Pro Athlete Nacho Figueras Teaches Andy Zenor How to Play Polo

Hey, Ellen, I know a
little bit about sports, but I don’t know
anything about polo, so today your friend Nacho’s
gonna show me the ropes. [INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC PLAYING] [MALLET STRIKING BALL] [MALLET STRIKING BALL] Oh, boy. Hi. Hey, what’s up, Andy? Good to see you, Nacho. Good to see you. What’s going on? I’m, uh, gonna learn how
to ride polo h-horses. Are you scared? I gotta to be honest,
I’ve never ridden. So that’s a good-looking horse. Yeah. What’s your horse’s name? It’s called Andy. Andy, it’s a good name, horse. You got a good-looking shirt. I actually didn’t know what
you were gonna wear today, so I brought a few. Yes. I do actually have– that’s what you’re
wearing this weekend? Yeah, this is what I’m
wearing this weekend. Are you OK? That’s not it, hang on. No, uh-uh. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I appreciate your patience. Yup. Nope. It’s here. That’s– [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yup. –gonna keep– Uh-huh. Sorry, Andy. Nope. Turquoise? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Nope. I got it, I got it. Yep. OK, so– Woo. How do I look? OK, but if we’re gonna make
you look more Argentinian, we need to show a
little bit of hair. OK. Are these real? Uh, yeah, those are real. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [NACHO LAUGHING] Hi, Andy. The first thing we
should do is, I’ll show you how to hold a mallet. OK. It’s made of bamboo– Bamboo. –53 is the number of inches. 53 inches, size doesn’t matter. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yeah, it does. 53 inches are important. OK. Like that? You hold it like this– Like this? –and you’re gonna hit the ball
with this part of the mallet. OK? OK, horse. Andy, get out of the way. Me or him? No, both. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Next is we get you on the horse. There’s one last thing I always
like to do before I get going. Uh-huh. I like to get my pony on. [MUSIC – GINUWINE, “PONY”] [AUDIENCE CHEERING, LAUGHING] If you’re horny, let’s do it– Yup, lot of people
actually going for polo. [KISSING, CLICKING TONGUE,
SLAPPING] Yah! I got it. This isn’t that hard. Nacho, how am I doing? You’re doing good. –jump on it. OK. OK. So, here we go. Foxy is here, let’s get
you on a horse, Andy. So this is– Yeah. –this is Foxy. One, two. And just kick over? One, two, three. [WHOOSH] All right,
I’m on a horse. [PATTING TWICE] Looking good. OK. So we’re just going? So we’re just going to
go towards the ball– OK– –OK? –going towards the ball. Here we go. Now. Ooh, I gotta bend over. A little late. Bend over and heels
down, remember. Heels down, yes. Heels down, yeah, there, boom. [MALLET STRIKING BALL] Hey! My first shot! Not bad! That was your first
shot and it was good. Boom, very good. Oh, boy. Now, boom. Well done! Is it a par three? I think we should
try and gallop. Gallop? Yeah. The most important
thing is this. Heels down. That’s what’s gonna
give you balance. It’s more– it’s
weird, it’s like you– the thing that is in your– The balance [INAUDIBLE]? The balance is between the– Really? It’s there. Oh, wow, that was a
secret you just told me. I could tell you the word but– Huevos? Yeah, los huevos. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Los huevos is where
the balance is in polo. OK. [KISSING] [INAUDIBLE] Whoa, I’m doing
it, I’m doing it! Huevos, huevos! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [CLUCKING TONGUE, KISSING] Whoa. How come you’re so
stable and I’m flopping? Because this is what
I do for a living. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Oh, well, that’s true. I wear short shorts. Relax the upper body. Heels down, heels down. Heels down. Whoa! Oh, OK. Oh, I wanna stand up. [MALLET STRIKING BALL] Go, go, go. [WIND BLOWING] This way, this way. Ah! Ah! Slow down! Slow down! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa– [AUDIENCE SCREAMING, LAUGHING] Ah! [THUMP] [AUDIENCE GASPING] I’m OK, I’m OK. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I’m fine. Tough guy, right, Nacho? I mean, tough. You’re ready. Also, you know what, though? You don’t ride until you
fall, that’s the truth. I fall every other day. It’s OK. So I’m like Nacho. I’m cool. You’re closer. Closer. [NACHO LAUGHING] Closer to being Nacho. [WHOOSH] OK, Nacho, you got me? From here. OK. Oh, boy. OK. Ready? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [NACHO LAUGHING] Now I know what
it’s really like. I feel like I’m in a cologne ad! Oh, you want me to move back? Yeah. OK. I love you. Oh, Nacho. Yeah. So this is what it’s like. Let’s go. International man of mystery. Yeah. So you know a lot of
famous people, right? Yeah. Did you go to the
Prince Harry wedding? Yeah. Could you introduce me to him? [AUDIENCE CHEERING, LAUGHING]