Outdoor & Experiential Education (OEE)

>>All right, so, the Outdoor and
Experiential Education Program, you are working with like-minded
individuals who share a passion for the outdoors and also learning by doing. And that is what is really
special about our program. It’s the sense that we’re
actually building our class based on our own interests and our own passion.>>We will run group projects where we
get to take a whole class somewhere. I ran one with the Escape Room. We worked on teambuilding. We’ve done water skiing behind canoes. We’ve done permaculture and forestry, and whatever your passion is
you can bring it to the program.>>One of the benefits of being in the Outdoor and Experiential Ed Program is the group
dynamics that, you know, the close community that we formed from the very
beginning at field camp, and from that, they learn to communicate well.>>For the OEE community, it’s a
really interesting bond that you make, starting at the very beginning when you
go to field camp, and then when you leave and you go back to Duncan McArthur Hall,
you really have a network now of support within your class and it really
strengthens your experience.>>The energy and enthusiasm of the
teacher candidates is infectious. So, they come in with lots of
energy and desire to learn and share that knowledge or whatever their passion is. And it just seems to grow
and grow as the year goes on.>>Experiential, to me, means sort of
taking the activity and bringing it to life. So, often it’s outdoors,
bringing your class outdoors, but it can be those hands-on activities
in class as well and just bringing — taking the content from on the page and having
to make it have some sort of authentic meaning.>>The Outdoor and Experiential
Education class that I am in, it really enhanced my experience
at Queen’s University. And the people that I got to meet through
this program are not just networks, but they’re lasting friendships,
and that is really special to me. [Loon]