Ranking The BEST Small Forward From EVERY NBA Team In The 2018-19 Season

we're ranking the best small forward from every team in the NBA this season make sure you check out the ranking videos for the other positions on my channel if you haven't already and stay subscribed so you can see the power forward and center rankings when those come out too but as for now though we're mainly looking at the starters for each team and we're gonna assume that everyone's healthy but even with that I was surprised to realize just how many bad starting small forwards there were in the league so we're gonna go ahead and go through the first ten extremely quick because they're nothing special and then we'll rank numbers 20 to number one like normal so let's get into it number 30 the Pistons with Glenn Robinson the third number 29 the magic with West so one do number 28 the Nuggets with Torrey Craig 27 the Grizzlies with Kyle Anderson 26 the pelicans with Wesley Johnson 25 the Kings with Iman Shumpert 24 the Rockets with James Ennis the third 23 the Knicks with Damian Dotson 22 the Cavs with SETI Iseman and 21 the Nets with Joe Harris now let's move on to the real list with number 20 the Hornets with nicolas Batum but tomb has without a doubt turned into one of the most overpaid players in the league when he played for the Blazers he'd get them 15 a night but was also an elite defender and now he doesn't do either of those things he's pretty much turned into a roll player who gets about 22 million dollars a year and speaking of overpaid players number 19 the Trail Blazers with Evan Turner Turner has been used as the Blazers Sixth Man this year so Jake layman could start now neither one of these guys are great options and layman will probably be the more effective player when he gets more minutes but as of right now the spot goes to Evan Turner number 18 the Miami Heat with justice Winslow the man's had potential to become a solid forward for the heat he's athletic and a good defender but his shooting and his offensive game need the most work it's his fourth year in the league and he's averaging 40% shooting 30% from three and seven points a game on his career so I don't see his ceiling being anything more than a solid role player in the league 17 the Wizards with Otto Porter Otto Porter came out last season and played pretty well he averaged 14 and 6 on 50% from the field and 44% from 3 while being one of the Wizards better defenders on the team it was a great three indie player for Washington last season but it hasn't had the same start this year and with the Wizards open to trading their entire team it doesn't look like he's gonna be a wizard for much longer 16 the Suns with Trevor Ariza by how much the Rockets are struggling as a team and mainly at the small forward position this year without Ariza tells us just how great of a player he is he's one of the better 3d players in the league today and this guy that'll do all the dirty work on defense that his team needs and that's been his role in the sun's so far this year 15 the spurs with rudy Gay last season rudy Gay came off the bench for the Spurs but with how the rosters been looking this year he's mostly been a starter it's clear that he's past his prime now and he's turned into more of a role player but still putting up 14 and 7 on the year number 14 the Pacers with Bojan Bogdanovic Bogdanovich is definitely one of the more underrated players in the league and plays a big part in what makes the Pacers successful we didn't know just how good of a defender this man was until he came up huge when guarding LeBron in the playoffs last year yeah sure they still lost but he made a huge difference and is gonna again this year in the postseason oh and right now he's shooting 52% from three sure that numbers gonna go down eventually but shooting that good 22 games into the season still says a lot 13 the bowls with Jabari Parker the Bulls have faced a lot of injuries to start the season so no one's really established at any position on the team yet but for now we'll give the small forward spot to Parker because Jabbar is come out looking pretty strong on this team after a couple of injury field seasons now he's still not looking like a second overall pick but he is looking better every game number 12 the Jazz with Joe Engels ankles isn't a big-name star but he's starting to play like one in recent years he's proven that he can come up big on defense can make plays for his teammates and has ended up being one of the better three-point shooters in the league he's pretty quiet at the regular season but definitely make some noise from the playoffs come around number 11 the Hawks with Torian Prince Prince is a young player that still has huge potential but his development as an NBA player hasn't gone exactly as planned because he was draft with the idea of him turning into a good 3d player that had great defense but instead he's done the opposite and lost his touch on defense and has improved well on the offensive side as an overall player though he's got the size and athleticism to turn into a Robert Covington type player but he needs to work on his shooting and get back to playing that solid defense again number 10 the Clippers with Danilo Gallinari the Clippers have come out and been the biggest surprise so far this NBA season by being the first seed in the Western Conference 20 games into the year and gallon always played a big part in that by having one of the best seasons of his career now he's had trouble in the past staying healthy so he'll have to hope he doesn't get injured again this season but so far he's putting up 18 and 6 on 42% shooting and almost 46% from three so hopefully he can keep this up number nine the Timberwolves with Robert Covington Covington's without a doubt one of the league's best three indie players and while he's never been a spectacular player on offense last year he made the first defensive team and he deserved it that on top of the fact that the man has a solid all-around game is what rains him so high on the list and I think he fits in great with the Wolves which is gonna give him a chance to have one of the best seasons of his career number eight the Mavs with Luka Don Chooch now Don Johnson Harrison Barnes have been sharing the floor as small forwards to start the year but we'll give them a spot to Don touch for the video now I had doubts about how the man would translate to the NBA but he's looked great so far he's the front-runner for the Rookie of the Year award and has excelled in every aspect of his game he's a great passer shooter and scorer that's putting up 19 6 and 4 so far number 7 the Bucks with Chris Middleton now I didn't forget about Yanis because he's been playing power forward this season while Middleton's taken over the small forward spot so we had to give it to Middleton and small forward seems like a much better fit for him anyway he's considering his size and his skill set now it doesn't look like Chris is gonna be taking his game to the next level this season like a lot of people thought that he would but he's still having a good year number six the Celtics with Jason Tatum kay domes continuing to prove why he's got one of the brightest futures in the NBA he may not really be able to do that though until the Celtics figure out how they're going to fix their roster he started the year at power forward but he just recently got moved back to his natural position and small forward either way though Tatum's not a major star yet putting up sixteen and six so far this year but after what he did in the playoffs last season going head to head with LeBron and leaving the Celtics to within one game away from the NBA Finals Tatum definitely deserves to be ranked this high number five the Thunder with Paul George now we're finally getting into the elite small forwards of the lead pg13 has continued to prove wise at top five small forward by being an elite player on both ends of the court he's putting up twenty four seven four and two and a half steals a game right now and he's a great fit alongside Westbrook that doesn't need the ball in his hands to find open looks and stay effective in the game number four the 76ers with Jimmy Butler now that Butler is on the 76ers Philly looks like they have just as good of a chance as anyone to make it out of the East and into the NBA Finals because they now have one of the best big threes in the league Jimmy's gonna be able to lead that team in the locker room and on the defensive end but we just have to hope his attitude doesn't get in the way of things again this year he hasn't played too many games with Philly so far but he's already looking like he's a great fit on the team and what ranks to me this high above a guy like Paul George is the impact he makes on his team's the Thunder heaven majorly improved any sense pg13 got there but the Wolves went from a bad team to a playoff team with Butler and now the 76 years have won seven of the nine games since making the trade forum number three the Raptors with Kawhi Leonard now small forwards are usually the league's best two-way players and we've talked about some great ones in this video but there's none that are better than Kawhi Leonard since moving to the Raptors they've looked like a completely different team and one that can honestly make a run if they make it to the finals this year and Kawhi is gonna make a good run for the Defensive Player Award but as for right now Kawhi is shown just how much of an impact he has on a team and the fact that it looks like he was exactly what the Raptors needed to take their whole team to the next level number two the Warriors with Kevin Durant Katie may never take over the spot as best small forward and best player in the league if LeBron just never slows down and if he doesn't leave the Warriors in free agency this year so for now he's still number two number one LeBron still the overall best player in the league but it looks like this is gonna be one of the last years we're gonna be able to say that because they're slowly becoming an argument against him beating the best player with KD having the option that change team's next season and prove himself maybe and Yanis continuing to develop every year it looks like they're coming for his spot but no matter what team he's played on LeBron's played at such a high level for so many years and is still putting up 28 a game but his bad defense over the past couple of seasons have been the first sign of him actually slowing down so things could change over the next couple years but as for now LeBron still number one now if you enjoyed the video definitely comment down below and let me know comment anything you agree or disagree with and make sure you stay subscribe to see the power forward and center rankings coming soon don't forget to Like subscribe if you're new and I'll catch you next video you