Operation Animation – Rise of the Tennis Ball King

La La La La La Hmmm? Wait what? Where’s Gabe? I really, have no, idea! Ugh! Well I’ll just find him myself. Hey guys! *yawn* Sup’ Well Well, looks like you guys are having a good time, Not. Oh man, it’s so boring without Gabe. *sigh* Hey, at least you got me! Well, I’m not going to help you guys today. I need to chill, watch some TV, play some video games. Because i’m really stressed… But you need to help us! No! Please, please! Fine guys, lets get moving. Oww. So Mark, why are we at the mall? Oww. Well the tracking device said he was here, sooo. Where is he now? Wait, you have a tracking device in Gabe?! I have a tracking device on his phone, not in him. Guys, lets check the mall! What do we do now, there is a huge tennis ball in front of us. Uuhhh, ask him if we can have Gabe back. Hey, can we have our friend back? (No response) Uh, should we attack him or what? Uuhhh, maybe we can attack them! Seriously, you just came up with that idea?! Do you guys have any other idea? (No response) Okay then, now we attack! Hi – Ya! Ha. Pew pew pew, pe-pe-pe-pe pew! Hey, cut me some slack! I’m just trying to have some fun, plus you guys forced me to do this! Thanks for saving me, but, Where’d you get the weapons from? I don’t know, probably the director created weapons for us.