OLLU men’s soccer vs. St. Mary’s University (8-31-19)

I thought we started
with a good tempo, we put pressure on the ball but then we failed to maintain it for
the duration of the game which is gonna be hard anyway so when we had to change
the rhythm we got to keep the ball and move the ball quicker and play a little
smarter, we just weren’t able to do a good enough job of it. This was your
first loss what can you take from this going forward? I mean we face
some adversity when we throw ourselves into a hole. We’ve got to get away
from making big mistakes that change the game. We did it again today game and we
play some careless passes that you know create opportunity for other people to
play off of. People are always playing and
creating opportunities themselves. We’re creating some big mistakes and
areas that we shouldn’t be making just due to mental decision forces. The Saints lost three to one today
against Saint Mary’s University. Elbayeh was the lone goal scorer for the Saints. I
hope you can join us on Monday when women’s and men’s soccer play a doubleheader
against Oklahoma City University at 12 and 2:30. For sports information, I’m Ryan O’Keefe. you