PUBGM SQUADS: the BEST PUBG SQUAD ft. “VanossGaming”

hello guys!! today i am recording with my friends 🙂 “VanossGaming” (Aglowcheese) is featured in this video i am still good at PUBG wym??!!! last game i played i got like 8 kills or something 96 people ahahhaahahah thats what you get bruhhh im lowkey stuckk not again…. this happened to me once when i played with these people embarrassed AFFFF T-T thanks Fernando look at Anthony killing everyone here at Military XD AHHHHH a bot -_- yea we gotta clickbait them into this video lol its not my first but it is some QUALITY content its 1MaSnacc the video is not clickbait btw after this video go hit that like, comment, share, and subscribe button and check out that video which is featured on my channel 😉 heheheheheh im coming to save youuuuu anything for Vanoss… XD imagine that…. plz read the description below for more info on how this video was made…. follow us on instagram!! XD lol that’s me OOF god dang it why you jump out?! the struggle is real i like how i miss all of my shots… lol the bad shots are coming from me 0-0 now onto bridge camping a camel on my helmet?! (confused) okiii less then half oof almost killed Luis XD i have one gives Fernando my only bottle of painkillers… youre welcome bro bruhhh this is when the video gets a little bit.. messy oof wtf behind dayummmm boi LOl oh my god stahppp killing each other entertainment? Tf he mean very suspicious i knew something was wrong so i scoped Fernando out launching a grenade at me… lol oh shoot idkkkkk danggg luis continuously throws grenades into the middle if you look closely you could see about 2 grenades about to finish Fernando off… OHMAHGOD loots Fernando’s body…. XD youre right this is come QUALITY content he gotta stop playin oh shit i was abouta finish luis off thank god i threw it somewhere else i knowww dont do it anthony dont do it hahahah i took his grenades… TRUCE???? oh dangg thats tough XD what grenade time>:) hahahah im just playin just going to scare him (being blinded by my beauty) okay i will he bouta catch a CASEEE XDD yep yepp i did they tell you to stfu no theyre from OrEgON yea yea imma bouta save the day i couldnt understand what he said because everyone was so loud… so i didnt respond i dont think oh what does she think about you? (she doesnt know much about you so she cant form an opinion) thanks for the heads up Fernando i got this 🙂 HEHHEHEHE -_- cleaning out my backpack and i oop (i was around two of my friends so yea it was loud…) thank god this IOS recorder doesnt pick up on my mic or else i probably wouldnt have uploaded this video lol lol they start plugging in dont worry their users are in the description below LOLMYSPACE uh oh oh crapp PANIC tHAnK yOU AntHONy rip lol why is he floating lollll totally unrelated to this video but I am learning some Rap God lyrics uh oh is he lagging? lol BRUHH we landed at pochinki this time 🙂 we were talking about something private so i trimmed the video a bit in the beginning this convo be weird yea i know im coming for support lmao told ya im the support look at me no helmet no vest anthony be wrecking so many people (getting jealous of skills) finally… Fernando be dropping bodies too okay then… nope my friends are older than that lmfao my cousin has a lip tattoo she did it herself (sticknpoke) why are they so shocked? it is especially when the teens do it themselves no parent would allow their child to get a tattoo dang why is anthony getting deep here? oh dang nooooo you need help bruh -_- yea we are all here for you :))))) enemy!!! love how i miss most of my shots again *coughs* embarassing i didnt mute myself, my friends and i were just very quiet XD okayyyy lol XD i guess im bait too bruhhh its always me -_- the guy who killed me was right in front of me being a SNAKKEEE good job guys and in this game Luis was somewhere else kill emmm youre welcome 🙂 bruhh of course -_- #4 picked it up… bruhhh calm down Fernando 0-0 bruhhh anthony was being serious he got the grenade out and everything CHILLL apparently he turned off his speakers so he didnt know why anthony was gonna grenade him for im glad that #4’s life was spared from anthony’s wrath Fernando struggling to look for the drop -_- that lag thooo anthony out here with the grenade again frickkkkk then we try to flip the car over again with grenades bruhhh after this we got killed by squads in Yasnaya… good ideaa