Rainbow Jelly Tennis – The Slow Mo Guys

Still got it. Great serve. Thank you a while ago. We did a video called jello tennis I think was the name jelly jelly tennis. Probably jelly tennis because we’re from England. Yeah, and we did it about 2,500 FPS since then technology has advanced we can now do 12,000 frames a second in full HD with the b-26 40 also jelly technologies improved we’ve managed to do multicolored rainbow jelly, ooh now this technology did exist back when we did it the first time we just couldn’t be bothered and I’m glad we didn’t do it last time cuz that took forever it. Took me a week I do like 20 of these because you have to set individual layers and each layer takes about eight hours to set Yeah, so we made a load of them because probably we’re not gonna get it every single time It’s really difficult to get the framing right with the tennis and the jelly and everything I think that’s literally the same tennis racket. We use lost. It’s still sticky from last time All right Let’s get this table out the way let’s frame up the Phantom and get some lovely shots some jelly getting cut up into little strips I’m gonna get that jelly out nicely This is the Phantom V 26:40. It’s a liquid-cooled beast that does twelve and a half thousand frames a second in full HD Okay first attempt Good luck Ready yeah ahh dammit Sake wish me luck this time going for it I’ll hit it. Yeah This is good speed I like this speed that’s pretty sweet a chunky jelly that Diced oh, that was perfect. Look at those colors there. It’s wicked. Oh, that’s so cool Like that is awesome. All those little worms So I need to be lower okay, I think looking up Alright, cuz you’re hitting it a lot slower than we yeah It’s because I think last time I had it in my hand and I was loving it Yeah, which meant I had more time, but because the jellies so big now Yeah and like more it matters more about the individual colors and the colors are so thin I’m just having to drop it out of this which Means I’m having to come up from lower down than I was before. Alright, it’s not under water so got like there to back like the jelly just so it’s a little glowy went down hits it and A pretty shoddy white background is so not shooting against the fence. You ready Daniel? Yeah, I’d really keep spotting though. Really. Yeah, it’s like He keeps just goofing. I Like splashed it in the rim, you can see the rim of the tennis racket move. I left behind some of the colors there Go for it Oh Yuson I lay in the back. Oh no I’m gonna do I Love how it goes from just being a sort of questionable looking blob. It looks like an amoeba Yeah, it’s like you’re hitting a rainbow egg And suddenly a rainbow was born a Sweet bloody fool you can see every individual color looks like it literally looks like a rainbow Has been formed out of giant wormy rain droplets. It looks like a unicorn sneeze. I Would hate to be on the bottom of that you’d see all the Stuff I’m sorry. Should I hold it down or something? No, it’s only it’s like a it’s just so we’re not looking at offense It doesn’t have to be too clean. Therefore slightly trickier shot changing our focal length, so like sort of that which Drastically shrinks the window that makes both of our jobs much harder. Yes. I’ve been struggling to hit properly with the wide Yeah Now the rest of these jellies are pretty much gonna be used to try and get it so that upon me I can get it Right in frame on the tight Missed off of it. All right you got this. Come on Oh so odd Oh damnit All right, let’s check this one out Take 48 Bit of a flaw pitch coming down. Yeah. All right. So the jury’s a bit Yeah Oh, it’s just in the racket It’s a multicolored wormy wow It’s so difficult because not only it’s like half of its down to chance Yeah Because the jelly has to be spinning at the right place to get the colours in the right area And I have to hit it exactly in the middle of the racket Exactly the right time. All right Now while Don gets another gel I flip the entire set up 180 because the Sun is now low enough where it’s perfectly backlighting these jellies and Dan’s definitely gonna get on this one aren’t you down? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay we go I Think it was good. I think it was good. I think I did All right, let’s take a look at it. All right, so the background is a lot darker because Yeah, it’s hard to see what’s even going on here. Shove your face right in See now. Oh, yeah, there’s a bit of the orange jell-o coming down here. He comes here. He comes Oh, Deluxe That’s absolutely luscious Here we come. Come on nail it Oh, yeah As well cool As well been wicked. I was perfectly like each jet each little eel had every color in it It’s rainbow eel Very nice work and a lot of them a lot the lower ones They all go from being long worms to curling the exact same way. It’s really weird, isn’t it? How does that happen? All I’m doing is hitting it with a racquet See it was nice the last time in it, but now is like fascinatingly nice because you can see exactly what’s going on I love the backlight. I think that’s the best decision How many more we got that was the last normal one? Who collect? Yeah, we got the last one Even though that was incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to shoot. I feel like we’ve got the cream that we wanted honestly I think the backlit shot was worth it alone. Yeah, that was just so cool Looking the way it looks sweet with the jelly see-through and everything So it was just one of those shots you look at and you just think oh, that’s nice Like I like looking at this good come to think of it that video is taking us for me About 15 hours of jelly making hitting things. I like a bad back now. I’m like, I just been stood there today Okay. Oh Now you need to sit down wait to sit down oh, well hopefully you enjoyed that lovely little revisit much slower revisit Feel free to follow us on Instagram and all that. We got a second channel and we’ll put out another video pretty damn soon Thanks for watching