Pleintjesvoetbal met Nunnely: ‘Juichen tegen Ajax? Kan niets beloven’

“It’s still a dream of course, because I played in the academy for so long, and I looked forward to playing in the Arena.” “The stadium will be sold out on Friday, so it’s still a dream come true, even though I will be playing for the other team.” “Just close your eyes and pretend to be wearing the Ajax shirt?”
-“No, no, no.” “I can’t do that anymore. But it’s still going to be fun to play in the Arena.” After seven seasons at Ajax Academy ‘De Toekomst’, Ché Nunnely made the move to Willem II this summer. In a team in top form, the pacy winger is one of the stand-out players. “Of course when you play good games you want to be efficient too.” “And thankfully I’ve scored some goals and had some assists, so I’m happy.” “I rely a lot on my pace and my dribbles, and now also my ability to score, so that’s it.” His stats the last few weeks have been incredible. In three games he scored three goals and had three assists. “Willem II is on fire right now. You’re fourth in the league. What’s your secret?” -“We have a good mix of experienced players and some young guys, and we work well together.” “Everyone knows what to expect of the others. We’re playing well.” “Yeah, and then these things happen.” “My best memory?” “Well, just the great games I played. Good moments. Goals I scored, and friends I made of course.” “Yeah, what should Ajax be afraid of?” “You!” “The fans love dribbles, and now that I’ve started scoring I even got my own song, so that’s nice.” “Really, which song?” -“I’m not such a good singer.” “Just the lyrics.” -“They sing: ‘Dada dada dada dadada Chéééé Nunnely!'” “So, yeah. That’s nice.” “I’m from Almere. I played for Ajax for a very long time, so the club has a special place in my heart.” “But this Friday I will be the enemy, so yeah.” “Who was your best friend at the academy, and why?” -“Yeah, Noa Lang of course, Justin Kluivert.” “Also because we are more or less the same.” “Yeah, I made many friends. Navajo Bakboord who doesn’t play there anymore.” “So yeah, lots of friends.” “Yeah, I think I always used to be one of the best.” “I always did a good job, I was important in all my teams.” “And I also had a lot of fun.” “So after two years in Jong Ajax I wanted to show myself at the highest level.” “It was difficult to do that at Ajax, so I started looking around.” “That’s why I chose Willem II, and so far it’s going pretty good.” “And who of your old team mates at Ajax will go the furthest? -“Well, he already went far. That’s Matthijs de Ligt.” “But I think there are others coming too.” “Can you name one?” -“Yeah, this guy here. Just joking!” “In the beginning it was all very physical. I really had to see how I would be physically able to get into the team.” “Have you worked out more?”
-“Yeah, can’t you see?” “But now it’s going well, so yeah.” “No celebrating if you score on Friday, right?” -“Well, I’ll try to control myself.” “But you can’t promise anything, right?”
-“That’s right.” “We have to hope that Ajax will leave some open spaces or make some mistakes that we can take advantage of.” “We just hope that we can do a good job there, and try to get a result.” “One point?”
-“We’ll try to take all three. You never know.” “Are you going to look up Noa Lang on Friday during the game?” “Well, he really loves this move, the shuffle. I always tell him not to try that on me.” “So if I go his way, he’ll feel it.” ‘Which move?”
-“This one. He always makes this shuffle move.” “Ah, you’ll recognize it immediately. You won’t fall for it.”
-“No.” “They have very good players. Also a lot of young guys who are doing well.” “And the guys I played with who are doing well, that’s nice to see.” “And if you had to choose: either you score a hat-trick on Friday, or you’ll return to Ajax later on in your career?” -“What kind of tough questions are those?” “Well, for now, let’s go with scoring a hat-trick on Friday.” “Finito!”