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[Applause] and welcome back the Caesar man warrior and I am sure the dust is settling after the last Grand Arena that you did and now we are gearing up for three versus three and I wanted to kick out a lot of ideas now this is not comprehensive it's not every single team you could possibly come up with of course it's just the top 20 teams that I felt are the most synergistic that are gonna help you on either offense or defense and I understand a lot of you aren't going to have every single composition which is why I want to give at least 20 different compositions so that way you can pick and choose from the ones you feel you can build for defense that you think will do well and the ones you're most confident with on offense so you can win your next Grand Arena now before we go into the teams I do want to say I am happy at least that now we're seeing a ton more diversity at least on my leaderboard we've got individuals still running the triumvirate we still have individuals running of course reven and rebels are kind of making a comeback as is jtr on my shard because of c-3po so kind of cool that there's a little bit more balance that's coming I think that was the intention of course paper-rock-scissors now let's get into those top 20 teams now I'm going to explain them with basics but if you're not sure how and why the composition works you can leave them in the comments down below and I'll tell you but most of these we're gonna kind of breeze through because most players who've been playing for a while should understand the basic concepts of these particular team comps let's get right into it now these are in no particular order we're just going to go through the top 20 teams and again they can be used on offense or defense and if you see a team comp that you can't build well there's 20 of them to choose from and there's lots of other youtubers making videos on the 3v3 as well so one of my absolute favorites is going to be Bosque lead of course you would need his a de with Django and boba fett jango and boba fett are exceptionally difficult to deal with because even when you kill them the first time if by that time they're to kill one of your characters either one of them they're gonna end up getting their Bounty Hunter's resolved back and their their protection back especially if they have that Zeta so this is an exceptionally difficult team to beat three versus three now a lot of people don't have Jango ready to go yet but they have their boss ready to go so this is a variant that's going to be basically just as tough because dengar is absolutely amazing going stealth he's gonna prevent your opponent's from going stealth and he is just extremely durable and if you're one of those few that have Zeta dengar this would be an absolute nightmare team to deal with now if you don't remember this team think your maker because this was one of the worst compositions ever devised in arena it included the very first time out team ever to be had and the reason for this if anyone is new enough they don't understand is general Kenobi brings about an extra bit of durability with his leadership so Jedi and clones gain 30 percent max health and 70 percent defense so now the whole team is more durable in addition check this out when a clone uses a special ability they gain a buff so because 5s is technically a tank he would be able to gain taunt for one turn by simply using his special which he's going to use quite often and get that taunt which will be extremely disruptive in addition general Kenobi can bring about a lot of countering because of the retribution not that there's a ton of damage now this team is all about defense and this is all about surviving for the period of time 3 vs 3 is new and uncharted waters and I don't know if we're gonna have timeout teams available or not but I don't know if any three characters are going to be able to beat this team in in five minutes provided that you don't leave all of your very best on offense if you do then yes there are teams that can beat this but if you're putting the majority of your solid teams on defense this is going to be an absolute nightmare for you to deal with in addition beerus is going to be able to heal she's going to be able to provide that if you have her Zeta that health gain every time they get crit and of course fives just shoots like a crazy man constantly and then he puts speed down on his basic so it slows the opposing team down I think this is going to be a quiet favorite amongst a lot of people because of it requiring a meta team to take it down and you can't really use DPS due to Barriss offee now I wanted to go into a team that a lot of people have as well and that's Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and then Royal Guard is a tank now really quick if you're trying to devise your own team compositions because you don't have all the compositions we're showing your basic summary is you need an attacker you need a leader with a good leadership ability and you need a tank now sometimes your leader will be your damage dealer we'll go over that more you need a support character or another attacker and then it's Hank to protect him if you go on defense with no tanks more than likely you're going to allow for people to walk over your team so that's kind of the idea a leader slash support and attacker and a tank but sometimes your leader will be your attacker in this case he is Emperor Palpatine is there for the stuns the shock he's there to revive and the thing with Royal Guard and Emperor Palpatine is that the moment they think they've got your Emperor Palpatine killed Royal Guard taunts and then when they try and get done with Royal Guard and come back to Emperor Palpatine he's healed himself and in the meantime you got Darth Vader there who's really tanky hard to kill and can do a ton of damage now this is a team people would probably use on offense and the reason is this Empire squad is insane they can cleanse every time on their turn they've got an ability to cleanse with the leadership of Thrawn Thrawn is just tanky fast he can fracture which is one of the absolute best debuffs in the game and you've got the ability to death mark once you kill someone on the other side and then fracture them for an almost guaranteed insta kill as well as short troopers there to taunt take the heat off the other two but with wrong what's really cool is he can regenerate protection so if you're looking at maximizing points on offense this would be a really great offensive team but if this was on defense this would take a very specific team to beat especially if Thrawn is extremely fast remember that's three on three so a throng goes first and fractures one of your opponent's characters very entire and I mean entire setup is just in trouble because they're probably only bringing in one it's hacker and more than likely they're going to end up getting fractured or if they have an auto taunter their tank will be out of commission and you're gonna have to worry now about what their other characters are doing in addition to that a lot of the common counters such as CLS is kind of a bad thing because it takes a lot of DPS to beat this team there is the cleanse ability and death trooper bayes's on his basic so this is a huge issue for some of the common counters to this particular team now that a lot of people have c-3po and they've worked on their Ewoks why not use them either on offense or defense now the key is a chirp a lead of course for all of the turn meter gain poplar fast you want them a well over 200 speed because you're gonna have them they're both as a tank and a turn meter generator and then wick it and what you can do is you can use wicket to stealth whoever needs to be stealth more and he's there as your damage dealer so you got your support your tank and your attacker all in one I would probably suggest these guys on offense but if they're completely Zeta doubt this would make a disgusting defense team for someone to have to deal with now a pretty common team I think a lot of people are thinking this way they got a tank attacker and another attacker and two of them are extremely tanky and kylo ren's just very difficult to deal with kylo Ren unmasked is very difficult to deal with especially as the lead and then you've got first order executioner in there just making a mess with the opposing team and the dispel is going to help significantly to make sure that on defense these guys are targeting properly now you could use them on offense to go against scoundrels another first order or you could use them for a great solid defensive now of course this list wouldn't be complete if we didn't have revin that's right a reven lead and not a lot of people are gonna have Rev and lead so I'm gonna show you an alternate Jedi squad that you can place in just a second but this would be your overpowered team you got someone that can revive and acts like a tank that's Jolie because they're gonna have to kill him first and he's super super tanky high defense and is very very durable and then you have Yoda just making a mess of the entire place and so this is going to be an exceptionally strong team general Kenobi and Bastila are who are removed and to be honest those two characters are the fourth and fifth slots that are often messed with it's normally these three that are kept together and so I see this definitely as one of the top if not the top teams for individuals to build now if you don't have revin and you're looking for an alternate team to frustrate individuals you can use this team now if you're going to use this team on defense I highly suggest putting old Ben in the leadership position and this is why the evasion matter right this is kind of really frustrated individuals who a haven't ever experienced it and don't actually haven't modded for this or be just plumb know what this is and they don't want to deal with the the possibility of whiffing every time they try and strike now if you're using this team composition on offense I would swap Bastila to the leadership position and old Ben to just the supporting tank of course old Ben you want to be really fast you really want that ability block and turn meter reduction to go off pretty quick Bastila does not have to be fast at all and yoda just you want a lot of special damage so that way when he hits he kills what he's hitting and if they don't have a revive mechanic with this team they could have RNG go completely against them we all know how that works you're trying to kill a team you've killed a million times and all of a sudden RNG you go with with whiff and you're like how is this possible and now you're down to people you've lost and so this team I think is it going to be another sleeper of a team that people are going to be able to use on defense to really frustrate the opponents and at a minimum it's going to reduce the amount of point they can win on offense because Yoda is going to be over there just tearing all the protection off of all the team with his AO constant AoE and his high DPS and bass Allah is gonna be priming him up and making him do some massive damage with that armor penetration now Nightsisters had to make the list and I have a couple variants to talk about and we'll talk about why we're using these teams but both are going to include Asajj and both are going to include your zombie now your zombies your tank that's the tank that you're gonna use in the three-person mother Talzin z– therefore the revive because old Daka is not here but she also does a ton of damage and she spreads plague and then Asajj is gonna ramp up damage over time and if you kill somebody and you've lost someone for example you've lost Asajj and you kill someone or you've lost mother Talzin and then you finish one of those three characters off you're going to get your character back this is going to help you maximize your points now on offense yes you're more than likely going to score lower than if you threw them on defense because you're probably not going to finish the battle with full protection but this is a solid offensive composition to chew through many many many compositions you're going to see so this would be a really great offensive strategy now here's the other one this is the defensive strategy and asajj ventress lead gonna make the team faster hit harder you're gonna have a tank you have to deal with and all doc is gonna be there to constantly revive so this is the revive mechanic for this team and Asajj is gonna keep ramping up her damage so you've got a damage dealer a support revive and a really annoying tank for this to truly work on defense very well you're going to need to have your zombie really really fast okay and it doesn't really matter you know if it's high health protection just fast speed is important with this particular composition on defense now this is one of my new favorites in fact the last Grand Arena battle that I did the team that held the hardest on the last battle was this particular composition and I didn't have missions Zeta at the time and I didn't have cars own nasties at the time though this is a relatively new composition you're gonna see it out a lot more as these characters become more farmable now I have cars ADA which is gonna help them get health and protection back when they do dots and of course a bar does dots on basic and mission is there to assist and now I have her Zeta this is a very durable team with an attacker that goes stealth with a tank that has retribution and can regenerate health and protection based off of the leadership and then of course cars there for the leadership and support role he also doesn't do horrible damage so he's gonna be another character that's gonna kind of help along in the three versus three now I'm sure a lot of people have thought about this particular team it's of course the Cure lead with l3 and I personally feel that nest is going to be the best in this particular scenario she's one of the you know heavier damage dealers that are scoundrels that are gonna benefit from the additional offense that Kara provides l3 is just such an amazing tank and ramps up and if they don't deal with l3 right away they're gonna have a problem with nest and nest is gonna be able to days which is a great way to prevent a ton of different counters that are going to be saved for offense so this is gonna be a very frustrating team for them to have to deal with now a lot of people have Phoenix a lot of people at Phoenix pretty much everyone that plays the game should have Phoenix and you're only using three people and you might not have enough teams to set on defense so this would be kind of a go-to for defense you're gonna have Hera as the leadership she can help bring people back with her special you've got Azra there as the damage dealer and Kanan as the tank but he also brings that ability to have retribution and retaliate you're gonna have a dis spell in Ezra and if you Zeta any of these including you know Ezra for the damage or use Aidid Kanan this is actually a solid very solid team composition to go up against but definitely I would use it on defense for sure now this team is probably going to be used on offense but you could set it on defense and man if they weren't prepared for this it would be an absolute slaughter three extremely high DPS and very durable characters Han Solo being the least durable but he's got Chewie there to guard him and of course Luke is automatically gonna be guarded because there's only three of them so both are gonna be guarded they're gonna have to go after Chewie and this is just a ton of dps to have to deal with on your attack and if you didn't save let's say Nightsisters or something on offense this could become a very very difficult to beat now I think a lot of people are pretty this is obvious that you would want to use Jedi training Rey with a couple of droids extremely good to support droids both tanky and if you happened to Zeta the tank or the taunt capability and bb-8 you'd have an actual tank in him but even so it doesn't really matter because they're both durable is as is Jedi training right now it is really important about her is she puts that health down and she can help just chew through a character one at a time and with illuminated destiny it's not gonna go off nearly as fast because it's a three team versus of five team so this isn't going to work quite as well I think as people think on defense but I think this would be a solid team to go against if you were looking at trying to go against one of the boss teams or a different scoundrel team this would be a solid offensive counter however if you notice your opponent doesn't have Jenna training Rey this would be one of those teams then you could possibly put on defense and really throw a wrench in their offensive plans now I know a lot of people that have tons of ideas with c-3po and there are a ton out there I'm not going to go into a bunch of different team comps but another variant resistance team with of course Poe and Finn they're just great together they can taunt they can heal they can cleanse there's a stun in there there's the ability you know to put exposes and the exposed mechanic and you're really gonna rely on the stun and expose with this team but c-3po will slowly start to shut the opponent down over time there's only three individuals so it should be pretty quick to ramp up his special abilities so this would be a fun variant on offense you could set it on defense but I would probably use it for offensive purposes now rogue one is an always a go-to on defense for individuals who don't have quite the GP as other individuals if you've been playing for a long time you probably have these three at seven star gear 8 9 10 11 and jyn erso zeda especially with turret and Bay's is extremely durable very durable as is bays and turret turret can do burst damage and you can get stuns in some control with Generoso so this is a solid defensive team for anybody who may not have enough defensive teams to go around but Tritton bays are also exceptional on offense to ensure you survive the battle so if you find yourself going against a weaker team this could be a really great really great cleanup team or a team to go through and win if you're fighting someone that's a little bit weaker I don't think there's any question here the triumvirate is probably one of the top you know three teams in the entire game I would put them in the number two slot possibly number one slot especially if you have modded your TRAI correctly she's pot this is possibly one of the strongest defenses if not the strongest you've got basically a tank that can do massive attack damage you've got someone who's going to do a countdown and eventually annihilate someone now it sounds super overpowered but keep in mind darth nihilus really needs more individuals to increase cooldowns so he can decrease his cooldowns and so three versus three is gonna take him longer to actually get to his annihilate so on defense this is gonna be a little bit tougher on offense it's a great control team however it's still very very difficult to find three characters that are going to be able to chew through these three durable characters and if somebody has aided the uniques of all three of these guys it's going to be an absolute nightmare to go against this team if it's set on defense and last but not least on this list is Darth Maul lead with savage and citizen and this may not sound like a very good team and you're thinking always a filler defense team it actually can be used on offense but it's a really a team on defense kind of fun it's another evasion meta type team to set synthesis and can actually hit people straight to health honor special and then savage can use his special to just destroy them no matter how much protection so this would be a great team on offense to go against if you have a nest on the other side because you're going to evade enough that you're going to survive and then when you can hit her under health you know don't worry about her stacking protection you Sauvage kills them great offensive team but if you set this to defense this is an exceptionally annoying team to have to kill because savage is durable and cleanses if you have his Aida and sip goes sit the SAS and puts herself in stealth but under Darth Maul they all go stealth and even when you try to hit them they'll evade and another one will come out of stealth and then you try and hit them they'll evade and go stealth and another one will come out of stealth and it's like whack-a-mole it's extremely annoying and it's very difficult to have full health and full protection after beating this team so excellent defensive team but also keep it in mind it's an excellent team against akhira three versus three to be able to kill that Nest provided you're able to get through the taunt so what are your thoughts a grand arena three versus three what are your thoughts of the 20 team compositions do you have questions do you have other comps you want to suggest leave the other comps and questions about the current comps in the comments down below I hope this helps everybody from free-to-play to pay to play and everything in between as always keep your gaming on warrior out