Ranking The BEST Big 3 From EVERY NBA Team

no matter if we're talking about some of the best teams or some of the worst teams in the league mostly every team has three top guys that are clearly their best players and that they can rely on every night and we're gonna be looking at all of them and ranking the best big three from every NBA team now whether you're one of the people that loves these kinds of videos or someone that gets real upset about where some of these players get ranked either way don't forget to comment your thoughts and let me know your opinion after the video and let's get into it no bird xxx the Hawks with Tory and Prince Trey young and Kent Bazemore right now the Hawks are rebuilding and they have a lot of great young guys but they haven't had any one guy that has really looked like he's gonna break out as the real star they still got time for that to change though because they're looking like they're gonna be one of the worst teams in the league again this season on the bright side though they're gonna get to draft another young player next year 29 the nets with DeAngelo Russell Spencer Dinwiddie and Jared Allen the Nets are in a similar situation to the Hawks but they have had a few guys that have looked like they've gonna become future stars DeAngelo's been the most talked about to have a breakout season any time now and it helps that he's still only 22 but all I'm saying is he better step it up with Spencer Dinwiddie looking like he's coming for that starting spot 28 the Cavs with Kevin Love I'm not even sure who to give the other spots to we'll give one to Collin Sexton because there's high hopes for him and Jordan Clarkson maybe 27 the Kings with Marvin Bagley Buddy hield and the Aaron Fox these three guys all give the Kings one of the big threes with the most potential for them to all be stars down the line but with the Kings being the Kings I wouldn't be surprised if they find some way to mess things up pretty soon 26 the magic with Aaron Gordon Nicola Vukovich and Evan Fournier Fournier isn't great on defense but he can be a scoring machine when he wants to and then Gordon and Musa vich are a solid front court for Orlando Aaron Gordon's been improving every year so I expect to see that this year as the season goes on but not so much the same for boo savage because he hasn't shown much improvement in the couple of years so he'd better watch out for mobile becoming for his starting spot 25 the Clippers with Tobias Harris Lou Williams and Danilo Gallinari not too much to say here these three guys can all easily get you 20 points a night and without a doubt will be the leaders on the Clippers the entire season but they still aren't gonna end up anywhere near the playoffs or anything like that 24 the Hornets with Kimble Walker nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lamb this big three isn't anything special either Kimber's gonna be an all-star but tooms a good all-around player but nothing great and then there's Jeremy Lamb I wanted to rank the Hornets higher just for the sake of Kimba but he just needs more help 23 the Knicks with kristaps porzingis Tim Hardaway jr. and Ennis Kanter Hardaway and Cantor has started out the season strong so far I don't expect Kanter to keep up the pace of putting up 20 and 10 every night but I do expect this year to be a breakout season for Hardaway jr. and even though porzingis is out for possibly the entire season I wouldn't pick anyone else from the Knicks to put in their big three over him 22 the Mavericks with Harrison Barnes Luka Don Chooch and DeAndre Jordan all right anytime I've mentioned Harrison Barnes as one of the top Mavs players over Dennis Smith jr. I've been roasted maybe this season he'll prove me wrong but as of right now Barnes is just the better overall player this Maps team as a whole has a real bright future with all of their young talent right now but as for their big three they've got a good mix of two solid young offensive players and then the former Defensive Player of the Year not the worst not the best 21 the bowls with Zach Lavine Lorimar Keenan and Jabari Parker these three guys have been facing a lot of injuries recently but if they can all stay healthy Chicago's got a lot to look forward to they were all under 24 years old athletic they can all shoot the ball and I think any one of them could have a breakout season this year number 20 the Miami Heat with Hassan Whiteside born druggie and Josh producing theyíve come out looking pretty good so far this season and while Dwyane Wade still on the team he hasn't been as effective as these three guys dragons just been the clear leader of Miami's offense on the court Richardson's come out playing great so far and Whiteside still not wowing anyone but he's done a solid in the pain 19 the sons with Devin Booker DeAndre Aiden and trevor ariza compared to last season the sons whole team in general and more specifically their big three has seen some major improvements which has landed Josh Jackson right outside to the big three because there's not too much to argue against these guys Devin Booker is a scoring machine as always DeAndre Eden's my pick for Rookie of the Year and Trevor Ariza was a great offseason move by the Suns 18 the Grizzlies with Marc Gasol Mike Conley and jaren Jackson jr. we know what we're gonna get out of comm and Gasol but Triple J's feature is something to look forward to 17 the Pistons with Blake Griffin Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson the Pistons have one of the best front courts in the league so the weaker point of this big three is Reggie Jackson but he is still a solid point guard and these three guys are really the only hope for Detroit right now because the rest of the roster could use some work 16 the Pacers with Victor Oladipo Tyreke Evans and Myles Turner Oladipo is gonna continue to be an all-star this year but I have no idea why the Pacers are starting Darren Collison over Tyreke Evans he should definitely be their starting point guard which would give the Pacers a great backcourt to combine with a solid center down low and Myles Turner the man had big expectations for a while but so far he hasn't really lived up to them but he still does have a long time to do that number 15 the Nuggets with nikola yogic jamal murray and Paul Millsap with all these young guys on the Nuggets right now it looks like they're gonna be one of the best teams in the league in a few years but as for their big three Millsap can lock things down on defense yo coach can really do anything on the court and Murray's got everything you need to be a top garden elite one day 14 the Spurs with LaMarcus Aldridge demar derozan and Pau Gasol Aldridge is one of the top power forwards in the league DeRozan is one of the top shooting guards in the league and then there's Gasol 13 the Portland Trail Blazers with Damian Lillard CJ McCollum and use of Newark itch there's no debate here these guys are too strong guards and Newark itch is a solid big man but he is gonna need to step it up the Blazers wanna make it noise in the playoffs or you know the team could finally find a good trade from a column to switch things up for him number 12 the Wizards with John Wall Dwight Howard and Bradley Beal even though Dwight Howard isn't the greatest center anymore he's gonna do everything that the woods are gonna want out of him and either way we can expect the Wizards to be a lot better this year because he was a huge upgrade from Gortat and I think wall Beal and Dwight are gonna fit great together and give them a great big three number 11 the Milwaukee Bucks with Yanis Eric Bledsoe and Chris Middleton these three guys make up a great big three but they do lack in three-point shooting and Bledsoe lacks in consistency besides that though I think Yanis and Chris Middleton are gonna have the best seasons of the career this year and I would rank these guys higher if they didn't always finish with an average regular season record and if they were able to do more in the playoffs number 10 the Utah Jazz with Donovan Mitchell Joe Ingalls and Rudy Gobert there's no denying that these guys are Utah's top three go bears the reigning Defensive Player of the Year Donovan Mitchell's a future superstar and Joe Ingalls is the self-proclaimed best shooter in the league I mean if this man saying he's better than stuff that he's saying he's the greatest shooter of all time now while I definitely wouldn't go that far the man is still a great shooter the past two seasons he shot 44% from three which finished top five in the league both seasons number nine the Lakers with LeBron Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma I put the Lakers here because of LeBron I'm not gonna put them in you higher because they still don't look like a great team so far but individually it does look like it's gonna be a big year for these three guys Ingram and Kuzma look a lot more comfortable on the court playing with LeBron and come on LeBron is gonna be LeBron number eight the Timberwolves with Jimmy Butler karl-anthony towns and Andrew Wiggins even though they have major problems off the court on the court these three guys have picked up right where they left off and look just as good as they did last season and Jimmy Butler is still clearly the best player out of these three and the man wasn't lying when he said the Wolves need him to win number 7 though pelicans with Anthony Davis drew Holiday and Nikola Mirotic even though Julius Randle Davis and Mirotic all play the same position the surprising been making it work mirror-touch is a great compliment to Anthony Davis but for Randall to take true holiday spot in this big three we're gonna have to see and keep up this pace for a while either way though hopefully the pelicans have finally found themselves a roster that can help take ad deep into the playoffs number six the Raptors with Kawhi Leonard Jonas Valanciunas and Kyle Lowry the Raptors have definitely upgraded their big three from last year and we're hoping that's gonna give them a better chance in the playoffs this year and even though bella tunis is a big weak point in this big three Kawhi is a big part of my helps rank the Raptors this high I'm five the 76ers with joelle and beed Ben Simmons and Robert Covington already this season and beaten Simmons are looking more dominant than ever before but they still don't have a clear-cut big three on their team so for right now we'll give it a Covington over Sarich and Redick because of what he brings on both ends of the court no bur for OKC with Paul George Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams surprisingly after pg-13 decided to stay in OKC their big three is the same as it was last season Steven Adams has continued to grow into one of the top centers in the league and he's just what pg-13 and Westbrook needed to continue to be superstar players but hopefully these guys can lead the Thunder to further than the first round this time number three the Celtics with Gordon Hayward Kyrie Irving and Jason Tate oh I mean to me these are the three clear choices for the Celtics big three but I wouldn't use big three with this roster too often because they have eight or nine guys that fill their role perfectly number two the Rockets with Clint capela James Harden and Chris Paul know Carmelo Anthony definitely doesn't deserve to be over Clint capela because nobody on this list fits better together as a unit than these three guys nobody thought Harden and Chris Paul would work well together and capela wouldn't be nearly as good as he is now without James Harden and the Rockets they're all the perfect fit and these three are the main reason the Rockets have a great chance at making it to the finals this season number one the Warriors curry clay Durant Oh a video about a big three now it's fine they just have a big six and yeah the Warriors have and will the league's best big three for a while now but that wraps up this video like I said don't forget to calm your thoughts down below don't forget to Like subscribe and I'll catch you next video