Outdoor Toy of the Year Nominees REVEALED – Vote Now! #TOTY2018

oh-oh-oh-oh contacts which are May we are back we got a leave me like crazy daddy coming at you with some awesome toys that have been nominated for this year's outdoor toy of the year in that awesome yes can you believe it it is time to vote League inscription below or you can vote for all these awesome toys you're gonna see here in the next several minutes and we're going to show you guys how awesome these toys are and why they were nominated for this year's outdoor toy of the year so let's get things rolling you guys ready yeah this is called recoil this is literally laser tag with your mouth with the Vice you can use it on any iOS or Android device and it hooks up bluetooth and there's a hub you're gonna see right now that these guns and any type of gun that is in the gameplay that you play with hooks up to the hub and you can she play four before before before you'll play sixteen players all once it's absolutely awesome and the app itself actually keeps track of the game keeps track of how many bullets you have left when it's time to reload the score how many kills you have how many kills each team has to be doing team base and it's seriously a lot of fun we've been playing this game actually for a while now and this is a lot of fun this is really really cool comes with a little clip here you put it on the back side so that way the gun knows where you are and you play this outside or inside we're doing this inside but these guys going to show you how play this game let's get to it you guys ready yeah guys right there oh we're gonna be using Liam's point of view here this is obviously the menu screen Liam go ahead to hit battle get into the battle he is gonna host to hit the first one okay and then we're indoors so hit the bottom one hit the last one so you can play indoor and outdoor team base or individual hit confirm Oliver a at the bottom there you go and it's showing that the lobby is waiting for an opponent okay on the UI side he is going to join so if I hit the second one and as you can see he sees the lobby the game that Liam was already prepared and we're ready to go here yep get back on Liam spun he's gonna hit acceptance now he has a challenger go ahead hit accept Liam sitting next you is gonna hit next on his screen – yeah Liam is waiting for hit all the players to hit readies let's see what he lives up to ok Eli's ready to go it ready all the players who are not the house just hit ready up ok shows all the players are ready Doug go ahead start Liam you're the host here we go okay it's loading in five four okay this is what you see on the screen in point of view okay it says reload and I was reloading it's about on the gun you push that I tell you reload Oh see he got killed by Eli so now he's getting ready to respawn the sound of the guns awesome it's a full automatic pistol that's awesome now you guys talking trash oh you got again please don't no no no he's attacking oh my is going in no problem well the game's over let's see what the score is I don't know it's a tie game 2-2 I'll see you both champions jelly-fish no I know you want to play this again do the game pretty sweet yes awesome cool cool what do you think Liam oh pretty straight toy for our next video I got my son Camden here say hi he's so excited no one knows what he's saying but what he's excited to show you guys this is next toy check this out oh my goodness this is called the watermelon ball and this is a great game for the pool the thing is right now show you because it is October and it's too cold outside go swimming this is an awesome cool toy you can play in the pool you fill it up with water listen listen here there's water in here this actually flutes it's little bit of air in there that actually keeps this surfacing above the water and you can actually play a really cool game with this the idea of this game is to have two teams split up on both sides and you're gonna carry the ball I guess and you're gonna plow through the opposition like this my way yeah my way and that one's gonna try to tackle you or grab the ball off of you and score on the other side and the idea is to get this ball exactly what is and the idea is to split two teams on two sides of the width of the pole or you can go a long ways I guess if you wanna go hardcore but to get the ball on the other side and just place on top get that to a teammate to pass it everything's got to be under the water the heisman going all the other way to score the goal we're gonna show you really quick how buoyant this thing actually is ready three two one go do you like it bounces well anyway this is an awesome fun toy to play outside in the pool and that's why it's being nominated as one of the most awesome toys to be playing exactly outside are you ready for the next toy alright let's do it icon the next guy that's been nominated for this year's outdoor toy of the year is the awesome nerf alpha the Alpha Hawk is actually part of nurse newline for this year it is called the at you strike series and the reason why they call it a Q strike is because the accurate precision of these awesome darts the reason why these darts are so precise is because of the engineering design of the tips on these darts look how the groove is set in he's actually caused the darts to shoot straight a lot better alright let's see how many of these darts we can actually fit in these three holes in the front as you can see the alpha hawk is really awesome precision and we just nail about what four out of five using the precision darts and this blaster let's see what happens when everybody use the end strike blaster this is a modulus strength that just came out using n-strike darts Wow as you saw 0 for 5 now I'm not a marksman or anything but no one out there is the marksman when it comes to nerf wars or the nerf battles that you guys do out there so let's just say in precision not so much accuracy precision a lot better if you guys are big nerf fans out there and you love the Alpha Hawk blaster make sure to vote for it for this year's outdoor toy of the year yeah Camp Kim how's it going ok you good Wow you ready for next toy oh yeah it's time to reel the next toy and this is actually a surprise for camping – I built it earlier and I knew you'd actually love it if we just surprise them you really did okay let's go go door go out the door awesome looking good kid oh yeah you wanna play thank you let's play this is Luke Skywalker's landspeeder made by Radio Flyer how much joke you yes actually has two speeds there's a Jew or one and in Reverse all right I can't count let's show them on the buns you can push but this is your gearset Ginga faster now ready now we're going to even faster ready go okay obviously based on the child's experience driving this thing – it's for maybe experts and will say one is for beginners candy is just a beginner so let's keep him on one but anyway isn't this a cool toy it's awesome if you guys think that this should be this year's outdoor – outdoor toy of the year so you vote for it in the link below in the description yes exactly it goes real fast okay now it's time to see the next nomination for this year's outdoor toy of the year alright guys the next nominee for outdoor toy of the year is the sky Viper streaming drone V 2450 this is an autopilot drone in which it has a GPS enabled system built into it there's a return to home function this thing is absolutely awesome for being a toy drone I can't wait to fly this thing okay you guys ready do this let's get to it this drone again for being a toy drone it actually uses your phone feature there's an app to download you can take video you can take pictures I'm actually real excited to see what happens here so let's get this thing up in the air as you can see right now it actually has good hovering abilities there's a lot of the toy drones that actually have a hard time staying still they just fly any which way they want to nothing's really fast it's got some yeah but for a drone for toys that are not like thousands of dollars not bad it's actually not bad at all so if you guys think that this is the outdoor toy of the year 2017 let us know in the comments below and once you click that link in the description I'll take you straight over to where you can vote on it if this is the one that you want to win now they send this drone home let's take it to the next nominee alright guys this nomination for outdoor toy of the year is what is a frisbee it's actually called a disc jockey and what happens is this actually the Bluetooth capability inside hooks up to your phone and then this as a speaker right there and it plays all the music from your phone or your favorite youtube videos like twin toys right okay anyway there's a power button to play pause button to forward a bank an adjustable volume so you guys ready tries out okay right now we're gonna be playing our last video nerve for killer contacts three you've never to hear it through the frisbee right here we go play and we're gonna throw it and still see if it sounds pretty good and obvious you're gonna see it fall and we're gonna listen and see if the music still plays okay ready go way to us see this thing is crashed what five times already that's pretty cool so what'd you think about this toy cool pretty cool definitely worth the nomination for outdoor toy of the year definitely yes oh yes so this is one of the toys you guys want to vote for link in description below you guys wait for the next toy yeah okay ready yeah well let's go there's no let's go oh you guys this is our very last toy this is zuru bunch of balloons pillar slash blaster check it out it's awesome you set up the wire through here you be in the pool and then you shoot it out here but the thing is did we say it's a bunch of balloons so if it's bunch of balloons you name check this out these are the balloons that were a big hit last year just you just put this the end of a hose it fills all these balloons up very simple let me drop off and you're gonna be seeing here a little bit what we're gonna be throwing these balloons act are we gonna be throwing the balloons at you no are we the only you yeah is it gonna be me yeah do you want to throw at me yeah I know we'll find out here so ya ready to go yeah okay let's do this okay so first we're gonna submerge the end of this into the water we want the bottom of it to be into the water and we're gonna lift this thing up check it out why is fill it up pretty good now and we're going to screw on the bunch of balloons on the end of this blaster this water blaster and then watch as we fill up the balloons in three two one yeah so what's gonna happen is we're gonna fill this up again and then we're gonna blow it up again right here it goes three two one yeah sorry I keep on doing this Kelly's get filled up and then I got fall right off actually find out this is actually faster just leave this in here and just keep pumping so now what say we're almost done I know you guys obviously hearing this back on acts like your normal typical water blaster you ready really powerful nice okay ready to fill these balloons it's not gonna be at me it's not gonna be at Eli it's not gonna be at Liam it's gonna be at our Halloween decorations just give me the gist of tombstones look at Halloween's over trick-or-treat is over and they're still up so we gotta knock them down right we gotta knock them down you guys all right throw them Adam you ready hey three two one launch them oh yeah launch it launch it oh yeah take it take it graveyards Oh direct hit don't even try oh nice throw Liam any lie this is a beaut baby throw it oh yeah throw it again throw it again oh yeah take it graveyards nice you guys have fun it doesn't like smashing tombstones in the front yard with balloons from the bunch of balloons oh you trying to hit me now it's not very nice oh my goodness easy there boy oh I'm not playing this game I didn't sign up for this oh you used them all oh you use the my last one throw it make it good okay you just miss okay Liam last one okay that was big oh that was the last toy being nominated for this year's outdoor toy of the year so many awesome toys which suppose your favorite do you have one did you like the nerf blaster yes do you like the drone what about the budget balloon fillers no that was your favorite yeah so many choices so many good toys but anyway guys if you like one of your these toys make sure you click in the link below you'll go straight over to the site and you'll be able to vote right there so simple harder than for this episode guys hope you enjoyed it you guys had a blast playing with all these toys and I did too especially with the drone one that's pretty cool but anyway we'll see you next time friends