PRO & AI team are unstoppable against Empire at War Developer!

I feel like I was transfer. Oh shit Oh help he’s attacking Yeah, that’s why you put the unit stories. Yeah. Oh I know That’s not that’s not Justin because he wouldn’t be stupid enough to put inoculator in the nebula losing issue That was me So you laughed at me at that frigate, I’m laughing at you at this acclimate Why did you get rid of the s-foils Received. I am skirmish. It ends up being really Overpowered for the New Republic. Yeah, when mine rushing is so important. Did you get rid of it because of me using it? In the video, no Considering it’s been gone for before When I started playing maybe in the base game No, did Franz avenge it was death. Pretty sure yeah when I was going against Corey it was there. Okay, I think Nolan’s the one that did it I Had no input on it that was my assumption on why he did it unless someone made a mistake somewhere Stealing all the asteroids You know you both get the money right? Oh really, yeah, I didn’t know that actually no Well now you do hooray yeah, I fought it Eva no, I get split evenly for your team. That’s cool All right, Charlie you are going to hold on to everything down here with your life Just about one yeah, just the bottom one Squadron standing by engines activated You know, I don’t wanted that is your primary priority in life Like Crystal the Fox from Sonic or whatever the hell she’ll beg you if you hold on to it Yeah, she she could walk into your room right now The foxes I’m Sonic. She’s from Star Fox, whatever I Might might do I might do that stream tomorrow maybe flying with viewers But if she’s like walking in your room right now And she’s trying to get you to go home with her You tell her no Corey told me I got a I got a just watch this mind I’m saving myself I’m saving myself for extra credits an empire Mmm, that’s a big turn-on That’s how that’s how I convinced Kelso. He did marry me That’s weird It was weird I admit that was weird as well when Lucy This is something that made me fucking I was really mad at her for a while But she like she just went with her nose and a bit snow came and went right into my fucking mouth and I got really mad, but Yeah, I just remembered it now I remembered that happened I’m fucking livid who is this my a girlfriend And she laughed at me bar was announcing, right It’s kind of funny Cory. I don’t know where you’d be ready to see done the minimap. Yeah, my units are dead He’s saving a lot for a big assault Yost. I Haven’t lost what are you doing? I’m building new units Because I’m fighting both of them I Tacked up for you. Yeah. Thank you Hey Cory, remember how you told Charlie to protect that asteroid at all cost. Yeah, he’s not going to protect the asteroid. Well, that’s They’d already read like to see buddy and see what’s in there oh My boy the munificent coming in Charlie, what did it taste like I Don’t know I was just mad the entire time Oh, they’d heard that out of out of context. I was a little confused Because I was fucking destroy disaster there’s like wow that’s crass I like Yeah, it’s been a super chill stream blade as always dude Like read my DM please It’s all part of the plan This is a a doesn’t start building, uh battle dragons We don’t have the thing That’s good Yes, no, I can start the way guys. Oh And feel like getting it anymore. Oh Wow, good job. Eh, I just use the frigging Cannon on a dead ship Wow, very neat very cool I won for a fucking world devastating on its own like a fuckin Space Station while I was losing Who just jumped out assault frigate and then must have been surely Fuck I Don’t want to talk about it. I knew my mistake as soon as I think for some reason though, that was weird Corey we took that his entire shield when he jumped in but it got a recharged Hmm How about that haxe Rory I swear to fucking god, I took out like four of his acclimatise. That was good I’m glad he did that But you still won We got two mines out of it, okay cool if that works for Now until they start moving other forces, so please we get the World record breaker. Why do you think I say? Shit Vernors you a classic republic color scheme For some reason as well when the when the acclimate ER went down it was destroyed with republic colors Oh, yeah, it’s the base game No That was totally my fault What did you do? I? Fucking click the taskbar and it accidentally clicked them. Can you get back in? No, I don’t know Well, try who you ran into my games still running? Yeah, yeah Okay No word of a lie, I’m just quitting like I I Accidentally clicked the task that the bar at the top and when all shit and I went to go click back into the game I click the close button Like that that popped up when I accidentally right clicked Wow, let’s do a rematch of their that was I’m so sorry Me too All right, Charlie I’m gonna ping somewhere your priority is to defend that okay. I’m on it entire life Everything you have everything you are Yep comes down to that So we did tech up No, okay, understood secure Secure that mine first. Okay. Keep it keep it in your life. Yes, keep it in your mind Love it as if it were your own What I think we would have won that last one, I think we were gonna beat you guys maybe yeah Yes commander because we have that I had another vendor coming in. I don’t think Am I a I somehow just called in three architects. Yep. That’s fun I’ve got a fly through the next get to it and that shuts off my shields Well how smuggling through for Carrick’s five Carrick’s Carrick’s Man level 2 for the Pentastar is pretty fucking good because you got the acclimate ER and the radar pretty good combo Yeah, the arc attends is really good too. It’s probably the best really to your one ship. Yeah for anti fighter Not for anti fighter, but just to destroy other frigates. Okay, that’s not so much Yeah that make sense. I Don’t realize there’s that good to be honest The only thing that can kind of stand up to it is Carrick’s but the thing is with the kerrick’s that They’re kind of only good at that. Mmm-hmm. They’re a good counter, but they’re yeah make sense. They don’t have the same general utility Hey, I was playing like a scrub this game, I don’t know Or we need to take to take drinks for class take I’ll take a drink Unit in production We are in trouble now my faction or my side I mean We’re in trouble bubble town, yes All right Charlie if you want to save up enough to tack up, sir Yes bada Watch why? Very area I Forgot that was a common military Yes, sir Rao Kumar Jha. So I’m just trying to prove to you that I can do voice acting before come back I’ll be plenty of voices to act He screamed at me sergeant upstairs, I Feel like I was his transfer oh shit help he’s attacking Yes, that’s why you put the unit stories Oh I know that’s not that’s not Justin because he wouldn’t be stupid enough to put an actual mayor and the nebula and losing the show That was me So you laughed at me at that frigate, I’m laughing at you at this acclimate I always brought in another one Oh All right, this is uh, this is where things get tough charlie right I’ve titled on to stay together. Okay, I Mean, I’ve got quite a lot here Right one week to get on the tech up Acclimate, uh acclimate err get a couple of indicators Get as many units as I’ve never bought in my life Well, that’s gonna change, okay This is about the here now Okay, I’m on it friends we made along the way That’s what the real activators are Wait, am I green? Yeah No, no, no, no. No, there’s a lot of colors Yes There are several colors. We’ve heard about them in Canada sometimes And if you put something together you get other colors, it’s just too much it’s just too much Thank you for dropping that munificent I secured the asteroid you didn’t you didn’t get it this time good this will be a day long remembered by probably the Okay, bring it in another way I’m stronger that’s what he’s mistaken You take me down I only come back stronger than you could ever imagine Yep, that’s what those were the words that they said in the film All of Singapore to go Cut me I I strike Darth yes Only now when This fuckin asteroid again Okay, you won’t fucking leave it alone. Is that yours? Kate Casa fission Charlie just whine about around you’re my dream This is it’s not the time right by next just wolf edit Venator This indicator get some indicators get some acclimate errs, get some lancers if you she got him Flying a stall her sorry don’t Oh Shit I feel getting fucked a quarry I lie. I Would hope that you would never lie fuck Bernice ain’t good Shit oh I accidentally bit boosted engine power I’m so close to controlling this mine Drink oh My god, he’s white. Oh, that’s it’s mine. That is mine. Oh my god This just in a cursed ladder is white it’s true Do you want me to be doing your the dare do something? All right, let me just fire up my command console here Aqua meters are no longer great If is Charlie then give Everything for then well loop, I think you guys might be in trouble Wait, please tell me you’ve got some fucking fighters on the board I’m tapped out There was a combination of forces coming up from the north and my karoke boys weren’t enough to hold off the my wig off We are scuffed you are scuffed We’ve been rebels to the hub Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub I’ve got free of three bombers hiding in the nebula The mine basically the resistance at the end of episode eight That sucks like a three bombers still I think I’m gonna hide it and nebula everyone know what fucking it in Keep going back to the strategy. I I laid out for you. Yes All right, let’s do it Gone push you pussy Okay, oh My god, no, he took them feet. He took the bait. I thought it was gonna Bluff him out, but it didn’t work Cory What do you see? Right really wish we were tech level three right now. We’re in my a is reading hypervelocity hands Whoa those plumbers do so much on the acclimate Well when stuff is just jumping in Acts like he hasn’t seen multiple spreadsheets about this That’s true judge to go into right now, yeah What happens when stuff gets shot he hit myself I think I’ve lost them although How are you read jetting the shoe as fast as I can take him down Confirm station ready? I’m tacking up by the way great time for that See You built capital ships, I’ll build the fighters Okay, good sort all right, I’ve already built what I’m gonna build Look at his base. Oh My god shit Well, I’ll defend out the fence no, it’s it’s not gonna work I Knew a quarry strategy was the second. I didn’t see him forty more units down Apparently if I do something more than More than once in a nineteen. It’s not unexpected. Mmm. I also drew chalk three start. Oh, you’re drawing my AI back though Let’s say our Charlie defend, it’s all you buddy. Okay, I’m gonna Let you down father windy a largest team out there that we’re gonna have to have a talk, but Why do I keep bringing the fucking carriers to the frontline stop You guys didn’t get through half the shield come on come on You haven’t seen everything the Empire’s bombers have to offer there’s true Very little but there’s a little bit more a little more juicing yet The heart AI the blue does not look no need that classic red or nothing Tell her to just self-destruct Space Station cool Osprey. Yeah I’m just trying to bring in set for a fight as one by one You guys didn’t kill very much you Oh