Ranking Every NBA Team Starting 5

you always go on guys Christie flakes is so I came across this interesting article by Andy Bailey of bleacher report titled ranking every NBA starting five after the Kawhi Leonard Paul George ball for the Clippers you know pretty pretty much like after anything like major has happened in NBA free agency I thought it'd be a good opportunity not only to roast this list cuz I'm sure it'll be plenty of opportunities to do that but also give you guys like my thoughts and opinions on every single NBA team this far an NBA free agency like what exactly their starting five is looking like and how I think they're gonna perform next season if I think they're over eight underway based off this list all that good sponsor man so if you guys could do me a quick favor and please drop a like on this video would be greatly appreciate you guys oh it takes a second of your time and as always check out the second channel x2 crispy like the inscription bloke almost a 40 K subscribers so you don't mind dropping a subscription over there men would be greatly appreciated guys thank you all so much for that alright analyst let me know in comment section below pull your top three to ten to thirty whatever you wanna do man how many times do I do I put on teams in the NBA like who think you know the first best is second best third best all that good stuff out there so here we go man here we go alright so we got the bottom 15 so ranked as the worst team currently in the NBA corner this guy is the Cleveland Cavaliers will they projected sorry five accounts section Darius garland Jetty Osman Kevin Love Larry names yeah I mean pretty much what I see here is not only do you have a second year in a first-year player in your back court but also they are both naturally point guards so we have no idea how that's gonna work you know especially when it comes to having to play defense and um as some of the opposing great backwards in the NBA or you know really just guys showing these guys damn bro cuz you count sections like six one Darius Carlin's like 6-2 6-3 so could be a bit interesting Jenny Iseman I think is a good player I don't know if he's a great starter and they got Kevin Love who always has injury issues in how motivated see these days in later dance it's fine and he's just fine so yeah I'm kind of pretty much good with ranking the Cleveland Cavaliers currently as the worst team next up we have the New York Knicks so this one's kind of interesting I don't know if I Dennis Smith RJ berry Kevin Knox Julius Randle Mitchell Robinson I mean a lot of this is gonna come down to how RJ berry comes out and his rookie season also Kevin Knox and his was a second year now in the NBA how those guys do um because like Dennis Smith Toby he's never gonna be like the grades point around the NBA but he's gonna be serviceable enough julius randle had a career last season so he's gonna be like the focus point probably now mr. Robinson's gonna block some shots score a little bit on the inside you know Kevin Knox RJ berry is really gonna come down to those two guys right there so far and some early RJ Barrett's not really playing all that great he's only 18 though so I mean I definitely see there being a big time adjustment period for them next up we have tied for 20th we have the Washington Wizards with ish Smith Bradley Beal Isaac Banga oh my god starting at a small forward recaps Mira and Thomas Bryan I mean honestly speaking bro like I know Bradley Beal is like an all-star caliber player but just the rest of this lineup is so horrible you know with the exception a truly we don't know he's gonna be a Thomas Bryan's okay and Smith's like his I mean I watched from business for years like he's not gonna score time like I read a little of a nice game that's about it but uh I'm gonna be taking that Nick starting five over this Washington Wizards sorry at five Mack analyzed so yes especially Bradley Beal ends up getting traded for something now you put John Wall back in that lineup maybe you actually get a small Ford that's not a point guard in uh you know maybe we'll have a different discussion out there next we have the Atlanta Hawks so they might Alex actually just equal Ari Parker via free agency cuz that he was the freedom of course so they gotta for like a two-year deal so you might seem in the starting five probably not though I would say this will probably be the starting five on you got Trey on Kevin Hart or DeAndre hunter John Collins Alex Len now of course you couldn't put cam riders in there although I can see cam red is probably starting this career off the bench just cuz like DeAndre hunter is kind of like a jack-of-all-trades guy could do little bit anything out there for you maybe Kevin herder I thought had a very low-key good season for the Atlanta Hawks where you don't just want to like throw him to the bench right away free Kane reddish and olive and eventually I could see cam reddish getting there but uh I don't know man I will probably say that my hogs I actually see them is like kind of a bit of a sleeper team in the Eastern Conference not to like win the you know gosh I thought I said when you playoff game this but maybe just like get to the playoffs just cuz I think Trey young and John Collins that's like the real deal right there and they had a great fantastic offseason so yes so far I think this was Scott's rash not good a lot of man like the order of its kind of trash because once again I'm well yeah it's this tie for 28 so I guess they're tied with the Charlotte Hornets I'm still taking this Hawks team big-time over the Charlotte Hornets they got Terry Rozier Nick Batum Michael kidd-gilchrist you guys wait one okay Michael kidd-gilchrist okay Marvin Williams and Cody's I thought there was six players listed there for a second might take six players in their starting five to win any games out there because you know Terry Rozier he'll obviously have a bump in his numbers please not with starting point guard but I mean he got a pretty large contract Batum has been trashed in support on Trailblazer days my crooked girl Chris freaking shoots like this and Marvin Williams old Cody Zeller injury-prone this – I don't know massa Charlotte Hornets might be right there with us I'm Cleveland Cavaliers like I guess malik monk and what's his name myles bridges they could have potentially a nice jump and they could do something out there but i would i would probably put miles bridges over Michael kidd-gilchrist at this point I'm just saying man like you might as well go in and start playing younger players and hopefully they develop into something but yeah I mean sure Lawrence not not gonna be good this season on net while the Sacramento Kings that 25th damn this dude has no faith in Dianna dear Fox and I mean doing Dedmon like he's a decent center I mean it's not the greatest but he's decent buddy Hugh was nearly a most improved player Barnes got paid so that's either gonna make him motivated to go out there and prove that he's worth that contract or it might be like his last big contract he might just be like an okay player and he got Marvin Begley who I'm actually really excited to watch the season just goes on he was on the bench for a lot of life season for the Kings but I mean you know he's gonna start on how I think and I think he's gonna have really a most improved player caliber season like I really expect some good things to Marvin baby listen the second pick in the draft or something like that next up we have the Brooklyn Nets so keep in mind that Kevin Durant does not listen here because he's gonna be out all season pretty much with injury so we got Kyrie Irving Harris Laverne Joe Harris taurine Prince DeAndre Jordan this list is dark oh okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay this is garbage I can't even there because guess what I'm looking at number 24 Brooklyn Nets it's a I don't you guys can see it or not yes you can write your eyes see the Memphis Grizzlies you mean to tell me that anybody on the Memphis Grizzlies is gonna make this team a better starting five than damn having Kyrie Irving out there you have one of the best three points and Joe Harris Tory Prince is nice too three Jordans of veteran students on crack man stay off the weed I don't know ever to Steven Naismith sensei off the weed crack this guy's doing it all Wow number 24 for the Brooklyn Nets that's a playoff team he got Kyrie it's a playoff team 24th from the bitch-ass NBA come on man come on Cobb was that what I saw is Chris moot says next up we got the Indiana Pacers all the depot's gonna be out probably tell February around that time so right now they have a listen as Malcolm Brogdon Jeremy Lamb teaching Ward Monta Sabonis Myles Turner the only reason that I could see this team like struggling a little bit is from one to you you I have so many new players are under the equation like their entire bad courts did for any I teaching out there now Boyan Bogdanovich was like one of the best scores last season with Victor old you've been out so you lose that and I don't know if the bonus mouth sir I don't really think those guys can operate together at this end of starting front core I just I don't think that's where the NBA's ass so I could see him struggling there now eventually once Victor Oladipo gets back you're looking at a lineup probably of probably a Brogdon Oladipo in the backcourt kind of sharing the basketball kind of sharing the point guard duties I would probably go with Jeremy Lamb at the three just for a scoring out there TJ at the forward and then continue to do what you've been doing pretty much the entire time what's the bonus Myles Turner kind of switching those two guys out but yeah I mean old people stop it's gonna hurt I will that makes him the 23rd worst team Arad was seventh worst team in the NBA whatever for the Memphis Grizzlies we have 2012 22nd of course they have John Moran to Deline Roy Kyle Anderson Jerry jr. and yonas Vala tunas so apparently this team right here is better than the Brooklyn Nets man perrolli and unproven rookie and John Moran – I'm very high on by the way is better than Kyrie Irving is what they're saying out there I'm taking Karras over the line I'm taking Joe Harris over Kyle Anderson no jaren Jackson first saw Tori person taking jaren Jackson yells fellow tunas at this point probably a bit better than geometry Jordan but not by like much yeah that's ridiculous Oh Detroit Pistons okay I mean fair enough fair enough okay yeah I mean they got their gross now but he got reggie jackson allu canard Bruce Brown Blake Griffin Andre Drummond oh yeah I'm so kinda waiting for them to go out there and maybe make another big signing or a trade I've been hearing kind of talks out there Russell Westbrook I hope happens just so I can do that rebuild just so I can do that rebuild bestow on me because rebuild of all time I'll be as right now I'm expecting a big jump from Lou Canard I think he was fantastic towards the end Elias season you know Griffin obviously an all-star drum man we know he is at this point to the double double top guy and Reggie Jackson is pretty consistent now Bruce Brown starting at small forward he's been kind of killing it and some early been actually scoring the basketball pretty nicely I do think eventually Seco done boy yeah ends up being the starting small for after sometime you know that they want to go the direction developing him and if he really takes off you know sometimes in the NBA games next up we have the Orlando Magic we had to grab DJ Augustine Evan Fortier Jonathan Isaac Aaron Gore and Nikola boots the bitch um so they got them listed as 20 NBA which we also gotta keep in mind here too man it's like just because you're listed kind of low around this list does that mean you can't make the playoffs because it just might be that there's more that there's like stronger Western Conference teams and therefore you know not every single Western Conference team despite being strong as some easy teams are gonna make the playoffs that's why you know teams like the Minnesota timber was to struggle for years because they've always been better than a lot of teams in the Eastern Conference but never good enough to make the Western Conference playoffs so it always kind of sucks for them but again the Orlando Magic I am expecting some more moves by this team still alright I think a big one obviously is gonna be training oh bombuh there's just no way you keep mo Bamba not you know you invest in four years in the boosah bitch you know mo was a topic in the draft one of the best prospects out there it's like you gotta give the kid a chance it's clearly back and beyond this team I mean in hindsight I don't look for matching expected guseva to become an all-star live season so like okay let's let's move on from him but then he was it's like okay we got I actually pay him now guys to the playoffs so you know go out there trade bond but to a rebuilding team and see what happens with him and maybe get I I don't know a few veteran pieces back or you know guys they can kind of help you right now time for 19th we do have the San Antonio Spurs list Wow no respect to this first because like the Bulls will be fine but damn bro I you know cuz I'm this thing got to Martin Rosen in my opinion one of the employees let's say the small for now but was one of the better guards in the NBA LaMarcus Aldridge they actually recently just got d'marie Cairo and Marcus Morris so you're probably looking closer to the lineup of the Jonte I probably say Derrick white tomorrow DeMar DeRozan probably probably Marcus Morse at the forward and then LaMarcus at the five to Marc Marquez and LaMarcus that's gonna be confusing as hell man oh my god and then you got DeMar DeMar Lamar and Marv okay that's gonna be crazy like of course you got to John to Mary baby we don't know exactly who's gonna be like but defensively I do think this team should be pretty solid out there all the Marcus s center you know a little a little little sketchy right there but Jamari Carroll he's a freaking dog out there too so I think defensively the team will be pretty nice I do have been better being better than the Chicago Bulls not tied for 19th actually betters so we got the Bulls listed right here Tomas on Oransky I still think Kobe white ends up being the starting point guard of that team Zach Lavine I mean you know I do expect a little dip in assets this season that's just because there is more talent around him now where it's like okay we don't need you shooting 30 times a game Zach Lavine go out there pick your shot to be a little bit more selective with them you'll be good to go Otto Porter is fine Thaddeus Young was actually a nice little low-key addition only thing I don't really like about it is that you know now they are gonna run Lawrie market in at the center spot how exactly does that hurt when doe Carter I mean you know I I would probably I don't know man seems like this Bulls team try and be like competitive and at a time where they don't really need to be competitive it's like you got rookie point guard you know Wendell Carter's gonna be back healthy so I don't know ma'am yeah I like that he's young he got paid on this team so good for him though so I don't know whatever bro next up we got the Phoenix Suns so I do actually expect the Phoenix Suns I could see them sneaking into the eighth spot the playoffs this season I know there's a lot of strong teams out there in the West but I absolutely loved the signing of Ricky Rubio I think the Andre agent has had a very underrated rookie season he just was not really like looked upon is one of the great rookies out there of course the big focus point was Luke Lee and Trey and then obviously the Andhra agent was there but just not enough attention where I think he's gonna be see I think I think he's finally gonna be seen out there man of course you know debug continue to improve Mikkel bridges I think has a big jump in his stats this season and then Dario star which was actually a nice low-key pickup just because some of the problems with the Phoenix Suns you know the past few seasons has been the play making because of course Devin Booker was really the only guy that could do that never really had a great point guard Ricky Rubio was gonna play some defense get the ball DeAndre agent but also Dario Sarich I know back when I used to play like gyro ball he actually was kind of like a point forward so you might Loki be a nice guy that hoped this team can I get flowing a little bit when it comes to play making all right next up we do have the Minnesota Timberwolves so Jeff Teague angel we can try becoming tindora and balcony towns interesting team I I do like the idea of Jordan Bell out there just cuz like I still think that he can be a very sound player in the NBA he just needed an opportunity and this is a nice opportunity right there but at the end of the day we know that Karl three towns putting up elite center sets it's not really enough for this team to do anything and outside running Jordan's Bell over a guy like a tab Gibson I mean this team hasn't really made a lot of improvements man like they lost our you'll start where she lost in floor spacing with that Covington's nice Jeff Teague is a year older and then you got Andrew Wiggins who is just a very high volume low a low efficient type of player at this point man so you know maybe we're sleeping our Wiggins maybe this is finally leader we've all been waiting for but I'm not really expecting it to be and yeah I think the Timberwolves are a little bit too high up on this list compared to some of the other teams listed next up we got the 15th through six right here so we got the Toronto Raptors list at number 15 in the end of the day you lost Kawhi Leonard yes you were the team that won the championship last season Kawhi Leonard and replacing him with Stanley Johnson and rondae hollis-jefferson yeah you can take a little bit of a dip right there now beyond lifts that 15th is actually pretty nice that is pain respect to some of those other players out there Marc Gasol still a nice player Kyle Lowery is so gonna you know be one of the higher assist guys in the NBA score a few points out there oh gee his rookie season was a nice player before his injury so maybe he actually does something get into relishing that roles of starting small forward and of course you got the most improved player Pascal siakam maybe looking to take even a farther leap too and I'll start you know maybe maybe makes the all-star team next season and things are just good to go now my honest opinion I would not be totally opposed to this team looking to shop Kyle Lowry Marc Gasol to some bigger contenders out there and try to get some assets and then just start you know rebuilding around Pascal see a club like just go for that you guys won your championship let's close the window open up a new one and just feels the sooner you start that the better next we have the Miami Heat so goran dragic who was not supposed to be on the team I thought he was traded the Dallas Mavericks turns out he wasn't Jimmy Butler justice wins old James Johnson and a BAM Adebayo you know Jimmy baller is gonna be nice but I've been saying it probably for the past a year or two now that I don't think he's at the point as NBA career where he can be the number one option on your team and you're gonna have great great great success out I just don't think he is that unless you have just like the most amazing supporting cast around him and I mean Winslow's nice it'll be interesting Stevie plays some more point for this season Dragic I don't even know what Dragic is anymore guys I mean he's been injured so much and just like you know he's fine James Johnson is a guy that more operates on the inside now his three-point shots not been really good the last few seasons and bam adebayo is you know what BAM is these days he's a guy that plays in the inside grabbed some rebounds play a little defense so I am kind of afraid for the spacing of the scene I have a feeling this team might struggle offensively but in the end they will be fun to watch because it'll be fun to see Jimmy baller kind of take over again but I I think 14th might be a little generous once they go out there make a big-time trade get a Russell Westbrook get somebody like that next up we have the Portland Trail Blazers so I've absolutely loved the moves of the Portland Trail Blazers this season or this offseason I should say for the life of me I can't remember the guy and not only resided Rodney hood but I'm completely drawing a blank right here guys oh my god oh they get I remember now guys they got Kent Bazemore in a train I like him because he's a nice score out there and we also had with Ronnie whom they actually got a nice score it's a small forward position cuz of course I'd like freakin Evan Turner and Mo Harkins for the past few seasons Moe is fine not a big time I punch the guy and then of course the guys stand ready for me a sign Whiteside who is on a contract season in a new situation and a winning environment I think for him guys where he doesn't have to be the number one option I think it's not Whiteside has a really good bounce-back season like I'm expecting some great things from Portland Trail Blazers and dare I say Western Conference Finals I will say it and apparently the Dallas Eman this is farm-like talking about the team's but damn this these rankings are garbage how is this a bleacher report article this is garbage I like the Dallas Mavericks but you all got them listen over the Portland Trailblazers Jalen Brunson is fine Tim Hardaway jr. fine Luke Don shit's gonna be in a second your might be an all-star this season we have no idea what Chris Thomas scores think it's gonna be like the Dwight Powell is just like a serviceable Center I mean they're gonna be a nice team better than the Portland Trailblazers have you lost your damn mind bro I'm except for the Mavericks though regardless next up we have the Boston Celtics so they have Kemba Walker Jalen Brown Jason Tatum Goren Heyward and his Cantor Oh piggy Ike's defensively guys oh my god big jugs defensely you're going yo it was one of the better defender gets out there and Al Horford replacing with enes kanter and you got gora at the four I mean offensively this team is gonna be one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA like they're gonna be fun to watch well I fear for the team when it comes to defense man like I know you got like Marcus Martin players like that come off the bench but still it's gonna be interesting I don't think they're completely don't make a move so I actually would not mind see a Robert Williams start at center and give him the chance to start because I haven't give you a nice player at the five spot maybe even maybe even at the four because you know you guys came through his offensive oriented you might actually be able to get away with Rob Williams at the four which I think people were saying you play that in college anyway so just for defense Lee I would probably do that just use either Gordon or NSF to get off the bench based off what you're trying to go with then we got the OKC Thunder despite losing Paul George listed over the Boston Celtics so you got Russell of course who might be gaunt this point that you know my time watching the video bro OKC might be going way back down that list so Russell Shea Roberson deal gone awry Stephen Adams you know I'm paper I actually don't hate that team they did recently just get rid of Jeremy grant he was traded I believe for a first-round pick from the Denver Nuggets oh yeah like damn like seven traffic's or something like that where this team was actually pretty nice shakey Ogas is six six I think he's more than capable of playing the the shooting guard spot out there plus at times you know who can held the basketball Russell Westbrook and cut to the best could do things like that Gallinari was a 20-point game score last season Roberson has the defense seems real nice on the inside it's not a bad little team back in the line man I know OKC Thunder fans I kind of overreacted losing Paul George Bennett and the day heaven that'd be your starting five plus all those future APICS it's pretty good number not we have the pelicans okay I like true holiday he will be shooting Garland's will be the point guard so probably I switch that around Brandon Ingram gonna have a really good opportunity to really just come out of the shell and be cut you know really build a pile a good season last year for the Lakers man like he was not a bad play for the Lakers last season sigh Williamson like I know we don't know exactly was gonna be yet but he's gonna be fun to watch regardless gonna throw down some nice dunks I have no idea what a stat line is gonna look like and you got Derrick Favors at the center spot which is good man Derrick Favors good basketball player was a bad power forward what is a great center I just that's what I see him as now this team could have some big-time spacing issues you know of course they got JJ Redick out there now but he's probably not gonna start based off this a quite honestly man I wouldn't be opposed to the I would be opposed to that guy I was trying to figure a way to work JJ right into the starting lineup but that would require Lonzo or drew Holliday to play the small forward position which is not a good situation to be in next up we have the Denver Nuggets so they're very interesting Jamal Murray Gary Harris Torrey Craig Paul Millsap Nikola Yogesh of course we might see Michael Porter work his way into the starting three spot but they also just got Jeremy grant like I was just saying who amazing three and D guy out there um now I don't know if he's really much of a theory I do think in this NBA's more before because he's a six not athletic guy they can kind of really defend any four out there he put the small forward spot and then all the sudden you know you kind of negate some of that some of some of the things that make him unique at the Ford so you might be okay with just going this they got read Trey Lyles so I guess it's probably just gonna be Jeremy grant far off the bench but yeah man I mean Denver Nuggets one of the better teams last season I don't see any reason why they're not that this year either a Utah Jazz one of my favorites starting five the entire NBA Mike Conley Donovan Mitchell joe ingles beau yang Bogdanovich and Rudy Gobert I love that they got a 20-point pregame score in back down if it's playing the fourth spot I mean defense Lee I think he'll be okay he's like six eight so whole Hill whole is on out there heavy Rudy Gobert out there will be nice of course if you think this team falls off a little bit defensively not too much just cuz you know you go from Derrick Favors to boullion at the power forward spot you gain something big-time on offense lose a lot defensively though but I mean it would be nice math like the spacing list seems gonna be on point Mike Conley's gonna be very motivating and Mitchell who will play great with my comedy can't wait I'll go and State Warriors interesting ok interesting team Steph Curry DLO Alfonso McKinney draymond Green and Kevon Looney I mean it's gonna be the splash bro and it's gonna be the freakin splash that child out there like that's gonna be the offensive this team McKinney will choose a little corner threes draymond Green I mean knock and bring a lot of scoring they can find Looney could I catch the loops and stuff like that but I mean six I guess I gotta pay respect towards Steph Curry respect to do but I could see them being like based off this final and a very strong Western Conference I guess they'd be like a sixty next season which isn't bad but I don't really see them being a top seed anymore until maybe a klay Thompson gets back from injury it proves you something out there next up we have the Milwaukee Bucks Oh Eric Bledsoe Chris Martin sterling Brown Gossett on kupo and Brook Lopez another team that III think the only way they get to this spot is if ya just has another step and I think he does have know seven others here we can go to I think and go to a Hall of Famer godly type of tear out there of course he was MVP last season of course but on you know I'll be the first one to say it I mean losing Brogdon is gonna be huge Brogdon was such a smart player he's a guy that could go out there and do everything pretty much for you and did it very officially losing that replacing that with a sterling Brown is you're gonna find a little dip right there so unless yeah it's just ready to take over man um it's gonna be a string 6ey ups of this Bucs team I mean Eric Bledsoe not the greatest in the playoffs you know he had some moments out there but for the most part not really all that efficient so I could honestly see Eric Bledsoe getting traded next season I don't know who – I don't know who – sorry got my bitch-ass nose man itch in this whole video man I hate allergies man I would just be killing me out there but I bucks would be up will be an interesting one to kind of keep your radar on next season next up we have the Los Angeles Clippers so Petra Beverly laundry Sean Mets Paul George Kawhi Leonard montrezl harrell they actually just gotcha Michael Green bag a two-year deal now with that being said I actually do like this for the starting fight like Sir Michael Green came off the bench to be fine now if you do want to go through like Kauai or Paul – – than the other one two three that's fine too but I think laundry's damage getting a chance out there to be a starter and you know after we did in the playoffs last season will be nice I think your Michael Green is probably better served off the bench anyway just cuz I don't know I really don't want Paul George kawaii being the – just cuz that kind of takes away from Williams minutes at times and I like this at the starting five I do like this for the starting five and being fourth in the NBA I honestly have the Clippers it's the number one best team I really do think they are that now but what can I see if the rest of this list says and then next up we got the walls in just Lakers bro we got this who have we not seen yet Rondo with Danny Green LeBron James Anthony Davis DeMarcus Cousins I I think DeMarcus Cousins has a most improved player type of season like I've always been a star in the past but I really do think man he plays some motivated basketball playing adn Haven LeBron out there he's got good chemistry with rajon rondo the Lakers are gonna be very exciting man I think it's gonna come down to the Lakers Clippers in the Western Conference Finals plain and simple so we'll see though they know the big thing with them is that their depth could be some issues or if they have a major injury you could see that happening but he wouldn't that's like you got kuzmic come off the bench it's gonna be one of the best like – your top two top three bench players in the entire NBA quick hook was nice little signing you got your bail McGee's truly their death sleeve isn't even bad I mean you got Alex Caruso who could be solid you got Casey P now they're gonna be fine that's that's a nice team and then we got the fill Wow a Philadelphia 76ers number two I'm all the way down the 76ers team I know I don't learn a few skeptics out there saying that this team's gonna have spacing issues and sure maybe or a lot of people send that out Horford the four spot no longer works I don't see why not I think he's got AI think he's very quick on his feet um do I think they're the second best team I mean I'm a knocking lineman for the Eastern Conference I will probably say the 76ers it's gonna come down to the 76ers and bucks in my opinion for the team and I think the 76ers that they gained more in the Bucks lost more I drew of the 76ers going to the NBA Finals next season I don't have the winning it I do have them going to finals though and probably lose it to the Clippers that's kind of that and then number one we have what the Houston Rockets okay oh okay man okay oh my god okay this is not mad as a hate video towards you Soraka I like these two rockets it's a good team Matt it'll be top four team in the Western Conference but the number one ranked team I guess if you want to say okay well do the most okay I'll listen to you on that statement but I mean Chris Paul Piven James Hart having big-time beef click cappellas proving that he's no longer the optimal type of center in the NBA James harness usage rate is off the charts rename and use anybody else out there these days men he'd like the highest usage rate of all time like 70% usage rate um this is insane absolute a man they didn't make anybody that they do not get anybody in free agency to warrant this guy's okay I'm gonna say man this videos getting pretty long right here so we are gonna call it quits but I play Superman who strike ass nice team but definitely not the best rated team of the NBA it was fun talking about all these teams not gonna give you guys my quick insights on them and stuff and I'm still expecting more of the moves to be made but regardless the best number one ranked team of the NBA biggie Ike's there I do I do think the order of this list was pretty trash give me your guys's touch in the context so if you wanna give me a top 30 list you might do a little project let me know guys I'll read all the comments everything like this so thank you all so much for watching be sure to drop that like subscribe if you're new to the channel and peace out my friends