Pop Squad #151 Chris

you we never sleep keep blood we are ways meat hedaan where the shadows lay step mention in roll it say things up here in the world oh yeah yep that's a guy they look home no I hope turning up see I know I just had to put the phone back down I was about to show them the predator he's running he forgot his spear and he's gonna do something scooter taking picture yeah he's taking a picture of he's like gonna lock it or something so the predator is parking his scooter okay the one that the predator is parking its to do I don't think even Pete me that you have no idea there you yes it's texting him he's looking around yeah he's looking around tell him you're coming down to the front yep you get it my tech for another use when we get out make this phone ring call not right now no wait you then walk up a little right ready hit call on your phone so it rates well this way calling the predator right now oh he looked at his phone I think you ignored it did he ignore it yo Chris yell his name Chris you look hot again one more time he's looking hey Chris I don't hey cuz y'all want to talk to me I'm not as pretty as you wanted just keep your hands walking to you I'm not an officer I'm not here to hurt you what I am here to do is talk to you about why you here to meet a 30 year old little girl I already don't we part dress you want me go get your scooter for you Chris where you going I'm just here to talk with you Chris I got you you know if you throw something at me I will hurt you that's a fact hey Chris what's your family gonna think about this I'm gonna make sure they don't see what your dad let's keep I hey Chris I see you picking stuff up if you throw it you're gonna regret it watch corners your chat logs picture in your face everything's gonna be on your video for the world to see over 170 countries follow what we do Chris they're gonna see everything you know got another decide for yourself coming to meet a thirteen-year-old where's your home oh you want look at you confused you're going the wrong way your school is that way Chris yo put that rock down because if you throw it I promise you I'm gonna take you down Christopher why you run around with rocks what's wrong I'm not as pretty as you hoped come on girls I'm telling you right now when I get to you if you do anything with them rocks you're going to sleep that's a promise Chris all right your friends think they're good like the tree like a star is in your we sleeeeep keep the blood we are weighs meat you head on where the shadows you