NFL week 17 Sunday pregame show NFL football picks week 17

NFL National football league game picks and NFL predictions week 17
NFL Sunday pregame show before kickoff
who to take to win today’s football games
NFL Vegas lines against the spread picks money lines at 5 minutes into the video
lets start with the NFL Sunday game match ups
New York Jets at Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills win Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals win
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins win
Green Bay packers at Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers win
LA Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs win
Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings win Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins win
Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
New York Giants win
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers win
New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints win
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts win Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers win
Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans
Houston Texans win
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders win
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks win what’s up everybody it’s a
beasts that’s right and it is Sunday December 29th 2019 we are gonna kick off
our Sunday NFL last week I love football regular season picks woo
so remember if you are going to make any wages and bets on today’s NFL games make
those picks precise make those picks a little leery because it is like watching
some of the teams that are gonna be playing today it’s gonna be like
watching preseason all over again so bet low and wait to the playoffs and
start to bet Hyde we got the New York Jets at the Buffalo Bills the beast is
taking Buffalo Bills but watch out you know that how the New York Jets have
been playing they could upset the bills now let’s go into Cleveland at
Cincinnati Cleveland Browns should have this locked in right but watch out those
bangles are at home it is the last game for them because we will not see them in
the playoffs we will not see them till next year during training camp so I’m
telling you to take the Cincinnati Bengals Washington Redskins at Dallas
Cowboys same concept Dallas is at home Dallas Cowboys should win but we all
know how Dallas has been playing and we know how wash and Redskins are been
playing watch a big upset Washington Redskins come in and win Green Bay
Packers at the Detroit Lions I want to take the Detroit Lions in this but I
can’t I’m going to ride high with the Green Bay Packers LA Chargers at the
Kansas City Chiefs you got to take the Chiefs in this one they’re at home
they’re on fire and they want the playoffs Chicago Bears at Minnesota
Vikings you know I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan if you’ve been watching me this year
I should take the Chicago Bears you should take the Chicago
bears but a Minnesota Viking says skull skull Minnesota Vikings win Miami
at New England the Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots it should be a
no-brainer New England Patriots should win this hands down
watch out Miami could upset the New England Patriots today Philadelphia
Eagles at the New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles at the New York
Giants who’s gonna take this you know Philadelphia is on fire especially when
they want the playoffs badly we think they’re gonna be in the playoffs we
should know they’re gonna be in the playoffs who’s gonna win this I’m gonna
tell you right now there’s gonna be an upset the New York Giants win olanta at
Tampa Bay that’s right I’ll answer the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who
wins us the Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers New
Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers who takes this the New Orleans Saints
because even if they do breast some of their starters if they do rest Drew
Brees you know they got Bridgewater New Orleans Saints win Indianapolis Colts at
the Jacksonville Jaguars who’s gonna take this who is gonna take this my
money is on the Indianapolis Colts the Pittsburgh Steelers the Baltimore Ravens
who’s gonna win this we know Baltimore Ravens is looking super good this year
we are probably gonna see them most likely in the Superbowl unless something
goes really wrong in Baltimore I see the Pittsburgh Steelers stealing the game
from Baltimore Ravens today Tennessee Titans at the Houston Texans I’m taking
the Houston Texans in this one Oakland Raiders the Denver Broncos my money
wants to say the Oakland Raiders win your money says the Denver Broncos won
who you take I’m taking the Oakland Raiders who do you take Arizona
Cardinals LA Rams and by the way go right back
big shout-out to Denver Broncos fans and Oakland Raiders fans thank you for all
your support this year and I hope you both have a great holiday and a Happy
New Year whoo
Arizona Cardinals LA Rams and that goes for everybody that’s been watching me
all season Arizona Cardinals LA Rams LA Rams win big game San Francisco Seattle
Seahawks rematch Wow they played a game this season
already and it was a phenomenal football game into overtime who’s gonna steal
this game at home it is boomtown see how Seahawks win
check out my against the spreads whoo there’s the video crazy all right for
your against spread you got Tennessee at Houston that’s right
take a plus 6 on the Houston Texans Cleveland at Cincinnati take a plus 3 on
the Cincinnati Bengals Chicago at Minnesota do what you want to do I would
take the minus 3 on the Chicago Bears but the Minnesota Vikings that’s right
are in the house and the Beast is taking the Minnesota Vikings at the plus 3
Indianapolis at Jacksonville take that minus 5 and a half on the jet
Indianapolis Colts the minus 5 on the Indianapolis Colts Atlanta at Tampa Bay
that’s right do what you want I do put it all on Tampa Bay put it all out on
Tampa Bay what’s your whole bank account own Tampa Bay wash and at Dallas that’s
right take the big upset put the plus 11 on the Washington Redskins if you are
like the crazy wild beast New Orleans Saints at Carolina watch out watch out
Carolina is going to keep it close take the plus 13 on Carolina Panthers New
Orleans Saints straight up Eagles Giants I’m taking the big upset take the plus 4
on the hoop the New York Giants Pittsburgh at Baltimore why are you
gonna say Pittsburgh wins because Baltimore Ravens are resting the birds
are gonna be resting the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming in the house to win
– two on Pittsburgh Steelers New York Jets Buffalo buffalo takes it at minus
one Miami and new England New England my twin no England
Patriots just might win but take that -16 and a half for the Patriots and turn
it into a plus 16 and a half on the Miami Dolphins Green Bay Detroit watch
out Detroit Lions might be fired up at home for their last game so put the plus
12 and a half on the Detroit Lions you heard it Green Bay probably should win
but take the plus 12 and a half on the Detroit Lions for your against the
spreads whoo with a minus 9 on your Kansas City Chiefs put a minus sixth
annual LA Rams and that’s right flip the coin for your San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks and turn that – three and a half and turn it to a plus three
and a half for your Seattle Seahawks and for your Oakland Denver game well you
gotta do what you gotta do boys and girls take your plus three and a half
and put that on your Oakland Raiders whoo have yourselves a crazy wild year
for the rest of the season and here because guess what 2019 is almost in the
books whoo now go crunch some numbers