Nunu & Willump: To Adventure! | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

Hahaha! No way, that’s the best story I’ve ever heard! Whoa! Did you see that Willump? Really? We can wish for anything we want? Oh, then what about… Yeah! We can eat all your favorites Willump! Roasted raptorsaurus… Pollywog pudding… Egg popsicles… Rocks… More rocks… Whatever that is… And… Uhh… maybe not that. Oh! What if we made a snowman? Ahhh! Whew, you’re right, that was close! I know! Lets have the biggest snowball fight ever! We can go bigger? Than lets go BIGGER!! What if we traveled to dangerous lands. Meet fellow adventurers. Help people in need… And vanquish the bad guys before they hurt anyone else! We can be Freljords greatest heroes! And… BOOM! Saved the day. Ahhh… I wish we could choose more than one thing Willump. Whoa! What are we waiting for? Go Willump, go! Oh! What if we were armored? Or we were elves? Or zombies?! No… wait. Robots! That’s what people want. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.