Ranking the BEST 6th Man from EVERY NBA Team 2018-19

we've looked through the best player at every position and the best players from every team and thanks to a popular suggestion now we're looking at and ranking the best six men from every NBA team the list starts out a little slow but it definitely picks up so let's get started with number 30 the Grizzlies with Shelvin Mack I mean he's okay 29 though Pistons with Langston Galloway when Galloway is the best player off your bench it's no wonder why Detroit isn't any better than they are 28 the Mavs with Dorian finney-smith not too much to say about him right now he's not a terrific player but he's a great role player with a high basketball IQ 27 and 76ers with Mike muscala Phillies are all over the place this season to start the year they were looking good with JJ Redick as their sixth man but after marquel Foltz went down again and the Jimmy Butler trade it's caused a six man to be their backup power forward in maskawa he's a stretch for that plays his part but this Philly team was starting to look not nearly as good as they did to start the year number 26 the Bucks with air saw Elias sobah the Bucks don't have a true sixth man on their team but playing the best off the bench is Ilias over and he's not having his best year but when the playoffs come around it really makes sense to have him on their team being that he's a stretch for that can shoot he can be mixed into some lineups with the ominous 25 the Knicks with Damian Dotson Kevin Knox was gonna be in this spot but it looks like he's gonna be their starter going forward so we gave it to Dodson who's a solid player who's got a solid game but is still a role player 20 for the Hawks with Kevin herder who is a great shooter that can stretch the floor and that's exactly what he does as a six-man I compare them to a guy like marco Belinelli but I don't think it's gonna be an amazing player but the team will always want him for his shooting ability off the bench 23 the Blazers with Evan Turner Portland's been sitting low to McCollum more this year than ever before which means that Turner's been the guy to run the offense when they're out and he's held it down but I can't say he's done a standout job or anything 22 the Suns with Kelly Oubre ubers been the Sun six men since the Trevor Ariza trade over a guy like Josh Jackson who's on perform to this point but seriously he's been decent but still hasn't shown too many signs that he'll ever be a breakout star 21 the bowls with Ryan are our city our city Cano or dissing Ono or DISA Cano our city Oh No close enough Ryan earned his spot on this Bulls roster after being able to hold down the starting point guard spot until all of their injured players got healthy and that's what's taking him from being the 15th man on the roster to really becoming their six-man 20 the magic with Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors dunk contest winning Terrence Ross looked like he had a lot of potential Orlando Magic six men not so much no but honestly Ross is having the best season of his career putting up 13 points a game off the bench which still isn't fantastic I thought he'd be a little better going into his prime but I mean not everyone can be great 19 the Nuggets with Monta Morris it's shocking how good did vers men with all the injuries they've had to guys like will Barton Gary Harris Paul Millsap and Michael Porter Jr who hasn't even played yet but injuries like that or would have helped make way for a guy like Monta Morris to come out of the G League and play great for them as their six-man now he's definitely not keeping that spot once everyone returns but for now he's making the most of it 18 the Raptors with Fred vanvleet his fans least third-year on the Raptors and this season he's been the guy put into the starting lineup whenever one of the Raptors backcourt has been out with an injury and when everyone's healthy he does a great job of running the offense and getting everyone involved 17 the Lakers with Josh Hart Josh hearts the kind of guy any team would want on the roster the downsides to his game where the fact that he's undersized and his offense can be a little reckless but his positives of the fact that he always has the most energy on the court will get you all those hustle plays and has great defense for a guard number 16 the Spurs with Patty Mills Mills has been a great six-man for San Antonio for a while now and he wasn't made the starter after deshante Murray when I was an injury because he's been so good in that role and hoping the second unit in the regular season and the playoffs 15 the Hornets with Tony Parker now the spot could really be shared with a guy like Malik monk because the Hornets don't really have one consistent six-man and it varies depending on the situation but I gave it to Tony because he's really the leader of the Hornets bench 14 the with Markieff Morris the spot could really go to Morris or Jeff Greene but just since Greene's been starting recently because of injuries we'll give it a Markey who I feel is underrated and if Washington ever finally does blow their team up they can get a decent amount out of treating him to a playoff team because he's a great stretch for who has the ability to go off on any given 1913 the Jazz with Jae Crowder there are favors has been Utah starting power forward for the season even though he isn't playing as good as Crowder but Jays been the guy to bring the energy off the bench and help stretch the floor which they definitely need because when they're started on the floor neither favors or Gobert could shoot and that's rare out of a started frontcourt in the league today number 12 the Celtics with Gordon Hayward it looks like this is gonna be Hayward's permanent role going forward as the most expensive six men in NBA history and now they got himself and Jalen Brown coming off the bench but Hayward gets the edges there six men because even though Browns a better two-way player Hayward's a much better shooter and for his ability to have a big game on any given night number 11 the heat with Dwayne Wade it looks like we may be looking at a future all-star and know he doesn't deserve it for how well he's played this season but he's earned the respect from fans for his career as a sixth man though has been working out pretty good with the depth Miami's backcourt has this season there's definitely no room for him as a starter but he's been great at leading their bench and I would have liked to see him be more of a facilitator to get other guys going but I guess he's still putting up 14 a game and is able to get them points whenever they need it so it all works out number 10 the Cavs with Jordan Clarkson there's no way you could force me to watch a Cavs game this year and since I have and it was surprising to find out just how good Clark's has been playing leading the Cavs in scoring by putting up almost 17 a game and putting up numbers pretty close to Lou Williams but right now he pretty much only scores whenever he gets the ball so for him to take his game to the next level he's gotta start doing more than just that and clearly guys like Hayward and Wade are better players but Clarkson ranks above them purely for how well he's played off the bench this season number 9 the Rockets with Eric Gordon with James Harden dominating the way he's been the Rockets as a team are back to looking like they're all but you could say Eric Gordon still been struggling the former six man of the year is still putting up nearly 16 a game but still shooting career low percentages at least for now and they're definitely gonna need him playing back to normal by the time the playoffs come around number 8 the Warriors with Andre Iguodala with everything that's gone on with the Warriors with them having Kevin Durant and signing DeMarcus Cousins people have somewhat forgotten about $84 but he still got the ability to play at a high level now the stat sheet would tell you otherwise with him only averaging 5 3 and 3 but what he does has never shown up on the stat sheet I mean he was an all-star in 2012 even though he was only putting up 12 6 & 5 and 1 Finals MVP a few years back while only averaging 10 a game in the finals he leads the Warriors bench on both ends and it's gonna show in the playoffs once again this year 7 the Pacers with the Monta Sabonis now we're getting into the possible six men of the year here so bonus is coming off the bench averaging almost a double-double with nearly 15 points and 10 rebounds a game on a great 62% shooting he could definitely be moved up to a starter but the fact that he's been able to have such an advantage over other teams back up centers is one of the reasons he stayed as a six-man I am surprised he hasn't been used in more late-game situations alongside Myles Turner though number 6 the Kings with Bogdan Bogdanovich Bogdan is a guy that definitely could have made my underrated players video from his first year in the league it looked like he was just gonna be another great shooter but this year he's shown that he's capable of a lot more than that on worst percentages he's gone from 11 points a game to almost 16 a game this year in his second year in the league and I've been really impressed with how well he's been playing especially off the bench but when you do realize that he's already 26 years old it does hurt his case number 5 the Thunder with Dennis Schroder shorter still only 25 years old so there's still time for him to develop into a top-tier point guard one day but for now I think being a six-man is the perfect role for him he has the ability to step into the starting lineup when players Sid or injuries happen and then when he comes off the bench he can lead the second unit and still get you 15 a night number for the Clippers with montrezl harrell and Allah will the Clippers have two of the best bench players in the league on the same team which doesn't happen too often and I can't choose who to give the spot to so we got Co best 6 min for this one pause for a minute can somebody please tell me why it's necessary to put an L on the end of this man's name I mean you can just stick any random letter in any name and say it's silent it doesn't make any sense all right go back to the point montrezl has come out of nowhere and put up fifteen six and one and a half bucks a game off the bench on 62% shooting this year and Williams has been as good as always putting up 18 points and 5 assists and this kind of help is what's helped the Clippers be as good as they are number three the Nets with Spencer Dinwiddie whether you're one of the two Nets fans or not you gotta love what Spencer didn't what he's been doing this year he's basically been playing just as good as D'Angelo Russell while coming off the bench with him putting up 17 points and five assists a game and he's even been playing at the end of close games instead of Russell it may be good to keep both guys but I definitely think it'd be best for Brooklyn to see how much they could get for either one of these guys because I'm sure that either one of them will play much better as the main point guard on the team number two the pelicans with Julius Randle now it's not too often that teams have a sinner as their six-man but Julius Randle is one of the guys that's made it work he's still only 24 and is putting up 19 and 9 off the bench on great shooting numbers Randle is undersized but he's explosive a great defender and has developed his post game and shot a ton since his rookie year and if he keeps developing at the pace he has he can definitely become a star one day I mean he's already outplayed Nikola Mirotic for the season and in the case that Anthony Davis does get traded at least they won't be left without a quality Center and finally number one Derrick Rose roses without a doubt the best six men in the league today and has got to be the frontrunner for the Sixth Man of the Year award by putting up 19 and 5 on 48 percent shooting and 46 percent from three if he continues to stay healthy this year I'm sure that he's gonna get a huge contract and there are a few teams he could start for but he may be better suited to just stay as a six-man it never been a question of if he still had skill it was always if he could stay healthy or not so hopefully for him things can stay that way for the rest of his career and there you have it the gap in between how good these last five guys have been is extremely close but that's the list we came up with now if you have a different opinion on them or anyone else on the list differently comment down below and let me know and comment any ideas you might want to see in a future video thanks for watching don't forget to Like subscribe and I'll catch you next video