we wives operators in Oh last operator standing dang bro we lost fairly I couldn't carry hard enough but I went off dude I went off what if what if there were five of me what if I could be the entire team then I'd surely win every game because I never do anything wrong I need to clone myself but how oh how can I be the entire team oh my gosh it's happening you this video documents the 14 audio tracks and the 7 video tracks that make up the pain suffering and joy that went into being every player on a Rainbow six siege team in a ranked match in case you're still kind of clueless as to what's happening I have one mouse and keyboard hooked up to a switcher that's then connected to five pcs which are all connected to their own Rainbow six siege account then I connected them all into the game and so I'm playing as every player on the team all memes aside and I know that means it's getting pretty serious this is the same website that PewDiePie uploads his videos to of the beans all memes aside my KD on Rainbow six siege is 2.0 on my main account so if I can overcome the issues that come along with being every player on the team the lack of time only controlling one character at a time etc this little etc becomes very significant later on in the video as you will see no communication is needed because the information is already in my own brain look like a stack of pancakes they look like a short stack if I overcome then I have completed every try hard Street to make an entire team of themself this is it everybody this is the very first test in history of one man on five accounts and Rainbow six siege all in the same game yeah let the timer run down it'll pick everyone automatically we'll see what happens Oh master thruster got recruit cuz only has ash on that account okay wanna kill for tier as I'm sure you've noticed we're hearing the audio from all five pcs of points this is what I'm hearing in my ears so later in the video if you hear a single nice audio track like this in my ears I'm actually hearing this so as you can imagine it was pretty difficult to tell which directions the enemies were I had the ability to mute each individual track of my mixer but quite simply I didn't have enough time to do that while in game Oh bro this was another unforeseen issue if I didn't switch to all the pcs at least once within the three minutes then I get timed out for an activity just getting all of the PCs powered on in the same room was an issue if I tried to power four of the PCs in the room that I use to record my videos which isn't mine by the way because I'm homeless it would flip the breaker because I'm using too much power so I ran extension cords from the other rooms in this apartment I don't live here it was truly a lot of power first test success in order to keep the accounts from timing out due to inactivity I had to fire up some quality hacker babies I ran a macro that pressed W every two minutes all pressing W every two minutes I had to create it five times and run it on all of them now getting everything set up was one thing but the process of recording it was a whole different story here's a little 20-second montage that describes how that went we got a game we got oh we're all fine in we're all fine in this is the first ever all mic I don't know what to do I don't I legitimately don't know what to do oh my god okay they're all gonna auto select got pretty rough on the offs here defense is gonna be hard okay oh my goodness it took the entire prep phase just to move and hide three of the accounts okay so I'm gonna run around and run with maestro okay so to here we have smoke three I don't want them to all be in them Oh No four I did remove these and hide them okay switching number five I got five phones I can hear every phone at once on this first casual round I'm gonna leave all the audio tracks just so you understand what I was hearing okay okay I still have poles I don't know how pulse didn't die dang it dude as you can see defending was basically mayhem not having time to switch all the audio tracks makes it like aids trying to tell where anyone is and the attackers will generally drone it out and see the JFK okay Russia tendinitis but attacking is a different story attacking is where the money's gonna be I mean just rush and attack with I didn't have to rely on anyone I didn't have to share any information after all the hard work and preparation for this these were the benefits knowing previous enemy locations which doors and windows were barricaded we're traps were and we're traps weren't we're holes had been made indestructible walls having all of this information in my mind already without having to communicate it and all five characters having my game mechanics and my game sense were the benefits no no do that so frustrated or of them to time is about to run the macro this time but regardless of that what I discovered is that when you're attacking in order to utilize all the time you basically want to rush be as aggressive as possible and die that that's just all you do so it fit my playstyle terno droning just rushing that's all dang it was like floating okay okay bc3 dude cab can your balls okay for we got one down but they're just gonna read them a fuse up here real quick I tried you I tried I was coming very close very close to getting a win and I was getting smarter and I was adapting we're gonna try to get all these traps down before they the only time I'm okay with lesion this is a very unique situation it's gonna be hard we have to like really break this down people on so scary dude okay we did some work yes I went around I freaking won around let's go baby let's go insane I was really starting as a hanging 1/3 and then being able to rush and die it was almost like respawning to switch to another PC doesn't matter if I get interrogated that's fine I know where that guy is okay the last two are on site can I get any information from Washington killcam aware the very last guy is no okay it really fit my playstyle to not drone and just bash in like a bunker and try to kill everyone by outgunning okay we know the last two are for sure okay he moved that's okay if I refuse now refused refused we know where the last guy is okay I think he's still hard right right there let's go let's go baby freakin high I have transcended my IQ is too high I had a little bit of trouble with the macro because if you were on a camera then pressing W didn't move the character or do anything and so you'd still get timed out and even though I never won a casual match I still won a lot of rounds okay okay okay dude one more round and we're dubs we're fat Dov I hope you get attack it's over I did so well after one of my pcs timed out I had a random join and then I had to try and explain to them that I was using five different pcs to control every account in the game so you run from PC to PC yeah I swap between I press a switcher to swap my match for each PC and why it's just curious because it's lit lit fam now I was practiced up all my macros were working everything was recording my brain was creating its own gravitational pull and it was time right after spending two hours figuring out the 2-step verification for all the accounts one which one of you Cox doesn't have two-step verification and able but finally it was time to test my creation in ranked for the first time in Rainbow six siege history one man will be the entire five stack Oh baby we have a ranked match I repeat we have a ranked match so ranked went about how you would expect rank to go suddenly everyone on the other team is the most genius gold you've ever met in your entire life ride their gold and all white got a 3000 IQ I know exactly where everyone it they droned it out saw the we were afk and they and they just destroy the only real chance I had is when they started spawn rushing definitely figured out I think they're gonna spawn rush me like I just think they're gonna Swan rush me because somehow these genius goals were just like yeah they're all just afk and spawn suddenly everyone in ranks is just a genius I add that there yeah they are spawn rushing I don't know dude how do they just like okay yeah definitely they're just there's just one guide he's just switched between alia I don't know dog but when they started spawn rushing I had a chance okay they're interrogating so I need to go to three really quick okay I did it oh my gosh i won run one round I got one round let's freaking go dude let's freakin go dude that was nuts my god winning just a single round felt like winning an entire game but as you know I'm not just gonna stop there one of my accounts timed out and got banned this was pretty chill instead of waiting for the band to wear off I decided let's just go into ranked as a four stack and get a random because realistically one single teammate isn't gonna make that big of a difference hello hey real quick are you listening all these accounts they're all mine I am controlling all of them it's just you and me but I'm controlling four of the players so we might be screwed can you hear me all right we're gonna get around hey don't say I got him let's go let's go July yo good y'all good job deeply freaking got around baby I think the only way to play is super aggressive where do that where was that at okay I got to I got to cap three all right dang it this is number one we have a chance here it's me and the other guy it's got a push and get the kill you can't he's got a push get the kill it's not very good that sucks I was able to squeeze out a collection around five god I'm traded account for is all I have left operator remaining operator standing ten seconds to go yes plus we're gonna go let's go home and also I clutched round six yes one okay it's all to me now to make this last longer but there's one behind the mirror it's a maestro somewhere I heard him on his Dumbo gadget god it looks freakin good let's go yeah I have a YouTube channel why is it basically homeless yeah yeah okay listen I have five pcs all running Rainbow six seeds and I'm playing as every person in the game who else is gonna do that this is when it dawned on me that every round that we win had to have been a clutch because I'm the only player this is also when I came to the realization that I was actually carrying myself holy crap my main is 11 and 5 well we made it to achieve boys but that might be it that might be the end of it this is round 8 and if we lose that's game over within the first few seconds the random died and so it was entirely up to me to keep the game alive ok count number one go okay account number three they're just watching the diffuser in dude for real Florent left go number four and that's how it ended very clearly the game was over I had to win this round to get to round nine to even have a chance of winning my creation failed and was too slow and one stupid lesion mind kept me from winning this entire game there just wasn't enough time left on the clock or was there no way no way no way no way the heartbreaker the freaking heartbreaker who's here but realistically why could this creation be fine-tuned could I in fact use this type of setup to farm Alfa packs or renown something practical actually utilize this contraption for something useful or profitable could this be exploited abused to me the answer to that is very clear but I can't help but wonder if there's a connection between a single other soul being on my team and actually getting to round nine even though I out fragged him on most of my accounts maybe the try-hard dream of being every player on the same team is simply another hero that shouldn't be missed maybe the price of losing with others around you is far lower than the price you pay for winning all alone he waited till the last round again thanks guys what a clutter be let's go is his thanks guy