Pasta dishes for Athletes – Gordon Ramsay

right time wise lunch you got what half an hour half an hour tell max yeah run me through a normal lunch what do you have yesterday plaster pot and that's it that's it I passed the pot that's the first apart I mean it looks boring he's boring yes in my bored with it by now no got it I'll fed up the VIP pass it doesn't have to be boring you know that it's all I can we were three very exciting pasta dishes we're gonna be fast furious and delicious first recipe it's beauty wine tomato sauce basil chili and finish with crumbs pasta is the ultimate fast food and something I eat when I'm training for the marathon how'd you find out good hacks pan-american yeah there's tough yeah voter in she goes so in the time it takes to cook that spaghetti the sauce is ready there is surely no and left me a little tip to give it a roll like that right this releases the seeds so you can discard them easily and these puzzle in please I mean you guys eat well don't you yeah yeah you don't have to follow a strict diet do you know everything in moderation that's what you know that's me at about do you have the perfect kind of food that we need right rescue two even faster yet continued Oscar pancetta leeks and mushrooms and if you don't get what a pancetta my bacon is it enough be fine chop the leeks finely and add to the bacon I mean ultimate goal is a gold medal in Beijing yeah yeah for London planning me better or win one in Beijing and defending London I mean the child in your hometown of your own country hope hosting the Olympics after three minutes add some creme fraiche which lightens the dish as fast isn't add some grated Parmesan and finish with chopped parsley that's the kind of time scale that we're working on so that's perfect recipe 3 this won't get plain chicken go Street pine nuts and runner beans good runner beans in garlic pine nuts okay Rose me on there please Chris take the ingredients out the pan and prepare the chicken chicken breasts in a butterfly okay that's to keep the knife ice and flat and just open up cutting the chicken this way leads the breasts thinner and therefore it cooks quicker Wow I love that loads the static you know that's a really nice dry ghost cheese and at work we keep him in the freezer perfect finishing assets a great tip cuz they never got this is not boring is it uh not we can't rely on time as an excuse to not look after yourselves no no all three happy with of course at this one I like particular we got the world championship come here we have entered into the Sun yeah I just hope the funk of times the faster the World Championship