tucker if you missed any of my previous videos then be sure to check out the boxes on screen thanks again and I'll see you all next time