Paralympic Champion Allison Jones on IP and Sports

So we are here at WIPO to talk about IP and
sports and kind of the roots of how it all develops, and engineering, and how
important it is to have that IP stamp on technology for sports. And then meeting the other
panelists and the moderator about different aspects of how that sports
integration and technology comes together, and how that IP, you know, really
is important to that advancement in the sports, and you know getting more
people involved. I started as a little kid I had the most rudimentary leg
possible it was literally a free swinging hinge. No technology involved. And it was a limiting factor. I had to worry about rust, I had to worry about sand – I’m a child, like, I don’t think about that sort of thing. And then
watching that technology grow. Now you’re seeing that like it’s getting more
mainstream, it’s getting out there for kids to have what I didn’t have when I
was a little kid. And technology in that like grassroots is allowing kids to get
outside more – do more things be more active with their peers. Be a kid where
they’re not worried about breaking equipment, or you know, having to go back to the doctor’s office. Because that’s what it is at the end of the day is when you show up for the Paralympics you’re representing your
country. And that technology is definitely behind you in a lot of those sports. you