Outdoor Research Men’s Uberlayer Hooded Jacket

With an innovative and high performance lightweight
insulation and stretchy like fabric design, the Outdoor Research Men’s Uberlayer Jacket
is a great, versatile piece for back-country layering. Let’s take a look at some of its
features. This jacket is constructed with a 100 percent
30 D nylon outer shell and it is a stretch wo-ven shell so it gives a lot of movement.
It is very lightweight, very abrasion resistant and it is very soft hand feel so it is a nice,
movable and stretchy outer shell fabric. On the in-side we do have a 100 percent polyester
mesh lining and that is also a stretch woven lin-ing, so with the outer and the inner shell,
you have got really good movement and stretch with this piece, so mobility is going to be
excellent with this hoody. The insulation in play is a polartech alpha
high pile insulation. It is a really innovative in-sulation from polartech. It is really light,
really breathable and it has got a really cool con-struction that allows it to maintain
the heat while you are standing still so you get really good insulation when you are not
moving, but when you start to move and you are gener-ating body heat and you really need
that insulation and those materials to breathe, it al-lows that heat to actually dump really
well, so you can continue to wear the piece and not have to take it off and put it back
on over and over again. So that polartech alpha is a re-ally neat, really innovative
insulation. Some of the features on the jacket include
a double center front zipper. So you have got a full length zip that comes all the way
up to a nice zipper garage at the top and at the very bottom you have actually got a
zipper as well. So it is a two way zip. So if you have a harness on and you need to belay,
you have easy access to your belay loop and your gear. You can use this to sit. It will
sit nicely and without creating those uncomfortable bumps. Got a really nice zipper system here
that allows a variety of different functions and fea-ture and uses. So I really like the
two way zipper there. You have got two zippered hand warmer pockets,
so nice kind of lined pockets here give you some warmth. The left pocket has a double
zipper so you can actually turn it inside out on itself, create a nice small pack size
and there is a nice tab in there so you can hang it off a harness if you choose to or
stuff it away in a backpack, nice and easy access there. You have got a small zippered chest pocket,
so nice access to smaller items up in the chest area of the jacket. We do have adjustability down at the hems
so on the right side there is just a single draw for the hem. You can cinch that down,
prevent the jacket from riding up if you are wear-ing a harness, if you are wearing a hip
belt of a backpack, you have got good adjustability down in the hem portion. The cuffs of the jacket are just an elastic
stretch so you have got good stretch there. It keeps the jacket nice and snug around the
wrists without allowing drafty air to come up inside, but isn’t too tight that it is
restricting, so nice comfortable feel with those elastic cuffs. This jacket does have a hood and the hood
is helmet compatible. So I have brought along a helmet here to show that. You have got kind
of an oversized hood here. If I put the helmet on you can see that it fits very easily over
a helmet. You can climb with this jack-et, allow it to maintain your mobility, your visibility.
You have kind of got a wire brim there for some extra protection. So you have got a really
nice system with the hood hel-met compatible. If you choose not to wear a helmet with the
hood, there is an adjustment in the back. So on the back side of the hood there is a
small draw cord that will allow you to cinch that down in the event that you are not wearing
a helmet. Talk about the fit of the jacket here. The
fit is fairly regular. You do have room to layer under this if you need some low profile
base layers or, you know, some type of light-weight fleece underneath, but this is a very warm
piece. So consider that when you are doing those high aerobic activities. You could easily
layer on top of it, whether it be a hard shell or a soft shell. It is not a waterproof piece,
but it does provide some weather resistance with the DWR finish. Again, it is a synthetic
insulation so if it does become wet, it will still retain its insulating properties, but
it is not fully waterproof, so keep that in mind if you are in wet or rainy conditions. So there you have it. It is the Outdoor Research
Men’s Uberlayer Hooded Jacket, a great innovative and versatile piece for all kinds of backcountry