20,000 likes and I do a bunny girlfriend reveal no no no 5,000 likes I will show my penis and get this video to monetize so fast I am censor it guys this is the Robocon megatron alpha squad boob Megatron a project skin team comp let's do this speed would be big bitch same Compton every video same content every video guys he's gonna leave in ten minutes yeah guys merch guys so original he flashes and he puts his hands up when he dies Wow best character by the way yeah you guys the comments are geniuses anyways guys we are joined by right blouse choice the guy who beat Tyler won in a 1v1 how are you doing best writer ahh I could be better what happened I barely work on League of Legends anymore and I had to deal with a lot of salty hi Hilo players of my DMS fucking black boys in salty for appropriate reasons funny oopsie oh good good I'm like it I'm like hello hello can you hello you can hear me can't hear me I'm like oh you trying to blow hello no I should have flushed I could use a gank top guys he balanced a collie and look what happened I mean listen the company's already a joke I love my company and I really hope they don't take that seriously House job we like to have fun here all right we're all fun bro though if this video hits 50,000 mics you're gonna buff Akali right yeah we know where their jungler is its merchandise the chicken does not know what he's doing he just farmers waiting for the Raptors to spawn actually he's honestly just a homeless guy in his suit we thought we took him up with a job social experiment could I get some messy spots top lane coming up coming up oh you cry a lot for a rider toxic dude I'm coming up coming let's do this mr. right I'm back I'm backed off I'm Marc Mero come on let's go I'm farming the way Marc hi I needed tonight I wanted to from the wave sorry my voice okay if you get both these minions I'll buy you home just kidding oh yeah a level 5 level 5 khmer khmer khmer khmer oh we're diving him no no no come here an echo level 5 are you what no it's not working why did you tell me that I am yeah you're so clean oh my god where's dad yes nice watch these guys get blasted bro check this out hold on hold on Winley just good try summoner I'm gonna give him the ride special good truck okay oh he's AI now I'm gonna get in trouble for being in this video you me don't mute me have you ever like legitimately flame someone before I was shy restricted once yes and it was it was warranted but well I got all spicy no I can't we saw echo we thought like oh my gosh you know why you couldn't it's because a colles been nerfed too many times oh it's all your fault right oh wow honestly I just want to say I'm like looking at our team these skins look really nice where could I play with these skins and how do i acquire them dota 2 dota 2 calm you shut your fucking mouth I feel like that was all my fault I think I joined her over the wall how bad is your clickbait gonna be when it has to say carried by a Ryan boy after I share your sorry ass listen listen I hope to god back I already have the title figured out project team comp 2019 all robots the most open team comp ever that's Apple past ten of your titles or bunny foo-foo looking good as always you have a girlfriend now you no one cares hahaha actually though 50,000 likes and I'll reveal bunnies girls whoa whoa whoa laughs come on oh you got this I got it tell you I'm sorry can't you you got me thank you oh stop filling my fucking farm oh my this is getting hostile 20,000 likes and I do a bunny girlfriend reveal no no no 5,000 bikes I will show my penis and get this video to monetize so fast aiya censor it robots attack the omid team fight can we just take him over to appreciate how hot Megan Fox was in the first transformers that's so true yeah no pause the video and go to make it fucks oh my god oh oh mike is that riot employee is that right right so oh my oh my that's right wrong video yum-yum-yum-yum rage quit and then they ban us guys unbelievable can I can I like get off this video I feel bad I didn't know what I was signing up a little bit of column a a little bit of column B you know put that shit in the video no no how about you put in my plate honestly disregard Anthony use that as background music oh my god the glacier that's it we you go good okay okay that's the double stun oh we did it robots to the recharge station honestly I think we have so much content and they would not be better fuck you did you just try to arrest everything yeah why are you trying to why are you trying to head while I'm done a little longer than a few minutes later wait wait one second you think I'm that right right needs solely on it just to be clear Riot Games has not endorsed any of the content in this nor do I myself personally endorse anything dude I call this the Nexus flank robots in disguise guys wonder before you see all the color could have done that I fucking hate the game why does this eat you one million damage ad carry motivator Go Go everyone run run wherever you are how am I supposed to run and play at the same time guys I got it I got it boys I never invite me to your fucking game again this is where we get naked this is where we get naked everyone everyone oh no guys for the outro best Robo project impersonations boop-boo-boo-boop go merch guy give us the robot dance where did that you know what mercy I could probably do it better wait mercy I go to Bunny's room and then you both do it together and then in the comments let us know who does it better I locked my door I don't want to do this I'm gonna need dinner so yes alright thanks for watching have a good day guys at peace