Quick Trick: Great Outdoor Use For Plastic Bags

how can a simple plastic bag be an invaluable asset for your outdoor adventures we'll stick around and I'll show you how you know there's nothing quite like spending time in the great outdoors one thing about it however it's not always sunshine and clean walking trails which means your boots they are gonna get a little bit of dirt on them so before you head out on your next hiking backpacking or outdoor excursion take a simple grocery sock or other cheap plastic bag tuck it in the pocket of your rain pants snow pants or other outerwear and that way when the time comes to layer up you can simply slide that plastic bag over your wet muddy dirty boots allowing you to slide on your outer shell while keeping the interior nice and clean and free of debris a really simple trick I know but one that's gonna keep you nice and dry and keep your gear in tip-top shape so that is about all I have for you today guys really simple trick I know but hopefully one that will help you out if you have a tip or trick of your own that you'd like to leave and share with us please feel free to leave it down in the comments section below it's always much appreciated so until next time guys you take the best of care we'll be seeing your real surf