Overwatch – BEST and WORST Pro Teams! POWER RANKING! [Overwatch League]

ladies and gentlemen hello and welcome to unit lost I am Stallone and today I'm gonna give you the lowdown on all of the overwatch League teams just which one should you support which are the best which are the worst I'm gonna give you all of the details guys now I've been following overwatch eSports for a very long time and this is a super exciting time for me because this is the start of the overwatch League but it dawned on me there's loads of people out there you have no idea what these teams are and honestly I don't think blitz they've been doing the best job when it comes to like actually advertising these teams to the fanbase hopefully they'll start doing this more in the coming weeks or so but whatever in this video I'm gonna tell you what you who are categorically the best and who are the worst now we got to watch the preseason in early December this showed us some of the teams however this isn't actually the greatest way to sort of base the team's performance in the actual season because a lot of teams have players missing and all the teams were forced to use all of their players because Blizzard for some reason said that you've got to play all of your players so it meant that certain teams might have been played in weakest States and they normally would be when the season comes around anyway let's get stuck into this so what I'm gonna do is rate the teams from worst to best I'm gonna tell you who owns the team where the team is based so if you want to support them because they're your local team then go for it and then I'm gonna give you a little bit of history about each team so let's get stuck into this number 10 Florida mayhem now this league spot it's owned by been spooked he is the CEO and co-founder of misfits which is an eSports team so this team isn't owned by any kind of crazy massive company or anything like that it's owned by an eSports team it's the smallest roster in the overwatch league it's only got six players which is the bare minimum and you're allowed because obviously you need six players to play in overwatch League and you're actually allowed 12 but they've only gone for six this is kind of strange however this is the old misfits roster they've just gone straight into overwatch League now this team actually came second in EU contenders in 2017 it came second to a team called gig ante who while they didn't have an overwatch League spot some of the gig ante players are in overwatch lis but this misfits team was expected to win but they didn't they kind of choked on LAN and unfortunately they kind of continued this trend when it to overwatch League preseason they lost every game and the performances were honestly not great I think they're gonna have to pick up players in the first transfer window they desperately need more players and as I said they were awfully underperformed in pre-season their standout player is to V or to Vic but again he struggled and he seems to be struggling a lot so I don't know about this team it is it is yeah it's really weak and and it's kind of sad that I'm putting this in slot and but I'm not really sure what else I can do they're gonna have to make additions and rapidly change the way they play number nine is Boston uprising now this lease bar is actually owned by Robert Kraft who's the chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group who owned well American football team the New England Patriots and loads of other American sports teams this is a huge absolutely huge owner like worth billions and billions and billions however it's probably got the worst team now I say that put in Florida mayhem in number 10 and Boston in number nine that those two teams could easily swap the spot now the problem with Boston is and the reason why the scene is the worst team is well they kind of don't have the best players now I don't mean that with any disrespect because these players could actually grow into that position and actually that's what Hawk who is the manager of this team has actually said or he's the director of eSports for the Kraft group is that they've selected players looking for the future like maybe they've got players here who nobody really knows too much about or maybe they've played in lesser teams but can suddenly sort of pull it together and become a major shock of the overwatch League I'm not too sure about that because it's difficult bringing players together to form new teams in the first place especially when we look at some of the other teams in this league as we get down the list so Boston unfortunately is a really weak team at the moment could be okay it's certainly one to watch and I will be interested in watching Boston games because every time they win it will be a major upset because they're almost expected to lose all of their games so I don't know like you could see them as major underdogs as for their best player I I think this is a you know this is a hard one I think I'm looking forward to seeing the young curry and player they've got called Nikko or Nikko now I believe he joined from our X foxes last year a Korean team and it's meant to be pretty good but again these are all like players I'm not really that familiar with so we're gonna have to wait and see how this turns out but this is a pretty weak team number eight Shanghai dragons now this team is owned by Nettie's this is a Chinese Internet company that is absolutely massive and it distributes wait for it Blizzard games in China so maybe a bit of a conflict of interest there I don't know but anyway they own the Shanghai dragons now they only played one preseason game they lost to Boston 3-2 which is pretty strange really I would have expected them to beat Boston but the problem is the Shanghai dragons team isn't actually the best Chinese team there is see there's a team called miraculous youngster and it would have been simple for Shanghai dragons to just get miraculous youngster and go or they go this is the Chinese team but they didn't instead they sort of went for a load of other players and it's kind of weird so this could be a team that does really Bob like when you look at Florida mayhem as me saying you know they're the worst Boston fighting for the worst position Shanghai dragons well Shanghai could easily occupy the worst position as well with Boston going much further up the list and mayhem if they add good place to their team and sort themselves out Shanghai dragons I think is a very dubious team at the moment I am worried about this team and I don't think it's gonna do too well in terms of their standout players well dear played really well he had a really good time as widowmaker on temple of Anubis during preseason but yeah beyond that I don't know it's a bit of a a bit of a weird team that one is number seven Los Angeles gladiators now this league spot is owned by Stan and just Kroenke who are the owners of loads of American sports teams and I think they own Arsenal Football Club as well so this is a massively massively wealthy owner as well so this team is gonna have tons and tons of backing now the interesting thing with this team is it caused a massive massive shock on the preseason in Game one they beat London spitfyre now they beat them 3-2 and it was fairly close they were not expected to beat London spitfyre at all however I think this was probably down to the restrictions blizzard put in place where they were forcing teams to use all of their players so London had to put out maybe a weaker team but the difference is London has two teams and work out on to that later on in the video so I don't want to dwell on that just just for now but it was still a good performance by gladiators and a bit of a shock and they just suddenly came out beat London it's like wow okay they're really sort of stamping their foot down here it's like hello where we're gladiators and we're gonna do some work so that was actually kind of shocking in terms of the players to look for I think possibly sure for he's an excellent DPS player he plays a lot of different heroes as well he's very entertaining in the way plays so yeah I think gladiators are a good shout for a mid-table team or well as a mid-table I mean the way the overwatch Wiegel lead works is there's two divisions and then you go into the playoffs of the divisions and then you play the winners of those plays together and obviously then you pick the winner of overwatch League but if they were all together in one big table I would put la gladiators kind of in mid-table position I think there there'll be an entertaining team to watch definitely number six now this is San Francisco shock and this is higher than I would have initially put them after seeing their performance on the preseason they're like I said preseason this preseason there were exhibition matches more than anything the teams didn't really have that much time to play together and practice prior to that so things should be a lot different when overwatch league kicks off next week however San Francisco shock yeah this is owned by Andy Miller now he's the chairman and founder of NRG esports now NRG has got a lot of very famous backers people like Shaq and all of those people they're all part of NRG so again this is a fairly wealthy eSports organization now they did shock with preseason and great performances of baby pay help them Tamala sh mayhem 3-1 now mayhem were the worst team in preseason by far so it was a bit of a shot like we were expecting mayhem to put some sort of a fight up and they just got absolutely wrecked because they didn't really respond to what San Francisco's shock with doing a baby baby was playing out of his mind and well it was just totally ridiculous however they then immediately played straight after that game against valiant and they lost in a close a 3-2 series however note this the games will not happen like this in overwatch League you will not play a series then immediately play another series the only reason they had to do this is because Philadelphia did not attend the preseason for a bunch of different reasons so San Francisco shocked obviously had to fill in the extra game and I think possibly sold it on another so yeah that won't happen in the previous season so they were probably fatigued a little bit there what's interesting about San Francisco is they have two players missing from preseason due to age restrictions now Sinatra who we know about as the hundred and fifty K man he's a very good tracer player Sinatra's but he was too young to play in overwatch League preseason he's now eligible for overwatch League also as well is super now he'll be available as well so actually this team in preseason had two of its key players missing so when they can play in the main season I'm expecting San Francisco to well shock people it sounds very cliche but I think they will I think there'll be there's capability there or others at least the potential for some major upsets from this team in terms of players that I would watch I mean it would probably have to be Sinatra and Dante two extremely good players so yeah look out for those guys number five ladies and gentlemen we're starting to get into the upper echelon tier of my beautiful overwatch League power rating thing I guess anyway if you're an optic fan this is your team because this is the team slot owned by Hector Rodriguez of well optic he's the CEO and yeah they actually lost a very close series in preseason 3-2 to Dallas who are the other Texas based team and then they lost have sold in Asti 2-1 and honestly I don't think there's any shame in that because I kind of put both of those teams above Houston anyway so the fact that they put up a fairly decent fight against those teams what's pretty good and pretty you know prettiest ik I think for the team's future now the thing with Houston is I place them at five but San Francisco could potentially take this lot of them and so could LA gladiators potentially so it's definitely going to be an interesting sort of I guess way to see how these players and teams actually develop and because there are a lot of teams are very similar in terms of power anyway as for players to watch definitely link sir he's the well he's Finland's gift to eSports ladies and gentlemen and I think though if you shut him down there's gonna be problems for Houston like where else do they go and they don't really have any other kind of major star DPS players so I don't know but if you like watching insane DPS play check links right very good on Widowmaker number four la valiant now this is owned by Noah Winston who is the CEO of immortals witches and well an eSports organization they beat San Francisco shocked 3-2 on opening day and then they beat their main rivals 3-1 who of course are la gladiators now this is certainly the strongest la team right now but not only that they have potentially the best Gangi player in the goddamn world this is Agility's but guess what it wasn't even eligible to play in preseason so with him being slammed back into the team that's gonna make them even stronger I think this is the team that will cause major upsets lately it has the potential here to beat practically any team I think on that day they can beat anybody if they're firing on all cylinders it's gonna be a problem for the team they're playing against they've got really good DPS they've got really good tanks they've got really good support players it's definitely a team to watch this is number three Dallas fuel now this team is owned by team envyus and by NV investors Hersh Interactive now envyus were the best Western team in the history of overwatch and this is what Dallas fuel is made of with three editions it's got Siegel it's got Custer it's got xqc I'd no doubt you guys know who Siegel and xqc are this team has the largest current fan base this is due to the all of the major celebrities they have on their team now this isn't like a mean team this isn't like they've just gone out there and got oh yeah this guy's got a big stream we'll get him in our team no Siegel is a phenomenally good player xqc is a really great tank player Custer doesn't have a very big following on this other guys but he's actually Australian Custer is and he's an extremely good support player when he loves Moyer as well and of Morris so me and Custer no doubt would get on so yeah they've got the best best fan base by an absolute mile but the key thing here is the old envious were the best Western team ever and they went to Korea and beat the Koreans and that has never happened no team from the West in any sport has gone to Korea and be Koreans in their own league they won APEC season one that is a phenomenal achievement and also don't forget about internet Hulk as well guys he was involved in that he's an absolute legend then it's a shame that we lost him last year but the guy's an absolute legend so you know rest in peace my man wanna hear also another key thing here with Dallas is synergy and overwatch is massive and you know what this team has been together for absolutely ages or at least the core of the team has when we look at the additions they've gotten Segal Custer and xqc they can kind of swap them out as they go this is a very flexible team this is a team capable of pulling off a lot of different strategies so I think this I mean this could go anywhere right Dallas could be really good and could compete even for the top slots for top one and two slots or they could have a couple of questionable games and that might drop them down to sort of mid-table power ranking but as it stands I think they're definitely the third best team in the me like definitely and they would give anybody a run for their money as a place to watch well it's got to be affect this this man is an absolute God and he carries games like I had never seen people carry games before he's a tracer player some might say is the best tracer player out there but he is ridiculous he will just pick mvs up and carry them and just kill the enemy team on his own and to be able to do that at this level is frankly utterly insane so definitely watch effect if you're into DPS play number two New York excelsior these are owned by Jeff Wilpon the CEO of the baseball team the New York Mets so again a huge owner here they beat Boston 3-1 in pre-season but then they lost the sole 3-1 which you know was kind of unfortunate this is an all Korean team as well it's super strong this team as though but what's more this team actually has flour now if you guys remember the overwatch World Cup from 2017 flour was just mind-blowing and good in that he isn't even able to play in overwatch League season one because he's too young so next year when they get flour as well this team is gonna be even stronger than it is right now but not only that they've actually got fantastic players anyway in fact the whole roster is pretty much start on it they've got phenomenal plays again like in terms of standout players you want to look at people like say be I'll be a ridiculous tracer player again but what makes him a little bit different when it comes to other tracer players is he actively fights and jewls the enemy tracer and most of the time he wins most notably in the overwatch World Cup he actually he got Sinatra and just destroyed him 1v1 just destroyed him absolutely obliterated he doesn't mess around he is a like a very high-level player so this team is definitely it teams watched a very strong team bit I will be very shocked if this doesn't finish in the playoffs like very very shocked this is a super strong team okay so now we're sort of at the top slot and you probably think it will star there's three teams left and there is and just just a quick sort of not applicable doesn't apply is well fusion now Philadelphia fusion is a team that didn't play in pre-season so we're not really too sure how they're actually going to play together now like I said at the start this video you can't base everything on preseason but it gives you a little bit of insight into how the teams will actually play I think they're probably a good shout for a mid-table team but I don't want to include them in this list just because we've not really seen them play which is a bit of a shame number one and now you probably think most are there's two teams left well it's occupied by two teams because I'm finding it very difficult to separate these two teams you've got London Spitfire and you've got Seoul dynasty now let's start with London Spitfire they're owned by cloud 9 obviously cloud nine is a massive eSports organization however what makes them interesting is they are made of two of the best South Korean teams they're made of GC Busan and kondu Panthera now GC boosts and they they did what's known as royal roading this is where a team comes out of nowhere and literally wins every game of wins the whole apex tournament like it doesn't care they destroyed lunatic high for Oh on multiple occasions they destroyed kongjui Panthera the other London Spitfire roster like obliterate them they were immensely good however Spitfire rolled them out for their first game in pre-season against Gladiator and they lost this was a bit of a shock it's like what's going on here how could this GC boo Sandlot roster lose we're not sure what actually happened there we don't know how the team's been training or what's been going on with it however for their next game they rolled out conlou panthera who are they are very close to lunatic highs level you could literally interchange these teams congee Panthera were very unlucky against lunatic high in a couple of apex finals and stuff like that well I just edged them out and just managed to take the win but there is literally nothing between those two teams however Kongo Panthera spitfire rolled out that roster essentially I think there was a couple of other place thrown in as well and they absolutely obliterated San Francisco shot four zero and it wasn't even close this was just like this team is from a different planet and it is obliterated what is you know essentially a mid strength overwatch League team and they just wrecked them and it was like well this is embarrassing yes it's preseason yes you know there's nothing really on the line but teams still want to go out there and win and London absolutely demolished him it was frankly quite sickening to watch as four players to watch when it comes to London Spitfire well who I mean I guess you could watch all of them Fischer is is the best tank in the world if you like Winston and Reinhart play some especially when Stern but he's Ryan how is amazing as well you watch Fischer like it used to be Mero used to be everybody brave about Mero Fisher has took Winston plate to the next level he's insane you look at DPS plays you've got profit murdering rascal who reg they're just all insane like that they're all absolutely ridiculous place like profit and bird ring on tracer ridiculous rascal he's McCree is insane who reg crazy that these players are absolutely insane literally every player in this team is a world-class player in the slot they play whether that support tanks or DPS it is a supremely strong roster what makes it interesting with this team though is if you think of GC Busan and you think of Congo Panthera as two teams inside Spitfire imagine those two teams screaming against each other or those two players like sets of players fighting for only six slots in the Spitfire team that's gonna make them play even better so on paper that I could actually turn this team into an absolute unstoppable juggernaut the other team which occupies the first shot it has to be sold in Asti because this is lunatic high this is the most successful overwatch team there ever has been they've won the most apex series in South Korea they are like the best team you're like if you were to compile a list of the best overwatch team from history they would be at the top because they've won a lot of games yes you can put concrete Panthera close to them like I have done with the Spitfire explanation I just gave but Kong didn't win the tournament lunatic I won the tournament the best team so this team is owned by Kevin Chiu who or Kevin Xiao Shu apologies if I've miss price your name there my good man and he's the chairman of CEO and chairman and CEO of ksv esports now this is a company which has been picking up a lot of very high-profile teams I think they own a very high-profile legal Legends team as well I think it might be Samsung's old team I think they possibly bought them but this is an all Korean roster as well this is lunatic I as I've said best overwatch team that ever has been for preseason they played three games they beat Shanghai for oh they beat Houston's who want and then they beat New York 3-1 which you know just says hey we're we're we're a really good team try and take us on and you can't because they are super super strong now what is interesting is GC Busan who make up half of the Spitfire roster did destroy lunatic high twice in APEC so there is potential there for Spitfire to sort of smash soul and for Smoltz assault Smasher Spitfire like I think this is the main rivalry when it comes to who's gonna win the overwatch League it's gonna be definitely between seoul and spitfire if it's not i will be very shocked in terms of players to watch though for seoul i mean again you can just watch the whole team but they do have to stand out place in my mind they've got russia hong who is the best support player in the world this player is insane if you are a support player watch this man i can't even explain half the things he does it is just on another planet in another galaxy he's like yeah i mean if you were to put a list together of the best overwatch place in the world you probably would put this person at the top my keys in is just ridiculous i absolutely mental on every conceivable level but I've also got a play called Zomba who i think is the best flex player there is extremely good on soldier 76 extremely good on diva extremely good on Zarya it's very rare that you see place like that that can play those heroes at the highest god damn level fantastic plays but like i said just watch the whole team it's very much like spitfire watch the whole team the players of em just ridiculous on those teams so they go guys this has been a breakdown of all of the overwatch league teams I've gone into a lot of detail here hopefully this give you guys a bit of an insight into the teams we'll get to see more next week when all of this goes live but I would be very surprised if Spitfire or dynasty don't actually win the whole thing but you never know with overwatch anything can happen you look at the World Cup you know I look at the UK team from the World Cup last year and we didn't even lose game in the qualifiers we beat a team called flash wolves who were Chinese Taipei they were expected to beat us but we beat them so anything is possible I mean you couldn't I mean help you might see Boston beat Spitfire you might see I don't know Florida mayhem B New York Exile I don't know literally anything could happen but hopefully this is give you guys a little bit of an insight to the overwatch League but alright guys I've been stylist and this unit lost I can literally sit here and talk all day about this stuff but I will try not do that because my throat is still destroyed but anyway you can follow me on twitter guys we just at unit loss gaming do let me know which overwatch league team you are going to support and yeah you can join a disco which is dis called da GG full slash unit loss and i'll catch you guys on the next one toodaloo