Ranking The BEST Shooting Guard From EVERY NBA Team In The 2018-19 Season

we're ranking the best shooting guard from every NBA team and mainly focusing on starters and assuming that everyone's healthy now make sure you do check out my point guard ranking video if you haven't already and subscribe so you don't miss the ranking videos for all the other positions that are coming soon now let's get started number 30 the Thunder with Terrence Ferguson who is just holding down that starting spot until Robertson returns number 29 though Pistons with Reggie Bullock he's a decent role player but wouldn't start for really any other team in the league 28 the Raptors with Danny Green Green's quietly been a big piece of what's made the Raptor starting 5 work he's a great 3d player and is shooting a career best 44% from three right now 27 the Grizzlies with Garrett temple man 26 the Cavs with Rodney hood the utah jazz version of Rodney hood looked like he could turn out to be a solid scorer but even now that the Cavs have no one hood still hasn't shown any amazing ability as a scorer number 25 though Hornets with Jeremy Lamb he's a decent all-around player that's got the potential to get you 20 on any given night this has been his first year as a full-time starter and he's doing a pretty good job so far but nothing spectacular because he's still only playing 24 minutes a game number 20 for the Bucks with Malcolm Brogdon you usually this spot would go to Chris Middleton but since he's playing small forward this year it goes to Brogdon the former Rookie of the Year let's be honest that's just strange to think about now but since his rookie season brogdon's been a solid role player for the Bucks that showed some decent improvement in his game every season number 23 the magic with Evan Fournier even though the man's going bald at 26 Fortier is a great underrated tour for the magic shooting career lows this season but still averaging just about 16 a game for a guy that's not crazy athletic he's crafty around the rim and is great at getting his points by coming off the screens and finding open looks 22 the Mavericks with West Matthews West Matthews is another three indie type of player he had his most popular years on the Blazers and hasn't made much noise across the league since joining the Mavericks especially after his efficiency dropped in recent years but so far this year he's back to looking like his old Portland Trail Blazers self 21 best Celtics with Jalen Brown Browns off to a bad start offensively so far this season and that seemed to be a theme with a lot of Celtics players this year right now he is only averaging 10 points a game on 36% shooting in 27% from three but we saw just how much potential he had in the playoffs last year when he came up huge on defense and put up 18 a game so if he wasn't on such a stacked team and was given the chance to play like VAD again he definitely rank a lot higher over 20 the Lakers with Brandon Ingram Ingram's not traditionally a shooting guard and doesn't play like one but technically that's the role he's been playing for the Lakers so far this season now some people might have been expecting him to be ranked higher but the truth is there's a lot of great shooting guards in the league and Ingram hasn't made much progress yet to the potential that everyone believes he has number 19 the Hawks with Kent Bazemore baseboards never been a guy to put up great stats but he's one of the best two-way guards in the NBA he's on pace for the best season of his career so far being just as effective on defense and putting up a career-high near 15 points a game right now and he's in the middle of his prime so I'm surprised that this young Hawks team hasn't tried to trade him for some younger pieces for their team 18 the Nuggets with Gary Harris Harris has turned out to be a great young player for Denver he was drafted in 19th overall in 2014 and is having his second straight season putting up 17 a game and he's turned out better than a lot of people thought he would I don't know if I can ever see him developing into a soup a star player or anything but he fits great on this nuggies team as one of their best two-way player 17 the Timberwolves with Andrew Wiggins I think by now everyone's on board with the fact that Wiggins has been overrated he is shooting a career best 41 percent from three looking slightly better on defense and averaging 17 a game right now and it's good that he's made those improvements but it's his fifth year in the league so he should be a lot better by now but now that Jimmy Butler's gone we'll get to see if he gets back on the right track 16 the kings of a buddy hield this is his first year that he's gonna be a full-time starter and he's shown up to the occasion he's made the jump from averaging 13 a game last year to now 18 a game so far this year and not to mention he's putting up career highs in every other category I think Buddy hield has the potential to keep developing into a Bradley Beal or Chris Middleton type player down the line and maybe even be slightly better because he's already a much better shooter than both of those guys 15 the 76ers with JJ Redick marquel Fultz was Philly starting shooting guard to start this season but after the Butler trade it looks like Redax gonna be keeping that spot and it's the move that makes the most sense after trading Sarich and Covington they're gonna need Redick to stretch the floor and it's really not normal for someone to have their best years of their career at 34 years old but that's what Redick is doing and that's because Philly's using him perfectly they run a good amount of plays for him and give him the option to either shoot the ball or make a play of his own and that's what's helped him average over 18 a game so far 14 the Nets with carries levert like I said we're gonna assume everyone's healthy so before levert went out with an injury it was having the best year of his young career and starting to look like the Nets next breakout player and luckily for levert he might be able to return this season and start things back right where he left off number 13 the heat with Josh Richardson Richardson's come out of nowhere this season and it started putting up 20 and night and every once in a while we'll give you 30 on a night which is a great sign for him looking forward he's only 24 so he's got the potential to keep developing over the next late years and if you can put up those near 30-point games more consistently we can see you've becoming an all-star pretty soon but as for now it's just got to keep doing what he's doing for the heat number 12 the Blazers with CJ McCollum it's safe to say that we've seen as much as we're gonna see from CJ he's a solid score that can easily give you 20 a game but not much more than that he had his best year in the 2016 and 17 season where he averaged 23 a game but since then hasn't developed Lillard needed him to step up for years but as we can tell that hasn't happened so I'm shocked that by this point they still haven't traded him and tried to shake their team up 11 Tim Hardaway jr. Hardaway's done a great job of coming out this season and being the Knicks leader while porzingis has been out he's putting up a career-high 23 points a game right now and I think he can keep this pace up even when Chris stops returns he needs to work on getting more consistent as a player and work on his three-point shot and then the man will be said he has only played on bad teams though so I'd like to see what he could actually do on a good team number 10 the Clippers with Lou Williams no I said only starters for this video but we had to make an exception for Lou Williams he's picking up right now where he left off last season he's averaging just about 28 game and he's hoped the Clippers suppress a lot of people and actually be a pretty solid team this year number 9 the Jazz with Donovan Mitchell now we're getting into the top tier shooting guards in the league last year Donovan proved just how bright of a future he has in this league by coming at is one of the biggest surprises of the season winning the dunk contest in leading the Jazz past Russell Westbrook and Paul George in the playoffs and he's still playing at that high level this season I wanted to rank him higher and I'm sure there's some people that would have expected to see him higher but it's still only his second season in the league so these next two guys that I ranked ahead mom could change down the line number eight the Wizards with Bradley Beal so like I said when it's all said and done I think Donovan Mitchell is gonna turn out to be a better player than Bradley Beal has been but for right now Beals still the slightly better player in 2016 you know from averaging 17 a game that year to 23 a game the next season and I thought that was the start of him developing into a star player now he did make the all-star team last year but since 2016 his game hasn't really developed which has put the Wizards in a similar situation to the Blazers now I'm not sure if I could ever see Beal putting up more than 25 a game consistently but he is still only 25 years old which gives him a lot of time left to develop number 7 the pelicans withdrew holiday drusen is prime right now and he's having some of the best seasons of his career he's averaging 19 points and 9 assists a game which is part of the reason he ranks this high but the other part is because of his defense he's one of the few shooting guards in the league that's just as good on defense as he is on offense and we saw just how clear that was last season in the playoffs he's still one of the league's more underrated players but without a doubt a top shooting guard in the league number 6 the Suns with with Devin Booker now one day Phoenix is gonna stop being one of the worst teams in the league and we'll get to see how good Devin Booker is on a winning team but as for now he's coming off a last season way averaged just about 25 a game 2 now so far this year putting up 23 6 and 3 he's not the greatest defender but he does a great job at leading his team in scoring and now that he's teamed up with DeAndre Eden it's only gonna make things easier for him and turn him into a better player number 5 the bowls with Zach Lavine Levene's cooled off a bit since the start of the season but right now the man's still averaging 25 5 and 4 and at this point I would still say he's a lock for the all-star team and the Most Improved Player Award hopefully he doesn't cool off anymore though and he can keep this pace up especially when the Bulls are completely healthy number 4 the Spurs with demar derozan now at first I thought that DeRozan was gonna rank at the number 3 or maybe even the number 2 spot I mean he's come out this year and put up 25 6 and 6 so far he's putting up big numbers but still isn't a good 3-point shooter by any means averaging 17 percent from 3 now and himself in Aldrich haven't led the Spurs to the best start with them sitting at about 500 right now but then again they can't take too much blame for that considering the bad roster number three the Warriors with klay Thompson a while back it was a conversation of who was the best shooting guard in the league between klay Thompson and James Harden now while hardens definitely won that race now and Clay's slightly falling back on the shooting guard rankings because of the stacked warriors he's still just as good and even considering his role on the team he's still putting up 21 a game this season and I would say he's still the best two-way guard an elite and this crazy that with his role as the third or even fourth option on the Warriors he's still able to average at least 20 a game number to the Pacers with Victor Oladipo now since going from a good player to a star player all the peoples come out and show that it's a lot more than just a great player because he's also a great leader that makes all of his teammates better he was traded for Paul George a couple seasons back and led a worse team to a better record than next season and he's continuing to do the same this year giving the Pacers the third best record in the East right now he's averaging 22 6 & 5 but he does a lot more on the court than those stats show and there's no doubt that that team wouldn't be anywhere near the playoffs without him number 1 the Rockets with James Harden all right there's no doubt or argument against the fact that the reigning MVP is the best shooting guard in the league even without defense so there's my rankings don't forget to comment down below and let me know what you think about the list don't forget to Like subscribe and I'll catch you next video