Opening and Closing Our 3x3m Marquee – Canopy Outdoor™

The first step to opening your marquee is
to extend it to arms length. At this point, bend down and grab the bottom V, lift it up,
and walk backwards at the same time. The weight of the marquee will open itself. Proceed to
each corner and click in the sliding connector. Repeat this step on all four corners. After
this, jump under the marquee. You will then need to connect the top velcro to the frame.
This velcro ensures that the top stays taut on the frame and all water runs off easily.
Then, lift up the leg off the ground, push the foot plate out, and the leg will slide
out. It will click into its down position. You can adjust this height but simply pulling
the pin and raising the leg. Again, repeat this on all four corners. It is best to do
two at a time. Your marquee is now set up. Closing a marquee is simply the reverse of
opening it. First, lower the leg all the way down. Complete this with two legs at the same
time. After this step, you will need to go to each corner and release the corner connector.
Then, jump under the marquee and release the centre velcro between the two corners. Once
you’ve released this side, you can walk into the centre of each side, lift up the top V
and walk the marquee in. It will simply close itself.