Oregon All Access: Gameday with Athletics Director Rob Mullens

hi my name is Rob Mullins director of athletics at the University of Oregon oh I kind of get here in touch base with all of our staff in the key areas my general role really is to just just kind of touch base with the staff make sure that everything's going well cuz there's a lot of logistics that goes into hosting a home football game with 60,000 people coming to our venue a lot of moving parts a lot of different areas that have to be well coordinated to make it work and then I just kind of make the rounds I make the rounds in the parking lot to touch base with all of our longtime loyal supporters as well as touch base with a lot of staff and have other invited guests throughout the day you know all of these people support us in so many ways they're here tonight and make often great they've been doing it for so long they create this wonderful atmosphere we couldn't be where we are today without the people that you know that support this program and so we're just getting around saying thanks this is what makes it special this is the greatest thing about the job is connecting with all these people because we share a similar passion before I know my dad great to run into coach Brooks you know he's given so much and laid the foundation for all the success that we enjoy today it was great to see him here him and Karen both here he's done so much and somebody here he's so beloved by all her fans and he's been a great mentor to me personally because boys love isn't him we on the field anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour 15 minutes before kick because there's a lot of activity you're Bowl officials League officials so there's all kinds of things going on a lot of tonight like you say and thank you mommy get ready for the game this love the energy that's down here on the feel from the crowd so you know it's fun to when they when they fire up the motorcycle and the crowd gets excited Christina when we score we get a fourth down stop I mean there's so many exciting things in we're headed upstairs to the suite level pressbox club seeds make around to have some folks and some more thank you adventure fun you know we only have 67 home football games a year you know this role requires a lot of hours a lot of evening hours a lot of weekend hours and so it's really for me it's a lifestyle and I'm fortunate to have a wife who understands the business who embraces the role and two young boys who absolutely love being around Oregon athletics there there's big adduct fans as anybody so they love them they're designing uniforms you know the impact of Nike obviously has been huge for our department for the football program and really created a cool brand and so it's fun to see all the little kids up here we ran after them and now we're going to run up to the media level right now and just say how does some folks that are visiting some national media and some local media yeah we're gonna run it and see how do the ESPN crew do in the game thank you for being here in Eugene and tell how much we appreciate what they do yeah as we wrap up the third quarter and we'll be on the field for the fourth quarter and then we'll have a chance to run in the locker room shake the coach's hands congratulate the players sing the fight song and then headed for some media extra time on some plays that the Eternity ended well we just finished chips press conference and now they'll start doing some one-on-ones with the players so near the end of a good wrap-up session I'll go up to my office check some emails check in with some staff see how the event went from an operational standpoint and then we'll wrap it up and head home that's a wrap