One Reason Why Everyone HATES Your Favorite NBA team

every sports team comes with millions of fans and even more haters I'm Justin fraction and today we present one reason why everyone hates your favorite NBA team and we do hope you enjoy this video and if you do feel free to click subscribe down below for more cool videos every single day Atlanta Hawks rivalry with Celtics Atlanta eliminated Boston in the first round of the 2016 playoffs their loss to Boston in the 1988 playoffs and what could have been a Dominique Wilkins dynasty there's a rivalry there so it's safe to say that selfs fans have some hate for the Hawks Boston Celtics all they do is win they have the most NBA championships with 17 they cruise to the 50 60 70 s and part of the 80s just imagine how many other team dynasties there could have been without Boston Brooklyn Nets here from Jersey as if New York doesn't need more sports teams Brooklyn steals the nets from New Jersey yeah everything's bigger and better in New York after all Charlotte Hornets their owner so most people love Michael Jordan but do you think Jazz Knicks and Cavaliers fans are over what MJ did to them in the 90s probably not speaking of Matt Chicago Bulls the 90s dynasty six NBA championships in one decade Charles Barkley went ringless the Cavaliers had to wait over two decades to get their chance and Karl Malone and John Stockton failed to win championships all thanks to this dynasty Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James come on don't even pretend you love the guy since he ditched the Miami Heat you still hate him for that decision right and the fact that he's in the NBA Finals every year Dallas Mavericks you like their rivals the Mavericks gave the San Antonio Spurs many headaches they stopped kobe from ring number 6 and they shot the heat in the 2011 NBA Finals that's a lot of enemies Denver Nuggets the Carmelo Anthony days they're so bad now the only reason you can hate them at this point is if Carmelo Anthony crushed your team back in the days when he played in the Mile High City Detroit Pistons all the rivals they upset the Lakers in the 2004 finals and stuff Karl Malone from winning his only ring they had a heated rivalry with Chicago in the 80s and 90s they just loved making enemies don't think Indiana's fond of them either Golden State Warriors yeah you mean the NBA's marquee team of the past two years I just had to sign Kevin Durant yep Houston Rockets James Harden and Dwight Howard a lot of people hate James Harden either can't grow his beard they don't like his reputation as a huge whiner sure Dwight Howard's no longer on the team but come on you's a waste in Houston and turn down a chance to take over the Lakers when Kobe was done who says no to that Indiana Pacers Reggie Miller what he did here to Spike Lee is all you need to know Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffen this guy got into a fight with one of the organization's staff members also he's a rather dirty players evidenced by this moment with Zach Randolph looks like Griffin locks him up and then tries to pull them down Zach falls over he goes for the half-nelson Los Angeles Lakers dominance like the Celtics this team dominated for decades the 50s 80s and 2000s were taken over by Laker land to think how many titles of Celtics and Spurs would have had without the Lakers on their way Memphis Grizzlies they took away Vancouver's team number one Vancouver only has the Canucks of the NHL number two no grizzly bears live in Memphis care to maybe change the team name Memphis Miami Heat the big three ERA yes people don't forget that LeBron ditched Cleveland in 2010 to form a super team with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade for NBA Finals appearances in two titles later moving on Milwaukee Bucks uh I don't really win much some people just love to hate teams for losing maybe that's it Minnesota Timberwolves see the Bucks maybe some people hate their team name or the fact that they wasted so many of Kevin Garnett's best years you tell us New Orleans pelicans the team name / logo what was wrong with a team's name Hornets pelicans is more cheesier than a double cheeseburger at McDonald's and the logo no thanks New York Knicks there in New York New York gets all the media attention and love seems like everyone hates the Jets and Yankees for those reasons why not hate the next two Oklahoma City Thunder you're from Seattle pretty sure everyone loved Kevin Durant during his time there we all loved Russell Westbrook only this was Seattle's team until they were relocated no doubt fan to the Emerald City remained more sour than sour patches Orlando Magic their legends most people love to kill O'Neal but there's no doubt many despised him during his time with the magic and a lot of people despise Dwight Howard who spent his prime years there Philadelphia 76ers you're a 76ers fan if you hate the 76ers when you like another team there may be something wrong with you but we don't blame 76ers fans for hating their own team because man they are awful Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley you play with them from 92 to 96 winning the 1993 league MVP that being said a lot of people hate Charles Barkley to this day not sure the haters forgot II played with Phoenix otherwise I don't know they're not that good Portland Trailblazers Evan Turner Turner is butted heads with former League MVP Derrick Rose and he was known as a whiner in college and brought that attitude to the NBA nobody likes a poor sport right Sacramento Kings you're a Lakers fan the Kings were an intense rival of Kobe's Lakers these teams met in the 2000 2001 and 2002 playoffs not so sure Lakers fans are willing to forget the stress that Kings put them through San Antonio Spurs too freaking good they haven't missed the playoffs since 1997 they won five NBA championships they D thrown LeBron twice in the NBA Finals they did enough to prevent Kobe from ring number six they made sure Steve Nash's sons never reached the finals the model organization has been a step behind of every other team for nearly two decades aren't you jealous Toronto Raptors you decide do you hate Drake the team's ambassador do you hate Vince Carter do you hate the fact that they're playing in the great white north you tell us you Tom jazz hmm last year the Jazz were named the least hated NBA team by Sports Illustrated maybe people hate them because Malone and stockton were so dominant for all those years we don't know Washington Wizards they're boring like you tell us they haven't been much of a thrilling team in their history and they don't play a very exciting style of basketball which NBA team do you hate the most join us in the comments below if you liked this video and learned a thing or two clicking the like button helps us out a ton and we appreciate it if this is your first time coming around a total pro sports though subscribing is a great idea because we put out videos like this every single day but as always thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time you