Outdoor Cannabis update July 20th 2019 #treeofknowledge#Kanebosem#frequency

Oh may the frequency grow with you today is July 20th 2019 a3 after my summary these plans and and fried them a little bit as you guys could see but told you that new growth was good and these plans have B stood out in the last couple days okay you expect them to you know stall out a little bit and repair the damage but not with the frequency frequency overgrows the system even on a day like today it's a perfect day for the frequency the frequency creates infrared light in the cells of the plant so you don't need the song so I'm saying you don't need the Sun the frequency creates light inside the cell so we previously had the frequency pumping on this side as you can see so I moved it over there to even out the plant this is what happens it beasts out towards the frequency that's wild see I had it right here yesterday look at this side beast and out towards the frequency so it's give me my 2019 July 20th update just to show you guys the power of frequency even when you damage your plants let's fill oh how nice later the blueberry so big nugs is afraid to show the garden I sure heard that everyone knows it got burned up a little bit this one more than more than any of them okay but there still be standout look at all that new growth on the blueberry excuse me so how much new growth look at all that new growth so these got fed this morning I was supposed to do a live at nine o'clock I said and do some seed sales and stuff but I remembered after I said that that Mook goes on at 10:00 sounds like yeah I'll go out here water my plants and feed them and stuff like that check them out and man I'm telling you they're looking great so look this is all new growth here's the burn sorry here's the burn this is all new growth look all new growth that's coming up look at this all new growth I got you know about it in today it stalled out the first day but uh we're getting about an inch a day of new growth here and that's pretty good so like I said I wasn't worried about that burn at all he got my plants a little bit those are fan leaves you know I don't know one person that smokes a fan leaf you know I don't know one person y'all smoke sugar trim that's not the same you know whatever whatever you do with your sugar trim look at it look at it look at all the new growth it's doing beautiful fucker burn that's twisted training tip nine kill off the old growth let the new growth come like they do in the woods man they had the big burn hit burn the forest down but all that new growth come so what we did we burn the forest on this year burnt the forest Island it's part of the worst side there's directly in it son so we're gonna give that a day or two and going and clean that up a little bit this one got hit pretty bad just leaves though see all this new growth believe all this new growth beautiful so you know if you look at these plants right so the plants are right here right I won't buy at the end they'll be all the way up here so the brown burn is down here it's down here by the end they'll be up here so all that grows to become all that growth should be gone by that I mean I so they're still beating out all new growth everywhere so frequency for the win for sure you got some damage over there this sides looking good it did take a little damage but all the new growth is looking amazing I switch back to use my filter and it's growing out of that crazy growth I was getting that's from chlorine and then water all these little tiny ones are ones I topped so those would grow out you know what a top looks like tops look like shit anyway then they got fried a little bit on top of that so yeah man this is my Saturday update after the burn the misfits garden mr. ganja misfit twisted roots grow with the frequency