Ranking The Best DUOS From All 30 NBA Teams (2018-19)

so I was looking into making another ranking video and then I realized that the dual rankings that I made was last season so we need a new one for this season and here it is now of course these rankings aren't gonna be perfect but a guideline that we're gonna use is that team success does play a factor but not a huge one since a lot more factors go into that than just the team's top two players but the duo's overall impact and chemistry is gonna contribute to the rankings too and then the last thing is we're gonna assume that everyone's healthy so with that being said let's get into it with number 30 the Knicks with Dennis Smith jr. and DeAndre Jordan it's easy to make it last on the list when your team is clearly tanking and when you have a roster like this one but seriously these two guys are great players but one's not at their prime yet and the other one is past there's 29 the heat with Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic Miami's had so many injuries in different lineups this year but drug in Richardson are still the two best Gordon's the leader that this team needs on the court and Richardson's turning into a great two-way player 28 the Cavs with Collin Sexton and Kevin Love even though he's on one of the worst teams in the league sexton's without a doubt been one of the more underrated rookies this season and even though love has come back and played at a similar pace as he has in the past it's not gonna matter for long because he'll most likely get traded this offseason 27 the Grizzlies with Mike Conley and jaren Jackson jr. at this point it looks like comedy's never gonna be an all-star but Memphis may have one of their own on the come-up in triple j he still shown flashes of greatness throughout the year 26 the magic with Aaron Gordon and Nicole elusive itch and this brings up the first current all-star on the list with boo savage playing like one of the best centers in the league this year but Gordon is the one that brings down his ranking I mean he's still young but personally I expected him to be a lot better by now he's great on defense and driving the ball but still doesn't have a great post up game and needs work on his rebounding and shooting 25 the Clippers with Lou Williams and Danilo Gallinari we've got the future Sixth Man of the Year and an underrated player in Gallinari was putting up almost 20 a game on a great 44 percent from three these guys don't operate too much as a duos since the Lu leads to the second unit but there's still the teams of two best players 24 the Mavs with Luca Don Cheech and Tim Hardaway jr. all right I said we're gonna assume everyone's healthy but we haven't even seen Luca and porzingis play a game together so we got to give the spot to Tim Hardaway which gives us the future Rookie of the Year and a certified score now I had doubts about how these two would fit together when Hardaway got traded there but so far it's been working great when Lucas the primary ball handler Tim's got the ability to play off the ball and be ready to score at all times and then when Don just goes to the bench Tim's done a great job of being the second unit's primary ball handler and scorer and this is a duo I really hope Dallas keeps together number 23 the Hawks with Trey young and John Collins even though Luke has been the better rookie Trey has still been great and there's no denying how good Collins has been this year which lands us do a one spot higher John Collins wasn't nearly as good last year but this year himself and Troy have been great in the pick-and-roll and that's where John's gotten most of his 20 points a game and where trees picked up most of his eight assists a game so the Hawks need to do everything they can to keep this duo together for a long time to come 22 the Hornets with Kimble Walker and Jeremy Lamb all right this was a tough one to rank because Kim was having the best year of his career and started the all-star game but still can't bring his team to the playoffs with a big part of that being because Charlotte's second-best player is still Jeremy Lamb who's also had the best year of his career putting up 15 a game but it's still just a great role player at best so this is where the duo winds up 21 the Suns with Devin Booker in DeAndre Booker's putting up an impressive 25 and 7 on the year and aydin's averaging 16 and 10 these two guys have a huge potential as a duo but not until they start playing like one even though DeAndre controls the paint and Booker controls the perimeter these two don't play off each other nearly as much as they should which means that Aiden doesn't get the ball as much as he should I mean this duel could be ranked higher in Phoenix could have a lot more wins if these two had better team chemistry number 20 the Bulls with Zach Lavine and Lowery market in now this is a duo that works great together as a big man Lowry can do a great job of stretching the floor and allowing Lavine the room to score as much as he wants or even pass it out to him for the open three and what makes marketing great is that he can do that and post up or drive and score inside two together both these guys open up the floor and give each other opportunities that they didn't have in the past which is one of the reasons they're both having by far the best years of their career 19 the jazz with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert these two definitely proved themselves last year to be a great blend of offense and defense on the floor and this year they've lived up to expectations even more with both of them having their best seasons offensively and defensively go bears been as good of a defensive presence as always and Donovan's stepped up his game on the other end and I'm sure this duo is gonna move up on the list every year 18 the Pistons with Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin the Pistons right now are on pace to make the playoffs and that's thanks to having one of the best front courts in the lead to make it workplace played more on the perimeter than ever before to give Drummond to more room down low and it has worked because he's putting up another monster year averaging 17 and 15 well Blake's consistently averaging 25 seven and five and the only reason the Pistons aren't better is because the team really has no depth and I think they need a more passive point guard than Reggie Jackson number 17 the Brooklyn Nets with DeAngelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie these guys play the same position but with how great they've both been and leading the nets to the six seed in the East is why they got ranked here and it was honestly hard to not rank them any higher because Russell's finally taken his game as a whole to the next level and didn't when he's been a great surprise for everyone this year and having both of these guys playing at this high of a level means that teams never get a break on defense whether it's the starters or the bench playing 16 the Kings with Darren Fox and Buddy hield I had to rank these guys ahead of the Nets duo because be Aaron and DeAngelo are nearly on the same level but right now buddy's the better player and shooter over Dinwiddie and as a duo Heald is one of the best shooters in the league and fox has developed into one of the better play makers and it helps that Sacramento has done such a great job of surrounding him with talent 15 the Spurs with the more DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge DeRozan and Li have had pretty good chemistry but for two former all-stars the past few years they haven't been anything fantastic and it's been cleared that de Rosen's been a big downgrade for the Spurs from Kawhi Leonard but maybe they'll turn some heads in the playoffs 14 the Timberwolves with Derrick Rose and karl-anthony towns it's been widely publicized how well Rose has been this year because of making his comeback and being one of the best bench players in the league and the Wolves still aren't a great team but there's that and the fact that Townes has been having a standout year putting up almost 25 and 12 on 40% shooting from three and playing some of the best defense of his career the team might not be so great but these two have definitely done more than enough for their part 13 the Pacers with Victor Oladipo and boy young by Donovan again we're assuming that everyone's healthy and while these two haven't been statistically as good as Townsend Rose have their record and ability to get wins thanks to things like all the depot's leadership is what ranks them so high and these guys are arguably the top tube perimeter defenders and offensive players on the team with on top of that Bogdanovich being the clear best shooter shooting over 43% from 3 which has definitely helped him become the best player on the floor while all the peoples been injured number 12 the Blazers with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum thanks to Damon McCollum the Blazers always finished with one of the best records in the West but once the playoffs come around they're not always so great but Dave is still a top 5 point guard in the league and even though this duo should have been broken up a long time ago while they played together they have made the most of it number 11 the Celtics with Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum I mean this one was hard to rank because you've got the second best point guard in the league which is what carried them to this high of ranking Tatum still great but he's lost a lot of the buzz he had around him and he's clearly still got a long way to go Plus these guys really don't play like much of a duo but no one really does almost axe out 16 so this is where I ended up ranking them but I could also see if you guys disagreed with this one number 10 the Lakers with LeBron James and Brandon Ingram I don't really need to say much my LeBrons do his only ranked at 10 and again I feel like 10 might even be too high based on how this year's gone but LeBron is still putting up an impressive twenty seven eight and eight so because I've had and Brandon Ingram who stepped up huge for going out with that injury I think this is the spot they still earned as a duo number nine the Wizards with John Wall and Bradley Beal wall and Beal ranked this high because even though they had a terrible start to the season before wall went out with that injury that was more of a team thing because as a duo and healthy both of these guys are now all-star level players and now that feels taken his game to the next level putting up 25 5 and 5 he's got a real case to be the leader of this team and it's really gonna be interesting to see the dynamic between him and wall once he returns next year especially with how much more Bill can develop within that time number 8 the Nuggets with Nikola yo kitchen Jamal Murray whether it screens pick and rolls passing off of cuts or flat-out just knowing where the other guys gonna be on the court no kitchen Murray really have some of the best chemistry in the league I mean the holding lug is teaming chair and it all has great chemistry but we're focusing on these two guys in the general and what really helps is the fact that yoga just still the best passing and one of the smartest big men in the league and because he's such a great passer Jamal Murray being a scorer first type of point guard is what makes them perfect compliments for each other number seven the pelicans with Anthony Davis and Giroux Holliday all right it feels we're to put these two guys who have always had a losing record over the duo with one of the best records in the league but if we're basing it off of more of them as a duo together rather than the team's effort as a whole you got to put these two guys ahead and because ad is one of the most well rounded players in the league and drew as a defensive minded point guard that's putting up 21-7 and five means that right now they're definitely the better duo number six the Raptors with Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry Kawhi has quietly been putting up 27 and 7 on the year while as always being one of the best defenders in the league and this transforms the kind of play that Lowery has been this year and almost right away these two guys have had great chemistry since they were put together and have made it work all season long number 5 the 76ers with Ben Simmons and Jo Ellen bead this has been in beads real breakout year and his third year in the league he's putting up an incredible 27 13 and – showing that for years to come he's gonna live up to all the hype that's been around him now it was hard to pick who to put within bead as a second member of this duo because there's three other stars on the team but we didn't go with Jimmy because his fit on the team is still been questioned we almost did go with Tobias though was putting up 20 and 7 on 40% from three over Ben Simmons who's shooting 0% from deep but I mean Ben still putting up 17 9 and 8 and is the one most thought of us to do it with Joelle so we went with him and they ranked higher than the slightly better Raptors duo because Kyle Lowry does hurt their ranking number for the Thunder with Russell Westbrook and Paul George peaches been an MVP and Defensive Player of the Year candidate all year long and Russ is still averaging a triple-double they're one of the most lethal defensive duals in the league and because of all those things they've earned being this high in the rankings and even though Philly's got the better record both of these guys have played better than Simmons and Abbie tab number three the Bucks with Jana sand Chris Middleton so many things went right for the Bucks this year which has given them the best record in the league pretty much all year long Chris Middleton's finally stepped his game up and Yanis took one step closer to being the best player in the league but what's really gonna determine if that spot belongs to him or not is how deep they can begin in the NBA Playoffs number two the Rockets with James Harden and Chris Paul thanks to harden in cp3 mostly harden the Houston Rockets still stand as one of the biggest threats to the Warriors in the Western Conference and even though Paul's having one of the worst seasons of his career statistically hardens historic career is more than made up for it but again we'll have to see if the same can be said once the playoffs come around and number one the Warriors with curry in Durant I mean let's face it nothing needs to be said except for everyone to enjoy this being the last year of seeing these two play together before we finally get to see Steph Curry be the main guy on his team again and I'm sure a lot of people are ready for that but that wraps up this rankings video anything you agreed or disagreed with don't forget to comment down below and let me know if you enjoyed drop a like don't forget to subscribe and I'll catch you next video