PREMIERE! The Cursed Game – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 16

-[Angela sighs] Who’s ready for Family Game Night? -Oh, yeah!
-I love Family Game Night! -All of you are going down.
-Ooh! What do we play this time? Sugar City?
Oh, no, Medical Procedure! -Ooh, Apologize!
-Easy, Hank. Before we pick a game,
we have to pick who picks the game, using… the Wheel of Choosing! Yeah! I call dibs on spinning. Woo! [all whooping in anticipation] [disappointed groans] -Huzzah!
-Can I spin again? Ben always picks super complicated,
impossible nerd games -that nobody understands.
-Worry not, my friends. This time I’ve got something new. [clattering and scraping] A mysterious game
I found in an old curio shop. The cashier said it just appeared
on a shelf one day. Then he cackled, which I take to mean
that the game is a lot of fun. It’s called Welcome to the Dungeon. I don’t know, Ben. Are you sure
we won’t need graph paper for this? Relax! I know I’ve made picks
that you didn’t love before, -but this game is gonna be…
-[all gasp] [distorted] …completely different. [all yelling] [cheering] [all] Whoa! Where are we? And what did you do? I didn’t do anything! Oh, no! I think we’re in the game. Well, that’s just preposterous! -[spooky voice] Welcome…
-[all gasp] …to the Dungeon, the game where you must survive
a perilous world and defeat the Diamond Dust Dragon. For two to six players. -Who’s preposterous now, Ben?
-[splutters] Hold on. We were just supposed to
play a board game. Now you’re saying that we have to
go on some fantasy adventure and fight a dragon? I mean, that sounds… amazing! -Yeah! Ultimate Family Game Night!
-How’s the game go, dungeon dude? First you must choose
your character card. Neat! I’m a noble knight. An archer thief! This fits. A wizard! Your wish is my command. A fearsome barbarian? Nice. [roars] You guys look great, but get ready for me, because I’m… the sheltered princess? -Aww!
-Nice dress, milady. [smacks kiss] Oh! Huh? -[all gasp]
-[Tom] Okay, wow! -Now I will explain the rules of…
-Whoa! We’ll figure it out as we go along. -Let’s just start playing. Right, guys?
-Very well. Enjoy your… game! [evil laughter] Ha ha ha ha ha! He’s laughing, I’m laughing.
We’re having fun! This is gonna be great! [excited whooping] [Tom] Oh, okay. -[rumbling]
-[all squealing] [laughter] -[chittering]
-Barbarian smash! -[roars]
-Alakazam! [panting] [Ben laughs] See, guys? It’s fun! [Tom] I love this game!
Come on, let’s keep going. -[Angela] Come on, guys!
-[laughter] [Ben] This is it. The lair of the dragon. [Hank] Woo-hoo!
Hey, Ben, sorry we doubted you. But I gotta admit, you really picked
a great game. Good job! Welcome to the final dungeon
of Welcome to the Dungeon! [cackles] Please turn in any amulets of power you might have collected on your journey. What is an amulet? Did anyone manage to find
the three crystals of color? The lever of leveling up? -The pickle of power?
-What are you talking about? We didn’t know about any of that. -I see. Well, this is going to hurt.
-[all squealing] -[cackles]
-[squealing] [evil laughter] [all screaming] Oh! Oh, wow. We’re not dragon-fried. But we’re back at the start of the game.
What happened? [all gasp} You were defeated
by the Diamond Dust Dragon. Sorry about that. [cackles] That’s okay. We’ll get it next time. See you on the next game night, stone guy! How do we get out of here? You simply have to beat the dragon. And unless you do, you’re trapped forever! [cackles] Ben, you are never allowed
to pick a game ever again! What? There’s no way
I could have known about this! Sure there is! It’s all explained in the official game rules. Inventory management… character statistics… upgrade tokens? Oh, I should have known! This is one of Ben’s super complicated,
impossible nerd games that no one understands! Uh… I… I mean… I mean, okay! I heard about Welcome to the Dungeon. It’s a legendary nerd game
no one ever beat. I thought that was because
no one was up to the challenge! Nope. It’s because everyone who ever played got trapped inside. How could you do this to me? -What were you thinking?
-Great game, Ben! Everybody calm down! I can defeat the dragon for you, okay? I’m good at games like this. I like ’em. So you just sit back
and let me fix everything. [chittering] [all yelling] -What did you do?
-He broke a major rule of Welcome to the Dungeon. This game is for two to six players, not one player. If you break a major rule, you become a cave crab. It happens to everyone eventually. -[cackles]
-[chitters] What are we gonna do?
No one’s as good at games as Ben. Hey, guys, I ordered a bucket of sludge
three days ago. It says it was delivered, but…
Oh, hello, where is everybody? Ooh, this must be one of them Family
Game Nights I’ve heard about!. Hank? Ginger? Hello? Oh! Maybe they’re… [yells] Ow! Huh? Oh, no, Jeremy, you too? Huh? Wh– Wh– Where am I? We’re trapped in a game
and the only way out is to beat it. -And the rules are really confusing!
-[Hank] Also, Ben is a crab now. [chitters] Oh! Trapped? Trapped? No! I can’t be trapped! A germ needs space to spread! Then help us figure out the difference
between “backup mana” and “reserve magic.” Except you can’t, because
this whole stupid thing is impossible! Well, if I had to guess, I’d say backup mana
lets you cast more spells and reserve magic lets you cast, uh…
bigger spells, maybe? -Yeah. That kinda almost makes sense.
-I’m good at rules. I had to learn the rules
of the big people world. Even the crazy ones, like toilet flushing. Ah! Oh! Oh! [chuckles] Guys… I have a plan. [chuckles] Welcome back! Are you ready for a rematch? Reveal your amulets,
crystals and pickles of power. We don’t have any of that,
but we have something better: a good understanding of this game’s rules. Ha! No one understands this game! -[roaring]
-That’s why it’s so challenging. Prepare for your dragony doom! [roaring] [thud] Right, boss, rule violation. The dragon cannot roar
and slam its tail in one turn. That is considered two separate actions. -Good point. Dragon, do it right.
-[grumbles] [roars] Uh, rule violation. You can’t attack the sheltered princess
yet, because of all the shelter. Grrr! All right, fine. Rule violation.
I cast lightning at level three, -but that was clearly…
-Rule violation. -The dragon…
-Rule violation. You can’t… [all] Rule violation! Rule violation!
Rule violation! [roars] -[thudding]
-[screaming] Enough of this!
You’re making this not fun. Dragon, blast them! [dragon laughs evilly] -Rule violation!
-Huh? What? What now? This is a game where you fight a dragon, not a dragon and a dungeon defender. So this is a rule violation
of one of the major rules of this game. And you know what happens to people
who break the major rules. Noooo! I hate when I don’t win! I don’t wanna play anymore! [chittering] [all cheering] -We did it!
-[cheering and laughter] Uh… Wh– What happened? Did I save everyone
with my knightly prowess? Not at all, Ben. That wasn’t impossible. All it took was some thinking
and memorization. Yeah. I almost had a good time. -Huh?
-Almost. Well, that’s nice to hear, because I’m still in charge
of Family Game Night! And I have a few more games I wanna try. [cheering] [groaning]