Ranking The BEST Player From Every NBA Team

not much of an intro is needed here we're ranking the best player from every NBA team and we're not including rookies because they haven't officially played a game in the league yet so let's get into it number 30 the Sacramento Kings with Zach Randolph I mean come on Sacramento let's all give a moment of silence for Kings fans everywhere 29 the Orlando Magic with Nicole elusive itch alright the magic aren't doing too much better the best player was between Aaron Gordon or Vukovich it really could have gone either way but we're giving it to Musa bitch 28 the Atlanta Hawks with Jeremy Lin alright I swear the list is gonna get better soon the Hawks are in an all-out rebuild right now and when Jeremy Lin's your best official player that's not a rookie you better hope that's the case so let's all hope that trading turns out to be as good as they think you will 27 the Brooklyn Nets with DeAngelo Russell let's not all forget that DeAngelo was a number two overall pick the man has had and still has a lot of people that think he's gonna turn out to be great but so far into his career he hasn't shown too much improvement since his rookie season number 26 the Chicago Bulls with Lori Martin there's a lot of young talent on the Bulls and we would have given this one to marketin and Zach Lavine but since Lavine was injured for most of the season and Lauren came out and played as good as he did as a rookie it goes to him number 25 the Dallas Mavericks with Harrison Barnes most of us remember those days when we saw Harrison Barnes start to look like a breakout star on the Warriors and then here we are today the man's been averaging almost 28 games since he joined the Mavs but hasn't reached the level that he looked like he was on the path for at least yet 24 the Miami Heat with göran dragons though man that made the all-star team last year after John Wall and Kevin Love went out with injuries some people say the man is underrated but I'm not too sure about that and should he really have been an all-star over Ben Simmons either way he's definitely the heats best player right now 23 the Clippers with Lou Williams the reigning Sixth Man of the Year is easily the Clippers best player right now and deserves to be ranked here you'd like to think the man would be even better as a starter but Lou and some players just play better coming off the bench and he definitely made a case to where he could have been in all-star last year 22 the Detroit Pistons with Blake Griffin man Blake's been on a decline he used to be an all-star every year but for the past three seasons he can't stop getting injured he's definitely the Pistons best player right now but even though he's been a five-time all-star he ranks us low because of how he plays at this point in time 21 the Grizzlies with Marc Gasol somebody needs to trademark Gasol he's been one of the better all-around centers in the league on both offense and defense which is why I'd put him as the better grizzly over Mike Conley to me the Denver Nuggets with nikola yogic there was a no-brainer to put yo couch over Blake Griffin and Marc Gasol because the man put up 18 10 and 6 on 50% shooting and 40% from three last year he got a max contract and definitely earned it because it looks like he's gonna be one of the top centers of the week for a lot of years to come and I had no problem putting yogurt over Isiah Thomas has the best nugget because as of right now it's not even a question 19 though Phoenix Suns with Devin Booker the fact that the youngest player on this list ranks in the number 19 is a great thing for Booker because that only 21 years old he averaged 25 a game but as the Suns do get better and add more talented guys and he's not the only one carrying that team we're gonna get to see just how good devin booker really is pretty soon number 18 the Charlotte Hornets with Kimba Walker I feel like a lot of people will want Kimba higher on this list but then again the man can't get wins he's a great all-around point guard that's been an all-star for the past two seasons and he's the best player the Hornets have had in like 20 years which isn't saying much but if the man does put together more wins I'd rank him higher 17 the New York Knicks with kristaps porzingis not gonna lie I forgot that Nowitzki jr. was selected for an all-star team last year but he definitely deserved it because before he went out with an injury the man was having his best season yet and had been putting up a few monster 40-point games and there's definitely no competition on the Knicks for Chris tops as the best player 16 the Utah Jazz with Donovan Mitchell Mitchell wasn't an all-star but he definitely played like one as a rookie he's by far Utah's best player and he's probably gonna be for a long time he came straight into the league and played with composure at such a high level and but putting up twenty three and three he took the Jazz from what looked like an average team to beating the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs 15 the Indiana Pacers with Victor Oladipo all the Depot went from being a solid role player to a star player this season and the man is only gonna get better he came out as a better player in every aspect of his game but most importantly he came out as a better leader than last season and he'd probably be ranked higher after this season number 14 the Wizards with John wall's walls a five-time all-star who's averaged 20 and 10 the past four seasons it has made it clear he's a top 10 point guard in the league and himself and Bradley Beal have also made it clear that they've been without a doubt one of the best backcourts in the league Beal has been cutting down that gap between how good him and John Wall are but wall is still the best Wizards player by far he's right in the middle of his prime and I really feel like this is gonna be the best season of his career 13 the Cavaliers with Kevin Love we've seen two versions of Kevin Love the one where he quietly put up some of the best numbers in the league for the Timberwolves and the version where he still played like an all-star but a very watered down version of himself so now that LeBron is gone soon we're gonna get to see who the real Kevin Love is whichever version we get of him though I feel like this is the spot he deserves to be on this list 12 the Timberwolves with Jimmy Butler whatever team Jimmy ends up on is still up in the air but for now we're putting him down on the Timberwolves as their best player we all knew that Butler was a great player on offense and defense and even though he's leaving the Wolves already it was crazy to see how much of an impact he made on that team he instantly took their Timberwolves from being known as a young team to a playoff team so that combined with his overall game is what puts him this high on the list number 11 the Spurs with demar derozan this is one of the closer battles for best on the team between DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge Aldridge for years was thought of as the clear best power forward in the league but nowadays we don't hear too much from him they were both all-stars last year but overall we seemed to rose and make a bigger impact on his team so we gave this spot to him he's gonna have one of his best years on the Spurs but the top ten is locked down full of the league's tops Barr's so he ends up right outside of it number 10 the 76ers with Joelle and B at this point in time it's safe to put in beat over Simmons as Philly's best player the man is gonna come out strong this season and put up some big numbers and he definitely deserves to be in the top ten here maybe not this season but soon and beats gonna be a top five player in the league the fast-paced NBA if today isn't built for sinners but JoEllen beats proofing that it's still possible for a big man to dominate in the lead number nine the Thunder with Russell Westbrook I think you have to put Russ as a thunders best player over Paul George he's probably the fastest strongest and most athletic point guard in the NBA and he knows how to use all of those things to his advantage and he's the first former league MVP to come up on this list he could not pad his stats and shoot a little less but he's still averaged a triple-double the past two seasons and has continued to come open MVP talks so he comes in at number nine number eight the Portland Trail Blazers with Damian Lillard Dame is without a doubt the Blazers best player and some of you might not agree with him being higher than Westbrook but the man deserves it he made the all-nba first team and he doesn't get enough credit for how good he is the Blazers wouldn't really be anywhere near the playoffs if it wasn't for Lillard averaged 27 six and four for the past two seasons and even though he doesn't have better stats than Westbrook I'd still put him as a better player and point guard any day number seven the Boston Celtics with Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving to me is easily the second best point guard in the league and we've seen that not only is he a great regular-season player but he can come up huge in the playoffs and I'd put him as probably the most clutch player in the league today Kyrie is a great shooter and can handle the ball and finish around the rim as good as anyone else in the league number six the Bucks with Yanis and ten takubo now we're getting into the players that are just as good on offense as they are on defense Yanis put up 27 points and 10 rebounds a game last year and even though he can't consistently shoot the ball still he makes up for it by being able to space jam dunk the ball anytime he's within six feet of basket number five the Raptors with Kawhi Leonard who I might be the best two-way player in the league a lot of people are excited to see just how good he is on the Raptors this season he's a former Finals MVP a steals leader a two-time Defensive Player of the Year and has the ability to put up at least 25 a game for the season number for the Rockets with James Harden all right I said we're getting to the best two-way players in the league I meant for everyone besides James Harden but what the man lacks on defense he definitely makes up for in offense it's like what he lacks for in confidence of his chin he makes up for with his beard but seriously right now he's right up there with the RAM on who's the best scorer in the league and he's the reigning MVP number three the pelicans with Anthony Davis some people might disagree but I think it's an easy choice to put Anthony Davis as number three ahead of guys like James Harden he's been averaging 28 points and 11 rebounds a game on offense and almost three blocks and two steals a game on defense this combined with the fact that Davis has been developing a 3-point shot makes him one of the most complete players in the league number two the Warriors with Kevin Durant KD does beat out Steph Curry for the worst spot on this list because he's the better all-around player Durant thinks he deserves the Defensive Player of the Year award and while I don't know if I go that far I do think the man's an underrated defender he might be skinny but he's great at protecting the paint and locking down guards when he needs to and I don't even need to get into how dominant he is on offense number one the Lakers with LeBron James let's face it I'm not a huge to the bran fan but it's common knowledge that LeBrons been the best player in the league for years now and that wraps up this video not everyone's gonna agree on everything so definitely comment anything you might have agreed or disagreed on don't forget to Like subscribe and I'll catch you next video